Win a SIGNED “so80s presents Alphaville” 2CD remix set


Our friends Blank & Jones’ have kindly given SDE three copies of their fantastic new so80s presents Alphaville collection to give away. Even better, these are all SIGNED by founder members of the band, Marian Gold and Bernhard Lloyd!

Released just this week, this new two-CD set is packed full of original Alphaville twelve-inch remixes and B-sides all remastered from the original analogue tapes. Of course, the classic Big In Japan and Forever Young are amongst many fine tracks.

How to Enter:
This competition is open to all until Friday 14 November 2014. To be in with a chance of winning please be kind enough to:

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  • 2. Leave a comment on this post – tell us why you love music from the 1980s!

If you already subscribe to our lovely newsletter, then just leave a comment. The winners will be picked at random on Saturday 15 November 2014 and revealed via the newsletter on Sunday 16 November. Good luck!

212 responses to Win a SIGNED “so80s presents Alphaville” 2CD remix set

  1. Rommel Agnol says:

    Great music from bands with bad clothes and horrible hair.

  2. Jose says:

    Alphaville= Soul+ Heart+ Mind

  3. Yann says:

    i need it i want it i love it ;-))))

  4. Frank Orlik says:

    Love The Communards version of Don’t Leave Me This Way!

  5. Franck says:

    Tell me whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ?

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  7. jon says:

    In the 80s you had all this new technology in music recording, and nobody really knew how to use it. This resulted in a lot of weird and wonderful ways of music production. The artists were very good and you could often find 10 good songs on 1 album. Analog recordings, bigger dynamic range and real artists.

  8. Alejandro says:

    For the bass-synths sounds!

  9. Didi says:

    I like the sound of analogue synthesizers and Linn drums. This is – as many said before – the sound of my youth. I will never understand artists that try to “free” their back catalogue of the 80s production.

  10. Paulina says:

    I love 80’s music, inspite I’m to young to remember it. I love it for fantastic music on vinyls – I collect them and admire that amazing, huge, wonderful covers which are in many cases masterpices. And that fantastic look of black vinyl on turntable…

  11. Steinski says:

    You’ll never leave the music you loved at the age of 16, they say. Well, i was one of the lemmings who grew up that age in the revolutionary 80s. I’m still proud of it.

  12. Fun T says:

    Grew up in the 80s….musically, the 80s was a hodgepodge of all kinds of experimental music and styles blending together to form unique sounds. Synthpop developed and flourished to new heights in this decade. And it didn’t just end with the original artist — DJs entered the scene and remixed the original songs for club and radio and creating another scene in the process while helping to keep the tracks alive. Musically, tt was truly a fun time to be in!

  13. Nigel Hall says:

    Best. Decade. EVAH!

  14. Jesse says:

    I was born in 1970, so I truly grew up in the ’80s. Coming of age, college, etc., were all for me tied to the music I listened to then (As now). Still prefer the ’80s to any other decade. :-)

  15. Ian P says:

    Oh yes please. Love this band

  16. carsten hansen says:

    80`s music remind me of my childhood

    in the national radio was a dj who played music for the youth of the 80`s
    he went to u.s.a 3 or 4 times a year and had alot of the records
    on his show 3 or 4 months before it was released in my country (denmark)
    his show was between 3 and 4 on Monday afternoon
    but sadly on one the timesit was not only records was not all he came
    with,he also go Aids and died in 1991 40 years old

    he is sadly missed today

    people today trade MC of his radio shows,mainly because of his “funny speak” between the songs

    he was also the first dj who played MEGAMIXES and DJ mixes on the radio

  17. Justin Isbell says:

    Favourites include Big in Japan and Forever Young. Great 80’s emotional synth pop.

  18. Anja says:

    Synthetic faux pas or not: it was the songs that will survive forever:
    from It’s a Sin to Enola Gay, from Forever young to Heartbeat City, from Digging Your Scene to Such a Shame: No shame at all!

  19. Kai says:

    Perfect Pop created in Australia and New Zealand remains my connection to the Eighties: It’s a wide open road (The Triffids, 1986) under the milkyway (The Church, 1988) and Right Here (The Go-Betweens, 1987).

  20. Frank says:

    Alphaville were one of my favourites in the 80s, so…..

  21. Onnie says:

    EVERYTHING was better in the eighties! the synth sounds, the drum sounds, the overall way the songs sounded. everything now is so generic.

  22. frank thorstensson says:

    I have loved Alphaville since the 80s. I love the music from the 80s, music from my youth. I still buy music from the 80s artists like Alphaville, Sandra, Culture Club, Bananarama etc.

  23. Michael Schneider says:

    I love the music of the 80s because it’s the music of my youth. (Not that I’m not still quite young, mind you.)

  24. Mike Williams says:

    80s was my youth and still my favourite era of music, diverse and perfect pop

  25. SEBASTIAN says:

    The most inspired decade ever, the best music, the best videos and the best remixes were made in the 80’s. This is why I love it!!!!

  26. Jio says:

    I love the 80s because music was the best back then and 12″ remixes were great

  27. Patrick says:

    The 80’s sounds were the best. There was thousands of new song each month from al style of music? There was great stars in all countries. Millions of records were edited. The 80’s were the years from the synthé sound. The 80’s have seen the best 12 inch mixes and remix.

  28. R. V. T. says:

    The 80’s were just a golden decade with plenty of great talented groups that made unforgettable songs that still at present I can endlessly enjoy…

  29. Teenager, first dancing lessons, first date, first kiss, first LP (Duran Duran’s Seven and the ragged tiger), etc.

  30. Michael says:

    Ah! Memories of my teenage years and dancing to “Big In Japan”.
    Would love a signed copy.

  31. Neil C says:

    80s music is the bastard love child of everything that had gone before – never to be repeated. genius!

  32. Simon S says:

    It was a changing sound

  33. Dagny says:

    This looks as cool as the 80s!
    Thanks for the competition.

  34. Randy says:

    I would love to win that beautiful extended 80’s package so perfectly done. thanks !! :)

  35. Frank P says:

    Would love to win too. I have heard this is a great collection and signed too— WOW!

  36. Deny M says:

    Because I was there.

  37. Jon Masciana says:

    Who doesn’t love to dance? 80s synth pop rules supreme as the best dance music of all time and that’s why I love music from the 80s – Alphaville are fantastic!

  38. It’s all about the synth, baby!

  39. Maik-Felix Gomm says:

    Behause it was the time of my life! :-)

  40. PAC says:

    So eighties, so good !

  41. Vylette Rose says:

    The music from the 80″ was just so alive and dynamic! You could be listening to Motley Crue one minute and then Alphaville the next, it was such a wonderful time to be alive.

  42. Jenna Appleseed says:

    The whole sense of fun and experimentation – from people making music that’s unashamedly pop at one end to tiny bands making genuinely independent (post-punk) DIY recordings at the other plus bands/artists being unafraid to be openly social/political in their lyrics and still getting a chance to be heard.

  43. toktok says:

    the best group of the world … alphaville !!!!

  44. Manu says:

    I love Alphaville since 1984 and 80’s are my youth ;)
    Have the french single of “Forever Young” with the boths mixes called “version lente” and “version rapide”…

  45. Nico says:

    Forever Young was my first 45 RPM!

  46. Emilio says:

    The music with which I grew up!!!

  47. Günther says:

    Because the 80ies are still a total work of art, in all directions …. music, film, clothes, politics, … simply all!

  48. Camila says:

    Alphaville is the one of the best bands of the 80’s – the best decade of the music. And I very likelly of Alphaville and the 80’s. The good music never dies, is actually heard by generations who did not get to live the 80’s like me.
    So I like and a lot to win this CD, it would be a Christmas present for me.

  49. claudio says:

    …so8os series are the best!!!

  50. Anton Rodionov says:

    I think 80’s was a golden age of pop music! Too many great artists & records!!! Michael Jackson, Madonna, George Michael, A-ha, Depeche Mode etc. – absolute amazing!!!

  51. DJ McFly says:

    i have buy it 3 from this Cds – a very good 2 CD Album with the Original Maxi 12 inches Hits and B-Sides from the incr. Kult Hits from Alphaville – Top Mastered from Bland & Jones – for all Lovers for the Best Music to the 80s – Very Very Good 2 CD Album !!!

  52. Eppo Eppens says:

    The 80’s saw a revolution in pop music! The new posissibilities of electrical instruments unleashed tons of creativity. Combined with the feelings about de depression of the 80s it gave emotion to electrical music. It is still inspiring now-a-days music. The origin lies in the 80’s and in my heart. It gives me more energy than music from other era’s.
    ALphaville is the most famous band to represent the ‘deutche Welle’ in the rest of the world. This cd is historical document and still missing in my collection….

  53. Darren Jamieson says:

    Because quite simply… If Carlsberg did music…the 80s would probably be the best music in the world…

  54. Vegard says:

    The best music videos were made in the 80s!

  55. Liam Bastick says:

    Ah, listening to music in the ‘80’s… It used to remind me of my Life in A Northern Town. I’d work the Night Shift on a Manic Monday down at the Twilight Café. My Girl would tell me to “Call Me” – she offered to Drive – but I loved to Walk This Way down Electric Avenue. I Hear Talk it was a bit of a Ghost Town but I’d Hurry Home as It’s Raining Again (even though The Sun Always Shines on TV) so I’d be Ride On Time for Dinner With Gershwin but I’d be Too Late.

    A small place, Home was a House of Fun even if we were Living in a Box – yup, Living in Sin. I’d open the Green Door and she’d be Right Here Waiting. I Should’ve Known Better. She’d Shout; I’d say, “Shout! Shout! Knock Yourself Out!”. It was War Baby. Ah, the Danger Games we played. I’d make a Hole Hearted apology, “There, There My Dear, Life’s What You Make It” and eventually, she’d Move Closer. Abracadabra we’d get to Relax and I’d watch Girls on Film (that’s Living on Video!). She would be annoyed I’d Freeze Frame (a Basic Instinct) so the music went on. With No Memory, We’d Let The Music Play (I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll) listening to a Ruff Mix of some Stars on 45.

    She was a Modern Girl. No Doubt About It, I Miss the Girl: There’s No One Quite Like Grandma.

  56. shaboo says:

    I was born in 1971, so of course I am a fan of 80’s music, especially Depeche Mode, Talk Talk and other synth pop acts like Camouflage, Alphaville, etc. The songs from Alphaville’s debut – “Big In Japan”, “Sounds Like A Melody”, “Forever Young” – were all over the place here in Germany in 1984. I am particularly delighted (and deeply grateful) that Blank & Jones did not compress these songs to hell, but gave us the full dynamic range this time. Please continue your great work!

  57. Matt says:

    Thanks Paul for all you do. I check SDE daily.

  58. Paul Brown says:

    Everything Wouter said above!

    80’s music was the soundtrack of my youth.

  59. Ray Greeve says:

    When I was a teenager I even hooked my parents on Alphaville. My mom is now 81 and dad is 85. When my mom has her birthday, my dad still puts on “Forever Young” as first song of the day! Alphaville’s music makes me still happy after all this time. So glad So80s came out with this 2cd!!

  60. Rootlam says:

    only one reason: it is my music in that years.

  61. pinkfloyd says:

    Forever Alphaville!
    Now bring on the Forever Young 2cd/dvd deluxe edition!!

  62. Dominic says:

    I was brought up to the sound of the synthesiser
    I learned to dance to the beat of electronic drums

  63. Tom says:

    80’s Music was so various, and seems to be timeless !!!!

  64. Ed says:

    Love all the synthpop and alternative stuff from the eighties. In particular the extended mixes that have generally been rubbish since. Back then technology was limited but skill and inventiveness was incredible. “Big In Japan” was my favourite 80’s song then and remains a firm favourite now. The extended version is worth buying the set for on its own. B-Side “Seeds” is also phenomenal.

  65. Torsten says:

    ….i want this cd!

  66. Tommy Christiansen says:

    The thing that stands out in 80’s music, are the great melodies in combination with the sound of the time, pop at it’s best!

  67. John says:

    the music on this package an describe in much better detail why I love ’80s music so much (as opposed to me trying to put it into words)!

  68. Juan Calvillo says:

    It was a time of further exploration in all areas, with the onset of both New Wave and videos. It was truly authentic, and is lasting far beyond anything that would be considered “nostalgia.”

  69. victor says:

    Amo los 80s porque es la mejor música que ha existido en la historia de la musica.

  70. omar says:

    All the relevant music of the last 40 years originated in the 80s. The 12″ mixes are a reason alone!

  71. hyperfex says:

    In the 80s the extended versions and remixes were way better!

  72. Kiskis says:

    Forever 80’s!

  73. Andy Hawkins says:

    I love 80s music because electronic music tech became affordable around this time and anybody could join in figuring out what it could do – a great decade of inventiveness and creativity

  74. danh. says:

    It’s a fairly simple answer – in this decade began work quite a few of my favorite artists and groups (Pet Shop Boys, New Order, George Michael, etc.) ;-)

  75. Marco says:

    I love music from the 1980s because it is the most experimental and brave of all time

  76. Artyom Yakovlev says:

    I like music from the 80s because it was the music of the times when I was born. In 1990, when I was three years old, I saw MTV for the first time when it started to work in the USSR. MTV was airing lots of hits from the 80s, and this music (Alphaville included) has been imprinted on me since then and forever. I remember my dad buying me pre-recorded cassette tapes with 80s music in pirate studios of my native town – Frankie, Alphaville, Japan, Duran Duran. I was too young to resist – and I’m happy about that now!

  77. Ant G says:

    Love Alphaville! Count me in!

  78. Thomas says:

    Big in Japan, Sounds like a Melody, Forever Young, Jet Set, Dance with Me, Victory of Love… So many timeless classics… The original band members grew up in my area…
    Music was much more creative in the 80’s!

  79. Alphaville…. suuuper, ich freue mich drupp..

  80. Ralph says:

    Alphaville is/was pure 80s. So great to hear this band again. A signed CD is perfect.

  81. André says:

    The secret to 80s music is that it has stood the test of time. The continual revivals. the frequent covers, the longitude of the diverse artists from the decade of decadence speak for themselves!nnomother decade gets so much attention in the 21st century. 80s music is my soul!

  82. Ronald Frank says:

    Remix, remake, remodel, repackage, reissue!

  83. Jason says:

    I love ’80s music because of the originality, the diversity, and the 12″ mixes!

  84. Jim Enowie Roe says:

    My 80’s iPod is up to 18,000 songs, would love to add this to my collection. Keep up the good work.

  85. Steven O'Connor says:

    I love music from the 1980s because it sends me right back to those special days when anything and everything felt possible. What great days they were. :)

  86. Marcel Rijs says:

    I guess the fact that the Eighties were the decade I grew up in, plus the fact that music was dominated by keyboards and synths play a big part in why I love 80’s music so much. I used to play the piano myself, so it’s only logical I was attracted more to keyboard-driven music. I always felt that guitars and ‘rock gods’ were overrated. As for Alphaville: I still think the extended mix of ‘Forever Young’ was brilliant. It’s one of the 12″ singles I played until the vinyl was literally grey. It’s the best example of ‘ballad-turned-dance’ that I know.

  87. _mostlybobbins says:

    What other decade could we really draw upon for such marvellous mix compilations like the So80’s projects, 12″ 80’s, as well as the wonderful special editions for Tears for Fears Songs From The Big Chair and future A-Ha’s Hunting High and Low?!

  88. Carl Edwards says:

    i love 80s music because I’m still listening to it now and loving it especially when i discover bands from that era such as Alphaville that I didn’t know at that time but love now – don’t think we’ll be able to say that in 30 years time (if Im still around) about the current must scene

  89. Mark says:

    Music in the 80’s was when I grew up too. Could afford about 3 cassettes a year which I knew off by heart. And then listening to the Top 40 to tape everything. 80-84 was my favourite part of the decade.

  90. AMIR SHMUELI says:

    I grew up on the music of the eighties. Youth were in the eighties. This is the best one I can write. Wonderful music unfortunately no longer present. Youthful innocence. Catchy melodies and beautiful. Would sing from the heart. Not heartless machines music and emotion.

  91. Malila M. says:

    Great music, great band, great idea. :)

  92. Will Parish says:

    80s music is awesome and Alphaville is an amazing band!! I would love to own this special set!

  93. Brian says:

    80s=great extended versions!

  94. antonio says:

    great ’80’s music ever

  95. Michael Davies says:

    1980s music conveys electronic emotion.

  96. Frank says:

    Forever Young with 80’s Music

  97. Jfa3stars says:

    Great songs from a great band !

  98. Emiliano says:

    Hi, love 80’s music like alphaville, because was the best synthpop music !!!

  99. Steven Bain says:

    Three simple words as to why the 80’s were the best decade for music… “AL” “PHA” “VILLE”.

  100. Rob C says:

    The diverse sounds of the 80s made it a wonderful time to listen and explore music!

  101. Achim says:

    I’ am a child of the 80s.

  102. Robert Morgenstern says:

    Big in Japan was my first 12 inch which i buyed with my pocket money. It’ll be nice to win a Signed edition, so i can remember me at this special Summer. Cheers

  103. Pvnoort says:

    Brings back memories…

  104. Natalia says:

    I am sixteen years old, but I love music of 1980s. I listened to ALPHAVILLE when I was in my mum’s stomach. Three years ago, I watched a clip of Alphaville “Big In Japan” in TV. For this moment, I listen Alphaville every day. I love Alphaville and Marian Gold. I was on concert’s this group in Juni. This was beautiful show! I also very like Sandra , but for me, the best group on the world is Alphaville.

  105. jos says:

    Cool! A signed cd of Alphaville!
    Should contact Marian to pitch the idea of making some new remixes… Like Blank & Jones did with ZTT… :)

  106. jaran says:

    The 80s ….. nothing over and nothing besides… you just had to be there to know how it was… and it will never come our way again!

  107. Rik says:

    The highlighted hair, the synths, the shoulder pads, the 12″ mixes, neon, CDs – these are some of the reasons I love music from the 1980s :-)

  108. Paul Wolany says:

    Aplha reminds me to the best time in my live… Proud to be grown Up in The 80’s

  109. oscar says:

    I’m a 80’s guy simple as that!

  110. Ronald says:

    Blank & Jones vs Alphaville, a match made in heaven.

  111. Jens says:

    I Love The Music from the 80s because there was the beginning of my favourite Band Depeche Mode

  112. Thanx for the beautiful Alphaville comepetition… .I love this sound… .great and timeless

  113. Richard Rodriguez says:

    The most greatest artist of pop music born in the decade of the 80

  114. matthias meyer says:

    ich bin fan seit eurer ersten erscheinung. eure musik begleitet mich seit meiner jugend. ich fand das so grossartig das ihr dahmals schon autogramme an fans in der ddr geschickt habt … danke. das ihr bis heut was für eure fans übrig habt ist toll. ich hoffe ihr bringt das nächste album auch wieder in vinyl. danke euch

  115. cecil meulenberg says:

    80s music makes you feel forever young!

  116. Well? ha! says … the 80s were the most innovational decade between 1979 and 1990. I was reborn in this decade to learn what influence rock have had into wave, punk, Synthie, Pop, reaggie, and 101 other Music styles in the 80s. Never again a decade was so free, flexible, political, and colourful. Music was fun … also the lyrics were bluesy, earnest, depri or just sad. ha! says … 80s still live, not only in 80s Revival, goldies, everlasting replays … it is in every tune of the Music from today.

  117. Jon Johnson says:

    Alphaville’s Forever Young was the first CD I ever bought (along with The Cure’s Head on the Door).

    The music of the eighties is the sound of my youth. There are certain keyboard sounds, certain bass notes that take me back as a time machine would–from the bass playing on Shriekback and New Order records–oh! and the bass on “Planet Earth” and “Girls on Film”–to the keyboards on Forever Young and the Human League’s Dare.

  118. Andrei- says:

    Music of the 1980s is very deep for me and so good quality as to what is currently. Thanks!

  119. Sylvian says:

    The ’80s were quite unique in sound and many bands now are trying to achieve what those band did but with better or more available technology!!

  120. Jef Blocker says:

    80s synth-pop is timeless.

  121. Richard Rodriguez says:

    The most greatest artist of pop opening flying in the 80s

  122. Jan says:

    Morrissey said in 1984 in Smash Hits when reviewing Forever Young: “Alphaville embody the frustrated egos of the massively untalented. Should have been drowned at birth”. To prove him still wrong I think that I should win a signed copy. Alphaville (still) rules!

  123. Rob Rohm says:

    Love 80’s synth music and Alphaville’s Forever Young was one of my favorites. I’m hoping to win since I made the mistake of not ordering the signed version when it was available.

  124. Louis Philia says:

    I love music from the 1980s because it’s the music of my childhood: so many sensations, so many memories!
    In the 80’s, I was between 7 and 17: child and teenage years!!

    And Alphaville Forever Young album… Gift from a dear friend at the time, lost now… Still goosebumps when I listen to those songs!

  125. Larry Large says:

    Great Songs from my Youth:-)

  126. GianniZ says:

    Alphaville the band of the past and future. Always moving forward.

  127. DazJ says:

    Because 80c’s music was pioneering,diverse,ever progressing and quite simply brilliant!

  128. Tomas says:

    I grew up in the years 80’s in country where a different mode “Czechoslovakia”, the music was looking bad and it’s a heart issue. I love music !!!

    • PAVEL says:

      I did grow up in 80’s and so proud about that because it was the best time ever. so I did grow up with Alphaville as well since I was small boy and listened first song from Alphaville Sound Like A Melody from little radio :-) I am not just person who does love music, I am person who does live with music everyday.

  129. JAVIER LOPEZ says:

    ALPHAVILLE is best germany group of the 80’s!!

  130. Wouter says:

    Because everything I know about life I learned from 80s music:
    – You gotta fight for your right to party
    – Girls just want to have fun
    – You can always find her in the kitchen at parties
    – Some like it hot
    – Always treat her like a lady
    – This city was built on rock and roll
    – Rhythm is gonna get you
    – Only love can break your heart
    – Guess that’s why they call it the blues
    – Love is a battlefield
    – Everybody wants to rule the world
    – We don’t need this fascist groove thang
    – It doesn’t have to be this way
    – The more you live, the more you love
    – The message is love
    – Sweet dreams are made of this
    – It’s so hard to get old without a cause
    – Youth’s like diamonds in the sun
    – And diamonds are forever
    To cut a long story short, without 80s music my life wouldn’t have been so rocky and poppy. No wonder I want to be forever young…
    PS: SuperDeluxeEdition, nothing compares 2 u!

  131. Joy Kao says:

    Let me fell forever young!

  132. Darrell says:

    I still remember driving an hour to the nearest Tower Records to get whatever new imports they had. They were even open on Christmas! loved being a teenager in the 80’s!

  133. Kiki says:

    Well Let’s talk about the 80’s then !
    The 80’s were the times when the music industry just exploded , and a lot of variations came out ! Everyone had it’s own style, every singer or band had it’s recognizable sound… Every year was a new year with new sound, new improvement of productions…
    Alphaville was obviously one of the bands that counted in that period…

    Now I still used to get lost in the 80’s ! Not only for the memorabilia, but also for discovering the thigs I missed ! Singles that were forgotten, Old bands that could have been very successfull and were not in the end, Big hits that did not pass throught the collective memory of the 2000’s…

    The sound was brighter, tere was also a kind of freedom from the artists and the listeners… I’m always excited when I speak about the 80’s in music, while most of my pairs don’t even know who I’m talking about …

    80’s were huge, 80’s were brilliant, 80’s were clearly diversified, I will love the 80’s !!!

  134. Marc says:

    I was born in the 60’s so the 80’s was the time when I became a vinyl junkie… great music!!

  135. juan torres says:

    Quiero ser el ganador!!!!

  136. Rolf says:

    I grew up with this beautiful time. :-)
    beautiful songs this time.

  137. Kevin says:

    80’s music was and is amazing!! It takes me back to a time of pure joy. The production and creativity has stood the test of time. Alphaville embodied perfection and their music is in a league of its own!!

  138. Karla says:

    I think it has something to do with falling in love and the music I listened to while I was in love in the eighties.

  139. Alan says:

    The music from the eighties was always changing so you didn’t get stuck in a rut when listening to it. Something different always around the corner.

  140. Wolf Gang says:

    As a Teen in the 80´s , i hear will hear the Music at the Time of my life.
    Alphaville is a Band from Münster/Germany , where i was Born , and where i live. Hope i could get a Super Deluxe Edition CD. Kind Regards

  141. Boaz Halachmi says:

    This is the music that made me fall in love with music and become a collector

  142. Alex Tjore says:

    The 1980’s was the most innovative, groundbreaking and uncompromising decade in the music revolution. Mainly in terms of different varities of wave and electronic styles. In the midst of the latter was Alphaville. What’s there not to love?

  143. Dayvv says:

    The Nelson Highrise (Sector One: The Elevator) = Genius!
    Go SDE!

  144. Raigo Kirss says:

    Simply because Eighties ARE the best. :)

  145. Coolspot says:

    Running an 80 Show is great having this collectible even better ;-)

  146. Ronnie says:

    Yuhuuuu re-issue of the debut too

  147. Avner says:

    I grew up on 80’s music. It was IMHO the last great decade of new genres — House, EDM (before we called it EDM), hip hop & rap, NWOBHM.

  148. Ola says:

    Big in Japan…and they were big in Sweden in the 80’s.

  149. Manuel says:

    It’s time for the debut album’s reissue…

  150. Cal says:

    Cause am not a grumpy ol git, and still like to move it, move it.

  151. peter says:

    Great contest, thanks Paul and Blank and Jones. 80’s was definitely a time where synth’s were used in a big way in music, many great bands sprung up:Tears for Fears,Depeche Mode,Yazoo,OMD,Ultravox where some of the heavy weights to me. Alphaville was not on same level as the previous bands mentioned but they also have a place of importance to 80’s pop music.

  152. Max says:

    I love the 80’s music because it was fun music, diverse, romantic and funky.

  153. Tim says:

    Because 80ies music is so diverse and in all its diversity it has left many classic music.

  154. BRENEZ Alain says:

    I owned all the Alphaville singles; said ‘owned’, had to sell all my 7″ singles to make room.
    Anyone heard Ane Brun’s version of ‘Big in Japan’?

  155. Andre says:

    This was my youth!

  156. Cesar says:

    I would love to win this!
    I love 80’s music because it was the time music invited people to dream!

  157. Stefano says:

    Viva the 80’s!

  158. Alexey says:

    I love music from the 80th because I listened to it in my childhood

  159. Simon Cornish says:

    The 80’s was the decade with the best remixes and when even other genres of music were more accessible.

  160. Ralf Hottum says:

    Forever Young! The 80’s have produced some innovative music, especially in Germany Alphaville, Propaganda,DAF

  161. Batlouie says:

    80s music keeps us “Forever Young”…. ; )

  162. Heinz Schweizer says:

    I love music from the eighties, because I grew up with it.

  163. Leslie Hanagan says:

    A very nicely put together collection, I’d love one!

  164. Steven Roberts says:

    My musical awakening came with the 80s – to this day, I still have more 80s tracks on my iPod than from any other era…

  165. Steven Roberts says:

    Oh, yes, please :)

  166. Ricardo Sardo says:

    It would be very nice to win such a good release.

  167. Barry says:

    There were so many different genres in the early 80’s. The charts were so eclectic. You would find synthpop side by side with reggae/ska/disco/goth/rockabilly etc. And music had changed so much throughout the decade with hip hop/rap/house/rave and indie. I grew from a teenager to a young twenty something throughout that decade and it was such an amazing one for music.

  168. Michel D. says:

    Music in the ’80s was all about discovery for me and I discovered so many great bands!!

  169. fred says:

    For me, “Forever Young” is the best track ever …

  170. Jon Howells says:

    I love the music of the ’80s because the best of it is timeless, and even seemingly throwaway pop songs were often hugely inventive and utterly unforgettable.

  171. Francis says:

    I grew up through the 1980s and still love the music of that decade to this day and bought Alphaville singles at the time, so to win their compilation and hear them in CD quality would be brilliant!

  172. José Ramón García says:

    Alphaville = best of the 80s.

  173. MC says:

    I lost my virginity to Big In Japan. Must. Win.

  174. Soren says:

    I bought my first album in the 80’s – Depeche Mode – Speak And Spell

  175. Sergio says:

    Unfortunately on your next tour of South America, Alphaville will not do a gig in Argentina. I hope at least be content listening to this CD. Thanks also for the opportunity.

  176. tracey says:

    Would love to win this. The 80s provided some of the most innovative and creative music ever made.

  177. adrian bok says:

    80’s was a great era my first encounter of mtv, synthpop, vinyls and smash hits magazines :)

  178. KM says:

    Love Alphaville and Super Deluxe Edition!

  179. Mark Owen says:

    Love to win this! :)

  180. esmarelda says:

    The best 12″ versions were made in the 80s. A nice collection of them presented by B&J!

  181. Munloong says:

    I especially love “Jet Set”, used to shout along with the intro:-) Dance With Me, Universal Daddy, Forever Young, Sounds Like A Melody, Big In Japan… O mY! The soundtrack of my Y O U T H!!!

  182. Don says:

    My high school class picked “Forever Young” as our class anthem way back in 1990… I HAVE to win this!!!

  183. Dirk says:

    Oooh Alphaville…I grew up close to Münster, where the band was founded. We all loved Alphaville and were dissapointed, when Frank Mertens left the band…a CD with signatures of Marian and Bernard would be really really great!

  184. pocox says:

    They have created all the best pop music in the 80`s. Since then it is just a repetition of those ideas for pop songs….

    (i win) :)

  185. Xavier says:

    Definitely a unique sound from the 80s.
    They are Forever Young, they were Big In Japan, and will always Dance With Me !

  186. Ian Balentine says:

    I have gone so far as to create and maintain a blog on ’80s music entitled 500 Reasons the 80s Didn’t Suck! It’s my decade, and Alphaville was a big part of why it didn’t suck.

  187. Manuel says:

    I was 16 in 1980. The music you listen when growing up will haunt you forever :-)

  188. fettdog says:

    The 80s were a time like no other – new technology had arrived in the form of synths but the DIY spirit of punk was still fresh in the minds of the young innovators who became our Alphavilles, our Human Leagues, our Thompson Twins…..

    Three decades on this bold exploration of a brand new musical landscape stands tall, sounding as fresh as it did back then, and the lost art of the extended remix is preserved forever in collections like those in the so80s arena.

    The snoods and scarves and sky high hairstyles may have gone, but the music will be eternal……

  189. dave says:

    would love to win this cd set and hear the remixed tracks

  190. Gustavo says:

    I love 80’s music the sound is incredible and only, 80’s music have to much feeling for me!!!

  191. Andy says:

    1980s = Synths, Guitars and fashion faux pas!

  192. Barry says:

    Big in Japan

  193. Anthony says:

    80s music has the most originality of any era in music, IMO….

  194. Dennis says:

    The mixture of mood + melody was perfect with lots of 80s synthpop / new wave bands. And with Alphaville songs like A victory of love, Forever young, Dance with me, Summer rain or probably my fave Summer in Berlin just sound so timeless and wonderful. A time when great pop actually meant great quality!

  195. Orig80'saddict says:

    Love the synths, and the look (and attitude) of most of the 80’s groups…Also the never-ending amount of remixes we could purchase on vinyl (and cd singles).

    • I love the 80s, because it was a very interresting period of very good musicians like Alphaville, Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, Ultravox etc. who had a very unique stile!

  196. igor says:

    so80s !!

  197. Miki says:

    Because is the best

  198. Si says:

    I’ll be honest, i used to be a bit skeptical about the 80’s music when younger, but now growing up, i can see it was a real golden period. Compared to some of the utter nonsense released now in the so called charts. There are so many amazing songs. As we know, great songs stands the test of time and can be covered by other artists and still sound amazing and fresh today. The 80’s is packed full of classics from many different and emergent genres too. Looking back now … It really was a special time for the arts & music.

  199. Ronen says:

    True legends of 80s synthpop. What an excellent compilation, it’s great to finally have all the b-sides and the extended versions released on CD.

  200. Nimo says:

    I love the 80s cause it was the golden era og pop music.

  201. Andrea says:

    I love 80s music for the great use of the synths.

  202. Daniel says:

    ALphaville the soundtrack of my life!

  203. truehd says:

    would love to be a winner.

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