COMPETITION Win a Paul Simon: Complete Albums Collection box


We have a fantastic Paul Simon box set to give away to one lucky SuperDeluxeEdition reader.

The Complete Albums collection is a 15 CD collection released in October 2013 that traces Paul Simon’s solo career from his Songbook album of 1965 through to So Beautiful Or So What in 2011. This features all the expanded CD reissues, including the new Graceland bonus offerings from 2012. The set comes smartly packaged and includes a 52-page book with photos and liner notes.

This competition is open to all until 12 noon (UTC/GMT) on the 29th January 2014. To be in with a chance of winning simply:

  • 1. Subscribe to the weekly SuperDeluxeEdition newsletter – click here.
  • 2. Leave a comment on this post – so we know who wants to win – why not tell us your favourite Paul Simon album, and why?!

If you already subscribe to our newsletter, then just leave a comment. The winner will be picked at random on Wednesday 29th January 2014 and announced on this blog. Good luck!

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514 responses to COMPETITION Win a Paul Simon: Complete Albums Collection box

  1. abitoftap says:

    There Goes Rhymin Simon…still play my original, bought at the time, vinyl…and sounds absolutely superb. Great songs, musicians and arrangements,,,my cd copy (s) have never sounded quite so good..

  2. Marco says:

    I love Paul Simon and the album Paul Simon

  3. I want to win this box!

  4. Simon Adlington says:

    I Only know Graceland!!!! Though I love all the stuff he did with Art G.

  5. Philip says:

    I’ve always had a soft spot for the Paul Simon Songbook, classic songs and a wonderfully stark production.

  6. Tim Lindsay says:

    Loved ‘So Beautiful or So What’ and this set looks terrific!

  7. Stewart says:


  8. Bill says:

    Would make an excellent addition to the S&G box.

  9. steve OLaf says:

    Rhymin SimonIis the one I reach for most often but they all rule.

  10. Ramon Duccini says:

    I love Paul Simon and the Graceland album. Simon at his best!

  11. jools says:

    A brilliant addition to my collection now maybe i can discard those worn out vinyl copies.

  12. Gilberto says:

    Graceland: the World in Music!

  13. Michael howe says:

    How can any competition top this..

  14. Ronnie says:


  15. Lee says:

    I’d love one of these. I’m long overdue owning the underrated ‘One Trick Pony’ on CD.

  16. Sylvain says:

    I know it’s a shame, but I don’t know Paul Simon’s solo career. So I definitely need to win this box! :)

  17. Robert Wiersema says:

    I love all of them, but right now, I think So Beautiful is my personal favourite. Might have something to do with working on a Rewrite all my own. Would love to win this.

  18. Chris Bloom says:

    My favorite is Graceland. I almost hate to admit it, actually, because it’s such a popular choice. But it has such a great flow and is such a joyous record–lyrical content notwithstanding–that it’s obvious why everyone picks it. Second place goes to Still Crazy After All These Years.

  19. Brady Curtis says:

    This would be a lovely addition to my collection. I probably listen to There Goes Rhymin’ Simon the most simply for Kodachrome and Loves Me Like A Rock.

  20. Brian says:

    Another great contest. Big money! No whammies!

  21. Richie says:

    Paul Simon is a genius.

  22. Greg says:

    My favorite Paul Simon album is his self-titled effort. It

  23. Fellner says:

    Great artist, greats songs, great records!

  24. Ralf Hottum says:

    Paul Simon First Album – Great Production, wonderful Songs , especially love ‘Duncan’

  25. Barry Page says:

    Graceland was my introduction to Simon’s solo career. Very keen to hear some of his earlier albums.

  26. Tom says:

    I wanna Win!
    I should listen to One-Trick Pony more often..
    If I Win I most certainly will!!!

  27. JoLean says:

    There’s not a duff LP there, but I think I’d plump for Still Crazy After All These Years if I really had to (with massive apols to Here Comes Rhymin’ Simon, Graceland and especially to the title track of Hearts and Bones).

  28. Howard says:

    “Still Crazy After All These Years” brings me back to my childhood

  29. Manuel says:

    P.S. I love you

  30. Danilo Picco says:

    I love Graceland!

  31. Zelmar says:

    So beautiful or so what, its a complete album, it has everything

  32. Francesco Di Nardo says:

    Great. One of my favourite artist ever. I’d like very much winning this competition and enjoy the boxset. Favourite album? Graceland, obviously! But recently I appreciated also Surprise!

    • Francesco Di Nardo says:

      Why? Because it includes two of his masterworks: Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes and You Can Call Me Al.

  33. Gogui says:

    I love Graceland cause it’s the first Simon’s album I heard and it’s special for me :D!!

  34. Christoph says:

    I’d even give Capeman another listen if I should win!

  35. bob says:

    I love several of his albums, but Still Crazy has to be my favourite.

  36. Leo says:

    (Apart from Simon & Garfunkel stuff) I only know The Paul Simon Songbook. So I’m keen to hear his other stuff

  37. Alessandro Cattaneo says:

    Graceland for sure is the best.

  38. David Schwener says:

    Kodachrome blaring from my am radio at summer camp. great music in the 70s

  39. Tommy Christiansen says:

    Graceland is my favorite, allthough I don’t know that much of his solo-stuff.

  40. Elaine Dale says:

    love all Paul Simon’s stuff and would love driving along to this

  41. Xav says:

    Would be great to win this, as it seems to be a great box.

    Paul Simon’s best album would probably be Graceland for me, as it has the best singles.

  42. alberto says:

    I love graceland!!!

  43. Eppo says:

    Paul SImon is one of the few artist my wife and me love both. Nevertheless do we own only Graceland on cd. Time to correct this error!

  44. Helen Thurston says:

    Still Crazy After All These Years – definitely my favourite out of them all.

  45. Darren says:

    I would love to win this box set.

  46. karl probst says:

    I have Graceland in my collection and S&G greatest hits. I would like to win this so I can discover this amazing artist of which I cannot afford to buy his entire catalog. Opening a boxset for the first time and discovering music from an artist, it’s like being in a candy store when you were 7yrs old. I want my CANDY!!!!!!!!! :)

  47. Dan Aston says:

    Graceland! Used to have his cds on repeat at my old job, helped get me through the day. Would love to have this set and be able to explore his music fully, there are a lot of albums I’ve never heard. I’m already subscribed to the mailing list :)

  48. alberto says:

    i really adore graceland!!

  49. lee sharp says:

    Must be my turn to win ;-)

  50. Sebastian says:

    I’d like to win this box set, because I do not own any of Paul Simons solo material – on CD. My favorite album is – hands down – Graceland.

  51. Mike the Fish says:

    I like Graceland a lot.

  52. John Steel says:

    Be nice to win. Not my fav Paul Simon album, but my fav song. Duncan. Absolutely love it

  53. Oh, if I could win just this one competition…

  54. Riccardo says:

    So Beautiful Or So What is my favourite one, it left me breathless at first listen. I thought that Paul Simon had nothing more to say…well, I was completely wrong.

    He really worked on his “Rewrite”.

  55. Marcelo zevallos says:

    Mi álbum favorito de Paul Simón es “El ritmo de los santos”, fue el que presentó en la gira que hizo por buenos aires y me voló la peluca. Espero que a ustedes les haya pasado lo mismo con uno tamborn

  56. Thomas Hooper says:

    Definitely a YES, would love it for my collection.

  57. Mike Ruggieri says:

    I’ve also loved Greatest Hits, Etc, because of the inclusion of the two previously unreleased songs “Slip Slidin’ Away”, and “Stranded in a Limousine”. Plus, the non “hit” songs “Something So Right” and the live version of “Duncan”.

  58. “Everybody just seemed to move
    And I turned my amp up loud and I began
    to play
    And it was late in the evening
    And I blew that room away”

    from one of my favourite Paul Simon songs :D …

    first memory is when heard Simon & Garfunkel on the radio when I was about 3 – Mrs Robinson – at the age you’ve no idea what the song’s about, all you know is you’re hearing something great :D

  59. Dave Sullivan says:

    One of America’s great singer/songwriters. This is one boxset I would love to get !

  60. marion king says:

    i hope this includes graceland fingers crossed i win i love his music

  61. Kim Hayhurst says:

    Yes please, my favourite is Graceland because it was the first album that I remember listening to with my Dad

  62. Soren says:

    You Can Call Me Al

  63. Don says:

    I’m going to have to go with Graceland. But Rhythm of the Saints is a close second. Paul was on a roll in those days!

  64. Michael says:

    graceland. remember listening to this album on my tape-recorder.
    my old cassette is no longer with us, but the album is still fantastic after all these years.

  65. Dennis says:

    Already subscribed to the newsletter of course!
    I have great memories of going to France with my parents in 1986 and listening to a cassette Graceland for most of the drive! I saw Paul perform live 2 years ago and it was fantastic.

  66. Peter says:

    Hearts and Bones

  67. tim brooks says:

    Would look lovely on my shelf next to my S+G boxset :)

  68. Alastair Brown says:

    ‘Paul Simon’, because it was really a surprise after S&G. Revisited it 40 years on and it is still superb.

  69. J.R. says:

    I’d love to win this set. At the moment my favorite is So beautiful or so what.

  70. Alan says:

    Graceland – of course!

  71. Ryan Brush says:

    Pretty awesome! Hope I win!!

  72. Matthias Stolla says:

    Great offer!
    Me and Julio would like to win!

  73. Didi says:

    I always thought Paul Simon was underrated as as a songwriter.

  74. Alex Intelligator says:

    I would love to win!

    “Graceland”-well produced, new direction, pleasure to my ears!

  75. Ian Badcock says:

    It would be awesome to win this set. My favourite is the much underrated One Trick Pony which is stunning played on a decent hifi system and will make the hairs on the back of you neck stand up.

  76. Nigel Croft says:

    Brilliant set and prize.
    Too many good discs to pick out a favourite.

  77. Boaz Halachmi says:

    Paul, you complete me… (now, which Paul will it be?)

  78. Michel says:

    A great artist!!!

  79. Frank Spadafora says:

    Maybe it is my turn to win one of these. Thanks for the great giveaways.

  80. Will Lovick says:

    A lovely, lovely prize!

  81. Bartek F says:

    I love Still Crazy After All These Years. It’s very NYC kind of album and i can almost feel like being in this city, when i’am listening to it (and i’ve never been to US).

  82. Evangelos says:


  83. Amos says:

    You don’t have to be coy Roy!

  84. Patrick says:

    From Simon & Garfunkel to Paul himself, Still Crazy After All These Years.
    I love Graceland, his 7th studio record, very much & I’m still remember the wonderful moments in the his Concert.

  85. Yossi Barak says:


  86. Steven Joyce says:

    I like Graceland, but all his albums are good.

  87. T.Long says:

    When I was a freshman in high school l was trying to figure out how to break up with the first “serious” girlfriend that I ever had and then l heard “50 ways to leave your lover” and realized that l was not alone in this first time dilemma – Thank you Mr Simon

  88. Glenn says:

    There Goes Rhymin’ Simon is one of my desert islands discs.

  89. Steve Ferguson says:

    I can’t say that he has ever released anything ‘bad’ although a couple such as One Trick Pony and Capeman are more ‘challenging’ than the self-titled first LP, ‘Rhymin’ Simon’ , ‘You’re the One’ etc. He’s still producing insightful, challenging material that rivals his earlier releases. All that said, I’d love to have this set!

  90. Mark Lavallee says:

    Ooh, I’d love to win this. My favorite? Argh, too tough to call. Graceland perhaps, or maybe the Central Park Concert or maybe…

  91. Marcel says:

    Favorite Paul Simon album must be “There goes rhymin’ Simon”.

  92. Mark Stubbs says:

    Please I never win anything..your are the best information about new release.

  93. Mark Stubbs says:

    Oh…best album has got to be Graceland.

  94. Jason says:

    I bought the Nilsson box I didn’t win. Let’s try again!

  95. Alan says:

    Has to be Graceland, such a fun album.

  96. Sture Abrahamsson says:

    I guess a lot of people would like to win this… including me!
    My favourite album with Paul Simon; Graceland!

  97. David says:

    I’ve got a perfect sized space on my shelf for this!!!

  98. Dirk says:

    “Still crazy…” is one of my all time favourites, would be great to win this box.

  99. christopher patarazzi says:

    I am Paul Simon…secretly. Hahaha! Just kidding! I love the man’s music and I’d have to say either ‘There Goes Rhymin’ Simon’ or ‘Graceland’ are my favorites. Hope I win…;)

  100. diego says:

    Graceland is my favourite. Great influence on many bands

  101. Roberto says:

    Graceland album is Paul Simon at his best!

  102. Scott Leslie says:

    Fantastic! Would love to win

  103. Tobias says:

    Great box from a wonderful songwriter!!!

  104. Bono Kang says:

    Love Paul Simon!

  105. Roger Linney says:

    This is a lovely box set from a superb artist.

  106. Joy Kao says:

    Need this box set!

  107. Colin says:

    s/t is my favorite PS album. i danced to “Mother and Child Reunion” with my mom at my wedding.

  108. Marc M says:

    Wow! These are great contests. Love this site.
    Paul Simon has long been a favourite (Hearts and Bones is my go to album).

  109. Andreas says:

    I especially like his older LPs up to Graceland. Superb Duo with Art Garfunkel.

  110. Jordan says:

    Wow, I was just thinking about how nice this box would be to own the other day.. I’m going to have to say that my favorite album is the self titled Paul Simon.. It’s filled with so many great songs, every track is worth looking forward to.. Great stuff!

  111. Richard says:

    great set, was too expensive for me to buy so would love to win it – favourite album has to be Still Crazy…

  112. Bookpodder says:

    Great set! Would love to have one…

  113. Heath Peek says:

    Pick me! I love Graceland. My wife loves everything else Simon has done!

  114. José David says:

    I´m in :)

    I haven´t favourite Paul Simon album because i love all his songs

  115. David says:

    I’m going to Graceland…

  116. Stephen Maltais says:

    My Favorite album by Paul Simon is Graceland.
    I have probably heard this album over 500 times believe it or not.
    I used to work at the University of Waterloo testing athletes for research, athletic teams or Olympic athletes.
    And the Guy working with me was Dave. Dave loved music. An he had 1 tape he played all day long to keep the people running on the treadmill we tested them on.
    On one side was Graceland and on the other was Rum sodomy and the Lash by the Pogues. I love Graceland as a result. My wife loved Paul Simon when I met her, s we have seen hom in concert a number of times and it would be great to give this box-set as a surprise Valentine’s Day and Birthday gift along with roses and a wonderful night!

    Thanks for letting me think of Dave again and of the first day I met wife who played me Paul Simon as the first song she ever played for me was “You’re Kind” off of Still Crazy after all these years.



  117. c alan hansen says:

    it took until “rhythm of the saints” before I was sold on paul simon’s artistic significance. I still love those sessions and feel they are his best work – sublime rhythms, sophisticated arrangements, and unassuming vocals that echo and compliment the quality of the aural tapestries presented.

  118. Mark Pankratz says:

    Would love to win this. Rhymin’ Simon is great. Graceland is my favorite album of his.

  119. Doug Ashford says:

    Couldn’t possibly pick a single “best” album — not when a “lesser” Simon like “Hearts and Bones” has a track like “Train in the Distance,” which might be my favorite solo Simon track.

  120. My Jelly says:

    What a fantastic box set so many great memories ‘Paul Simon’ and ‘There Goes Rhymin’ Simon’ I wore my vinyl copies out and had to replace them back in the 70’s.

  121. Richard says:

    Not heard any Paul Simon albums since Graceland so this would be a great way to catch up

  122. Gino says:

    Please count me in! Graceland is my favorite album. It has a magical appeal and I never get tired of playing it.

  123. Ken says:

    Though Paul has released many superb albums, “Hearts And Bones” is his masterpiece. If this had been released AFTER “Graceland” it would have been given the exposure it deserved and would have been huge.

  124. ianbalentine says:

    His self titled remains his best, in my opinion.

  125. LedMan says:

    “There Goes Rhymin’ Simon” is my favorite although I would enjoy listening to this collection and especially hearing all the bonus material which I’ve never heard.

  126. Jeff Weinstein says:

    I used to like the later material, but now I’ve been digging back and love “There Goes Rhymin’ Simon!.”

  127. Iain says:

    “Still Crazy After All These Years” is the one for me.

  128. Bill Cannon says:

    There Goes Rhymin Simon-I wore this album out in high school, it was a classic album. The gospel, rock, New Orleans, all served IMHO as a blueprint for his career…he is an American Treasure. Bill

  129. Thomas B. says:

    Paul Simon is the best. I want to win this box!

  130. Steve Smith says:

    I had no idea Paul Simon was so prolific!

  131. Geoff says:

    “Still crazy after all these years” is my favorite. I must admit though it is the only solo album of his I own. Interested in hearing the rest of his discography. Would love to win! Thanks for running the contest!

  132. silvia zimbone says:

    I love Paul Simon!!!

  133. Silvano says:


  134. Brian Harrington says:

    Phenomenal prize, Still crazy !! Love to win this

  135. Michael Pendlebury says:

    Would love to win as I hardly have any of his albums on CD and was thinking of adding a couple to my collection! My favourite Paul Simon album is “Graceland” as it opened my ears to some great African music/musicians – really demonstrated to me as a teen that there was life outside the top 40!

  136. David says:

    One of the greatest and innovative singer songwriters ever.

  137. Cath English says:

    Graceland. Reminds me of good times….and shows my age!

  138. Mark Phillips says:

    I’d like to win to give this to my 11 year old Son, Sam, to show him just how great a craft songwriting can be!

  139. Mike Cooper says:

    Hard to think of a bad Paul Simon album but my top three (though my opinion could easily change tomorrow) would be
    1. There Goes Rhymin’ Simon
    2. Graceland
    3. Paul Simon

  140. Pete Buss says:

    I’ve only got Graceland. Please educate me!

  141. I want to WIN! Tis is all about Graceland! :)

  142. Darrell says:

    What a great set. My favorite is still his first solo album. Duncan is one of the best songs ever and the whole album is great.

  143. Martin says:

    Another vote for Graceland here… it’s a beautiful, happy thing…

  144. Vasile says:

    Good job!I want to win this box!

  145. Asif Baig says:

    Paul Simon is my favourite singer.

  146. Simon says:

    I’d really like to win this! My favorite Paul Simon is Graceland. Just the feel, the groove, the vibe, the songs, the whole thing is just so… seminal! A great, great album.

  147. Petr says:

    I don’t own any Paul Simon album, so this will be nice start ;-)

  148. The Kollektionist says:

    Cool box !

  149. Yoshi says:

    Why I cannot win this competition! I will get Paul Simon’s box!!

  150. Rezhasan says:

    One word: “Graceland”. What a terrific album, timeless and the reason I want this box set. My preciousssss!

  151. Jim says:

    Would love win the box set. The first album I would listen to is “Still Crazy After All These Years”.

  152. Matthias says:

    I want it!

  153. John Blair says:

    Graceland, although anything involving Paul Simon is great.

  154. Richard says:

    All things considered I wouldn`t mind that box set.

  155. Karel says:

    Paul simon is my hero, my personal favourites include duncan, trailway bus, african skies, when numbers get serious, hearts and bones, and of course all the hits , allthough I have all the albums it’s time for the remastered collection AND the bonustracks. So yes, I would love to win this set,

  156. Jeremy says:

    My Dad worked all over the Far East so when I was a teenager I’d fly from England to see him during long holidays. He knew my love of music was so strong that he’d often let me stop overnight in Taiwan going home. Why? To buy loads of cheap vinyl of course – it was mainly made for the US troops there. Paul Simon’s “Still Crazy” was the first album I ever bought and I loved that first copy so much I played it until it actually wore out – true story :-)

  157. Bob G. says:

    Would love to round out my collection

  158. Yoshiaki says:

    really love this box. I want it now!

  159. Robert Noble says:

    Paul Simon is one of this century’s greatest recording artists and I love every record he’s ever made.

  160. Koen says:

    gimme! gimme! gimme!
    I want it NOW!

  161. Tom N says:

    I’m on board. Rhythm Of The Saints is a bit underrated…

  162. philip rhoads says:

    There Goes Rhymin’ Simon by a mile. Why? Because it has got ‘American Tune’ on it, one of the loveliest songs ever written

  163. Neil Molyneux says:

    Graceland it’s just a great feelgood album that makes you want to dance

  164. Hannah Irish says:

    Mine is definitely Graceland :)

  165. Sean says:

    Hearts and bones for me folks but maybe I think too much !

  166. Hedley says:

    There goes Rhymn Simon

    I’ve got a Nikon Camera says Paul – bought their product ever since – Nikon owes him something.

    Great offer, and would be pleased to be included

  167. Peter says:

    Please, please, please

  168. JAVIER LOPEZ says:

    Para mi su mejor disco es GRACELAND.
    Además no solo pienso que es su mejor disco, es que además pienso que es uno de los mejores discos de TODA la historia de la música.

  169. Alan Baldock says:

    Me win please.

  170. christine says:

    Graceland him at his best just fabulous

  171. David Page says:

    Nice prize!

  172. pasi says:

    still crazy after all these years

  173. Roy Paterson says:

    be great to listen to with the driving I have to do day each day

  174. Graeme says:


  175. Kenneth says:

    Favourite PS album is Graceland because it has You Can Call Me Al on it!

  176. K KAUR says:

    It has to be Graceland. I would love to win as I am a massive Paul Simon fan!

  177. paul campbell says:

    songbook is by far favourite, if I knew why Id bottle it and make a fortune

  178. John Jones says:

    Graceland has some numbers that I remember fondly.

  179. Ranasakawa says:

    My favorite Paul Simon album is Graceland. I would like to enter this competition please.

  180. Paul Wilson says:

    I like a lot of his output.

  181. Tim H says:

    Fave album?….THATS a tuff call….all the albums in this Boxset to be honest…50 ways to leave ur lover as one of my fave songs as it’s so cleverly written and has great hooks…

  182. David Vessey says:

    Would make a fantastic present for my Dad!

  183. Anthony Cunningham says:

    Paul Simon Songbook.

  184. Paul Simon Box Set………..Nice:-)….I want to win this!

  185. Jim says:

    I want ti win, Graceland is a great album.

  186. Dave Watts says:

    Graceland for me !

  187. keren mary curran says:

    great competition

  188. David Metcalf says:

    This would be so cool to win.

  189. Paul Plume says:

    Graceland is the best!

  190. Anna says:

    Graceland – sensational and always leaves me upbeat

  191. Adrian Thornton says:

    I really want to win this great prize and my favourite Paul Simon album is the classic, Graceland. Still sounds bloody brilliant! Thanks

  192. Matthew Bissell says:

    Would love to win this collection box

  193. KATHY WYNNE says:

    hey-I love the music…so hope to win the collection!!!

  194. Richard Barker says:

    Love Graceland!

  195. Stephen says:

    Only heard Graceland really this boxset would help the enjoyment of Paul Simon :)

  196. Kenny McHardy says:

    Fantastic prize! Would live to win this

  197. Booyah says:

    I’m in the minority, but Hearts And Bones is probably my favorite PS album – and I’m very familiar with all of them – H&B was played regularly in my household (on vinyl) when I was growing up, and the songs, particularly The Late Great Johnny Ace, have stuck with me my whole life. Hearing Paul Simon trash the album in interviews always amuses me somewhat, but he can never take away what a favorite it is.

  198. Chris says:

    Count me in

  199. liliana says:

    Would love to win this.

    Love Graceland !!

  200. Freak de Pet says:

    Why not subscribe to superdeluxeedition when I visit the site on a daily base? Love Paul Simon :-)

  201. Evan Kent says:

    Graceland is an amazing collection of different musical genres on one album.

  202. Helen says:

    Great prize, please put my name in the hat!

  203. Erik says:

    Still Crazy After All These Years! This looks great.

  204. Brian Cheney says:

    Graceland is amazing.

  205. Gazelle says:

    Okay, I know it is a S&G album, but for me his artistic highpoint was ‘Bookends’.

    And what a time it was: a time of innocence, a time of confidences.

  206. JOHN JUNOR says:

    Negotiations and Love Songs

    Never tire of this album

  207. Adam says:

    One of the best songwriters who has ever lived. Sign me up!

  208. Graham Freeman says:

    Graceland a major success, selling 14+ million copies worldwide, winning loads of awards, and gaining recognition as an instant classic!

  209. Sean Hewitt says:

    I think Simon’s later albums are often overlooked. His last two albums were superb. And this box looks amazing.

  210. Simon says:

    I know what I know and I know I would very much like to win this competition.

  211. Jamie Combs says:

    Rhythm Of The Saints is one of the greatest albums ever. And, I love One Trick Pony, no matter how much it gets slammed, lol…one of the best live bands he ever had!
    Thanks for the contest!

  212. Nicholas Matteo says:

    A great replacement for my old worn out CDs and LPs.

  213. Timmo says:

    Still Crazy …. my late Father bought this album when it was first released back in the day, long time ago now, happy memories.

  214. Sally Carter says:

    Graceland. The Africa influences always remind me of a great holiday we had in Kenya, on safari.

  215. Ricardo Sardi says:

    It’s a wonderful collection of records. “Graceland” still is the best Paul Simon record.

  216. Lux Interior says:

    My favorite album of Paul Simon is the namesake, perhaps because it contains Mother & Child Reunion and Congratulations.

  217. Oskar Pig says:

    Yes, yes, yes!!! Pretty please!

  218. Jaran says:

    best album for me is without a doubt Concert in the park … never understood why they not did a DVD release of this… Great sound for an live album and great musicians … Would love to see this album remastered onto a SACD or Mofi release….

    the box is very neat, but sorry to say too expensive for me at the time…

  219. Dean says:

    This package looks fantastic. I would love to own it!

  220. TERRAD says:

    Must say I don’t like the person but the music is phenomenal,

    Regards Terrad

  221. cHristian Brinkmann says:

    Graceland & Still crazy…

  222. Jerom says:

    Im in! Graceland is my favorourite

  223. Arnaldo D'Urso says:

    Still Crazy After All These Years! I’d love to own this…

  224. Marycarol says:

    Great prize, love Paul Simon especially So Beautiful or So What

  225. FelixDeLuxe says:

    My favourite Paul Simon Album is “One trick pony”. Later i found out that he had made better albums but at the time (ca. 1984) I borrowed the worn out cassette for about 10 times from our public library and played it on my walkman (my first sony actually).

  226. Still crazy after all these years. Paul Simon and me both.

  227. karen whitehouse says:

    My favourite Paul Simon Song is Bridge over Trouble Water always use to listen to the radio when travelling with my mom and step dad trying to find a house.

  228. David Hazelden says:

    “Graceland” is a brilliant album – not one dud track on it. But my favourite has to be “The Rhythm Of The Saints”, if only because it inspired me to join a samba band!

  229. Dan Abel says:

    Favourite… I just don’t know, but I’d like to find out

  230. Kevin Williams says:

    I sort of lost touch with Paul Simon for a while and then Graceland was released. Wow! what an album. Where had I been? The man’s a genius

  231. Simon Moulding says:

    Love to win this…….

  232. Peter van noort says:

    My favorite Paul album is One trick Pony…

  233. Marko says:

    Graceland is my favourite album from Paul Simon. I think this is very experimental album with mix of everything: pop, worldbeat…

  234. Jan Arne Hansen says:

    Not surprisingly Graceland is my favourite Paul Simon-album – strongly followed by So Beautiful or So What, Still Crazy After All These Years and Live in New York City. I have all the Simon & Garfunkel, Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon albums including most of the compilations. And I hope, that Mr. Garfunkel will put out some new stuff this year. It’s his turn! :-)

  235. Benjamin Judge says:

    Brilliant prize. Come on luck, fortune and/or chance.

  236. Louise Comb says:

    I’ve never met a Paul Simon track I don’t love, but I would say that Gracelands is his best work. Thnx and fingers crossed :)

  237. Barry Whiting says:

    ‘Graceland’ is my favourite for any number of reasons not least the title track and the line “She comes back to tell me she’s gone, as if I didn’t know that, as if I didn’t know my own bed.” Gets me every time.

  238. mike lee says:

    Oldies but goldies l like the best, a real musician and songwriter, who learned his trade in the old fashioned way. Like McCartney, long may he continue giving joy!

  239. Richard Royston says:

    I’ve had the curious feeling for some time now that, despite his fame and string of best-selling albums, Paul Simon is underrated as a songwriter. I’d prefer not to have to wait for his obituary to be proved right.

    As for a favourite album, I’d have to say Hearts and Bones. Heartbreakingly sad and atmospheric.

  240. Justin Isbell says:

    Mmmm…I think it’s got to be “The Paul Simon Songbook” slightly ahead of “Graceland”. I’ve always preferred his work with S&G (sorry everyone) and this is a great template for what was to come. It’s almost like an S&G demos album…great stuff.

  241. Alan Costa says:

    Love the fact that Paul Simon is always changing yet is always recognisable as well. Never stuck in the same style

  242. Barrie Bullock says:

    My favourite album is “Graceland” but i have a soft spot for “The Paul Simon songbook” & believe it or not “Songs from The Capeman”.

  243. Gary says:

    Still crazy after all these years – still great after all these years

  244. Gavin says:

    Has to be Graceland

  245. Evripidis says:

    They are all great!! But Graceland is like going really to Graceland!!!

  246. Lonnie Riley says:

    I’m a huge Paul Simon fan and would love to win the box set.

  247. Phillip Austin says:

    The Boy in the Bubble From Graceland –

    Love This –

  248. Piotr Lipski says:

    ‘Graceland’ is my favourite

  249. Marcus says:

    Deffo not a one trick pony but he’s never topped “Graceland”.

  250. eoin collins says:


  251. PiotrLipski says:

    Graceland is my favourite

  252. Glenn says:

    A true legend!

  253. Anthony Gisbourne says:

    Graceland….hands down. A masterpiece

  254. Alberto says:

    Graceland, of course!

  255. JL says:

    Graceland… I am not good with remembering lyrics, but can pretty much sing every song on this album. People are amazed when I do this!

  256. Graham Ricket says:

    I have none of his albums and so can’t tell you a favourite. I want to win and have a listen so I can let you know!!!

  257. Graham Palmer says:

    Yeah – I’ll have this one!

  258. DJ says:

    Nice competition.
    I only have So Beautiful so it’d be nice to get to hear the others!

  259. Francis says:

    I have loved Paul Simon’s music ever since I heard my brothers original vinyl single of it back when I was aged 10 in 1974. So, to have this collection of his music all in one large set would be brilliant!

  260. Clint Howat says:

    Paul Simon First Album

  261. tina vincent says:

    I love Graceland best x

  262. Neil Forker says:

    I want to win! Graceland is my fave. The first two songs I ever heard by Paul was “Boy in the Bubble” and “You Can Call Me Al.”

  263. Andy P says:

    THERE GOES RHYMIN’ SIMON. Would love to win the box set, thanks for the chance.

  264. STEPHEN BALLARD says:


  265. Tony says:


  266. Claire Down says:

    Yes please…

    Oh, and keep up the good work. :)

  267. Marion Weir says:

    I love Paul Simon, my all time favourite though has to be Kodachrome :D

  268. Shirley says:

    Hard to choose over such a long career but, I think I’d go for Graceland.

  269. Favorite album – There Goes Rhymin’ Simon : first one I heard

  270. Mike says:

    Pick me …yay !

  271. vince hamon says:

    His best record is the live one (forgot the name). The incorporation of other styles really works well. some of the songs are better than the studio versions.

  272. Bruce Becker says:

    “Cecilia” is the first song I remember hearing as a child, and is still one of my very favorites. Dancin’ around to it like a nut!

  273. Mike says:

    I think this is the competition I want to win the most.

  274. Petr says:

    The Rhythm of the Saints because it gets into relaxing mood!

  275. Enrique Garcia says:

    All Paul Simon work is fantastic, full of harmonies and textures.
    Graceland is the one for a desert island..

  276. David Prince says:

    Got to be Graceland

  277. Steve says:

    There Goes Rhymin Simon…one of my all time favourite’s. Just got the new vinyl release, looking forward to spinning it

  278. Enrico says:

    It’s too easy to say Graceland!
    I am fond of Hearts and Bones, still crazy after all these years…
    Cheers from Bologna, Italy.

  279. Jim Sykes says:

    Would love to win this box, Graceland is the most interesting album

  280. Mitchell says:

    Hard to beat Graceland. Sounds as fresh today as when it was released.

  281. Beryl says:

    Paul Simon = real music.

  282. Tracey Gill says:

    Graceland for sure, just got it recently on vinyl and it sounds superb, would love to hear more!

  283. Michael Shogi says:

    Favorite Paul Simon album: How about “Hearts and Bones”? I remember it well. It was supposed to be the Simon and Garfunkel reunion LP, but Simon removed Garfunkel’s vocals from it at the last minute, because it was “too personal”. For once, this was the correct choice. Garfunkel would have had little room on the finished LP, as bootlegs have indicated. This wonderful album includes such titles as “Rene and Georgette Magritte”, “Train in the Distance”, “Hearts and Bones”, and “The Late Great Johnny Ace” – all classics! Great, great album.

  284. Paul Hum says:

    It would be grand to be the winner of the Paul Simon box set. My favourite Simon album is the magical and underrated Hearts and Bones.

  285. David Haig says:

    I would love this. Graceland is awesome

  286. Nick says:

    I see there’s lots of votes for Graceland, but for me it has to be Hearts And Bones – not just for the sublime title track, but also for René & Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After The War, Song About The Moon, and Train In The Distance. Timeless perfection.

  287. Andy says:

    One of my wife’s favourites!

  288. Haro says:

    Man, i’m so late, reply twohundredninetysomethin! Anyway, Graceland is the best. Great music, great sound.

  289. claudio says:

    …maybe a gift for my birthday! maybe i’m lucky this time!

  290. Shui Juin says:

    Slip Slidin’ Away is the song that still gets me.

  291. spaceboy says:

    The Rhythm of The Saints is my favorite PS album, probably for the Brazilian rhythms. A masterpiece!

  292. Neil R says:

    Would love to win a copy of this box set!

  293. Jeremy Earle says:

    I’d love to win this box set. My favorite Paul Simon album is Graceland. It was a wonderful mix of western contemporary music and native African music, with beautifully written songs and amazing musicianship. A true classic. There was nothing like it before, and there has been nothing like it since.

  294. marcel says:


  295. Liba says:


  296. Brad says:

    My favorite Paul Simon album is Graceland. I’m a child of the 80s and can’t tell you how many times I watched Paul Simon and Chevy Chase in the unforgettable “You Can Call Me Al” video. I’m pleased to report that my 2 year old now requests that video!

  297. Gregg Parish says:

    I’d have to say “Still Crazy After All These Years.” It was a staple in my household when I was a kid and it’s one of those records that brings back great memories. Would love the box set! Thanks.

  298. yuyikurt says:

    I love Graceland album. And really want to have this great boxset.

  299. Laurie H says:

    Graceland for me – although anything by one half of Simon and Garfunkel is going to be pretty fine !

  300. Peter D says:

    I love the rich South American and African textures of Rhythm of the Saints. The band he toured with after the album’s release was fantastic. One of the best live shows I have ever seen.

  301. Todd Brown says:

    One Trick Pony is my favorite! This box set belongs in my collection!!!

  302. Gary says:

    Paul Simon – Self Title reminds me of my childhood… I can recall the hits played over & over on my mom’s car radio. Please let “me” win this awesome box set.

  303. Elizabeth Burke says:


  304. pinkfloyd says:

    …was the pinnacle of paul

  305. This looks like an awesome set of Paul Simon’s material, and makes it clear I have a lot of holes in my Simon collection!

  306. joe dicupillo says:

    if not there goes Rhymin’ Simon, definitely Still Crazy After All These Years… 50 ways to leave your lover is probably the first Paul Simon song I ever knew and used to sing as a kid because I liked the rhyme scheme, before I even knew who Paul Simon was, I must have heard it on the radio since my mom used to listen to the oldies all the time, introducing me to all that great music!

  307. Conner says:

    I know this is true for a lot of folks, but Graceland is my favorite. It came out at a key time in my life and Boy in the Bubble was a magical song for me. It also very much connects me to my father as something we listened to together.

  308. susan smith says:

    Has to be Graceland, this set is just what I need to make my day

  309. Steven Riley says:

    50 Ways to Win a Box Set! Cool. Count me in.

  310. IRENE BOLTON says:

    I like “Obvious Child” I love the percussion on this track.

  311. Steve says:

    A close tie between Hearts and Bones and Paul Simon – Paul Simon might just shade it for Duncan but his catalogue is so great it feels a shame to pick just one at the risk of dismissing another work of genius.

  312. Graceland, but I’d love them all!

    • Gordon Mckean says:

      Wouldn’t be the same minibreakfast who frequents The Afterword by any chance? Small world! Good luck with the competion – looks like a cracking box set.

  313. marcus bailey says:

    graceland is pure class album love it so relaxing

  314. Sandie Jordan says:

    Diamonds on the soles of her feet from Graceland! This is a ‘Diamond’ competition!

  315. Andy says:

    You can call me Al if I win this!

  316. Bruce says:

    Must be Graceland. Classic.

  317. paulie p says:

    graceland – a seminal album and a bit of a breakthrough

  318. Stuart says:

    Has to be Graceland, love that style of music.

  319. Jesper Hall says:

    I would so like to win this box

  320. aneurin osborne says:

    I think Song Book – still a beautiful album, achingly beautiful lyrics…

  321. Paul says:

    Paul Simon is part of my childhood, my father loved Classical Music and Paul Simon. I always took the album ‘Paul Simon’ to my room to listen to it, exspecially side 2. The first CD I bought back in 1988 was ‘Paul Simon’ of Paul Simon.

  322. Iain McCarthy says:

    My favourite is “Hearts and Bonds”…..a lovely album about Carrie Fisher!

  323. steve h says:

    The Paul Simon (1972) album for me. Contains many of his best songs, not too flashy or showy, just a great album.

  324. Tony Pye says:

    Negotiations and Love Songs for me. Until this new set, it pretty much summed up a lot of his music

  325. Fabien says:

    Hey, nice box. I don’t know any of Paul’s solo albums so that would be a great way of discovering them. Can’t really tell you which one is my favorite obviously :)
    But I’ve heard some great songs from him, especially from The Capeman, which seems to be a great musical.

  326. Gordon Mckean says:

    It would have to be his first solo album for me. Just a beautiful, intimate and stunningly crafted collection of songs.

  327. Russ Ock says:

    Count me in pls! Only really know Graceland or Greatest Hits currently.

  328. Paul says:

    Graceland. So much verve in the music, so much grace in the lyrics.

  329. Leemer says:

    I must say, I’d like to win this as well. I’m a “Still Crazy After All These Years” fan. Absolutely love “My Little Town”.

  330. David Bourne says:

    Yes please.

  331. Chris says:

    My favourite album has to be “Graceland” but my fav song is “Loves me like a rock”. Happy memories.

  332. Kieran says:


  333. Herbert Appleby says:

    Graceland is the one I’d choose as my favorite as its the one grew up with

  334. emanuele says:

    Graceland, rock meets folk meets soul meets blues meets country meets Africa!!!

  335. Syvain says:

    Another nice box set to add to the collection!!!

  336. debbie pleasant says:

    always a good listen, fondness for the album rythem of the saints, favourite song far too many to list… x

  337. henry says:

    …an artist I’ve always meant to explore beyond Simon & Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits…this looks the ideal place to start (and end!).

  338. Hassni says:

    One Trick Pony, because it was the first one I heard by him.

  339. Stephen Garrison says:

    Got to be Graceland for it’s unexpected excellence following the routine Hearts and Bones.And in its own small way for helping end the apartheid regime in South Africa.

  340. Daveid Chandler says:

    I have to say There Goes Rhymin’ Simon althought hearts And Bones and Graceland are also close to my heart

  341. GHB says:

    Would love the opportunity to explore the box, and in particular compare studio and live versions – a copy of this would be a real aural lift in a from January …..

  342. Marcus Sigismund says:

    I love Graceland but my all time favourite is Rhythm Of The Saints. I saw Mr. Simon on stage in 1991 and it was absolutely amazing!

  343. Mark Bumgardner says:

    One of the finest songwriters ever. Each album has much to treasure. Mr. Simon has ammassed as fine a catalog of albums as anyone from this era, including Mr. Dylan, in my opinion. Thanks for doing this.

  344. Michael Tarbatt says:

    Like many others, has to be Graceland. Being played this for the first time whilst camping/touring (in a Metal band!) I’ll never forget :)

  345. Stephen Lawrence says:

    I hope to win this competition so i can expand my Paul Simon collection

  346. Paula says:

    In my opinion it has to be Graceland, every song is SUPERB!

  347. Thomas Casagranda says:

    You’re The One, as Darling Lorraine really pulls on the heartstrings, and is one of his most underrated tracks. It is pure genius, and highlights, to quote an earlier track, Hearts & Bones, the “Arc of the love affair”, in the relationship the man has with Lorraine, from courtship through to death.

  348. Stefan Ahlstrom says:

    I want it!

  349. Eddie says:


    My favorite PS album is The Rhythm of the Saints! It was released in the year I was born!


  350. graham says:

    Go to be Graceland i’m afraid

  351. Marion says:

    So Beautiful Or So What, I’d really love to win this!

  352. Joakim says:

    Paul Simon Your the one heart rhythm still goes from Graceland Songs! I Cant´t chose one

  353. JuzzyB says:

    Hearts and Bones…
    No, Graceland.

  354. Michael Degenhartt says:

    Surprise. Because outrageous is outrageous. 900 situps a day :-)

  355. Nicholas Dawson says:

    Just gotta have the albums of one of the iconic musicians of the last 50 + years

  356. jaime walker says:

    You Can Call me Al

    I love this song and it brings back very happy memories and brilliant video with the very funny chevy chase!!

  357. Christian H. says:

    Please Please Please Me

  358. Philippe D. says:

    At first sight Graceland would be my favorite seeing that it’s like a mark stone in my life as would be So by Peter Gabriel at the same period but then i would say that i’d rather prefer to say that the concert in the park is my favorite of all Paul Simon’s albums. And why would be that it’s a wonderful survey of his two most recent albums at the time : Graceland and Rhythm of the Saints… And it’s also a reminiscence of his best tunes from the Simon and Garfunkel era. Being in the park drives me back to my (almost) favorite album of all time : Simon and Garfunkel – The concert in Central Park

  359. RUTH GROVER says:


  360. Ruth Tesdale says:

    Graceland but I also love The Essential Paul Simon.

  361. David Lock says:

    I’d love to win it. My favorite Paul Simon album is “Heart and Bones”
    Brilliant songs.

  362. sue says:


  363. Mark says:

    Rhythm of The Saints. Very underrated in the oeuvre.

  364. keith says:

    What No Arty a must have

  365. 50 Ways to let me win this box!!!! But the easiest is to pick my name and contact me :-)

  366. Brian says:

    Paul Simon – Graceland is my fav!

  367. In it and very much want to win it : )

  368. gabriele says:

    Graceland. It’s a masterpiece.

  369. Clive Burton says:

    Like so many others ‘Graceland’ is the album that really stands out for me. Oddly, ‘You can call me Al’ was definitely a firm favourite for the whole family, but ‘Diamonds on the soles of her shoes’ is my choice for best song, simply because it opened up Ladysmith Black Mambazo to a larger audience.

  370. Helen Allan says:

    Graceland because it reminds me of my childhood listening to music in the car with my dad.

  371. Ted Haugland says:

    One of these days I might win – this is a particularly nice collection :)

  372. Andrew Wilcx says:

    Graceland is my favourite Paul Simon album, would love the box set to get to know more of his music!

  373. Marian Fievez says:

    Graceland, one of my favourite albums

  374. Jez says:

    Hearts & Bones

  375. Tim S. says:

    Eye hope eye when!

  376. Ramiro Ortega says:

    Excellent, I would love it!

  377. Cary Allen Wilson says:

    Late to the game: Why do I want it? I want all the album CDs with bonus tracks in one box. Favorite albums? ‘Still Crazy’ and ‘One Trick Pony.’

  378. Ruth says:

    This would top my collection off nicely!

  379. Keith W says:

    Definitely Graceland

  380. Tony Di Stasio says:

    Graceland, one of the best albums of the ’80’s. Still relevant and still holds up well today. What a great introduction to the world sounds of South Africa. An absolute Masterpiece !!

  381. Steve Falsetto says:

    I would love to win this.

  382. Andrew M says:

    Just to say something different (obviously Graceland is a masterpiece) but I would mention Songbook as my favorite, maybe for its minimalistic arrangements and production. Great songs also…

  383. Eric Nelson says:

    Definitively Graceland, which is a major part of my young life…

  384. ed s says:

    Maybe I Think Too Much from Hearts and Bones sometimes feels like it was written for me

  385. PC says:

    Graceland. It’s a work of genius.

  386. Jo Carroll says:

    I’m a big fan of the early records with Art G, but my fave is also Graceland. I think it’s his most iconic album.

  387. Andres R says:

    Still Crazy After All These Years!

  388. Joeri Buhrer Tavanier says:

    Wow. Great set, great albums.
    Love Still crazy and Graceland.

  389. Drew Dibble says:


  390. Norbert says:

    And another vote goes to Graceland.

    Oh, and thanks for this blog and the competition!

  391. Sara B says:

    Graceland is my favourite, groundbreaking and moving

  392. Jackie says:

    Paul Simon – just shows his music never dates

  393. Tom Lane says:

    Hearts and Bones is underrated.

  394. Jeff M. says:

    Graceland was an album that made my ears open up to music beyond pop/rock 4/4 time radio hits. Thanks, Mr. Simon! :-)

  395. Have signed up to newsletter and would love to win this great prize

  396. Shawn S. says:

    I’m also going with the seems-to-be-majority and saying Graceland too. But the s/t isn’t far behind in my view. I just love a lot of the early 70’s singer-songwriter works.

  397. Kerry Tucker says:

    The S/T album. I use to check it out from the library when I was a kid. I would play it nonstop. It still sounds great to me!

  398. Simon Franklin says:

    I’m going to Graceland! Memphis Tennessee

  399. Mick says:

    “There Goes Rhymin’ Simon”. It would be easy to say because of “Kodachrome”…but, really, the whole album shimmers.

  400. Ray judson says:


  401. Richard d says:

    Gotta go with Graceland. Based on his greatest hits, I’d love to hear some more album tracks.

  402. Michiel van Bokhorst says:

    Simon and Garfunkel were the very first artists I saw perform live when I was a mere twelve years old. I was in awe of those killer lyrics. By the time Graceland was released I also understood Simon’s melancholic lyrics, and I was baffled by his clever production tricks such as the backwards bass lick in “You Can Call Me Al”. “Graceland” was the album that made Paul’s full genius fall into place for me, but I also still play my vinyl “One Trick Pony” quite often… A CD copy is long overdue.

  403. Lee H says:

    Still crazy because it has 50 ways to leave your lover on it. I always loved the line “Just drop off the key, Lee”. I could have save myself some stress over the years if I had only taken that advice and run away!

  404. Jos Dingemans says:

    This has to be “Rhythm of the saints”, I bought this album one day before I went to Africa on holiday, made a tape of it and played it every day. Music has never sounded so real!!!

  405. Laura Asplin says:

    Graceland is my favourite

  406. Sophia Kearney says:

    I ADORE graceland!

  407. Anthony says:

    GRACELAND….most interesting album I had ever heard as a child and to this day, it stands the test of time….

  408. Andrew Rowlands says:

    great prize,paul simon is ace

  409. Steve Hak says:

    Graceland was the first PS album I ever heard and it has remained my favourite ever since.

  410. Jurg Bollinger says:

    Grew up listening to S&G, my favourite PS album is Graceland.

  411. Louise Hart says:

    Graceland. Its my ‘Go To’ album when I’m having a stressful day!

  412. Stephen B says:

    50 Ways To Leave Your Lover?….I don’t think I got past four, so could do with reminding.

  413. Mike burgess says:

    Graceland- a classic pop masterpiece 10/10

  414. Gavin says:

    Another cracking competition.

  415. Ian Murphy says:

    I’d like to win this one. My favourite is probably still Hearts and Bones.

  416. Tim says:

    The Capeman! Not a good stage musical, but some gorgeous music on here – check Bernadette, Satin Summer Nights

  417. Hank N. says:

    Would love to win this. My favorite album is Still Crazy After All These Years.

  418. Dave W says:

    Fantastic Collection! Graceland is a must for any household.

  419. Jeremy Rance says:

    Still crazy after all these years
    Released the year I was born and played so much by my Mum and Dad it became the soundtrack to my younger years. Sounds cheesy but true

  420. John Pettigrew says:

    Has to be Graceland for me – a chilled out album from the 80s.

  421. barbara shaw says:

    Graceland is my favourite, to win this would be brilliant

  422. Greg says:

    Picking a favorite Paul Simon album is like picking a favorite child. They are all great.

  423. Bob T says:

    Still Crazy After All These Years. Great album from a rough time in his life.

  424. Joseph Stone says:

    Super excited for this one! Lots of bonuses I hope…..

  425. It would be amazing to win such an awesome boxset! Paul Simon and Still crazy are my favourites and there are some albums I don’t have included here so it would be great to explore :-)

  426. Jo Bennett says:

    Graceland – the lyrics, the music, the voice – amazing!

  427. Stefan says:

    Graceland. Don’t know all of the others, but would love to…

  428. Heinz Schweizer says:

    My favourite album is “The Rhythm of the Saints”,
    a very special album and it reminds me of a wonderful time in my life.

  429. Walter says:

    My favorite… The under-rated “Hearts and Bones.” Not a favorite of most, but what a great record, from start to finish. Emotional. Powerful. Simon’s tribute to John Lennon. It’s all there.

    Hope I win!

  430. garry hawkins says:

    Has to be Graceland.

  431. John Bommarito says:

    My vote goes for the self titled album. As a youth, S&G were a constant companion in the car with my mother and the self titled has one of my all-time favorite songs, “Me and Julio…”

  432. Runicen says:

    Though it’s probably the “safest” choice, I’d have to go with Graceland. It was an album that dropped at just the right time to reach my young and impressionable mind via its MTV singles.

    Those songs still manage to summon up a strong sense of time and place (in all the best ways) when the ones and zeroes and decoded and broadcast out via loudspeaker. It was an interesting time for music and it was a great entry point for Mr. Simon’s catalog.

  433. david boundy says:

    wanna win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  434. christy beckett says:

    Hard to choose just one, Graceland is the most obvious favourite but I also love So beautiful or So what, the best track in my view is Dazzling Blue x

  435. Lindy Hine says:

    Has to be The Paul Simon Songbook – full of the most beautiful songs

  436. Georgia Keogh says:

    Probably Graceland- just because it’s the one I’ve listened to the most!

  437. claire says:

    Graceland is my favourite album – it came out just as i passe dmy driving test and was a favourite on the cassette (i know i am showing my age !) player in the mini i used to drive – singing along a the top of my voice ! Brings back happy and carefree days.

  438. Kristy Leanne Brown says:

    Has to be Still Crazy!

  439. Matic says:

    Graceland, but a special mention for Songs From the Capeman!

  440. Simon says:

    Graceland the best for me!

  441. Jennifer Dunford says:

    Hearts and Bones for The Late Great Johnny Ace. Haunting.

  442. David says:

    You’re the One. And I hope I’m the one.

  443. Christian says:

    My vinyl Paul Simon Songbook is one of my most treasured possessions, this would certainly look good on the shelf next to it!

  444. Andy says:

    The Paul Simon Songbook

  445. Andre Mamede says:

    Even if I didn’t like Paul Simon that’s a cute box, isn’t it?

  446. Fran Hearley says:

    NOT Graceland

  447. David says:

    Thanks- that will do nicely.

  448. David Peterson says:

    Graceland is my favorite by far….

  449. Ian P says:

    Got to be Graceland for me

  450. Richard Shaw says:

    How to pick a favourite? I’ve always loved the less celebrated Hearts and Bones…”One and one-half wandering Jews” is a wonderfully evocative opening line. Nevertheless, despite the hype, Graceland just can’t be beat. After 30 years of regular listens it still makes me feel great every time.

  451. John says:

    I win! Thank you, the rest of you, for playing along.

  452. Mark says:

    Nice Prize . good luck

  453. Kelly Hooper says:


  454. sarah fleck says:

    i do :-)

  455. Piotr says:

    I think Graceland would be one of the first albums I ever bought.

  456. Ron says:

    GRACELAND! Wonderful album that I took on a road trip that included a rough ride in a back road. It is the soundtrack of those fond memories!

  457. Dave says:

    Toss up- between Graceland and Rhymin’ – but I think it has to be the latter one. Rhymin’ Simon is an absolute delight from beginning to end and has great memories for me.

  458. David says:

    My all-time favorite will always be Graceland, but I got into Hearts and Bones this year. What a weird, wonderful album that is.

  459. Helen Talboys says:

    Graceland :)

  460. James says:

    My favorite Paul Simon album would have to be Rhythm of the Saints – great album!!!

  461. Jed Harper says:


  462. Stephen Taylor says:

    Iif I could win just this one competition it would be this one

  463. sarah palmer says:

    me me lol xxxx

  464. Mark Whittaker says:

    I do love Graceland , not just for the fantastic Paul Simon but also for the amazing African musicians it brought to my attention .


    Paul Simon’s music evokes so many memories

  466. My favourite album is Still Crazy After All These Years

  467. Maria Jane Knight says:

    Love Paul Simon – reminds me of my childhood! Call Me Al has some great memories :)

  468. Karen Barrett says:

    Would love to win, played Paul Simon records all the way up to the coast in sunny Queensland.

  469. JAMES WRIGHT says:

    I love Paul Simon

  470. Josep Porta says:

    I like the music of Paul Simon

  471. Jamie says:

    Graceland – Just Love almost all the songs and the politics surround it give it someone to talk about. But as a 20 year old it is not very “cool” with other people LOL

  472. Kathryn Griffin says:

    Would love to win this for my boyfriend, he’s a big fan!

  473. Cathy Gordon says:

    Graceland – just lots of happy memories of carefree times when I was younger

  474. Paul Chadwick says:

    Graceland-Timeless classic

  475. claire slater says:

    Subscribed, i love his music

  476. znpnine says:

    The Rhythm of the Saints is my favourite.

  477. Jens Iwarson says:

    I will probably have to say Graceland too, but only because I have not heard the others at all (or that much), so my all time favourite is probably still there for me to find.

  478. Lucy Gameson says:

    Paul Simon is SUCH a talented man – Graceland would have to be my ultimate favourite :)

  479. Kim Webster-Marsh says:

    It has to be Graceland, listen to it with my Husband X

  480. Steve says:

    Probably ‘Paul Simon’ his 1st solo album.

  481. Sarah Parker says:

    fab competition – would love to win :)

  482. Andrea K says:

    like to win

  483. sam lucas says:

    My bf took me to see Paul Simon at Hard Rock calling in London 2 years ago. I still have amazing memories from the night. The box set would be a wonderful addition to my CD collection.

  484. Gary Topley says:

    I would love to win this great prize. Thankyou.

  485. Jane Middleton says:

    Would love to win, my favourite album is Hearts and Bones

  486. Tim Millington says:

    I loved it when Paul Simon sang Diamonds on the Souls of her Shoes with Ladysmith Black Mambaza!

  487. Su Brett says:

    hard to choose a favourite album but probably say Graceland, but favourite song of all time is Homeward Bound

  488. Jayne B says:

    Graceland as love the upbeat sound

  489. Solange says:


  490. Linda Thorn says:


  491. Vanessa Miller says:

    Love Graceland

  492. gary C says:

    Outrageous is a fantastic song from his more recent work

  493. kelly says:

    I love Paul Simon’s First Album – I especially love the song Duncan

  494. martin says:

    They took my Kodachrome away !

  495. rick says:

    Nice! All great albums.

  496. Michael Chaney says:

    Just found this site on a search for the new LZ Reissues. I doubt a Yank wins many contests?

  497. Steve Ferguson says:

    So…..Who won Paul?

  498. jeffrey says:

    I dont know what album i like because i only know his hits. I dont have any of his albums. What a way to find out what album i like by having this collection to find out so I can let you know.

  499. Roger Hoffmann says:

    Brilliant song writer..I would love to own this outstanding release

  500. Ola says:

    Paul Simon – his first (well, actually second) without Garfunkel showed there was a future and also his fantastic lightness of touch. He makes it seem so easy. Any album starting with Mother & Child Reunion and Duncan can´t be anything other than great.

  501. Peter Spencer says:

    The only one I’ve got is …still crazy… I like that one a lot. I need to do some more exploring.

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