Win a 9-disc set of The Beat reissues

The Beat / Win a set of deluxe reissues

Sorry this competition has now closed. Yossi Barak was the winner! Congratulations!

Another great competition from SuperDeluxeEdition!

We like to think we run the best competitions of any music blog. In recent weeks we have given away a Paul Simon Graceland Super Deluxe box set, a signed World Party Arkeology 5CD set and all four of the recent Everything But The Girl reissues, AND there is still four days left to win a SIGNED Swing Out Sister LP (see our Facebook page for details).

TODAY we would like to offer you the chance to win a set of The Beat‘s three albums in 2CD+DVD deluxe editions – we think they are great and our review can be found here.

Edsel Records have kindly provided us with a brand new sealed SET of these fine reissues to give away to one lucky fan of SuperDeluxeEdition. In total the bundle features six CDs with 96 audio tracks including remixes, B-sides, and radio sessions along with three DVDs featuring Top Of The Pops performances, live performances and more.

To enter this competition simply leave a friendly comment below and pay a visit to Edsel’s Facebook page and give them a ‘like’!

One winner will be randomly picked on Friday 20th July. Good luck!

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72 responses to Win a 9-disc set of The Beat reissues

  1. Paul Chapman says:

    What a wonderful package, with more bands got the VIP treatment!

  2. Tom Baines says:

    wow great, like on fb too

  3. Stephen Gwynne says:

    My turn to win

  4. Bill Reay says:

    Oh to be taken back to the 80’s & just to re-live those Precious Beats moments once again……BLISS,but can I have all my hair back to match that time please,& more importantly,CAN I KEEP IT PLEASE!! ;o)

  5. ROBERT PEEL says:

    ace comp

  6. Ian Brock says:

    I’m twisting & crawling just thinking of winning these CDs! x

  7. Paul Sinclair says:

    Didn’t want to over complicate the competition but why not ‘like’ our Facebook page too!

    Thanks, Paul

  8. Barrie Phillips says:

    I would love to win,count me in guys please.

  9. Stuart P says:

    Great re-issues – love the site, too!

  10. Barry Grayshon says:

    Great set of CD’s there. I was only listening to The Beat the other day. Reminiscing when I was about 11, and I had my over sized parka, when I was into The Specials, Madness, The Selecter, The Beat etc. Playing Stand Down Margaret full blast thinking I was really political. Lol.

  11. Marco89 says:

    Always unlucky, but I try again :)
    Prizes are always wonderful

  12. Marty says:

    Edsel is doing such amazing work with their reissues – so thorough with the supplementing material and such great packaging and sound.

  13. ANTHONY SELBY says:

    I saw The Beat many times but can’t afford these beauties ! Please, please, please……………

  14. g man says:

    Oh please let it be me this time……….lol!!

  15. john says:

    Looking forward to this, I love all the re-issues I have on Edsel.

  16. Yossi Barak says:

    Nice packaging, Great music.

  17. Nauscicaa says:

    Already feel like dancing to The Beat!

  18. B Williams says:

    Hopefully this is my time!

  19. lemer says:

    I love The Beat! I’ve been a fan since I first heard Special Beat Service. I saw Dave Wakling’s English Beat two years ago and he’s still quite good. These Special Editions are chocked full of extras too!!! Amazing and available at Amazon for a mere £9.99 each! I would rather win it though. Thanks!

  20. Hedley says:

    A very fun contest and thank you for offering these – would love to be included in the draw

  21. Tyronne Mayadunne says:

    Would love to win these sets!

  22. Robb Wolf says:

    Count me in please!

  23. Steven says:

    Enter me please. Is there any store similar to Suede/The London Suede as to why they went by The English Beat in the U.S. – anyone know??

  24. TJ Jelsema says:

    Would love to win these. The Beat was one of the first bands I saw in person.

  25. Lee says:

    Love Edsel! Love these releases!

  26. Don says:

    Excellent! I already “liked” Edsel for a previous contest (and because they’re very “like”-worthy, of course), so hopefully that will apply here.

  27. raffaele says:

    that’s the best reissue package of the year!

  28. Mark Lavallee says:

    Nice. Please let it be me! These look wonderful and sadly I just can’t afford them right now!

  29. Hampton says:

    saw them at red rocks, spring of ’83, with bowwowow and (a then unknown) rem warming up. one of the best shows i ever saw!

  30. Jeff Smith says:

    Love The Beat!

  31. Brian Gately says:

    Love this band! Would love to win these reissues.

  32. Anthony Lamont says:

    Rotating Heads!

  33. Kevin Geddes says:

    Fingers crossed!

  34. Andrew Leach says:

    Hello sexy!

  35. John Matthews says:

    Great reissue packages. Good work.

  36. Justin says:

    Nice one…..

  37. David Parker says:

    These look great. Long overdue too. Looking forward to the re-mastered sound and the extra tracks.

  38. the best reissue of 2012!

  39. Alex Sepiol says:

    Amazing contest! Wish me luck…

  40. Joe Maryon says:

    This is superb. I think this sort of package is the way forward

  41. Steve Wilcox says:

    The band’s official output might have been only three albums — but what a terrific three albums. And the last track of their last album — Ackee 1-2-3 — has a special place in my heart, as it pulled me out of a deep, dark depression many years ago. It’s fantastic to see them given such special treatment.

  42. ray says:

    In for this!

  43. John says:

    Was just reading about these and came to the realization that there are few bands that have recorded a song as perfect as “Save it for Later.” It will be nice if these reissues bring some much-deserved light to this band.

  44. Paul.Bamforf says:

    Looks like a great set of reissues!

  45. I’d really like to win this one, wow

  46. tim says:

    You should make me the prize winner because I have a huge collection of 80′ music….but no Beat. I know, I know, turn in my 80’s cred NOW. I was always more of a Specials & Madness kinda guy. Hit me with the set and show me why I am wrong.

  47. Kenny says:

    As an original 2-tone boy … I deserve them!!

  48. Jane says:

    I confess, yes I love The Beat and Edsel records! Such a fantastic package!

  49. Michael Graff says:


  50. Paul says:

    The folks at Edsel do great deluxe reissues. Love the JAMC series.

  51. Da'Ron Brown says:

    i would love to win these

  52. Lazlo Nibble says:

    I gave Special Beat Service a serious sit-down listen the other day and I think it finally clicked for me as a full album, end to end. Always loved the singles, but this the the first time it felt like a cohesive whole. So the timing on these reissues is pretty good, ’cause I’m definitely in the mood for some immersion!

  53. Adrian Graham says:

    Great band, wanna win it :o))

  54. rob says:

    Hands off their mine!

  55. Michelle Cruz says:

    This box set is the ultimate, because it has all of their works in it, don’t have to look elsewhere it literally a ” complete box set”

  56. Jason Handy says:

    The Beat Complete…yes!!

  57. Paul Gilronan says:

    Wow! Would love to win this!

  58. Mark Miller says:

    The Edsel sets are superior to the Shout Factory versions in packaging and content.

  59. Brian hack says:

    Awesome! It’s about time. Thank You Edsel, again.

  60. Rob C says:

    Love it! And The Beat are touring Australia for the very first time in August – Dave Wakeling will be playing the hits of The Beat & General Public!

    Hope I can win this…this is how reissues should happen!

  61. Steven Berg says:

    I loved The Beat then, and I love The Beat now.

  62. Jeremy Bromley says:

    Oooh they’ve got The Beat :)

  63. Tom Gardner says:

    Great offer from an always interesting site.

  64. Uffe S says:

    An excellent reissue!

  65. Ross Raihala says:

    I am loving what Edsel’s been doing as of late. My credit card, on the other hand …

  66. Vils says:

    This is the way all reissues should be done. I dug out my 1996 compilation – it sounds good, but these will sound even better!
    Good to see that an overlooked band (due to splitting up acrimoniously) gets the reissue treatment.
    Next reissues will be Fine Young Cannibals and General Public!

  67. Eric says:

    Can’t wait to hear these!

  68. Darrell says:

    Awesome set!

  69. Raul Regalado says:

    Great reissues!

  70. Lee says:

    these reissues have been a long time coming…the first one especially is a classic. i’ve never owned them on cd before, its time i did!

  71. gregory schalla says:

    pick me, pick me

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