WIN: Deep Purple Made in Japan


Universal Music reissued Deep Purple‘s Made in Japan earlier this year and we have six copies of this landmark live album to give away to subscribers of the SuperDeluxeEdition newsletter.

The free email newsletter offers an exclusive weekly editorial from SDE Editor Paul Sinclair, plus highlights from the previous week.

We have two copies of the two-CD deluxe edition (that features the 2013 remix on disc one and all the encores on the second disc) two double LP ‘Back to Black’ vinyl editions (that feature the original 1972 mix across four sides) and two of the single CD version that also feature the remastered 1972 mix (the only CD to include this content amongst all the formats).

This competition is open to all until 12 noon (UTC/GMT) on the 29th August 2014. To be in with a chance of winning simply:

  • 1. Subscribe to the weekly SuperDeluxeEdition newsletter – click here.
  • 2. Leave a comment on this post (and specify your prize preference).

If you already subscribe to our newsletter, then just leave a comment. The winners will be picked at random on Friday 29th August 2014 and revealed via the newsletter on Sunday 31st August. Good luck!

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392 responses to WIN: Deep Purple Made in Japan

  1. Bob says:

    The two CD deluxe edition would be greatly appreciated!

  2. My Jelly says:

    Er Er Er Er Er Er Errr Richie’s back on the best live album ever Barre none Get it? Clearer louder than ever

  3. Giorgio says:

    Hi! Thank you for your informations! I’ll keep my finger crossed for the double LP ‘Back to Black’ vinyl edition! ;)
    thank you so much!

  4. Paul Kent says:

    2-CD deluxe edition for me, please, Paul :)

  5. keith fletcher says:

    2cd would be great, if you don’t have the hfpa disc

    • Nigel jones says:

      The greatest live album of all time..real ground-breaking stuff! The version of Child in Time has the greatest guitar solo ever!
      I would be grateful for any prize.Thank you.

  6. Alessandro says:

    Either the single or double CD. Great live album!

  7. Chris says:

    This is on my “to buy” list… I’d love the 2cd deluxe version… but would be happy with any version

  8. Keri Preston says:

    A vinyl copy would be fantastic. Thank you very much Paul.

  9. Simon Adlington says:

    Fingers crossed – Vinyl please

  10. Pawel says:

    2LP will be awesome like #SuperDeluxeEdition is :)

  11. Carl Noonan says:

    I’d love a vinyl copy thankyou very much. Fingers crossed I get picked.

  12. Robert Harvey says:

    Please send the 2CD Deluxe Edition if I am lucky enough to win.

  13. Håvard Offer-Ohlsen says:

    The vinyl edition, please! Highway Star on 45 rpm, here I come. Thank you very much

  14. Paul Swift says:

    Double CD please. Keep up the good work.

  15. Richie says:

    It`s an EL PEE plea from me, Paul.

  16. Stephen Lanverton says:

    I think ‘genius’ is when you have difficulty imagining where something comes from and this album is the embodiment of that – blistering and I think without THE best live ‘Rock’ album of all time .. just writing this makes me want to blast Space Truckin’ !! would greatly appreciate 2xcd version.
    Thanks guys – Stephen

  17. William Doyle says:

    Vinyl please.

  18. Gabriele says:

    I want it!

  19. pinkfloyd says:

    Space truckin on the highway star, thank u SDE!!!

  20. Jens Iwarson says:

    2-CD would be my preference. But I’d take any format if it comes to that :)

  21. wolf says:

    hehe, just bought an old vinyl for 1€ last weekend!
    so, cd for me please :-)

  22. Mick Connor says:

    Total classic live album love to have the vinyl version please

  23. lee sharp says:

    a new copy would be great to replace my old worn out version.

  24. Ralf says:

    The Double vinyl Version is a Must! Thanks Paul for your wonderful Blog!

  25. Nic says:

    Fantastic album. Vinyl please

  26. Alvin says:

    Double LP without a doubt! Thanks in advance! ;-)

  27. Ryan says:

    I’d love to have the 2 cd set, but would gladly take the lp as well.

  28. Paulo Mendes says:

    I would love to have it on vinyl.

  29. John Johnstone says:

    Great competition for a great band from a great newsletter, hope I’m lucky, would love to win the deluxe CD

  30. Patje says:

    I’d like to have the 2CD deluxe edition

  31. SS Quah says:

    Gosh, I’m looking forward to winning the double-LP.

  32. Chris Straub says:

    I would love to have the 2CD deluxe edition!

  33. F van der Scheer says:


  34. Andy says:

    I would go for the 2 CD edition, thank you! :-)

  35. Gary C says:

    Single CD of the 1972 mix if I have a choice

  36. karl says:

    I love superdeluxeediton….your website is my favourite music onestop shop and I get awesome deals thanks to you guys. Just picked up the 4 cd gold edition and wow is deep purple ever amazing….now just for a concert album hint hint ….

  37. Mark Owen says:

    Deep Purple PLEASE! I don’t just want I need :)

  38. steve browne says:

    Oh yes please! Vinyl please!

  39. LP please, I have never owned this album.

  40. Darrin says:

    I’d love the 2cd deluxe edition.

  41. Dirk says:

    Wanted:Viny! Thank You SDE! :-)

  42. Andres Rodriguez Ruiz says:

    LP wanted!!! thanks!!!

  43. Joeri says:

    Cool! I’d love to hear the vinyl!!

  44. bartos80 says:

    Nice competition.
    Of course I would prefer the big boxes but any format will be nice.
    Thanks SDE !

  45. JOSEP says:

    The two CD deluxe edition would be greatly appreciated!

  46. Michel D. says:

    two-CD deluxe edition to a good home!!
    Thank you for this!

  47. Mike says:

    Would love the excellent CDs, thanks!

  48. paulb says:


  49. Sylvain says:

    The two-CD deluxe edition for me!

  50. Peter says:


    Would love one of these, leave it to you which one you send.

  51. Rareglam says:

    Oh yes please!

  52. Sung says:

    Hello Paul
    This albums is the best album in my life.
    If I win “Double LP ‘Back to Black’ vinyl editions”, it would be greatly appreciated. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Thank you.

  53. Brian says:

    Would prefer CDs, as I have the original LP from back then :)

  54. Jim stewart says:

    Deluxe 2cd version please!

    Thank you

  55. Hank Niemczyk says:

    Deep Purple should be in the RRHOF.

    I’d love the 2 CD version.

  56. YU BO says:

    lp is great! thank you very much!

  57. Fernando says:

    Im fine with any of those gems! Lp Cd, cassette,8 track, Dat, … ill take anything… Purple Rocks!

  58. Brian says:

    The two CD deluxe edition would be cool…thanks

  59. Thomas Hooper says:

    No turntable so CD would be great.

  60. Lee Taylor says:

    Double LP ‘Back to Black’ vinyl edition, if you please.

  61. Vince Barnard says:

    The 2CD deluxe version would be very welcome. Many thanks!

  62. Richard says:

    2CD version please!

  63. Mathew Waiton says:

    LP version would be very nice thank you.
    If I’m one of the lucky winners of course!

  64. Graham Yapp says:

    Any version would be nice

  65. Thomas says:

    Eight-track please! It would be great to win any of the formats; but in a pinch I would say the vinyl.

  66. Graeme Bourque says:

    Vinyl please. :)

  67. Bill Cannon says:

    Would love the CD, or the LP! As always great site and newsletter-thanks for your work…

  68. Randy says:

    The 2 cd edition would be great

  69. Alan says:

    Nice – 2CD Deluxe please, or 1CD version if second best.


  70. Gregg Press says:

    I already subscribe and purchase based on it! A true lifesaver.

  71. John Orach says:

    The 2cd deluxe would be awesome! Fingers crossed!

  72. Alan says:

    Me win this time please!

  73. Johnny says:

    Hoping I’m not too late to the party but the 2-CD deluxe edition would be great for me.

  74. Jon Little says:

    Always look forward to your news of new releases.
    2 cd ed would be great, but anything would do.

  75. Mike the Fish says:

    Nice! I’d prefer the vinyl version if I won!

  76. Ed says:

    Double LP please.

  77. Lars Bagger says:

    Haven’t listened to Deep Purple in years! (2-CD deluxe edition)

  78. ALANBOWERS says:


  79. Jim says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win Made in Japan. If I am lucky enough to win, I would like the single CD.

  80. Didi says:

    The mother of all live albums! I would like to win the single CD edition.

  81. Tim Tirelli says:

    Nice one. 2cd. Thank you.

  82. Jezza says:

    2 cd please…thank you ever so

  83. Philip says:

    I would fall over msyelf to say thankyou for the double CD version…..

  84. Andy says:

    Got the original double LP, so the single CD of the original mix would be lovely indeed!

  85. Hector Lozano says:

    Back to Black Rules!!!!!!!
    God Save The Vinyl.

  86. Rob G says:

    Deep Purple are the kings, the true innovators. Made In Japan is a Classic and truly amazing Live album. Captures the band at their peak. would love to hear the remastered version

  87. Alex Intelligator says:

    Would be great addition to my collection!!!!!!

  88. Petr says:

    2CD for me, thanks ;-)

  89. Boaz says:

    Would love the CD, or the LP…

  90. Alan Fenwick says:

    Vinyl for me please

  91. Herb k says:

    Didn’t realize the single disc has the original mix.

  92. Boaz Halachmi says:

    by this order:
    2 LP
    2 CD
    1 CD

  93. Leslie Hanagan says:

    2 CD edition would be most welcome. Thank you.

  94. Jurg says:

    The LPs would be wonderful. Had them way back when.

  95. Lawrence Geller says:

    double CD

  96. Richard says:

    I would love the 2 disc cd s.e.

  97. Mike S in Maryland says:

    the 2-CD Deluxe Edition would be my choice.

  98. alan g says:

    2 CD Deluxe please

  99. Leemer says:

    Fantastic! Made in Japan is one of my two favorite Deep Purple albums, that and Machine Head. Love their performances on this!

  100. John Kimber says:

    I’d love the double LP! Here’s hoping!

  101. Runicen says:

    I’d be quite happy with either of the CD editions, but the two disc would be quite awesome.

  102. rs3taylor says:

    The 2 CD deluxe edition looks awesome!!

  103. Bill says:

    Loud and clear, the best live album of all! Turn it up the old fashioned way, on vinyl!

  104. Loic Bernard says:



  105. Craig says:

    Two-CD deluxe edition Please.

  106. william says:

    The 2 cd set would be nice…

  107. Stevholt says:

    The single cd version for me!

  108. Amos says:

    Hoping for the LP!

  109. Nuno Pedro says:

    its mineeeeeeeeeeeee

  110. Wazza says:

    Give me some vinyl pretty please

  111. peter says:

    Thanks Paul.
    2 cd deluxe

  112. Brian says:

    The two CD deluxe edition would be a delight to these ears! :-)

  113. Declan O'Neill says:

    Either CD version would be very welcome!

  114. Marcus Sigismund says:

    Vinyl please – I once had it but it got lost when I moved to another town. I hope someone found it and it is in good hands. ;)

  115. David Barron says:

    2CD Edition would be nice.

  116. John says:

    The two-cd deluxe edition would be just grand!

  117. raffaele says:

    the two-CD deluxe edition is ready for me!


  118. Mitchell says:

    Would love to revisit this album from my college days! 2-disc or single disc versions preferred. (My turntable is in indefinite storage…)

  119. Ludek says:

    2 CD Deluxe, please.

  120. Ludek says:

    Vinyl, please.

  121. Thomas says:

    Vinyl – please!

  122. Hans says:

    Also 2 cd version ;-)

  123. Simon Stokes says:

    2cd deluxe edition please

  124. shekespeare says:

    How beautiful it all. In particular the vinyl double. I’ll cross my fingers all this time!

  125. Olivier says:

    The 2cd deluxe would be perfect, I had to stop buying because too much taxes in France nowadays!!!

  126. Alan Rosoff says:

    Vinyl (double) please

  127. Peter Neski says:

    cds please !!!

  128. Rolo says:

    Great! I’d Love to hear that vinyl-version!

  129. Tom Andrews says:

    Vinyl would be awesome, my preferred format for that superior sound id love to hear :)

  130. Yossi Barak says:

    Vinyl, please.

  131. Eamonn says:

    Vinyl edition please

  132. Scott Hughes says:

    I’ve rediscovered vinyl over the past few months, and would welcome any new addition to my growing collection.

  133. ChristopherM says:

    Hi Paul. Vinyl for me please (if I’m lucky enough). Back in the 70s, a friend of mine had this, whereas I had the 24 Carat compilation. Nothing quite like a Deep Purple record for playing along on a bass guitar.

  134. Bengt Palsson says:

    I’ll take any issue!

  135. Andy B says:

    To replace the dog-eared copy handed down to me by my elder brother, Vinyl please.

  136. Sture Abrahamsson says:

    The two-CD deluxe edition looks smokin’ hot!

  137. gary says:

    double vinyl please

  138. Alexey says:

    I would like to get LP:) Thanks!

  139. Pvnoort says:

    It is still one of my favourite Purple Albums…i would go for the 2CD version…

  140. Marshall says:

    I’d love to win the 2LP version, but would gladly accept one of the CD versions. Would be happy just to win!

  141. Rick Tvedt says:

    2 CD

  142. Evan Kent says:

    I would love the 2 cd version!

  143. Larry W says:

    Single CD to replace my worn-out cassette purchased through Columbia House in the Seventies. (Guess I’m getting old).

  144. Peter says:

    Any format would be appreciated please

  145. graham says:

    2 LP please

  146. Joe says:

    I covet ze vinyl 2LP version please. Shankoo welly muchness.

  147. Liam Bastick says:

    I”d write something witty hut no one is going to read this far. It does occur to me though if you made the last request for the records would that be the final vinyl and you’d win a Rainbow set instead..?

  148. Jim says:

    Classic Live Album, I had the first press on CD as well as the Dream Theater version. I would absolutely love to have the new version on LP

  149. Kenneth McHardy says:

    One of the best live albums, the band at their peak

  150. Mark says:

    Would love the vinyl edition thanks!

  151. Jeremy says:

    LP’s Please…Domo Arigato Sinclair-san! ;-)

  152. Hedley says:

    Thank you Paul
    I would appreciate being in the proverbial hat for the 2CD job

  153. Stephen says:

    Love the site……love this album!

    Would love the vinyl!


  154. Tom M says:

    The two-CD deluxe edition if you please. Lots of competition I see, looks like I’ll need some heavy mettle.

  155. Slawek says:

    CD+CD if “will be picked” :)

  156. talcy says:

    ‘Everything louder than everything else’ anyone?
    Any CD if I get lucky

  157. peter Chrisp says:

    How would it be winning one of the greatest live albums of all time me me me me me me me me

  158. Chris Dodd says:

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! If I’m chosen, I’d love to have the 2 CD Deluxe Edition.
    Thanks again!!!

  159. Jocke says:

    The 1-CD version would be great, thanks.
    Best regards, Jocke

  160. Pawel says:

    I cross my fingers for the two-CD deluxe edition

  161. Trevor Baker says:

    Single CD version if I win. Thanks

  162. bob says:

    2 CD version would be my choice if I win please.

  163. Nauscicaa says:

    I’d love to win the LP Paul!

  164. spaceboy says:

    Fingers crossed for the 2CD edition… thanks!

  165. Justin Craigon says:

    Vinyl would be great thank you.

  166. Matt says:

    Single CD would be lovely – great album, but I don’t need 3 sets of encores!

  167. Victor says:

    Thanks for info!
    LP!.. It would be great..

  168. Iain says:

    The two CD deluxe edition would be fine with me.

  169. Dave Sullivam says:

    One of the great live albums- a gem !

    Two CD set would be great

  170. Love your newsletter. Please enter me in the contest for the two CD Made In Japan. Thx.

  171. Ranasakawa says:

    CDs for me thank you

  172. MArk Johnson says:

    I will go for the 2CD Deluxe Edition if I am lucky enough .
    Ta Mark

  173. Stephen Maltais says:

    Thanks for your kind offers.

    I love MACH II Purple and only own this alum on cassette tape!!

    Lazy is my favorite from the album.
    I love the call and response between Ian’s voice and Richie’s guitar!!

    Thanks again,

  174. Steve says:

    Smoke on the water, baby! 2 cd set, please.

  175. Vinyl for me, please!

  176. Timmo says:

    Memories from the ’70s ! Would be great to win any of the prizes !

  177. Robert says:

    I love this record!

  178. daniel says:

    I would love the LP version, please please please
    Love from Paris

  179. Ian Hill says:

    Single CD for me please

  180. jerome says:

    two-CD deluxe edition! Thx!

  181. hsack says:

    This was the first album I bought for myself as an 11 year old back in 1973…would love the 2CD version!

  182. Phil says:

    The 2LP vinyl edition would be great. This would let me retire the version I bought from woolworths in 73 for £3.25 , thank you

  183. DP says:

    I’ll take what ever you would like to offer me!

  184. I would love the 2cd edition if I am fortunate, but any prize would be fantastic.

    Thanks for your great site.

  185. Paul says:

    2CD deluxe would be awesome!

  186. Bob Dudek says:

    2 CD set for me please

  187. José David says:

    I’m in :)

    Two-CD deluxe edition


  188. alberto says:

    I would love to have the two-CD deluxe edition or the single cd edition. Thanks!

  189. Ronnie says:

    I’d love to get my hands on the vinyl version

  190. Jim says:

    The CD version please, as I’ve resisted the temptation to get back into vinyl as space and my lovely wife won’t permit.

  191. michael hartman says:

    I’d love the two-CD version please!

  192. Paul says:

    Gotta be the vinyl!

  193. Brian says:

    This on vinyl please please please!

  194. Rob says:

    would love the single disc version

  195. Dave W says:

    The vinyl please, or whatever may be available. Thanks!

  196. Philip Cohen says:

    I wouldn’t mind having the vinyl.(though I’ve already got the 4-CD + DVD box)

  197. Rich says:

    2CD deluxe, thanks very much indeed!

  198. Roger says:

    Double LP please


  199. Rogerio says:

    2cd edition would be great!

  200. Alessandro says:

    Hi there, any of these would be a terrific gift! Thx very much for this and thx for sending me the discs :)

  201. Bob says:

    Single cd would be great

  202. Paul Trotman says:

    the one or the two CD version please!

  203. Tony Di Stasio says:

    Love to win the vinyl. One of the best and influential live albums of all time. Thank you for keeping us all updated on all the deluxe editions as they are released (though my wife is thinking about cutting up the credit card !!!). Best Wishes

  204. Enrique says:

    Would love the 2CD deluxe edition or the vinyl..
    Thanks for everything!

  205. Ed Perkovic says:

    2cd deluxe edition please

  206. Sean Wylie says:

    I would love the LP version!

  207. Steve Talia says:

    I’d like to be put in for the single CD 1972 mix version. Thank you for holding this contest.

  208. mitch lafon says:

    CD please!

  209. steve gilmour says:

    Favourite web site even if im now constantly in debt because of it

  210. Nicolás says:

    The vinyl version please!!!!

  211. Don says:

    Vinyl would be fabulous please!

  212. Gianni Zhivago says:

    A live album so good it sounded like it was done in a studio.
    Memories abound.
    Deluxe CD would be grand.

  213. Mark James says:

    Hoping for the 2CD version :)

  214. Dave says:

    ANY version graciously accepted :-) !

  215. Laurie H says:

    If it’s free I want it (LP, CD, Cassette, DCC, 8 Track, Open Reel, Wax Cylinders, magnetically encoded wire – I dont’t care as long as the medium is physical and not something that will eventually be lost in the clouds somewhere)- MIJ is simply awesome and one of my favourite live albums :)

  216. Tero says:

    I’ve ordered Super Deluxe CD edition…so LP it shall be…


  217. This would be the 3th edition in CD-form. I woul like to win the 2CD
    Deluxe Editon

  218. Stephen says:

    2cd edition please!

  219. John Derry says:

    I’d very much like the vinyl.

  220. rafal says:

    love to have. I NEVER won any competition

  221. Anselm Lee says:

    I am in for the vinyl drawing.

  222. Paul Stillman says:

    The vinyl please. Cheers

  223. roger says:

    Double vinyl

  224. Pierre Baugnée says:

    The two-cd deluxe edition pleeeaaaaaaaase !

  225. Niko says:

    if lucky then the “two-CD deluxe edition” would be preferred

  226. Samppa says:

    2LP or single cd-edition if I get lucky.

  227. Kev says:

    The two double LP ‘Back to Black’ vinyl edition would be the perfect replacement for my old worn out original

  228. Paul Ward says:

    Pick me…pick me…pick me….
    Vinyl edition please!!

  229. Federico Mahmoud says:

    First of all, thank you for this opportunity. Any format would be great, CD or vinyl; if I had to choose, I’d go with the double LP reissue! Good luck to all.

  230. Howard Sayles says:

    Deep Purple were my first musical love. My first gig (the Fireball tour (so loud!)). I still love them. I would love the double CD. Great site by the way.

  231. Gerry says:

    Great stuff. Vinyl please!

  232. Jon Shaw says:

    The double vinyl or the single cd would (Deep Purple In) Rock!

  233. Stephen Garrison says:

    2CD Deluxe please!Durr Durr Durr,Durr Durr da Durr………

  234. Anatoly says:

    Great album. Vinyl please )

  235. Jeff Castelloe says:

    Would love the double LP ‘Back to Black’ vinyl editions. Great site for release info. Thanks

  236. Wayne Shelor says:

    ‘Made In Japan’ – a top drawer live recording – played a part in the ‘Cheap Trick At Budokan’ live album (initially intended for release only in Japan) five years later. If selected, any format will do (I still collect vinyl). – W

  237. Carlos Eduardo Queiroz says:

    This beauty of LP for me!

  238. Haze says:

    CD please, thanks.

  239. Tiago Camargo says:

    You have a winner ! double LP would be great !

  240. Adam says:

    The 2 CD Deluxe edition would be great. Keep on rocking everyone!

  241. Piotr says:

    LP for me would be great to play on my new Rega turntable.

  242. Darren Betts says:

    would love to add the 2lp set to my collection!

  243. George Ulbrich says:

    This album was one of my firsts back then, had many a great times giving it a listen!

  244. Angelique says:

    I would love the two-CD deluxe edition – Thank you!

  245. martin says:


  246. W says:

    I never win anything, so you choose!

  247. Martin Dudley says:

    I’d love to win the CD version!

  248. Eddie J. Mosquera says:

    The two-CD deluxe edition would be great. Thanks!

  249. Yoshi says:

    I wanna this one!

  250. Ian D. says:

    The deluxe 2-CD would be amazing!

  251. br says:

    LPs are perfect. Many thanks! B.

  252. Graham Palmer says:

    I’d like the 2 CD edition, please

  253. Sergei Korenev says:

    2LP would be very very welcome.

  254. PAC says:

    Konnichiwa !
    Back to Black Please.

  255. marcel says:

    Vinyl please

  256. Jennifer Dunford says:

    2cd for me please.

  257. Mark Story says:

    Love this album ! LPs please

  258. Brian says:

    The 2LP set, please. Great job, Universal!

  259. Jim Ackerman says:

    Some stupid with a flair gun.

  260. Tommi Österberg says:

    2cd edition would be great!

  261. Sandro says:

    2 Lp set

  262. Georg says:

    Paul, I really appreciate your great website! single CD please. Georg

  263. Jean Christophe DERRIEN says:

    I love it I need it I bleed it…
    Vinyl please !

  264. John. Murray says:

    The single CD would keep me happy enough!

  265. Kai says:

    The double LP ‘Back to Black’ vinyl edition!

    Great website – would never hear of these great issues otherwise.

  266. Todd Brown says:

    Send it to Iowa!! I’ll put good use to it!!

  267. John Ireland says:

    Thanks for running this. Single disc would be great.

  268. José Leonardo G. Aronna says:

    2-CD deluxe edition for me, please! Thanks!

  269. Gary says:

    Vinyl every time please.

  270. Jason says:

    The 2-cd version would be very nice.

  271. John says:

    Yes, I would very much like to win the cd boxset; I haven’t even seen it in its physical form in my local store over here!
    So curious about the whole set, but missing cash for it!

  272. Alex says:

    The two-cd set would be my favourite. YES, I want it!

  273. Kai Karkkainen says:

    I love it and I need it, I bleed it… Yeah it’s a wild hurricane! Those are the lyrics to “Highway Star” and that’s how bad I want to win the vinyl edition! ( I already have the two-CD deluxe edition, so I won’t be needing that in the unlikely event that I should win… ). Also thanks for keeping us up to date with those new releases ( and ruining us financially in the process… ).

  274. Chapperz says:

    2Cd Deluxe Edition for me please! :-)

  275. Darrell says:

    Would be happy with the single cd.

  276. Ton van Veen says:

    Great album,should be in every album collection One of the founders of hard rock. The Made in Japan Album is still one of their best. |And on CD it sounds great

  277. Paolo Sergiacomi says:

    Great Idea, i liked 2 cd edition or. Single cd of this Masterpeace

  278. Simon C says:

    Two CD or single CD edition, purlease.

  279. Mike says:

    The 2 cd edition would be my choice, thank you

  280. Enrico G. says:

    I have made my private “USB Version” of this: the original version without “The mule” and with an edited version of “Lazy”+ the three encores + a second version of “Smoke on the water”.
    Really amazing!
    If I win, I would like to receive the 2 CD’s version.
    Cheers from Italy.

  281. Tman says:

    single CD would be nice

  282. Glenn says:

    2 cd deluxe would be awesome :-)

  283. craig healy says:

    2 cd deluxe edition thanks

  284. Mike Calhoun says:

    any format would be great…Classic album

  285. Timlad says:

    A landmark album indeed, and Ian Gillan never rated his vocals on it… sounds alright to me. Vinyl please – gods be willing.

  286. Thomas Fraley says:

    One of the best classic albums to come out of the 70’s. I know my original vinyl has worn though to the other side. Put me down of this contest.. any format

  287. Travis says:

    Would love to have the LP. My current copy is played out!

  288. John says:

    The double LP of course!

  289. steve anderson says:

    The 2Cd Deluxe version…Please !

  290. Paul says:

    I’d love love love the double LP please :-)

  291. Alexander says:

    I would be happy with any of these releases but would prefer the two-CD deluxe edition


  292. André Gustavo says:

    I’d love to have the vinyl version.

  293. Mortimerman says:

    2 CD Set would be awesome. Thanks for the chance!

  294. Barrie says:

    I’d love the 2 CD edition but TBH I’d accept any edition.

  295. Andrew Greenwood says:

    the 2CD version would be good. I have already bought this album four times and I have to wonder how much better this particular version actually is

  296. MF says:

    Original double LP ‘Back to Black’ vinyl edition, still can’t beat the best as it was meant to be…..

  297. Wes says:

    The Double LP would be amazing!
    Thank you for the great contest.

  298. john canavan says:

    Would love the 2CD set.

  299. Andy Burton says:

    Any format would be welcome!

  300. Heinz Schweizer says:

    Would like to have the 2 CD-set…..

  301. Ricardo Sardo says:

    Perhaps the two CD Edition would be very nice.

  302. piim says:

    the live vinyl album from this great live band is still missing from my collection ….

  303. Dani77 says:

    Single CD version

  304. alexjes says:

    I´d like to get 2 CD Deluxe Edition :-)

  305. Andi says:

    Fine with any format. Boy, I still remember when I first heard the live version of “Smoke On The Water”. Must have been around 10 or 11 years old. It just blew me away :-)

  306. Keith Lambert says:

    I would very much like to own the vinyl edition if I’m lucky enough to get pulled out of the hat!

  307. NIK says:

    I´d like to get 2 CD Deluxe Edition :-),but whatever comes it’s ok!

  308. David Martin says:

    Nice one.

  309. Nick says:

    Any format would be welcome!But if i had to choose,2 LP Set would be awesome. Thanks for the chance!

  310. Ian Collins says:

    I’d love to get the vinyl edition.

  311. nicolas coitino says:

    The vinyl would be great

  312. Jerry says:

    Any will do.

  313. Nicholas John Dawson says:

    Has to be Vinyl only

  314. Steven Adamson says:


  315. Purple Eddy says:

    It doesn’t come any Deep-er Purple than this
    With these magnificent 1972 live-recordings.
    Would be deeply & purply satisfied with the 2 cd-deluxe digipack.

  316. alessandro says:

    anything is welcome, vinyl prefered
    ciao from Italy

  317. Michael Cummins says:

    A 2CD version of THE GREATEST LIVE ALBUM EVER would be
    fantastic, thanks loads and hears to going deaf listening to pure decibel

  318. Jozo says:

    Hello everyone!

    Anything from the Purple golden era is worth rehearing anytime!

    The 2CD version will do nicely for me!

    Keep up the good work and rock on!

  319. Mike Burgess says:

    Thanks for the great competitions! Would love the LP

  320. Eppo says:

    Just recently rediscovered deep purple. So I would be very happy with the single CD. Great start for a collection of this great artist!

  321. FrankvdM says:

    I would be very happy with the single cd!

  322. gondanos says:

    i prefer the 2 cd deluxe edition too

  323. gondanos marc says:

    i prefer also the 2 cd deluxe edition

  324. Christoph Teufer says:

    prize preference is Vinyl – can´t get enough of it :-)

  325. CWB says:

    Awesome contest! I’ll take a two-CD deluxe edition.

  326. Scott says:

    2 cd deluxe edition would be awesome !

  327. Stian says:

    Vinyl, please.

  328. Matt says:

    Thanks! I’ll take the single CD version :)

  329. Eelco says:

    Hard to choose… well okay, I’ll prefer the deluxe 2 CD version.

  330. peter lomas says:

    The CD version would be a marvellous addition to my collection

  331. Barrie Phillips says:

    The two CD deluxe edition please.

  332. Francisco Albeza says:

    I would like the vynil,,,!

  333. Steven O'Connor says:

    I’d love the 2 CD edition. Thank you. Glad I’m in the competition.

  334. David Ziebarth says:

    Thanks for letting everyone know about these reissues. I’d prefer the two CD deluxe edition, please.

  335. Ronan says:

    The 2cd Deluxe would be delightful as would the regular cd or vinyl!

  336. Art Sienkiewicz says:

    LP please. :-)

  337. Ray Smuckles says:

    I’d love to win the vinyl to replace my coveted 70’s lps lost in a fire :)

  338. Sergei Korenevs says:

    Never win anything. But LP version would be nice.

  339. Alankin says:

    2 CD version.

  340. Michael says:

    LP Please and thank you!

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  342. Yoshiaki says:

    vinyl please

  343. dave says:

    looking forward to getting a copy of this genesis set

  344. Barry says:

    Suppers ready

  345. gerard says:

    Yes please it would be a great thing to win

  346. gerard says:

    The greatest live album ever

  347. Jan burnett says:

    Proper decent overview at last.

  348. Charles says:

    My favorite Genesis track at this time is “The Carpet Crawlers” from “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.”

  349. Rick Norris says:

    Need this to go with every other Genesis album, EP, single and bootleg I have.

  350. Hans says:

    What a lovely set

  351. Martyn Alner says:

    Favourite track is Turn it on again – just love the relentless pounding of drumming on that one!

  352. Martyn Alner says:

    bugger! posted on the wrong page!

  353. Pelle says:

    Mama or Firth of fifth.

  354. Robert Morgenstern says:

    My favorit song is Carpet Crawlers. The favorit album is Genesis.

  355. Michael Oswald says:

    Genesis live LP….Vinyl…”There must be some misunderstanding”…..

  356. Philip ogden says:

    Home by the sea

  357. Hope some Invisible Touch (my favourite track) of universe help me to win this prize.

  358. walt says:

    That’s All!

  359. Jfa3stars says:

    Tell me why this is a Land of Confusion …

  360. Lonnie Riley says:

    I’m a huge Genesis/Peter Gabriel/Phil Collins fan and would love to win this set. My all time favourite Genesis Track is Carpet Crawlers.

  361. Kenneth says:

    Carpet Crawlers for me! Why not add this to all the SACD box sets! : )

  362. Craig says:

    Get ‘Em Out By Friday.

  363. David Cheung says:

    I Know what I Like ! ie a 3CD set please !

  364. Vince Barnard says:

    I Know What I Like (please)…

  365. Vy says:

    My fave is Domino

  366. Ted Haugland says:

    Pick Me! I know what I like :)

  367. Alex says:

    Vinyl would be great!

  368. Robert Boon says:

    Home by the Sea is my favourite track, which is not on this compilation. However, I also like That’s All. Is reminding me of my school days…!

  369. Steve Long says:

    Nursery Cryme

  370. Tommy Christiansen says:

    Certainly a record that will be on my wishlist.
    Favorite track, one among several, is Home By The Sea.

  371. John Pettigrew says:

    Great prize, chaps!

  372. Kai says:

    Would be great to win, because
    “Tonight, tonight, tonight” “I can’t dance”.
    Although I am rather a “Carpet Crawler”, I am happy that
    “Jesus He Knows me”.
    “That’s all” from the “Land of Confusion”.

  373. Ben says:

    From Peter, let’s go with Supper’s Ready and Dancing with the Moonlit Knight, from Phil: Afterglow and side one of Duke

  374. Andy says:

    The Carpet Crawlers

  375. Lee Trathan says:

    The album features my favourite Genesis track
    I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) and the superb Solsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel. Its a fantastic compilation and is a showcase for the likes of Steve Hackett and Tony Banks music which is not as widely heard as the rest of the band members.

  376. Paul Minkkinen says:

    Vinyl would be wonderful, Deluxe Cd would be equally so. Standard CD would be more than plain o.k.
    Many thanks for this always enjoyable source of info for us collectors.

  377. Nick Ledbury says:

    My first ever live band Deep Purple support from Quiver & East Of Eden, Mayfair Suite 1970 what memories……………..Vinyl would be great if I win please

  378. Adrian smith says:

    2cd deluxe would be very nice thank you.

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