WINNERS Announced! / ZTT Organization of Pop competition


Congratulations go to Tom Nagle, Ken Marshall, Graeme “G Man” Atkinson, Adrian Barrett and Paul Johnston, who have all been randomly selected as WINNERS of the ZTT Organization of Pop CD and T-shirt bundles. You should all be receiving an email from us shortly.

Thanks to everybody who took the time to enter and to ZTT Records and Razor & Tie in the USA for supplying these great prizes.

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6 responses to WINNERS Announced! / ZTT Organization of Pop competition

  1. lee says:

    woo hoo, nice one g man :)

  2. Koen says:

    you lucky bastards!

  3. g man says:

    woohoo………………….. love it :-)

  4. Tom N says:


  5. Thanks for the prizes, Paul. They’re great.

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