Win a copy of 19: The 30th Anniversary Mixes


We have a four copies of Paul Hardcastle‘s recent 19: The Anniversary Mixes compilation to give away…

The album collects 14 versions of the classic track, mixing period twelve-inch remixes with more recent interpretations, including the brand new PTSD Mix. There are two vinyl copies and two CDs to be won and the four winners will be offered a choice between vinyl and CD in the order that they are picked out of the ‘hat’.

How to Enter:
This competition is open to all until noon BST on Friday 3 July 2015. To be in with a chance of winning please follow the instructions below:

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  • 2. Leave a comment – What’s your favourite version of “19”?

If you already receive the newsletter, then please just leave a comment. The winners will be picked at random and announced via the newsletter on Sunday 5 July 2015. Good luck!

168 responses to Win a copy of 19: The 30th Anniversary Mixes

  1. dave says:

    It has to be the destruction mix

  2. Alexey says:

    Destruction mix!

  3. Jeffrey Wunderlich says:

    Destruction Mix is tha bomb!

  4. Ross says:

    Original 7″ mix. Still the best.

  5. Sven says:

    Destruction Mix of course!

  6. Scott Truelove says:

    The final story full 8 minute mix!

  7. Mark Hadwen-Wright says:

    Remember getting the 19 twelve inch vinyl for a christmas present many moons ago – oh happy days.

  8. mrqef says:

    My own using my own 12″ mix – the name of I can’t remember – and my friends mix. We swapped each Friday afternoon and returned them on Monday morning.

  9. IanM says:

    Extended Japanese Mix for me!

  10. Rob says:

    Destruction mix for me.

  11. Herb klein says:

    The video version, I would guess it is the single mix.

  12. Brett smith says:

    The ‘original mix’ will always be my fav!

  13. loved the destruction mix – it was a constant in the record shop I used to own, back when it came out. doubled up with Stan Ridgway’s Camouflage – war-tastic!

  14. Anthony says:

    Destruction mix

  15. Holger Meier says:


  16. Adrian says:

    Love the extended and destruction mix.

  17. Brian says:

    The original US 12″ mix is my favorite.

  18. pasi says:

    The Final Story 12″

  19. Hassni says:

    Yeah, the Destruction Mix.

  20. John Galilee says:

    The ‘Destruction Mix’ of course!

  21. Eddie says:

    Destruction Mix

  22. Gregory Lecrivain says:

    The 12″ Version. Definitely.

  23. Mike says:

    The original is the classic

  24. Greg says:

    Destruction Mix everytime

  25. artwwweb says:

    At the moment, Destruction mix.

  26. Gary Whitley says:

    It’s the original version for me.

  27. Roman says:

    Destruction mix is for me the finest

  28. Simon says:

    Always the original mix!

  29. Darren Lewis says:

    Like one or two here, it’s got to be the Destruction Mix for me.

  30. Stefano Dalmonte says:

    PTSD mix

  31. TMT says:

    I’ll stick with the original version.

  32. Eppo Eppens says:

    the final story for me. And I like versions in different languages

  33. Emanuel says:

    My favorite version is The Final Story

  34. John Bommarito says:

    Destruction mix

  35. Art says:

    Destruction mix.

  36. Andreas B. says:

    I’m a classic, I love the original version. Came in touch with it on my 19th birthday, by chance, so it got stuck in my head forever ;)

  37. Peter Spencer says:

    I only know the original one, and I like that one! Hopefully I’ll win this and be able to educate myself.

  38. Mikey says:

    Has to be Destruction mix

  39. Jens says:

    Destruction mix. But what’s up with the artwork? Looks awful!!

  40. Wolf says:

    For me it is the German (short and long) version, too!

  41. Paul rodford says:

    Yes, the Destruction Mix for me too. I remember playing 19 on university radio as the first single for ages to enter the chart so high.

  42. Trevor Baker says:

    The original, it’s the only one I’ve heard!! Hopefully not for too much longer though…

  43. LedMan says:

    The Destruction mix

  44. Ron says:

    I remember buying a cassette which had “19 minutes of 19” on it, my favorite version.

  45. Victor Bustamante says:

    The 7 inch edit

  46. NuclearNick says:

    Loved the 12″ remix released in ’85.

  47. Luis says:

    The destruction mix, no doubt!

  48. Vils says:

    ‘History Keeps Repeating Itself’ mix breathes new life into the classic original

  49. Kai says:

    Although The Destruction Mix is being named too often, this one remains unbeaten, followed by the German Mix under certain circumstances.

  50. Lee says:

    Original 12inch mix that I had on vinyl back in the day

  51. R says:

    All we want to hear is The Destruction Mix

  52. J.A. says:

    Firsr original for me.

  53. Erik Vang Olsen says:

    The Destruction Mix

  54. Dunwoody says:

    Original mix.

  55. Mike williams says:


  56. Robert Morgenstern says:

    Ooh 30 years ago too. My youth seems not so far away. Please let this journey come to me again

  57. Einstein says:


  58. M Foster says:

    19(95) !!

  59. Russell says:

    The 20th!

  60. I prefer the original (offcourse remastered :-))

  61. Hub Hamers says:

    It all started with the original version, which I liked in the 80s’ and still I still like nowadays,

    But now I’m a little bit older I like the chill out versions on this album very much…

  62. Anselm Lee says:


  63. Richard Lord says:

    Hot Tracks Digital Mix

  64. Mike Pendlebury says:

    Love the original!

  65. Karl says:

    Destruction mix

  66. Rich says:

    19 (The Vision)

  67. Simon P says:

    The original 7″ mix is the one I still play the most.

  68. Anthony says:

    The original 12″ mix probably…..I haven’t be able to hear them all yet!

  69. Yoshiaki says:

    Destruction mix

  70. dj says:

    4sure Destruction mixx

  71. Conner says:

    My favorite is the original radio edit that they played endlessly on the radio in San Francisco, the summer it came out :)

  72. Steve Elliott says:

    Best mix of 19 is The Destruction Mix.

  73. J. Moore says:

    I like the Marvin Gaye samples a lot, but the Destruction mix is my overall favorite.

  74. Steve Bryant says:

    The ‘Destruction mix’ loved the remix video too !

  75. Jonathan says:

    In actual fact my favourite version is the 7” edition. This my first single every purchased and still have.

    A special mention should be made about the spoof version The Commentators – 19 Not Out by a British comedian / impressionist Rory Bremner

    It was a parody of Bremner impersonating cricket commentators, including Richie Benaud and Brian Johnston, and replacing references to the Vietnam War with references to the England cricket team’s disastrous 1984 home series against the West Indies in which the England captain David Gower had averaged 19.[5] via wikapida

    If I recall it even made a now compilation album as well.

    A special track for sure !!!!

  76. claudio says:

    …Destruction Mix…

  77. Steve W says:

    Boring but it’s the Destruction Mix for me too.

  78. Yossi Barak says:

    19 Electronica Remix

  79. AudioDile says:

    Not counting the unreleased mix I have by Omar Santana, definitely the Destruction Mix!

  80. eric says:

    I prefer the original version.

  81. murray says:

    Destruction Mix, all the way!

  82. Jörg Lotze says:

    I like the german version of 19 very much. With the performance of German Newsanchor Werner Veigel

  83. Andy says:

    Destruction Mix – (or Album Version)

  84. Boaz Halachmi says:

    I always favor the original

  85. Les London says:

    Destruction mix for me

  86. Dmitriy says:

    Not so popular, but my fav is Inner Changes Mix

  87. Diablo Del Toro says:

    Destruction mix

  88. Graham Ricket says:

    Destruction mix

  89. Matt says:

    Destruction mix.
    Still have a 19 minute mix made using a home tape recorder in 1985 and the 12″ – record, pause, listen, rewind, pause, repeat – a choppy but valiant 14 year old’s effort to become the next Shep Pettibone.

  90. Hans says:

    The original 12″ mix

  91. Dieter says:

    definitive the Final story (unfortunately not complete on this issue)

  92. Yeuan says: mix for me

  93. mino says:

    The german version

  94. matg_fr says:

    Destruction mix of course!!!

  95. Gordon says:

    I love the song but to be honest, I don’t n-n-n-n-know many versions of it, so I can’t really pick a ‘favourite’.

    I first heard it on n-n-n-n-Now (that’s what…) n-n-n-n-1985 and the only copies I have are on other ‘Hits of the 80s’-type compilations, so they’re probably all the same single version (with possibly an album or extended thrown in somewhere).

    So…..after a (very) brief YouTube excursion, I’m going to +1 the Destruction mix. I know a lot of people have already picked that one, but I did enjoy it.

    (I live in Oz so if I’m lucky enough to be picked, CD format please)

  96. Paul Brown says:

    The Destruction Mix!

  97. Damian says:

    Defo the Destruction Mix !

  98. Carl Edwards says:

    19 Chill Version featuring Marvin Gaye

  99. Jfa3stars says:

    Destruction mix in my opinion

  100. Joseph says:

    German 12”. Remember hearing it first time out of the blue to start a late night dj mix. Floored…

  101. Avner says:

    The Final Story

  102. Omar says:

    destruction mix for me definitely.

  103. Raj says:

    Original is the best

  104. nate says:

    I’m a ‘Final Story’ man myself…

    Quite curious to hear the new mixes though. I think “19” comes in a close second to Art of Noise “Beatbox” as songs I have accumulated the most versions of from over the years…

  105. Jeff says:

    d-d-d d-d-d d-d-destruction mix for me.

  106. Roger Mills says:

    The Original Version for me…

  107. tony says:

    destruction mix

  108. Jan says:

    the Destruction mix is the best version.

  109. Stuart says:

    Brilliant stuff

  110. Ken Murphy says:


  111. PAC says:

    Destruction !

  112. fran says:

    19: the Final Story.

  113. Andrew Aston says:

    Destruction mix for me..

  114. Adam says:

    Original single version. (I owned that cassingle, too!)

  115. Steve says:

    Has to be the Destruction mix which I still have on Vinyl

  116. Joe says:

    Nostalgia wins every tine… original mix for sure.
    Cheers, SDE.

  117. Glenn says:

    Destruction mix

  118. alan says:

    The NUA mix is perfect with the Marvin Gaye classic in there.

  119. Nigel Croft says:

    Destruction Mix all the way.

  120. Hélder Cardoso says:

    Original one brings me good memories.

  121. Gary says:

    I remember I had a mix tape of three amazing 19 remixes back in 1985. I cannot remember what they were but played that tape to death until my Technics tape deck ate my tape! Even the normal bog standard 7” single was amazing!

  122. Soren says:

    Destruction Mix

  123. FM says:

    Destruction Mix

  124. Guy says:

    Original 7″ mix. Hands down!

  125. Didi says:

    Even more than the original 12″ mix I like the german version. It features Werner Veigel which was a famous TV news speaker back in the days.

  126. Saad says:

    Has to be the Rory Bremner version featuring Richie Benaud.

  127. John says:

    I am also for the Original 12″ as fav rave.

  128. Noel Leahy says:

    Has to be the ‘Destruction’ mix

  129. Svein says:

    Original single version. That’s the one I listened to back in the day. The attempts to reimagine it are interesting, but not the same.

  130. Koen says:

    D E S T R U C T I O N!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. Sterling says:

    Original mix!

  132. Tim says:

    Hate to follow the crowd but the destruction mix was part of the soundtrack to a particularly great summer of music, and made the grim reality of a summer job on a chicken farm shoveling chicken guano more endurable!

  133. Si says:

    I am always fascinated by the Demo versions of songs, to see how the initial idea develops. Always think it’s a brave inclusion too.

  134. martin farnworth says:

    original mix

  135. Johan says:

    The Destruction Mix

  136. Andreas says:

    Destruction Mix!

  137. The Destruction Mix.

  138. Francis says:

    I would have to say I like the Extended Original and Destruction Mix but then again, I like hearing mixes of tracks in all forms so even the ones featured on the latest 30th Anniversary release will be appreciated.

  139. James Blair says:

    The Destruction Mix for me!

  140. John Pettigrew says:

    The original 12″ mix for me.

  141. Lee Carson says:

    The original mix

  142. Darren says:

    Hmmm…. I don’t want to sign up for a free newsletter.

    There are only four prizes, so the chances of winning are remote.

    The likelihood is that I would just be left with the newsletter I didn’t want in the first place.

  143. dave says:

    It has to be the destruction mix everytime

  144. simon s says:

    Original I reckon

  145. NeilKelly says:

    I have about 40 mixes too hard to say which is best have the ’84 demo ’85 versions ’95 versions 2000 and this 2000 and that. Spent £20 on the last lot of remixes which were pretty good and i hate MP3’s. No other choice!

  146. G.Luca says:

    Without any doubts “19 – Destruction Mix” ;)

  147. Deano says:

    Absolutely the destruction mix :-)

  148. Stephen says:

    The original

  149. Valentin says:

    My favourite version:
    The Destruction Mix

  150. Jason Gammon says:

    The Final Story Requiem

  151. My favourite was the very Absolute Radio Remixer re-recording. This was an iPhone app where you could make your own mixes by layering up lots of loops. Paul re-recorded some of the parts specially for the app, and I spent ages fiddling about with the rudimentary filter/dub effects in the app. Sadly it’s disappeared from the app store now, but there’s an advert for it where you can hear part of 19 here:

  152. Yoshi says:

    Original is the best!

  153. Ian W says:

    Great mixes best is the original of course

  154. Ian Murphy says:

    Its the 12″ version for me

  155. detreijt says:

    Just heard the destruction mix and it’s really killing me, in a positive way of course. Love it :)

  156. Carl Palmer says:

    Destruction mix. Always.

  157. thegreatelephant says:

    destruction mix

  158. Timbo says:

    The Rory Bremner version.

  159. Robert says:

    The Destruction Mix

  160. John says:

    The original lp version is my favorite

  161. pinkfloyd says:

    my favourite version:
    Destruction Mix

    Thanx SDE!

  162. Dominic says:

    Destruction mix for me.

  163. Tom M says:

    Too bad they couldn’t come up with 19 remixes of “19”.

    • Stefan says:

      The Final Story and the german 12″ Extended mix are my favourites. Still got both editions since my youth days in my collection!

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