Happy Birthday to us

SuperDeluxeEdition is one today!

Nothing like a bit of Nilsson to celebrate with.

Yes, 12 months ago to the day we kicked things off modestly, with a small news story about a new Kate Bush album (Director’s Cut), and 180 posts, one redesign and three Pink Floyd Immersion boxes later, we are, as Elton would say, “still standing”.

We LOVE music and our goal remains the same – to bring you all the latest news and reviews on music reissues, whether they be simple 2CD ‘deluxe editions’ or big box Super Deluxe Editions.

Thank you to everybody who has visited, left a comment or joined in the fun on Facebook or Twitter.

To celebrate our first birthday, we will have a few competitions next week with some great prizes, including a few signed CDs. Stay tuned for some great articles and features over the next few weeks, including an interview with Stephen Street about his work on Morrissey’s Viva Hate and what he thinks of the forthcoming reissue.

Until then, Happy Birthday to us!

9 responses to Happy Birthday to us

  1. Hey guys, happy birthday! This is a great site and I keep returning for your well-written, detailed articles and the inside perspectives. Kudos for putting it out there, and all the best for the future.

  2. Hedley says:

    Paul, terrific site, and I visit everyday. best for your anniversary and continued success.

  3. Paul Kent says:

    HB and congrats! I check in every day to see what’s new. Keep on keeping on!

  4. Bruno says:

    Congratulations, and keep up the great work!

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