Win a Madness deluxe edition SIGNED by the band


Courtesy of our friends as Salvo, SDE has FIVE copies of the 35th Anniversary Edition of Madness‘s debut album One Step Beyond… to give away and each CD+DVD deluxe set is fully SIGNED by The Nutty Boys themselves!

This was originally issued late last year and as well as a newly remastered version of the album (from the original tapes) it includes some unheard rehearsal recordings and a DVD packed with promo videos, Top Of The Pops appearances and a documentary.

How to Enter:
This competition is open to all until noon GMT/UTC on Friday 30 January 2015. To be in with a chance of winning this great prize, please:

  • 1. Subscribe to the free SDE weekly newsletter – click here.
  • 2. Leave a comment on this post – tell us your favourite Madness track!

If you already subscribe to our free newsletter, then just leave a comment. The winner will be picked at random and revealed via the newsletter on Sunday 1 February 2015. Good luck!

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436 responses to Win a Madness deluxe edition SIGNED by the band

  1. Daveyman19 says:

    Fav track – Embarrasment

  2. Yoshi says:

    I wanna it! I need it for my rock life!

  3. Andy says:

    The heavy heavy monster sound!!

  4. Ben Williams says:

    This Must Be Love!

  5. Adam says:

    Baggy Trousers is my favourite track of theirs.

  6. Martin says:

    Our house

  7. Alan says:

    My Girl.

  8. Brian says:

    My Girl is excellent!

  9. Eddie says:

    Baggy Trousers

  10. Martyn says:

    House of Fun

  11. Robert Olivier says:

    Favorite track is either “Michael Caine” or “Wings of a Dove” (though neither are on this CD that I’m hopefully going to win!)

  12. joe says:

    Grey Day

  13. Ira says:

    My favorite is “My Girl”

  14. Michael says:

    A classic

  15. Robert says:

    fav track night boat to cairo

  16. Alan says:

    The Sun And The Rain

  17. Marc says:

    My House is my fav as well.

  18. Ravi says:

    I wear baggy trousers….

  19. Abe says:

    The Sun And The Rain – great pop song, not overplayed like some of the other “classics”

  20. Lee Taylor says:

    Favorite song is “One Step Beyond…”

  21. Simon says:

    Mr Speaker Gets The Word

  22. Ilia says:

    Our house

  23. Nigel says:

    Bed and breakfast man from this album – would have been a great single.

  24. Darren says:

    Ah, memories!

  25. Marcus Priestley says:

    My fav song is My Girl

  26. Andyboy says:

    Hi Paul, so many to choose, if I had to pick one then…Our House

  27. Will Lovick says:

    My tip-top favorite is: Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day)

  28. Michael Pendlebury says:

    I just had a new system fitted in my car and the first track I played on it was “Driving In My Car”!!! So that’s my favourite Madness track at the moment!

  29. Sen says:

    It must be love!

  30. Michael says:


  31. Valentin says:

    One Step Beyond…

  32. sSteve says:

    Our house!

  33. Richard Dowling says:

    One Step Beyond

  34. Andy says:

    Baggy Trousers…just ’cause you can’t beat memories like that.

  35. korova says:

    Another vote for “Michael Caine” here

  36. peter says:

    Paul, thanks for doing this.
    ‘Our House’ is a killer song and would be my fav track over all.
    From the album for this contest I would pick ‘Bed & Breakfast Man”.

  37. Matt Young says:

    [[One Step Beyond]]……..

  38. Soren says:

    Our House

  39. Normand Tremblay says:

    The single OUR HOUSE of 1982 : a great song that I had in my head all over the year of 1983… Take that, Talking Heads!

  40. Alex Intelligator says:

    My Girl!!!!

  41. rs3taylor says:

    Our house has always been my favorite.

  42. Lee says:

    Man, I’ve not heard this album in a long while. I always liked ‘Razor Blade Alley’ as it really stood out as being different from other Madness tunes from that time.

  43. Rick says:

    Our House!

  44. Paul says:

    One Step Beyond – Madness will forever remind me of my brother… the git!

  45. Larry Mac says:

    “House of Fun”.

  46. Wilky says:

    Our House!

  47. bob says:

    Embarrassment is my favourite track.

  48. Clive says:

    A Fabulous prize, my favorite track track is “The Prince”.

  49. Steinski says:

    Too many hits on this overall classic! Madness showed us how ska became pop. Think of ‘My Girl’… Tracey and Neil will surely agree.

  50. Vince Barnard says:

    The Prince!

  51. Rob says:


  52. Philip says:

    My favorourite track…… Probably still comes back to Baggy Trousers. Sheer unadulterated fun (and what a video too).

  53. Richard says:

    I’d go with The Return of the Los Palmas 7

  54. Karl says:

    One Better Day

  55. Andi says:

    How can I tell you

  56. Carl says:

    Has to be ‘One Step Beyond’

  57. Johnny says:

    Cardiac Arrest

  58. Don says:

    One Step Beyond is, one step beyond! Love it!

  59. Dirk says:

    One Step Beyond…a-class klassik tune

  60. Simon Gallagher says:

    Night Boat to Cairo – true classic

  61. johnny says:

    Bring back The Prince-ah

  62. Joey d'Entremont says:

    It’s Madness!

  63. Nikolai Vassilev says:

    “The Prince”.

  64. Michael Cuthbert says:

    Would love to win this, love Madness. The music of my youth.

  65. Lee says:

    Bed and breakfast man

  66. Boaz says:

    Baggy Trousers !

  67. Stefan Ahlstrom says:

    Our House

  68. Peter says:

    That hard to only list one favourite track!! Can’t even do that from each LP.
    – Baggy Trousers –
    Has to be, great memories, always puts a smile on my face!

  69. Stuart says:

    Fav track – One Step Beyond

  70. wyz says:

    One Step Beyond or Baggy Trousers, if forced to pick. So many to choose from!

  71. hedley says:

    “Wings of a Dove” , no wait a minute “Keep Moving”, no “We are London”….

    Thanks for the contest, and I will “Keep Moving”

  72. Frank says:

    Michael Caine

  73. Alan Baldock says:

    One Step Beyond

  74. Bengt says:

    “Night Boat to Cairo” every time!

  75. eric slangen says:

    night boat to Cairo

  76. Dave Sullivan says:

    It has to be ‘ Our House ‘ for me

  77. Colin Robb says:

    My Fav is “Night boat to Cairo”-when life was much simpler then…

  78. David Roberts says:

    Love Madness. Favourite track is difficult though. Either Embarrassment, Yesterday’s Men or Primrose Hill.

  79. TMT says:

    If you can only pick one, likely has to be “This Must be Love”

  80. William Keats says:

    The Prince

  81. DavidL says:

    I’ve always loved ‘Waiting For The Ghost Train”.

    Wish there’d been a 12″ version of it.

  82. Ingvar says:

    My girl

  83. Larry Large says:

    One Step beyond

  84. Bill Cannon says:

    We are London! and I am in Chicago ;-)

  85. Martin says:

    Top album!

  86. paul says:

    Our House! Im humming it now!

  87. Gustav Lindqvist says:

    Fav song; Keep Moving. Great song, great lyrics!

  88. Ed says:

    Bed and Breakfast Man

  89. Dane Cowel says:

    “Bed & Breakfast Man”

  90. Marco says:

    Grey Day

  91. fettdog says:

    My favourite track is The Liberty of Norton Folgate. It showed that after all these years the boys still have London in them, and is one of only a handful of songs around the ten minute mark that manages to not only not outstay its welcome, but to be packed with enough ideas to comfortably be even longer!


  92. Shaun says:

    Favourite Track – Night Boat to Cairo

    Great video !

  93. Lee Carson says:

    My Girl

  94. Alexey says:

    Ok, let it be Grey Day :)

  95. Bob Gates says:

    Walked down the aisle to “It must be love”, got “Baggy Trousers” as my ringtone, but OSB and “Night Boat to Cairo” my two all time faves, classic music with so many lifetime memories associated with it.

  96. Rui Dias says:

    Favourite track – Our House

  97. Gary says:

    “Our House”

  98. Thomas says:

    My Girl

  99. Jon Johnson says:

    One Step Beyond was always a joy to see in the early days of MTV–in regular rotation along with Our House.

  100. russ hughes says:

    One Step Beyond… such a classic

  101. Darren Dilliway says:

    Always loved`Shadow On The House`-b-side of “It Must Be Love`!

  102. Thomas A. says:

    My Fav – Bed & Breakfast Man

  103. Richard says:

    Pretty much all good, but my favourite track is Tomorrow’s Just Another Day with Elvis Costello.

  104. claudio says:

    “madness” if i do not win it…

  105. John Hank says:

    Our House and Wings of a Dove

  106. Liam Bastick says:

    My Girl would be mad at me if I didn’t enter…

  107. Chris says:

    Yes please!

  108. andy says:

    One Step Beyond

  109. Greg says:

    Our house

  110. Stanley Culler says:

    One of the things that’s not so wonderful about getting older is that it’s harder to find those fantastic moments when something sends electric chills through your entire body and you can’t believe your good fortune. But, when they do come… Oh, it’s so fantastic. One of the very best I’ve had, in a long, long time, was the moment the lights went down in the Warfield in San Francisco and out of the darkness came Chas’ “Hey, You! Don’t watch that…” Best of all was watching people aged 12 to 60, each and every one of them, absolutely lose their minds. So, yeah, I’m going to go with One Step Beyond. :)

  111. dave says:

    My favourite track is – one step beyond.

    great sax playing

  112. Guy says:

    Not easy to choose, but it has to be ‘Embarrassment’! Loved pretending to play the sax to it as a kid!

  113. Heinz says:

    Our House

  114. Weston says:

    The Prince

  115. Chris Brown says:

    All these replies and nobody’s said ‘In The City’ yet?

  116. Mark says:

    Changes as I get older. At the minute it’s ‘Our House’.

  117. Wayne says:

    One Step Beyond

  118. John Johnstone says:

    One Step Beyond

  119. Gert says:

    The prince it is !

  120. Dennis says:

    almost impossible to chose, I’d go for My Girl

  121. Julian says:

    It Must Be Love!

  122. Matt says:

    It has to be “My Girl”…..

  123. Gazelle says:

    One Better Day

  124. Wolfgang says:

    Please ………. I need it!

  125. yoav says:

    When i was a teen i thought madness were mainstream becouse everybody liked those tunes….today im almost 50 and i know it became classic

  126. william says:

    Bed & Breakfast Man – early classic.

  127. Richie says:

    It`d be MAD not to….somebody already said that?

  128. Rich says:

    Yesterday’s Men- sublime

  129. Richard says:

    Our House; plus the video.

  130. SteveW says:

    SO many to choose from – but oddly one of my favourites is a non-single from a period when they were, perhaps, commercially on the wane – Blue Skinned Beast – a song about Margaret Thatcher and the Falklands War.

  131. John says:

    Our House (Stretch Mix)

  132. Jeremy says:

    It Must Be…………………………………Love!

  133. GHB says:

    Yes please – back to my youth …….. Hoorah

  134. Jens Iwarson says:

    I love the warped version of “Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day)”

  135. Boaz Halachmi says:

    Take one step beyond… give me one! :-)

  136. Vy Leone says:

    oh, how I love Madness!!

  137. Mike the Fish says:

    Michael Caine.

  138. Steve says:

    Bed and breakfast man

  139. Simon P says:

    Our House…. Brings back some great memories.

  140. Jan says:

    Grey day… because it’s january right now.

  141. Paul says:


  142. Nick says:


  143. Paul W says:

    Already subscribed, so I’ll go for Bed and Breakfast Man.

  144. Albais says:

    Our House, what a great tune. But is only one to name because they have mouh more good catchy songs…

  145. William Gillis says:

    House of Fun

  146. neil says:

    Night Boat to Cairo.

  147. Paul Brown says:

    Fav song! So many to choose from…Bed and Breakfast man…just

  148. frances hopkins says:

    Our House!!

  149. Nic adamou says:

    Top band, top prize. I need it !!

  150. Gary says:

    Michael Caine – well it has to be a single doesn’t it.

  151. Darren says:

    Go to be “The return of the Los Palmas 7” from the early years and “Yesterdays men” from the later stuff.

  152. simon says:

    Razor Blade Alley all the way!

  153. Brad Harvey says:

    Favorite is Our House.

  154. Paul Das says:


  155. Justin Isbell says:

    Mmmm Perhaps “yesterday’s men”, or maybe “bed and breakfast man” , or maybe “it must be love” or maybe “one better day”…or maybe any of 20 others…!

  156. Walt Curley says:

    It Must Be Love

  157. Ian P says:

    It’s My Girl for me

  158. PAC says:

    “One Better Day”
    Favourite back then.. still perfect today !

    “Lovestruck” an absolute late-late-period gem.

  159. dave rose says:

    Land of hope and glory !!!!

  160. Erin Kelly says:

    It Must Be Love

  161. James says:


  162. Dave Kaple says:

    Our House (!) ya baby!

  163. Chris says:

    Our house

  164. Robert Atkin says:

    One Step Beyond

  165. Charles says:

    This is always tough for me because it’s usually a dead tie between Shut Up and Bed And Breakfast Man. If forced it would probably be Shut Up.

  166. Steve says:

    It’s the only ban I deeply love all the songs, from “One Step Beyond” to the last “Oui oui si si ja ja da da”.
    I would say “On the town” woth Rhoda Dakar, depite making the choice is impossible!
    Seriously guys, this item is a real treasure …. I NEED IT!!!!!!

    BTW : big hello from France and thanks for the great job

  167. Da'Ron Brown says:

    Our House

  168. Richard says:

    always having fun with madness but the most with “baggy trousers”

    keep up the good work here richard

  169. Rob says:

    I want!!!! Favorite Madness song has to be Embarrassment

  170. S Allen says:

    One Step Beyond

  171. Chas says:

    I saw the video for One Step Beyond recently. I forgot how much I loved the song

  172. Kai Karkkainen says:

    Lots of great songs to choose from… I’ll go for “Baggy Trousers”.

  173. Andrew Aston says:

    The Prince

  174. Manuel Guillen says:

    My Girl :)

  175. arnaud says:

    my girl 2

  176. Orig80'saddict says:

    Definitely My Girl.

  177. Andy Hawkins says:

    The Sun and the Rain

  178. Mick O Hara says:

    Our House – a classic about a house!

  179. Paul Cantin says:

    One Step Beyond

  180. Steve Ferguson says:

    Our House – particularly when played live atop Buckingham Palace a few years ago.

  181. thegreatelephant says:

    favourite track- shut up

  182. PC says:

    Grey Day.

  183. Bill says:

    The Sun & The Rain

  184. Duane says:

    Baggy Trousers

  185. Dagny says:

    Nice comp.
    So many to choose from but I’ll plump for Swan Lake(at least for today!)

  186. Josh L. says:

    Bed and Breakfast Man!

  187. Andy W says:

    Nightboat to Cairo

  188. Sean Lawler says:

    The prince ! Absolutely superb !

  189. Avner says:

    It must be love. Nothing more, nothing less. Madness is the best!

  190. glenn hutton says:


  191. mark allen says:

    tomorrows just another day

  192. Tom says:

    It has to be…It must be….”It Must Be Love”… :)

  193. Kate Marsden says:

    Never Knew Your Name

  194. Henri says:

    House of Fun

  195. Louise Dawson says:

    Baggy Trousers. A classic!!

  196. Ian Balentine says:

    My Girl!

  197. csimi says:

    baggy trousers!

  198. Simon Ede says:

    our house closely followed by embarrassment

  199. Artyom Yakovlev says:

    Actually, it’s difficult to choose a single favourite track. I still have “The Complete Madness” LP, and all tracks on this record are top-notch.

  200. LEE G says:

    Baggy Trousers

    Always cracks me up , Classic!

  201. Steve says:

    One step beyond.

  202. Ran Shahak says:

    This Must Be Love!

  203. Royce says:

    The remixed version of “Our House”.

  204. Ian says:

    In The Middle Of The Night

  205. Kevin says:

    One Step Beyond…

  206. Dave Davis says:

    “One Step Beyond….”

  207. Pete F. says:

    Madness (Is All in the Mind) just edging out Tomorrow’s Just Another Day

  208. Randy Otto says:

    Night Boat to Cairo…I celebrated Suggs’ birthday a dew days ago by posting that song’s video on my FB page!!

  209. stuart allen says:

    michael caine – excellent track!

  210. Anselm Lee says:

    Our House is my favorite Madness song.

  211. Scott DeAscentis says:

    My favorite all time Madness track is House of fun! An awesome promo video for that track as well! Be thrilled to win this reissue


  212. Dean says:

    Yesterday’s Men

  213. Alan Taylor says:

    They’re all gems. But if I had to pick… I’d go with “My Girl”

  214. Alastair Brown says:

    My Girl

  215. Mr.Static says:

    Fav Track is “It Must Be Love” of course ;-)

  216. barbara daniels says:

    our house

  217. S Edwards says:

    Grey Day

  218. Giorgio says:

    My fav Madness track? Simple: Our House!
    Keep my finger crossed! ;)

  219. Francisco Albeza says:

    My fav track is “My girl”

  220. Freddy Schweig says:

    My favourite track is Cardiac Arrest.

  221. Scott Clark says:

    One Better Day – very underrated.

  222. Maxine says:

    Grey Day

  223. Ian Green says:

    IT MUST BE LOVE (nothing more,nothing less , love is best………)

  224. Thomas Fuchs says:

    My Girl, It must be Love and Baggy Trousers are my favourite tracks.

  225. David Walker says:

    One Step Beyond

  226. Paul S says:

    Only 35 years young OMG! Must be ‘Night Boat to Cairo’ Cheers

  227. Stewart says:

    One step beyond

  228. marcus bailey says:

    Nightboat to Cairo

  229. Simon says:

    Night Boat to Cairo Classic Nutty Boys Track

  230. Ricardo Sardo says:

    A must from “Must Be Love” to “Our House”. It’s really Madness.

  231. Dav says:

    Grey Day

  232. Scott says:

    Fave song just has to be Michael Caine

  233. Chris Cleave says:

    My Girl

  234. Stephen Higgs says:

    It must be love

  235. ScottC says:

    Wings of a Dove

    a mood lifter

  236. ant says:

    Tarzan’s Nuts
    This album and Parallel Lines. 2 faves

  237. Fin says:

    Has to be One Step Beyond

  238. John M says:

    Bed & Breakfast Man !

  239. Barry says:

    Sorry, have to list two favorite songs. House of Fun and baggy Trousers

  240. Emilio says:

    Madness – The Crazy Boys in Our House

  241. Hilary says:

    One step beyond

  242. Duncan Nagle says:

    There are too many to list; from the older releases “Stepping Into Line” and “In The City” are tracks that were worthy of a single release, with the same energy as Night Boat and the like. Later on “New Delhi” and “Waltz Into Mischief” are really underappreciated album tracks, and coming bang up to date both “Forever Young” and “NW5” from Norton Folgate are always crowd-pleasers along with “Misery” from Oui Oui, Si Si, Ja Ja, Da, Da. And that’s without a mention of any Dangermen tracks.

    If a gun was put to my head (“Guns”, that’s another good track), I would say it is a toss-up between “Night Boat To Cairo” and “Forever Young”, with the former edging it slightly if only because it is responsible for a flurry of fezzes at every gig, and even before Matt Smith was born Madness were aware that fezzes are cool.

  243. Julie Feathers says:

    Our House

  244. Lo Bern says:

    Who could stand still, if
    Baggy Trousers
    are dancing out of the speakers?

  245. Onnnnnne Steppppppp Beyonnnnnnnnnnd!

  246. Graham Donald says:

    I saw them at Glasgow Apollo in 1980.
    On The Beat Pete

  247. Gerd says:

    The Sun And The Rain!

  248. Marcus D says:

    One Step Beyond

    played live (Finsbury Park 92) its has been rumoured to induce earthquakes!

  249. BRENEZ Alain says:

    Already have this album as a double 10″ vinyl but I could add it this one to my collection as it’s signed and comes with bonus tracks not on the vinyl.

  250. David says:


  251. Mike Defresne says:


  252. Allan says:

    My Girl

  253. Brett says:

    My Girl

  254. Mark Filby says:

    Favourite track – Embarassment

  255. simone lee says:

    One Step Beyond


  256. Tom Gardner says:

    “Tomorrow’s Just Another Day” with Elvis Costello on vocals

  257. Brad Chase says:

    Great LP, not a dud on it.

  258. Ola says:

    Our house is a great song

  259. Paul Kent says:

    A toss up between Primrose Hill, Michael Caine and Give Me A Reason… I’ll have to say Give Me A Reason :)

  260. Yoshi says:

    My Girl is the best one!

  261. Michael says:

    One step beyond

  262. Kuba Luczak says:

    “Our House” – of course… ;-)

  263. Yossi Barak says:

    Uncle Sam

  264. Favourite track: My girl. I saw a documentary on Dutch television about this song and in this documentary the composer explains how this song was born.

  265. e naul says:

    Nighboat To Cairo
    Danced many times on this tune! In a heavy heavy monsters style. :-)

  266. Karen Nagle says:

    NW5 is my favourite track.

  267. Mary L says:

    One Step Beyond

  268. Tom M says:

    “Madness” – I call it gladness!

  269. dameo says:


  270. Hassni says:

    One Step Byond

  271. Jeff Castelloe says:

    Love me some madness!

  272. Rosalind Sargent says:

    Our House is my favourite but I love them all

  273. David Carroll says:

    Our House

  274. Keith Fletcher says:

    Un Passo Avanti – never laughed so much in all my life just ‘one step’ or ‘un passo’ to far

  275. Kelly Dudley says:

    Embarrassment, every time.

  276. T. Lathwell says:

    Our House (closely followed by Michael Caine) so hard to pick just one!

  277. Paul Trotman says:

    Night Boat to Cairo, definitely. pAUL.

  278. Louise Comb says:

    It’s a Sophie’s Choice question for me, but I will go for Drip Fed Fred. When there were rumours of Jose coming back to Chelsea, we went around everywhere singing: “We want Jose for our leader” :D XXX

  279. Charlie says:

    Night Boat to Cairo for me. Memories of seeing them play it on TOTP.

  280. Martin Harris says:

    Got to be Baggy Trousers, it just brings back so many childhood memories.

  281. Morten Aastad says:

    One Better Day from Keep Moving.

  282. david culmer says:

    My girl – one of the first singles I ever bought

  283. Mark Barlow says:

    My fave is Our House

  284. Chris says:

    Our House!

  285. andrew says:

    The Sweetest Girl was always my favourite but so much good stuff to chose from.

  286. Fabry65 says:

    Nightboat to Cairo

  287. Dmitry says:

    Our House

  288. Steve Knight says:

    Our House

  289. Dan says:

    I was at the very first Prince’s Trust concert at the Dominion Theatre in London in 1982. (Seat, right in the middle of the front row!) Who opened proceedings? Yep, Madness with a storming rendition of God Save The Queen! (in the presence of Charles and Diana). Also performing(!) that night by the way were Joan Armatrading, Kate Bush, Pete Townshend, Jethro Tull (with Phil Collins on drums) and Gary Brooker. What a night and all for a paltry 25 quid.
    Favourite Madness song: Disappear from the album Absolutely

  290. Tino Stabile says:

    Definitely the best ska outfit around. One Step Beyond is always a favorite with Our House a close second.

  291. Jackie ONeill says:

    Our House is the best x

  292. Paul Wright says:

    My girl

  293. Maggie Coates says:

    House of Fun, but was a tough choice t make with so many great songs

  294. Jos says:

    Our House!!!

  295. Andy says:

    Our house and Nightboat to Cairo

  296. Aevion says:

    For me it would have to be Never Knew Your Name.

  297. Tom says:

    Take It Or Leave It

  298. Lynn Blakeman says:

    My favourite is ‘It must be love’

  299. esalter says:

    Best track .. ‘Night boat to Cairo’, oh yes!

  300. Craig says:

    My Girl.

  301. Deborah Munn says:

    One step beyond

  302. Jason Paskowitz says:

    One Step Beyond

  303. Michael says:

    Baggy Trousers

  304. Steve J says:

    This Must be Love

  305. simon says:

    wings of a dove

  306. Jurg says:

    The first song I heard from them:
    Ooooonne Steeeeep beyoooond!!!

  307. Andrew D says:

    In a crowded field – Johnny The Horse

  308. John T says:

    Fav track – Bed and Breakfast Man

  309. John T says:

    Best track…. Bed and Breakfast Man

  310. Hans P. says:

    My Girl

  311. Lee Trathan says:

    Baggy Trousers, brilliant song and timeless!

  312. steph lovatt says:

    It’s got to be Baggy Trousers

  313. Simon Wells says:

    In the middle of the night, simple and still remember the words after all these years

  314. Becky Duffy says:

    Our House

  315. Jenna Appleseed says:

    Grey Day

  316. David Camilleri says:

    Definitely ‘The Prince’!

  317. Ray judson says:

    I know it is cliche but “Our House” for me!!

  318. Corinne Harvey says:

    So many great songs to choose from but I go for: Embarrassment!Xx

  319. Nick Y says:

    It must be love

  320. vodka ed says:

    My Girl

  321. Michael says:

    Take It Or Leave It!

  322. Hugh says:

    Our House of Fun. Ok, Our House it is for MTV golden age nostalgia value. Cheers.


    Our House

  324. Benoit de Gaulejac says:

    Love them all! but my last favourite actually is “LEON” from their last album
    “Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da”

  325. Simon Aston says:

    Bed and Breakfast Man.
    Great gig at the o2 in December.

  326. Seán P.J. Cully says:

    Primrose Hill, from The Rise and Fall

  327. Terry Benjamin says:

    ‘Our House’ is my favorite song because it is the only song I know of theirs.
    That’s why I need to win this Box Set! Thanks for the chance to win! :-)

  328. Paul Witney says:

    It Must Be Love

  329. Jonathan says:

    i’d like to hop on a NIGHT BOAT TO CAIRO!!

  330. Peter whittaker says:

    Wings of a dove

  331. Christian Fex says:

    Night Boat To Cairo … to name just one …

  332. dave says:

    complete and utter madness !!!

  333. Rafael Muntan says:

    Impossible to choose one, but let’s go with “One Better Day”

  334. Simon Cornish says:


  335. ?h!£ says:

    Our House !!!

  336. HDN says:

    our house, indeed.

  337. Mike H says:

    Victoria Gardens

  338. colin price says:

    Grey Day

  339. Mar Mixa says:

    Lovestruck – For now its heaven in deepest Tottenham.

  340. Arnd Z. says:

    The Sun And The Rain !

  341. Wax Monster X says:

    My Girl, Driving In My Car, The Prince. Way too many to list. Would love that set!!

  342. Rob Kirby says:

    Impossible, it will change every day, especially as I think they did a lot of quality b-sides too :) Okay, just to be different – Besides the sublime single (Waiting for) The Ghost Train, and almost single Victoria Gardens how about… Deceives the Eye, Don’t Quote Me on That, That’s the Way to Do It and Animal Farm.

  343. Gregg says:

    OMG. Would love this. Fave track is It Must Be Love with Night Boat To Cairo a close second.

  344. ken says:

    I’d say baggy trousers cause i’m gonna be so excited when i win this i might need a pair

  345. Louis Philia says:

    “One Step Beyond…” is the one!

  346. Matthew Jessee says:

    “House Of Fun” and “Our House” are hard to choose between …

  347. Dieter Heydemann says:

    My favourite track is “House of fun”. Complete Madness was the first vinyl I ever bought.

  348. Jason says:

    Bed and Breakfast Man :-)

  349. Jason C says:

    Bed and Breakfast Man :-)

  350. Alex says:

    My faves from this album (at the moment) are Land Of Hope And Glory; In The Middle Of The Night and Mummy’s Boy. FTW!

  351. Scott G says:

    How do you choose a fav track? This is one of those rare albums where every track is a classic. It is superbly produced and I always loved their clear sharp drum sound. This is truly deserving of a 24bit surround mix as well. Anybody else agree?

  352. Paul says:

    Tomorrow’s Just Another Day , a great pop band reaching maturity.

  353. Barrie Bullock says:

    House of fun.

  354. Helen Belton says:

    It has to be Our House, such a fab song

  355. NeilKelly says:

    The Liberty of Norton Folgate.

  356. Jean-Paul Lucas says:

    It’s got to be Night Boat to Cairo

  357. Leigh Saunders says:

    Loads of great tracks here, but it’s ‘bed and breakfast man’ for me. Probably because as a non single it’s not overplayed.

  358. Enrico G. says:

    My fav track is “It must be love”.
    Wasn’t it written by them?
    I don’t care, their version is amazing.
    Cheers from Bologna, Italy.

  359. Chad Price says:

    One Step Beyond on many days is my nutty fave, but today it’s another another because I am feeling 1 with its protagonist:
    E M B A R R A S S M E N T

  360. Sheila Sloan says:

    House of Fun

  361. Dennis Cattell says:

    My favourite moment of Madness? ‘ Michael Caine’ :-)

  362. Beverly Larkin says:

    Our House… always my fave song and video from the boys

  363. Ralph MacGillivray says:

    MY fave is Michael Caine

  364. Steve Mieczkowski says:

    Land of Hope and Glory

  365. Joanne Mapp says:

    Night Boat To Cairo

  366. Flav says:

    Fav off One Step lp – Bed and Breakfast Man
    Fav all-time – One’s Second Thoughtlessness

  367. Dickster says:

    ‘I’ll Compete’!

  368. Ross says:

    It has to be Embarrassment. Just sublime.

  369. yvonne clark says:

    It is a real struggle to choose as i love them all so i will say House of fun although i do love Shame & scandal from The Dangerman Sessions one of their later album releases.

  370. Adrian Barrett says:

    Forever Young

  371. Andreas Barchet says:

    I began listening to Madness chronologically backwards, so the more recent tracks are quite closer to me. “NW5” became one of my favourites through its feature in the German Edgar Wallace spoof “Neues vom Wixxer” (it had an own mix on the soundtrack, though). Its predecessor was built around a cover of “The Wizard”, which I love as well. From their last album, “Leon” has struck me. I’m in awful need of their classic catalogue ;)

  372. Lee Robertson says:

    Probably Wings of a Dove for share exuberance and all round joy!

  373. tony allan says:

    Nightboat to Cairo

  374. Şefik Ateş Meriç says:

    My Girl

  375. Daniel says:

    One Step Beyond!

  376. Pete SIMPSON says:

    Night Boat To Cairo.

  377. Mark Whittaker says:

    Michael Caine : Had to play my albums to chose , close call with Nightboat to Cairo .

  378. GibbonTo Fly says:

    Too many, but right now – Bed & Breakfast Man

  379. christian says:

    Disappear. check it out if you don’t know it!

  380. Tim says:

    I love House Of Fun – it has a brilliantly lunatic video and always cheers me up.

  381. leanne weir says:

    My Girl or Our house

  382. Dan Whiteley says:

    Favourite track – The Prince (7″ Single Version) !!!!

  383. Michael O says:

    Bed and breakfast man

  384. Paul C says:

    Hard to choose just one but probably Grey Day

  385. David S says:

    My fav is Grey Day. Never such a day when I hear it.

  386. Laura G says:

    My Girl

  387. Suzanne Sendell says:

    One step beyond,reliving my youth x

  388. Fiona Foskett says:


  389. Carol De says:

    “Baggy Trousers” … hard to choose, so many good songs!

  390. Chiara B says:

    One Step Beyond

  391. Emma Harris says:

    My Girl

  392. Rachel B says:

    House of Fun

  393. Luc De Witte says:

    Favourite Track – Nightboat to Cairo

  394. Claire B says:

    one step beyond

  395. Helen says:

    My girl

  396. Rachel Sorrentino says:

    Got to be Our House

  397. Jaime Hyland says:

    One Step Beyond

  398. Paul Scott says:

    Night Boat to Cairo :-)

  399. Allan says:

    Baggy Trousers

  400. Jane Middleton says:


  401. Paul Chadwick says:

    Baggy Trousers

  402. k walsh says:

    my girl

  403. Michel D. says:

    Forever Young

  404. Sylvain says:

    My girl

  405. Lorraine Wilson says:

    Our House

  406. DJ Muncle says:

    My fave Madness track has to be The Sun and The Rain. It’s still sounds as fresh as a daisy

    (although daisies don’t actually emit audible sound)

  407. Victoria Smith says:

    One Step Beyond

  408. Sam Furniss says:

    Yesterday’s Men

  409. Mark says:

    Night Boat To Cairo

  410. Cristina McDowall says:

    Our House

  411. Kai says:

    It must be LOVE … Loooooove … love!

  412. archie kerr says:

    night boat to cairo

  413. Johnny Arrigan says:

    Madness (they call it Madness)

  414. Jeremy says:

    Fave track is still ‘wings of a dove’, brings back good memories…

  415. John Johnstone says:

    Favourite Track – Nightboat to Cairo

  416. John Johnstone says:

    Gotta be Nightboat To Cairo

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