WIN a 14 disc bundle of Levellers deluxe edition reissues

Win a set of Levellers reissues

Edsel Records have been very busy of late delivering reissues from Aztec Camera, Ian McCulloch, Deacon Blue, the Steve Miller Band and Sugar to name but a few. In fact there has been so much product of late, that it’s rather easy to miss certain reissues.

In early October the Demon Music Group label put out comprehensive deluxe editions of  British folk-rock band the Levellers China records output (circa 1991-2000). That’s five studio albums and one live release. Details are as follows

  • • Levelling The Land (1991) is a 2CD+DVD set featuring all the B-sides of the era and for the first time on DVD The Great Video Swindle – a concert filmed at Barrowlands in Glasgow in May 1992.
  • • Levellers (1993) is a 2CD set featuring all the non-album B-sides
  • • Zeitgeist (1995) was a UK number one album and this reissue is a 2CD set that includes eight non-album B-sides and a further eight Zeitgeist outtakes.
  • • Headlights, White Lines, Black Tar Rivers / Best Live (1996) is a CD+DVD set of the original live album. This reissue comes with the Exodus live single bonus tracks and the DVD debut of the VHS video release.
  • • Mouth To Mouth (1997) is a massive 3CD set full of B-sides, remixes and the two track that were unique to the 1998 ‘best of’ album.
  • • Hello Pig (2000) This critically acclaimed final album for China comes with a bonus CD containing Hello Pig – The Offal, originally a fan club-only release of demos, outtakes and rehearsals from the album sessions.

In total 156 audio tracks and two full length concert films on DVD! We have a COMPLETE SET of these reissues to give away to one lucky SuperDeluxeEdition reader.

To be in with a chance of winning this superb prize simply:

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GOOD LUCK! A winner will be selected at random on Monday 19 November 2012 and informed via email. The winner will also be announced on this blog.

283 responses to WIN a 14 disc bundle of Levellers deluxe edition reissues

  1. Stephen says:

    Missed out on a few of these goodies….would love to have to whole set.

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  3. Tom says:

    Awesome band!

  4. Maja says:

    I want this! I deserve this!
    I want you to randomly pick me. :-)

  5. Angela Glynn says:

    winning these would be great to introduce the kids to some new music….

  6. David says:

    Nice set

  7. Hannah ONeill says:

    I’d love these for my dad! They would be great!

  8. John Able says:

    This set is worth having just to recall those hazy, lazy days of student life circa ’91 listening to Fifteen Years whilst badly manhandling a boat on the Norfolk broads, destroying all in it’s way !

  9. Mike O says:

    Been a huge fan for many years, levellers shaped and influenced the way I grew up very important band in 20th century Britain. Would love to win this fab prize for myself and my kids and grandchildren, help spread the love and get the younger generation into enjoying this iconic band!

  10. Would be so happy to win this would make my Christmas :) fingers crossed

  11. Paul Witney says:

    This set looks amazing – would love to win

  12. Jim says:

    The first time I saw The Levellers was way back in 1994 at Glastonbury. Their energy and stage presence left such an impression, I have been a fan ever since!

  13. Scott Caldon says:

    So many happy memories of A-Levels and Uni

  14. Anna Stickland says:

    Fab prize, used to listen to this band all the time at Uni.

  15. Alison Thompson says:

    I loved seeing the levellers live many years ago in Brighton. I used to have a walkman and speakers blaring them out in my battered Morris Minor. I saw them again at the Wychwood festival and would love to win this prize.

  16. Paul Johnson says:

    Great to have all the besides and extras in one package

  17. Owen Keenan says:

    I remember the Levellers, but not well enough. I think this collection would plug those gaps in my memory.

  18. Aleutia says:

    My girlfriend has just started listening to the levellers & it would be perfect place for her to start enjoying all this great music

  19. marcel says:

    i love those edsel reissues. i have all the jesus and mary chain reissues.

  20. Karen Colquhoun says:

    would LOVE to win this :)

  21. Claire Farrell says:

    What an amazing prize, would love to win this…for my kids as they are huge fans too. Lovely to enjoy as a family, plus I can’t see them on this tour so this would make up for that

  22. Joanna Smith says:

    I deserve to win as I haven’t seen the Levellers since Christmas 2003, Liverpool. I was 8 months pregnant and my daughter honestly kicked and thrashed through the whole thing. Now she’s nearly 9 and a big fan!

  23. Emma Mason says:

    love Levellers, had tickets to see them once but then got Shingles and couldn’t go :( – am looking out for when they’re next doing the rounds :)

  24. Ben Audsley says:

    i owuld love to win these – the levellers are amazing

  25. Claire says:

    I’d like to win these coz a few years ago I hit some hard financial times and had to sell on my entire CD (900+) collection. Now I don’t have any Levs in a good hard CD copy, only on my hard drive, and it’s just not the same!

  26. Adrian says:

    Gimme gimme gimme!

  27. tony says:

    the reason i should win is because a guy from new jersey can take a batch of cds from a band like the levellers and start getting people back into music.
    it might take a week or so…but with enough music and time something big can happen.

  28. Jane McNally says:

    I would have a fiddling battle with the Devil if it would mean I could win these reissues, alas I will just write this comment and enter this competition!

  29. I love the levellers and would love these new editions.

  30. Ruth Tesdale says:

    I would like to win to give to my husband as he is a big fan.

  31. SJR says:

    My wife is a long-term fan, owning all your cd back catalogue as well as most vinyl and tape versions. She’s seen you at venues around the country over the years and will include Lincoln again tomorrow. This would be an amazing push-present to give to her as she is currently pregnant – we’ll be the ones at the back tomorrow trying not to get squashed!

  32. Matt Reader says:

    The Levellers changed my life.. Needless to say, I really would love this prize

  33. says:

    levellers…It’s got to be good…cos its Edsel!!

  34. Claire Tromans says:

    I’d love these!

  35. Paul Kay says:

    I would love to win this as a Christmas present for my sister as she is The Levellers greatest fan.

  36. Simon Pickford says:

    Looks (and sounds) like an awesome set!

  37. Sarah Welsh says:

    Such an amazing band, timeless songs x

  38. Phil says:

    lost my cd collection in a flood and insurance doesnt cover acts of god…wtf i am an atheist!?!

  39. Kate says:

    Going to Levellers gig end of November with a group of friends who’d love to win this!

  40. ianbalentine says:

    I pretty much only buy deluxe editions now, and need to hear these editions! Thanks!

  41. Ina says:

    i’ve seen them in Hengelo, The Netherlands after a period of almost 20 years.
    After a period of taken care of my children it’s “my (woman’s ) time” instead of being a mama.
    I’ve asked Mark if I could take a picture of both of us, and that picture I posted on my FB account. It’s a lovely picture, Mark’s belly near to mine, awesome. Both older and wiser?!

  42. Rik Line says:

    I need to win as I have a giant levellers sized hole in my cd rack

  43. JL says:

    I must have this…. the end…

  44. Javier J. Valencia says:

    A truly superb prize.

  45. keith says:

    Never been lucky in my life

  46. Kath says:

    Like so many others I have been listening to The Levellers for too many years to count! And now I get to bring my children up all wrong too! So my daughter and I (and not for the first time I hasten to add!) are celebrating my birthday by going to see the band play in London. Winning this collection would make a fabulous Christmas present for her.

  47. nick says:

    off to see them in glasgow for the 14th time next week. Highlight of my year.

  48. Angela says:

    I think this is a great prize and would love to win it

  49. I would love to win the competition, I collect everything levellers and every time you tour I try to go to at least 4 venues and I’m looking forward to seeing you in soton in 2 weeks!! This would complete my collection :)

  50. Ben w says:

    Been a big fan for a very long time, and these albums look really good and would love to win them.

  51. Piman says:

    I love superdeluxeedition!
    & love free stuff!

  52. Nett says:

    I would like to win these as I love the guys, they are amazingly talented musicians as well as beautiful people. At 34 I have listened and followed them since the age of 14 they have helped shaped my views and political standing in life.

  53. Jack Watters says:

    I am a long time fan from America, and have had a hard time tracking down all the b-sides over the years. Remastered and all in a complete package would be magical! Crossing fingers and toes I am the lucky one out of all the many, many devoted fans here.
    Cheers and good luck to all Levellers fans!

  54. rupert summerton says:

    a fantastic prize

  55. Chris Lancaster says:

    Very underrated band, who I saw live many years ago when I still had hair!

  56. Mark Sadler says:

    These enhanced reissues may be just the thing I need to kick-start my mid-life crisis.

  57. Rob Payne says:

    Great prize, great website. Would really love to win this set – Still one of the best live acts out there!

  58. phil swan says:

    The live album is one of my favourites

  59. Andy Dommett says:

    This would help complete the physical collection I have already.

  60. Pier says:

    It would be wonderful to complete my Levellers collection with these great re-issues.

  61. Ben says:

    I’d like to review the whole lot of these great re-issues for the website I write for, yet I can’t afford to buy them. To win them would be fine ;)

  62. Mark Doherty says:

    Vastly underrated band, seem to have been around for years!

  63. Solange says:

    I love their sound

  64. Bill says:

    No way edsel any of these cds if i won !

  65. Rog says:

    Count me in!

  66. Jacek Ratajczyk says:

    I’d like to win this because I still cannot forgive myself for not going to their concert when they were in my country a couple of years ago.

  67. Simon Bickmore says:

    Have always liked the levellers since first hearing levelling the land oh so many years ago

  68. Kirstie Vaughan says:

    OMG OMG OMG … am a HUGE levellers fan ….. seen them 3 times this year. Would love to win this lots :)

  69. Georgia Mills says:

    Would love to win this!

  70. Neil Molyneux says:

    I think the band is great and would just love to own these.

  71. Zoe G says:

    Would be amazing to win, awesome giveaway

  72. Karen Barrett says:

    Great prize, thank you

  73. Catie Raynor says:

    love the levellers!

  74. Caroline Clarke says:

    It’s hard to find all of their albums so winning this would be absolutely amazing!

  75. Will Bishop says:

    An excellent prize, would really love this prize, here’s hoping for an early Christmas present

  76. Paul Wilson says:

    I’ve got Levelling the Land, that’s a great album, but I’ve not heard much of their later stuff.

  77. PhillipA says:




  78. Love The Levellers – they’re still good too.

  79. Shirat says:

    I would like to win because I’m their bigggggest fan in my country!

  80. Sylvain Ringuette says:

    Wow, fantastic competition!!! Great underestimated band!!

  81. Amelia says:

    I would like to win the Levellers reissues because the since the 90’s I have loved the band and collected as much of their stuff as I can get hold of!

  82. craig warwick says:

    I’ve continued to follow the levs since 1992, even when most people have said they sold out. This includes secret gigs like elmswell in suffolk and countless london calling trips to europe. I’m still spreading the word! If it wasent for the Levs I would not have met girlfreind and had our children etc! Please help me compliment my collection.Ps looking forward London gig. Now our children are older we can now go to more gigs!

  83. Dan says:

    I’d love to win this.

  84. Mariëtte says:

    My Daughter from 3 years old and I we love the Levellers. She is to young to meet the levellers, but she is not to young to listen to the mucic!

  85. Alfonso Saez says:

    I absolutely love the fantastic reissues Edsel is doing with some of my all-time favourite artists (Suede, Aztec Camera, JAMC, Sugar…). And Levellers are the best of them! So please, let me believe in Santa again and put this gift on my door! ;)

  86. Mariusz says:

    I’m Levellers fan for 20 years but first time a month ago saw their concert. It was in Berlin because they’re not coming to our country. Some great tracks (Dance Before the Storm, Lowlands of Holland, Miles Away, Searchlights, Bar room Jury etc) and rare DVD’s are only available on deluxe editions. Therefore I would like to win the collection and recommend it to my friends and music fans!

  87. magatha says:

    I love the Levellers but embarrasingly don’t have all of these albums (lived abroad when Hello Pig came out and had Levelling the Land and Levellers on cassette tape!) Winning this amazing collection would restore my reputation as a proper Levs fan! Thanks!

  88. Valerie Moss says:

    I’d like to win this because I am the Leveller’s biggest fan. There’s only one way of life!

  89. richard moss says:

    Let my On The Fiddle membership slip after following them from the start and only recently reconnected after catching them live, they have it and these releases will prove it.

  90. Neil Valentine says:

    Winning the Levellers discs would make the ideal birthday gift for this month and help keep my spirits up while I look for a job after becoming a member of the unemployed . Not the best birthday present to get from your work.

  91. Michel Drolet says:

    Edsel did a fantastic job on the Jesus & Mary Chain and Suede re-issues, would love to get these also to add to my collection!!

  92. Charlie says:

    Always a great live band, and unfairly maligned in the music press. I lost touch with their recorded output in the mid-90s so this set would be a great way to catch up.

  93. Ryan says:

    I must win these because I am awesome and deserve it

  94. Rob Zelen says:

    These albums have to go to the Lowlands of Holland..!

  95. Fiona says:

    Ahhh these albums were amazing first time round, so many happy memories! unfortunately my CDs are scratched with broken cases from being played at a million parties, so a new ‘good’ set for the older more mature me would be great!

  96. g man says:

    many years ago in my first job after leaving school i met a lad working for the same company in his home town of Sheffield, we are still very good friends to this day, on my first visit to his home he took me to a club called The Leadmill where i first experienced the band known as The Levellers….i still have a few of their albums on vinyl now nicely stored away and would love to get my hands on these re-issues to rediscover and rekindle memories of those long gone days :-)

  97. Rhiannon says:

    I would love to win this I am the biggest fan of the levellers and have never won anything!!!!!! Fingers crossed for me!! :)

  98. Rob Murphy says:

    Brilliant prize! Want it!

  99. Stijn Maerevoet says:

    I really really want them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because the levellers are just fantstique, and beacause i come from from belguim :-)

  100. Graham Davies says:

    Great comp fantastic prize i would love to win

  101. Doo says:

    Love the levellers, love matt savage and soooo need this collection to make my life perfect x

  102. Birger says:

    missed the concert in Hamburg, so this ist the only possibility to comfort me…

  103. Hollie Howitt says:

    Today I went bob sleighing…

    …killed over a hundred bobs.

  104. matt says:

    Come on, let’s win !

  105. phil says:

    a total must have collection

  106. Graeme says:

    What a cool competition :-)

  107. Alan Fisher says:

    I’d love to win this as an awesome gift for an awesome friend – because I’ve already bought all of these! :)

  108. I’m a huge fan of the Edsel reissues and would love to get a chance to hear all the Levellers tracks again.

  109. Dan Newton says:

    What a great set of albums!! Hope I win!!

  110. Jay Marsdin says:

    I need these. As the only dreadlocked hippy chick in the whole of Jakarta, I am very lonely! Vast quantities of joyful fiddley-rockety joyfulness is the only solution I can think of to fill this void in my strange little existence. Besides, I see it as my purpose in life to educate the good people of Jakarta into the marvellousness that is The Levellers. And also, my psychotic kitten will bite you if I don’t win.

  111. Ruth says:

    I need this to complete my collection & to continue introducing my children to one of the most underrated UK bands. Since having children my gig going has been severely curtailed and owning this would go someway towards relieving my pain

  112. MARK THORN says:

    Well followed the Lev’s years ! and my old cd’s of one of the most underated bands of there all time are a bit scratched and skip so thease would be of great use to me hearing old classics as they should be heard LOUD AND CLEAR !

  113. John Alexander says:

    One of the greatest bands ever to come out the uk .. Iv seem them live 61 times and still counting i also go to marks and Simons solo gigs and drunk in public many times I still think the are a very underrated band . But to true fans like myself we know what all the hype is about . And I would love the CDs ;)

  114. PJ says:

    Big fan of The Levellers – great live band, would love to win this set.

  115. Maja Grubisic Cabo says:

    Why would I want to get this set? Because I’d like to show my friends what they’re missing out on by not listening to The Levellers.

  116. Des says:

    So many great memories with these albums.
    Please pick me:)

  117. harleytexas says:

    I love the Levellers!!!!

  118. Eric says:

    I’d like to put my hand up for the chance to own these too :)

  119. Mikael Tjarnhammar says:

    Levellers is the first band my girlfriend and I shared a kiss to! Best band ever!

  120. Dave Maxwell-McNulty says:

    WOW! What a great set! I’d love to get my grubby little paws on these, what great memories!

  121. richard says:

    I’d love to win this so that I can bang it straight on ebay and have some Christmas beer money.

  122. Rami says:

    I know the band, but haven’t gotten any albums yet and I think this is the best way to get them all at once!

  123. Lars Bagger says:

    I started collecting Edsel records with the Elvis Costello deluxe editions a decade ago. These CD’s will definitely be added to my collection. Looks very nice!

  124. Zsolt Rekai says:

    when I heard the remastered version of ‘Levelling The Land’ I was absolutely satisfied. Sound is amazing. I’d like to hear all tracks!

  125. Jose says:

    Looks so nice!

  126. phil says:

    much better than file sharing! there’s only one way…

  127. P Crooks says:

    Cant afford to go see em on tour . dis will make a good crimbo pressie 4 our lass.

  128. kath b says:

    Its my birthday in november so to win would make me smile…. ive been a levs fan for ages now, but dont have all the tunes. A perfect ending to the year!

  129. clive brace says:

    im in it to win it…………………………

  130. Steven Wolfson says:

    I saw first them at WOMAD on Long Island, New York, USA. They blew me away. I have followed them ever since. Reliving The Levellers for the Win!

  131. rory donaldson says:

    i would love to win these cds as they were one of the best bands of the 90`s and they still are.

  132. Gwalia Deserter says:

    Best band of the 90s by far. Would love to win these, if only to stick them on the office stereo and show the young un’s what proper music sounds like!

  133. thorsten says:

    I Like to win the cds because it would really a nice birthday present (my birthda is 17th of november

  134. Peter says:

    In to win

  135. Andrew Leach says:

    Yes, please please please!

  136. Mark Alden says:

    Now that’s what I call a Christmas present! And a whole month of listening before the big day (beats carol singers)

  137. Sian Thomas says:

    Please may I win a deluxe re-issue of The Levellers albums? I am a big fan of The Levellers have been to their concerts since I was 13 years old (far too long ago as I am now 35!) Their music has shaped my life and having copies of all the back catalogue would bring back some amazing memories and remind me of some special people who are no longer in my life. All too often we rely on downloading files from the Internet. Having the actual albums on CD means so much more, especially these deluxe editions. They say that music can touch your heart and it is 100% true to say that The Levellers have certainly touched mine. Thank you for your time.

  138. Hmmm don’t really know they music, this could be a good opportunity to hear it ALL.

  139. steve says:

    simple the best band going

  140. Lee says:

    Give um me

  141. Simon says:

    This band is awesome 10 years of beautiful days festivals hours of bootleg recording but this has to be awesome !! need to win it

  142. helen says:

    loved the levellers since seeing them at BUFF25ish years ago. Nothing better to get a stomping party going :)

  143. Mitch says:

    Another great set of reissues from Edsel. They’ve really figured out the “value add” thing.

  144. Sally says:

    Fingers crossed – would love to win this prize!

  145. Billy ANderson says:

    I have all of these apart from “Hello Pig” and would love the reissues! My wife and I walk out of the church when we got married with “Celebrate” playing!

  146. Alex says:

    Saw them live recently and all the memories came back…

  147. Shainne Newman says:

    I’d love this set as my ex-wife took all mine in the divorce….please….

  148. tom clelland says:

    The Levellers are legends , finally the cd’s are legendary to ;)

  149. Rob van Mil says:

    Would love to win this set! Looks awesome!

  150. Yossi Barak says:

    Great reissue from Edsel

  151. Anna says:

    Ooh I can think of 14 very good reasons why! Awesome band and an awesome prize

  152. michelle lee says:

    I had the most difficult time finding some of these albums in the States. When i went to the record shop, the person behind the counter looked at me like i was a fire spitting hydra escaped from the asylum when i asked for the new CD by “The Levellers”

  153. Dave says:

    Fab albums – mine are all a bit old and tatty so would love to win these

  154. Amanda Miles says:

    If I win this prize, I’ll buy you a drink… just the one. ;o)

  155. Vítor says:

    Excellent collection, hope I’ll win this time, cheers!

  156. Roger says:

    Well what a great prize, i am off to see them next saturday, would be nice to win this stuff as no way will the missus let me spend all that money at once

  157. Francis says:

    It would make my year to win the Levellers album reissues from Edsel as I am wanting to update from the originals I bought when these albums were first released (fingers crossed).

  158. Kevin says:

    Superb set of albums that I bought many years ago. Great band live.

  159. maarten van der aa says:

    My life is the levellers, i just got my first son, i am proud and i would be great to add the Levellersspecial edition discs in his cd collection.later i can teach him to listen to real music…

  160. Beer Monster says:

    Seen the Levellers eight times so far – always good value

    The south coast rules :-)

  161. Kon says:

    Well, since it’s very difficult to get all that beautiful levs-stuff in germany, i’d appreciate if you just sent me the whole package…

  162. robbi says:

    I mean, guys, let’s be honest, that is a real treasure and needs to be explored right now, here we go. Hand this stuff over to a good home, fingers crossed.

  163. Frederik says:

    Music by the Levellers got me through the hard time at the revalidation centre after becoming paralysed by an accident. There’s only one way of life … and that’s your own !!! Greets from Belgium !

  164. Beanie says:

    Because there’s only one way of life!

  165. nathalie says:

    Hi there!! I am a Leveller fan since I was 19 year…I am 42 now..
    Got lost all my cd’s and dvd ‘s when I left my ex- husband! please…give me this great super Deluxe!! Thank you!!! Greets from Belgium! xxx

  166. Mark Phillips says:

    I’d love to win a set of these. Hope street was such an iconic single and I’m scratching my head as to why I didn’t go on to explore the band in more detail. Now, thanks to Edsel and SDE, I might finally get the chance to do just that! fingers crossed.

  167. Eric says:

    Those look great! I’m looking forward to checking them out. 2012 has been a great year for reissues…Blur, Deacon Blue, Aztec Camera…

  168. Hedley says:

    Very big fan of the site and the band, thanks for considering me and salutations from Michigan

  169. adam keen says:

    the levellers are my fave group in the whole world though i would have a crack of winning this superb prize have never ever won anything like this before and this would be heaven in fact no words could describe

  170. Michael says:

    Fantastic set – yes please!

  171. John Able says:

    Fifteen years has been continuously in my top ten playlist from tape to CD to iPod over the last twenty years or so and shall firmly remain there. I don’t need an excuse to listen to the Levellers but winning would be the icing on the cake .

  172. Jotun says:

    I’d quite like that please! :)

  173. Oli says:

    Never had any Levellers on cd, all on cassette & now unlistenable…definitely looking forward to winning this entire set!

  174. Jos Dingemans says:

    This is definitely the best way to get to know them!!!!

  175. Gino says:

    Wow, would really love these!

  176. Robert Butt says:

    I would love these to give to some of my friends who haven’t bought them yet.Would really sort out a few Christmas pressies.

  177. Don says:

    What a prize. Sign me up!

  178. tracy says:

    would love to win these first saw them when i was 18 the wedgewood rooms Porstmouth,and remember sitting down after the gig to have a drink with the band.

  179. Shaun Jackson says:

    I’d love to win this set. My nasty old ex-Wife has my originals & won’t let me have them back!
    Been Following the Levs from day 1 & can’t count the amount of times I’ve seen them, off to Lincoln next week..Woo Hoo!

  180. Peter van noort says:

    I like this band a lot and have seen them live some times. I would very much like to win this great set of cd and dvd as i really only own one of the cd’s levelling the land and a bootleg concert cd from Amsterdam. And of course their Irish…

  181. Chris says:

    Had to sell all my old Lev’s singles & fanclub CDs years ago to make ends meet so these would make up for that!

  182. Ben Manning says:

    I have all the albums but this would be an amazing opportunity to get some of the tracks I’m missing. Also, to get a copy of The Great Video Swindle on DVD would be brilliant… although surely it’ll need to be renamed The Great DVD Swindle!

  183. perpleks says:

    to be honest:
    i simply want to win..!

  184. Brett says:

    these are great, hope lots of live tracks arer included in this bundle.

  185. Robin Felton says:

    Gimme, gimme, gimme!

  186. mark wilson says:

    Cool prize. Hope I win.

  187. mandy campbell ( levsgob ) says:

    I have 6 kids , 5 of whom are levellers fans too and they keep borrowing my cd’s ….so when I want to listen to a particular album ….I can never find them …..It would just be nice to have my own collection to lock in a little safe , and they can use the others with no pain to me anymore :'(

  188. Jacqueline says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! I first heard the Levellers when living in the UK. Practically no one in the US has heard of them – a shame! But 20 years later I still regularly listen to their albums & keep doing my best to spread the word stateside. Thanks for putting these re-issues together. They look great!

  189. Tom Salt says:

    Oooh Levelers and a contest I would love to win been a fan for years!

  190. Tanja says:

    I´m a true fan for almost 20 years now. I think that´s a good reason, isn´t it? :-)

  191. Simon Fisher says:

    The levellers were my favourite band growing up and they still are some 20 years later. I have memories of listening them on long summer days drinking cider and everything was great. They are one of the best live bands ever and I love the fact they are still going and producing such great records. I would love to own these deluxe editions as they not only look and sound amazing but there is so much extra stuff on there I can’t wait to hear.

  192. Steve says:

    Love this band, seen them Live loads of times and continue to blow me away.

  193. Jeremy Bromley says:

    They were great at Glasto ’95, one of the highlight concerts of my life.

  194. dave cooper says:

    Levellers- Simply the greatest band ever.

  195. chrissy says:

    so glad that they are re-issuing all these ,get a new generation into this sound

  196. Amanda says:

    Truly a superb prize, for any fan of this superb band. Good luck everyone :-) x

  197. Ed says:

    I would love to win these, It would save me buying my girlfriend a Christmas present…

  198. Jo Bowden says:

    I would love to win these levellers CDs as I am a massive levellers fan and they would be a welcome addition to the collection, plus the money I save can be used to get other stuff from your selection!!!!

  199. Lyn says:

    I would like to win this because Levellers music is my dope!!!!

  200. Clare Jones says:

    Ask anyone who knows me, what is Clare’s favourite band? The answer is always The Levellers. I have seen them live almost 200 times, and we go to Beautiful Days every year. I would love to win these, as I am due to have a Baby in April, and would love to start my Baby’s Levellers collection off properly! So far I have a Levellers Babygrow for my baby. I definately have the next generation of Levellers fan growing in my belly!

  201. Joanne Melling says:

    Big Levellers fan, Beautiful Days festival was fantastic this year! Would love to win these to enhance my collection of Levellers CDs!

  202. John says:

    I’d love to win the bundle because most of my Levellers stuff is on cassette!(remember those?)

  203. carsten says:

    as a levellers fan, I need to complete my back catalogue. The b-sides and new outtakes will be a new hearing-experience. I must win this set of CD’s and DVD’s. Cheers!

  204. Rob Edwards says:

    The Levellers’ ablums are great and more relevant than ever today it seems…

  205. James says:

    Who wouldn’t want to win these? I can’t think of a good reason not to want to….

  206. rob says:

    I wanna,win this levellers set coz my original release of hello piG is scratched to high heaven n skips

  207. Mark Stein says:

    Please Please Please let me win!!!!!!

  208. Charles Morel says:

    I wan’t it because all the originals I have don’t have I guess a really great remastered sound, and of course the extra tracks/videos…
    Please let a French “old” fan (nearly 20 years since I have listened to them for the first time) keep listening to the Levs stuff in upgraded quality!
    Long live great record labels!

  209. Angela Lloyd says:

    What a fab prize. I’ll keep my fingers crossed! :-)

  210. John Kirby says:

    So I can rub it in my past selfs face!!! and his rubbish ex girlfriend

  211. Phil Ruston says:

    I love the artwork as well as the music and you said some nice stuff about Nick Harper on his DVD. That’ll do for me.

  212. Ron says:

    I need new copies of everything, and it’d be nice if they matched.

  213. Jens Iwarson says:

    I have a great record collection, but I have none of the Levellers albums.

  214. Laura D says:

    I need to win these as I started having children in 2006 and ever since they seem to have been engaged in a campaign to destroy every CD I own.

  215. Ollie Warner says:

    Simply because the Levellers are amazing! I cannot afford to buy this package but want it too much!

  216. Danny Gleeson says:

    I have been following the Levellers since 1990. To own this collection would be a right result as my son (Who is eight) has started to listen to the levellers, and i only own three albums, so would like him to listen to much more…….

  217. Rachael says:

    Theres only ONE WAY I’m going to get my hands on these albums and thats by winning them!

  218. dave says:

    Be great to get all the tracks from each album collected together officially.

  219. Wayne says:

    A superb prize.

  220. sharon jessup says:

    would love these! mine are all so old and a bit knackered cos the kids love em too! xx

  221. Rebecca Shaw says:

    I totally adore the levellers, have seen them twice this tour and will again on the 22nd. I would die for these but my brother also loves them and he needs cheering up so this opportunity is for my big bro’ John Shaw. Fingers crossed. Love to my boys themselves.. See you soon xxxx

  222. Ally says:

    I should very much like to win this bundle because of all the excellent reasons given by everyone else. Combined. Times ten billion squillion.

  223. Andy Tedds says:

    What a fantastic collection of levellers material, have all the standard release albums, but this would be a welcome addition !!!!

  224. Jack says:

    I need to have these albums!!! As a student I can hardly afford to buy them, and I’ve been a life-long fan of the band having to put up with 4 of the above CD’s in appaling condition from my mum and dad’s music collection, which are all scratched to hell!

  225. Matt Shillaber says:

    A fantastic prize – I can’t justify buying the remastered versions to replace the original CDs I already have.

  226. Anne says:

    I’d love to win this: I saw them for the first time when I was a young girl with a love for music and a lack of confidence. Life has changed so much since then: I experienced love, success, became a mother, lost loved ones… But when I saw them playing two weeks ago I felt 16 again. Only with a bit more confidence :)

  227. Paul says:

    The Levellers were never what they have been accused of crusty folk Clash wannabes, they consummate musicians creating brilliant politically charged folk/rock/pop music that have made us jump up and down for joy for over 20 years, I would love to win this amazing set of music.

  228. Lee Roberts says:

    There is only one way of life and that is the life of a Levellers fan. I have been a fan for over “15 Years” and if I won, I would listen to the whole collection “In this Garden” with my wife “Julie”. (she really is called Julie and she loves this track) Aslo living near a river and use a ferry every day, I am a true”Boatman”.

    So if I win “What a Beautiful Day” it would be, it would be”Too Real” so “Come on” and lets “Celebrate” on the “Dog Train” and “Make U Happy”

  229. Ioannis says:

    i would love to win because i am a great fan of the group and i can’t afford to buy the re-issues!

  230. woody says:

    wod luv this prize

  231. Ryan says:

    ‘What a beautiful day’ it would be if I won

  232. Christine says:

    Oh I really want to win this coz Levelling the land is one of my favorit albums and the other one’s also great!

  233. Jenny says:

    Would love to win this because I’ve been poorly the last few days and this would really cheer me up!

  234. Shauni Spafford says:

    I would be so happy if I won these!! Love the Levellers so much – my favourite band. Have seen them over 50 times and I’m only 20! x

  235. Enzyme says:

    I’d love to win because the irony of a caravan-and-crusty band like the Levellers getting a super-deluxe makeover is super-strong.

  236. David Otter says:

    Been a life long Levellers fan ! I wouldn’t mind these CD’s

  237. Morten says:

    I would like to win because i am a very big fan of the levellers and i always miss rheir livconcerts in denmark of different reasons. Therefore i hav had to travel abroad to see thm and it ha been fantastic. This autumn i got ill on the day of their concert in dnmark and i am sure my disappointment will be easier to handle if i win…

  238. louise george says:

    pleasssse – i have a fair few of the albums and cd singles, but there are a few i’m missing out on – oh, and i have the opening 8 bars of ‘one way’ tattooed on my arm :) (i’ll send a photo if i win!)

  239. Kathi Macleod says:

    been a huge Levellers fan since the early 90’s and spent many a day trawling around after them to all their gigs in the early days. Last week my lovely teen dropped 2 of my original levellers albums and chunked them. Gutted – they are older than he is! This is a cracking collection and I would love to win it so I can safely continue his musical education without risking my precious vinyl!………that and cos this is a totally cracking collection!

  240. Mike says:

    The Levellers were the 1st band I ever saw live. It was back in 1991 at Nottingham Rock City & it was an amazing experience. They are a massively under rated band & I’d love to win this prize!

  241. madjak says:

    Would be so good to replace my much loved battered discs which’ve kept me and my tribe bouncing thru the adversities of life for so many years – big ups for release :) xxx

  242. Alex says:

    This would be an awesome way to replace the gaps in the collection left by lending out some of these albums and never getting them back.

  243. derek mason says:

    howdy,,ive been in 2 the levellers since they started many many moons ago,,ive seen them loads of times,when their on tour,seen them a few times at motorbike shows where they know how 2 get hundreds of bikers dancing about like young fans,,they were at the barrowlands last yr,best place in the world for a gig & the band love the scottish fans & the scottish pater,,love to get this price,it would go 2 a good scottish home :)

  244. Alan Robinson says:

    need a change of luck

  245. stephen funnell says:

    I would like to very much win the Levellers complete re issue set

  246. doug says:

    I’d love to win this! What a great collection to own. Pick me!!

  247. E L says:

    Seeing them at the end of November – perfect! Brings back lots of childhood memories, when my parents put their music on.

  248. Sarah says:

    I’ve been a Levellers fan for all the years they’ve been going! The fiddling gives me goosebumps, the tunes make me wanna dance till the sun comes up and the messages in the songs speak to my heart and soul….pleeeeeeease I wanna win this!

  249. Amy Deans says:

    I think this is a great prize – I’ve grown up listening to the Levellers, as they are my dad’s favorite band, as well as mine. I think these special editions would make a wonderful addition to my Dad’s Levellers collection.

    My Dad, my younger brother and I are going to see them next week – It will be my 4th time, my brother’s second, and god knows how many times my dad has seen them!!

    It would be fantastic to be the owner of these.

  250. Ian M says:

    I want these !!!

  251. ChristianS says:

    Well, it’s The Levellers back-catalog… Remastered… and I am currently on the Dole waiting for my Lottery Ticket to come, in the meantime, I need something other than Jeremy Kyle to pass my day!

  252. Jo Turner says:

    I’m a big fan of the Levellers but still haven’t got round to replacing all my vinyl with cds so this would be perfect. Off to see them next week , so a win would mean I could relive the moment by playing the songs all over again at home.

  253. Sarah Simmonds says:

    Saw The Levellers at their Beautiful Days Festival in the Summer and absolutely love them. This would be an amazing addition to my one and only album!!

  254. maurizio says:

    Great Levellers! I wish I have!

  255. Franco Dimauro says:

    I love The Levellers!

  256. william curley says:

    It’s not a matter if I want these reissues, it’s a matter of I NEED these reissues! LOL

  257. Lee says:

    Why do I want to win these? ‘Great Video Swindle’ finally on DVD! I nearly wore out my CD of ‘Levelling The Land’ between 1993-96. ‘Zeitgeist’ is full of tunes that never get old. Various reasons for wanting these.

    If I won, I’d make my year…

  258. An underrated band whose “image” preceded them. A nice prize that any music fan who wasn’t narrow-minded would want to win.

  259. Ian says:

    I will be getting these anyway, so I might as well try to win them!

  260. (un)Boxer says:

    I want to win these, I NEED to win these, so I can relive my school days when not only was it acceptable to like the Levellers (and not wash your hair) but actually fashionable for a time.

  261. Neil says:

    Would love to have these.

  262. joe johnston says:

    Top class collection – love to get my hands on these!

  263. Joshua Handley says:

    I want these as I’m addicted to buying and listening to new music and these would satisfy my needs for a while.

  264. Ulrich says:

    The page is great … I have to win the Deluxe Edition so I can sell the normal CDs … Great Band, Great Music

  265. Richard Christian says:

    I have the best of the levellers on CD and would love to hear more of their music

  266. Emmanuel says:

    I buy already many records (and re-releases) and I have still many to buy. the levellers are not on my priority list, so it would be so great to win these reissues !

  267. YU BO says:

    I hope I can win

  268. Francesco says:

    i don0t know levellers so much, this could be a good reason to start!

  269. Luca says:

    Absolutely brilliant made by Edsel Records

  270. Mike says:

    I’d love to win these for my birthday, which is the day after the winner is announced.

  271. kuryakin72 says:

    Got to level with you, I need to win this…..

  272. Piotr says:

    I’ve never really won anything before. This would be a good start.

  273. As a hardcore collector, it would be very nice to win one of these reissues. Perfect gift for Xmas. :) Thank you for the opportunitiy!

  274. Brian McNeill says:

    i want this cos i cant afford to buy it! and i love super deluxe edition! xx

  275. JP Lucas says:

    absolutely love these albums and really want these reissues as haven’t heard any of the b-sides

    • alun says:

      i love the levellers and would love to win the competition as i am to ill to go to see them live anymore (i have lost count how many times i saw them previously)

    • dunk gray says:

      Awsome, Still have tapes of the early albums and are missing some of the middle albums

    • Steven Wolfson says:

      If I can’t get the Levellers to come to the United States, I will accept the next best thing. 14 Cd’s that I can play and pretend it’s my own private show! Fingers crossed.

    • Chris Blake says:

      Would be really cool

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