Day 2: SDE Christmas Giveaway: WIN a SIGNED ZTT so80s set


SURPRISE! Day two of our SDE Christmas Giveaway and here’s a great prize we didn’t mention… Our good friends Blank & Jones recently ran into a certain Holly Johnson and got him to signed a few copies of their fabulous s080s presents ZTT compilation. They thought of SDE and kindly sent some over.

If you’re a Frankie fan then you’re really going to want this and the good news is we have TWO copies to give away. If you haven’t entered the SDE Christmas Giveaway then head over to our Facebook page and follow the instructions. The winners will be announced tomorrow (17 December).


Blank and Jones bumped into Holly Johnson in November while recording a Christmas TV show in Germany


10 responses to Day 2: SDE Christmas Giveaway: WIN a SIGNED ZTT so80s set

  1. David Tiberi says:

    I just received my copy of Holly Johnson’s Live two cd set, and it is amazing!…time to Unleash The Pleasuredome!

  2. thx says:

    Frankie say Christmas Time
    The Power of Love

  3. VALGAPA says:

    Happy Holidays!.

  4. Alex says:

    I do not like FB but for these prices ….
    I really hope to do all well!!

  5. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for this opportunity to win! Happy holidays!

  6. Steve Bond says:

    Happy Holidays !

  7. Darren Dilliway says:

    Great prize!!

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