Christmas Advent Competition / Day Four: The Prize

Christmas Advent Giveaway competition / Day Four: The Prize

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Our Christmas Advent Giveaway competition continues. We are giving away a prize every day until Christmas Day. Today’s gift to someone is Kite by Kirsty MacColl. This is the 2CD deluxe edition released back in October 2012.

This reissue contains a bonus disc packed with B-sides, remixes and other non-album tracks. A full review of all Kirsty’s reissues can be found here.

The winner will be announced at 8pm (GMT) tonight. Check back here tonight to see if you’ve been lucky.  If you haven’t entered to be in the prize draw yet, you can do so here. Good luck to everyone.

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13 responses to Christmas Advent Competition / Day Four: The Prize

  1. Luc Swaenen says:


  2. Stephen Barr says:

    Ahhhh. RIP Kirsty. A true pioneer.

  3. David Hornsey says:


  4. Noel says:

    Sadly missed – a great talent gone way too soon

  5. John Donnelly says:

    Please Father Christmas let me win.x

  6. Euan shanks says:

    Sounds really great.

  7. Marcus Ponting says:


  8. Alan says:

    Such a good album, such a huge loss.

  9. Eugene says:


  10. Will M says:

    There’s a guy who works down my local chip shop who swears he’s Amy Winehouse…. Think I prefer Elvis to be honest!

  11. Jyo says:

    Oooh, now *this* is one I’d love to win. ;)

  12. Will Lovick says:

    Bless her too-soon-departed soul!

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