WIN one of five #RSD releases / Day 1: Adam and the Ants white vinyl


While in Crash Records in Leeds on Saturday we picked up a few Record Store Day releases specifically to give them away to SDE readers.

Yes, we have five items to be won and we will be posting a photo of each prize every weekday this week. Today Adam and The Ants Dirk Wears White Søx on white vinyl which includes poster, postcard, stickers and a booklet! Read on, to find out how to be enter the competition…

This competition is open to everyone who has subscribed to our newsletter. If you already enjoy the Sunday evening weekly SDE email round-up, then you do not have to do anything more – you are already entered! If you wish to enter the competition but don’t currently receive the newsletter, then simply sign-up.

On Saturday 26 April we will choose five winners at random from list of subscribers, each of whom will be sent a prize –  one of the RSD releases. The first winner chosen gets first choice from the five, the second winner picks from the four remaining and so on. The winners will be announced exclusively via the next newsletter which will be sent out on Sunday 27 April.

Another Record Store Day prize will be posted tomorrow. Good luck to everyone.

25 responses to WIN one of five #RSD releases / Day 1: Adam and the Ants white vinyl

  1. Marc says:

    What a great prize – good luck to everyone.

  2. Dr Avalanche says:

    second for=from

  3. Dr Avalanche says:

    Nice one! As it happens I (finally) bought “Blueblack Hussar” on double vinyl last saturday.
    Dirk Wears White Sox is a classic and a blueprint for a lot of neo-wave bands for NY and GB imho.
    I got the original Do-It pressing on vinyl and the remaster on CD; did I mention I am an Antfan? :p
    Although this is a very interesting item, no need for myself to have this one as well. Hope somebody else will enjoy this “white one”! :)

  4. Will Lovick says:

    Vinyl to match the sox…AWESOME!

  5. Alex Intelligator says:

    This would make an ANT out of me!!!!

  6. Michael Bird says:

    When I win, if you’d like me to cover postage to the U.S., don’t hesitate to ask!

  7. Dirk says:

    Hahaha…this just belongs to me :-) How do they know, that I am wearing white sox ??? I’d love to win

  8. steve h says:

    Great album and much underrated. I’d love to win one

  9. trash says:

    Was hoping to see Adam play outside Sister Ray in London as I was queuing there. Arrived at 06:30 in the morning (I was 144th in the queue) but I misjudged the weather and by the time I finally got into the store at 9:30-ish I was frozen to the core and had to head home.

    Met some nice people in the queue though, all veterans of Record Store Day whereas this was my first experience of it. I have to say Sister Ray were very organised and made everything run smoothly.

    And yes I would love to win this… :-)

  10. yuyikurt says:

    I like this album becoz of its beautiful cover photo. haha~

  11. Francis says:

    I used to have this album on the standard black vinyl but sadly it was stolen and I never got around to getting another copy, so this remastered coloured vinyl reissue would be the perfect replacement.

  12. spaceboy says:

    Interesting because I thought he just put one out real recently… he must be feeling a surge of creativity.

  13. Michel says:

    I’m intrested!

  14. Paul Gilronan says:

    Yes please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. roberto zannini says:

    good record; the winner will be satisfied

  16. Stevie Dal says:

    Fingers crossed. I want this for my cousin who loves it , one of his Top 3 Albums Of All Time. Yes , he’s strange !

  17. Luc Swaenen says:

    I need to win this…

    Was out of luck on saturday.. And Whadda You know.. Turns out Adam’s a ‘flipper’ as well..

  18. Tino Stabile says:

    It has been a while that I won.. and this Adam and the Ants vinyl with all kinds of goodies would be a great one to win.

    Best of luck to everyone

  19. Joe says:

    Wearing my lucky white sox

  20. Gary says:

    Oh wow, nice one Paul. Nice choice for a prize too. Excited to see what the rest of the week brings now. :)

  21. Ian says:

    Best of luck guys!

  22. Dave Kaple says:

    Want this one so badly, didnt seem to show up here in my store in Canada. Ug.

  23. Paul Chapman says:

    Good luck everybody!

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