Win an eight-disc Everything But The Girl reissue bundle!

Win a set of Everything But The Girl reissues

Edsel Records last month reissued the first four Everything But The Girl albums in beautifully presented two-CD casebound books. The reissues were put together with the full involvement of Ben and Tracey, and each one features a newly-written note by the couple, and all the lyrics.

Everything But The Girl reissues

Eden has seventeen bonus tracks, Love Not Money eleven, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright comes with an extra twelve tracks on the second disc, and Idlewild contains 18 additional songs including I Don’t Want To Talk About It. All of the reissues have unreleased home demos, as well as B-sides (and where appropriate A-sides).

Edsel records have kindly given us a brand new sealed SET of these fine reissues to give away to one lucky fan of

To enter the competition simply leave a comment below and pay a visit to Edsel’s Facebook page and give them a ‘like’!

One winner will be randomly picked on Friday 29 June. Good luck!

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116 responses to Win an eight-disc Everything But The Girl reissue bundle!

  1. Eric says:

    Wow – those are gorgeous!

  2. Harrison Kesner says:


  3. An excellent collection of great songs and excellent b-sides. Truly good.

  4. Mark James says:

    These look gorgeous! :O

  5. Stephen Gwynne says:

    My turn to win

  6. Giuseppe says:

    every Reissues should be made in this way. absolutely stunning! thumbs up! ;)

  7. naus says:

    nice one!
    remember the first albums very vividly from my high school days

  8. Howard says:

    Awesome to watch these women rock! Looking forward to seeing them at the Bowery Ballroom again

  9. Piotr says:

    Cool. I’ve got to get me a set of these.

  10. Ken Cheshire says:

    These reissues/upgrades are long overdue. I REALLY hope I win :)

  11. claudio says:

    …i want it, i need it…

  12. Barry Belkin says:

    They’re beautiful, would love them!

  13. Eric Vincent says:

    I want these babies to “come on home”!

  14. Tony Ware says:

    What is there to say except that I would Like these very much!

  15. David Russell says:

    One of my favorite bands, ever…and the most deserving of a lovingly put together re-release campaign. Can’t wait!

  16. erik gullickson says:

    Amazing, amazing. These EBTG albums guided me through some dark times, and helped to celebrate the return of light. One of my fondest life memories is from living in NYC 94-95 and wandering into an acoustic in-store performance at the upper west side HMV. just three songs, but yowza, what an impression! Can’t wait to hear these reissues…

  17. Rodney Wilhite says:


  18. Tommy Christiansen says:

    This one is actually one I would like, haven’t got this one. :-)

  19. B Williams says:

    Love to win this!

  20. Marco89 says:

    Wonderful bundle!

  21. Gavin Kendall says:

    These CD’s are ‘missing’ from my collection!

  22. Tyronne Mayadunne says:

    Love to win this!

  23. Paul Martin says:

    These look great. Hopefully there’ll be more too. “Walking Wounded” is my favourite Everything But The Girl album.

  24. Paul Martin says:

    These look great! Hope there will be more too. My favourite Everything But The Girl album is “Walking Wounded”.

  25. Graeme says:

    Great Prize

  26. Mark somewhere in Cheshire says:

    This is a great collection from two of the most insightfull lyricists

  27. g man says:

    do these reissues include ‘everything but the………. kitchen sink’?
    love em :)

  28. Sascha says:

    Real value here! EBTG can’t be rated highly enough imho!

  29. Matt says:

    Great competition, thanks! Does the set have any additional box etc compared to buying the 4 discs individually?

  30. Amanda Burchell says:

    Have liked the Facebook page. Would love to win this as my partner loves Everything But The Girl

  31. Matt Ganoe says:

    Oh I would just die to win these! They’re gorgeous!

  32. David Baida says:

    I would die to win these! Huge EBTG fan. Tracey Thorn wrote to me once! Thanks!

  33. Steven says:

    Enter me please. These are the most visually attractive Edsel product so far. Thinking the BOOK EDITIONS are a result of all of the bitching over the creased spines of the Suede Deluxe CDs.

  34. Uffe says:


  35. Nathan says:

    Great contest! These reissues look very well done, indeed.

  36. Michael howe says:

    Last time i listened to everything but the girl was in the 80’s , what a prize..

  37. Richard Boon says:

    Looking good. Expanded ‘Eden’ historically tantalising

  38. Christian says:

    Would love to have these on my shelves!

  39. Arnaldo says:

    I hope they are as great as the Suede re-issues Edsel produced last year!

  40. Yossi Barak says:

    I saw them many years ago in a gig at Shepherd’s Bush Empire. Cds look nice!

  41. Marc says:

    Great reissues!

  42. Steve Calvert says:

    This is my message ….please read into it what you will ;-)

  43. Marshall Blakley says:

    An old friend introduced me to them a few years back. I’ve been hooked ever since !

  44. Bill Proe says:

    Looks like a cool set of reissiues. Would love to ad them to my collection.

  45. Hedley says:

    Might have to drift over to for these, looks very interesting

  46. Simon Pickford says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

  47. Lorenzo says:

    Eden changed my life

  48. Richard Mann says:

    adorable. must have.

  49. rich weaver says:

    if only i could afford them..

  50. James DeFrance says:

    If they sound as beutiful as they look I’m in. Have been waiting for deluxe editions of their early catalog forever. Thanks!

  51. Don says:

    These look fantastic!

  52. Steve Marine says:

    Edsel always does a great job with their super deluxe editions. (Thompson Twins comes to mind.) These look great. The upcoming Bronski Beat/Communards re-issues have me beside myself with excitement!

  53. Alan says:

    The usual comprehensive sets from Edsel – excellent

  54. Ron says:

    Count me in!

  55. Mark Owen says:

    Fab! Love these. Wanna win! :)

  56. Ben Carlin says:

    I remember buying Eden on vinyl when it first came out in May 1984, after hearing “Each And Every One” on the radio. Would love to win these reissues!

  57. PhilG says:

    They look fantastic!

  58. Alan says:

    Brilliant! And it is an excellent reissue compared to some of the other badly compiled ones – this is amazing and well done Edsel!!

  59. Roland says:

    I hope they release these deluxe editions for the rest of their catalogue.

  60. Marcel says:

    I first got to know Everything but the girl during the age of Sky Channel and Music Box, when they were playing the music video for ‘Each and every one’ a lot. I didn’t like the song immediately, but eventually it grew on me. The band reappeared in my life from time to time, with songs like ‘Come on home’ and ‘I don’t want to talk about it’ (a much better version than Rod Stewart’s IMHO), and later the Massive Attack-style ‘Walking wounded’ album. The voice of Tracey Thorn is often mentioned ,but the credentials of Ben Watt shouldn’t go unnoticed. The pair have an astonishingly varied back catalogue and I think this re-release quartet was long overdue. But I’m very glad Edsel have handled the project well: these look like wonderfully beautiful sets. I don’t know anything from the album ‘Love not money’ but I do think all these albums would be a great addition to anyone’s cd collection (including mine).

  61. raffaele says:

    edsel is top of the reissue game!!!

  62. Paul says:

    I’ve just bought the CD’s at Christmas and now they do this to me – Booo ;o)

  63. Boaz Halachmi says:

    Edsel are doing great job with their re-issue CDs.

  64. oskar says:

    Great compilation!!

  65. vodka ed says:

    Wow! They look adorable. They certainly took some time and effort with these reissues.

  66. Peter Dixon says:

    A comment! :-)

  67. barry d says:

    Lovely looking package from Edsel

  68. Da'Ron Brown says:

    I love ETBG
    can’t wait of these!!

  69. Bill says:

    These look amazing. Bet they sound even better!

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  71. Steve says:

    EBTG really slipped under my radar until Amplified Heart. Been listening to early Tracey Thorne/Marine Girls lately so these would be perfect right now.

  72. John says:

    The only way that this set could be better is if there was new music included in the release. Beautifully done.

  73. Dominic says:

    How utterly sublime.

  74. William M says:

    Love EBTG but gave up the ghost on facebook many moons ago, so it kind of discriminates against those who think facebook is a waste of time and energy, Would love to win these though, they look great

  75. Eugene says:

    Just lovely. Can’t wait to hear them!

  76. Jon J says:

    Lovely looking reissues with a very comprehensive selection of bonus material – would love to own a set of these!

  77. Brian McNeill says:

    These look great, and knowing Edsel more importantly they will SOUND BRILLIANT!

  78. Carlos André Gomes says:

    “and i miss you.”

  79. Broose says:

    Great job!

  80. ROBERT PEEL says:

    These look beaut

  81. Joe says:

    Lovely. Would be honored to own these…will likely still buy them if I don’t win them.

  82. Patrick M. says:

    Another knockout set by Edsel. I ponied up for all 6 JAMC reissues, so I’m hoping to recoup on this fantastic set! Also,, you’re a bookmarked, visited-daily site for me. My friends all make fun of my music buying because I have to have the best version of a release (whether it’s a deluxe reissue or a $35 Japanese pressing that includes an exclusive bonus track.) I thought I was mental too, until your site told me that behaviour was OK!

  83. benoit says:


  84. Kirk says:

    These look nice. I can’t wait to hear them!

  85. Andrei says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow!!!!!! w.

  86. Daniel says:

    Loving the OTT comments on here, people will say anything to get their hands on this CD set :)

  87. Michael Chapman says:

    Would love to replace my scratched vinyl with these fellas

  88. David McCormack says:

    Any idea when the rest of their back catalogue will be reissued?

  89. Alex says:

    Great group, beautiful reissues!

  90. Ed says:

    A great release… well overdue.

  91. Jens Iwarson says:

    I am that lucky fan of

  92. Allen says:

    Yay for Ben & Tracey! Edsel has been doing some stellar reissues.

  93. jan says:

    they look lovely

  94. Stephen says:

    I have their last two albums. This is a great way for me to get their first four! And June 29th is my Birthday! Lovely looking set!

  95. Christophe csizmadia says:

    Tracey and Ben are parts of my Life. So thank You to be such good friends.

  96. rick grubbs says:

    those look great!

  97. Bryan Jernigan says:

    I have loved EBTG since the very beginning! These reissues look absolutely terrific! Thanks for sharing.

  98. Jeff Weinstein says:

    Finally! Some reissues with ample bonus tracks and great packaging! Nice job Edsel!

  99. Dave Howe says:

    Fantastic looking re-issues – hope they sound as good as they look !!

  100. Cindy says:

    Looks great!

  101. Steve says:

    Love EBTG!

  102. Nate Jackson says:

    Man, it would great to win these. These take me back to 2006, when I met my last girlfriend. I got her singing Driving, my favorite EBTG song next to Troubled Mind. Good memories of a time gone by.

  103. Liba says:

    Everything But The Girl!

  104. neil says:

    thank you for these amazing reissues! tracey and ben have made some of the best music in the last 30+ years!!!

  105. ray says:

    Looking forward to hearing the expanded “Eden”….

  106. Brian Carr says:

    Been a fan since ’86. Never thought I’d see the day the soundtrack of my youth would see a reissue. Fantastic work… kudos to Edsel. (And Ben and Tracey, of course.)

  107. Paula says:

    Long time EBTG fan. So nice to see them getting the deluxe treatment. They all look amazing , lovely packaging. Great job, Edsel!

  108. andrei says:

    My name is Andrei and I’m from Brazil. I love EBTG since 1987. At that time, I was 11 years old and it was very hard to find their LPs here in Brazil. I went to USA on 1988, June and I was dreaming of finding EBTG’s LP called Eden. Unfortunatelly I didn’t find it, but I bought Idlewild of EBTG and a Blow Monkeys LP. Those were the things I brought form this voyage that I like the most. I hope EBTG comes to Brazil one day for a show and I really have the hope to win those fantastic CDs.

  109. Karen says:

    I’ve been [t]here since very nearly the beginning. The early albums hold a special place, each as a special jewel—that is better, more beautiful, and indeed more special as you hold it to its own shining light. I am looking forward to these re-issues! Thanks, Edsel!

  110. Frank says:

    Reminds me of my days as a student. Great!

  111. Jaysen says:

    Very much anticipating these!

  112. Esteban says:

    A dream come true. Great! Thank you so much, but I miss the rare track ‘Always on my mind’ (Live and Vocals by Ben Watt) from the limited edition single ‘Don’t Leave Me Behind’.

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