Back again: DEAL / Motorhead Complete Early Years 15CD box


Even cheaper than the deal last month! Grab a MASSIVE bargain for this massively over the top box set: Motörhead The Complete Early Years...

Housed in the unique Motörhead case are eight albums on CD (Japanese-style vinyl replicas), seven CD singles and a seven-inch vinyl record. It also comes with a limited edition Pete Frame Family Tree, a 300-page Motorhead Collector’s Guide and an 84-page Concert Programmes Photo Book with exclusive content. This set has been over £300 in the past but if you’re quick fans can snag it for less than £74. Update 12/10 It’s now £63!!

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  1. Sean Wylie says:

    Thanks Paul, I am going to keep it!

  2. Sean says:

    An update…. they offered me approx 20% off to keep it. At $109 with conversion fees landed and now approx $19 off leaves me at $90 US Delivered with a knocked up case and vinyl sleeve….still thinking it looks like I will keep it… Anybody else want to chime in it would be appreciated!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’d keep it. My order got cancelled. You’re never going to get a replacement anywhere near this price.

  3. Sean says:

    I received mine today! The outer box was heavily damaged and the inner box as well, the case had two spikes broken off the head and the forehead is scuffed and the eyes don’t light. The cds all seem in good order but the edge of the vinyl sleeve is quite chattered/damaged. I can fix the spikes easily but the scuffing can’t be fixed. I landed it delivered to the States for £64.70! Trying to see if they will give me any further deal guy the damage…or should I just return it? Any thoughts? Your barely over $100 I am considering keeping it…Thanks in advance for any opinions!

  4. Paul says: cancelled my order too without a substantial explanation.

    • Steve says:

      Guys…..cheer yourself up and get the Joe Satriani “Complete Studio Recordings” instead.

      I received the box set a couple of days ago and cannot recommend it highly enough. It has all the Epic studio releases up to and including 2013’s “Unstoppable Momentum” and the remastering is faultless. The printing on the sturdy replica sleeves is also very good. I believe Amazon now have these back in stock again at the bargain price of just£24.99

      Go on……treat yourself to an early Christmas present !!!

  5. Christopher says:

    hmmm ok so I should consider myself happy…

  6. Simon F says:

    Got fed up waiting and cancelled on the 5th before Amazon did! So that’s the end of that….
    Treated myself to the Jam Setting Sons box instead from Universal’s site!

  7. 2wikki says:

    also received a cancellation email from
    “Nö Motörhead at all” then…

  8. Craig says:

    Damn, I just got a cancellation email from amazon too, I notice all the marketplace new prices have gone through the roof now too – surprise surprise !

  9. Michael G says:

    Amazon cancelled my £62 order this morning.

  10. Simon F says:

    These recent comments, particular Christopher’s, have got me worried. I ordered this beast at £63.00 on Oct 12. Got a confirmation of the order, and a delivery window from Oct 30 to Nov 11. At the time of writing I am still waiting for a dispatch email from Amazon. Will it ever arrive and will it be complete…. OMG……………………………..

  11. Christopher says:

    Speaking of the carboard sleeves I was quite disapointed myself as I was thinking it would be real japanese mini-LP quality type like the ones in the Beatles in Mono box for instance…. They look like the Beatles US box ones in fact… Well I guess with the price we paid that’s more than ok though…
    Amazon offered me 20% off the price for the missing CD by the way or to send back the item to be refunded…. Guess I’ll take the discount offer but my nightmares will be filled for a long time by that No Sleep empty sleeve lol

    • Steve says:

      Has anyone yet had a perfect complete version of this box set yet? Also what about the red LED eyes in the skull….do they work?

      • Si says:

        I am sorry yours was not complete, i was having kittens going through the CDs, thankfully all mine were there & the lights work too. Although are different from the picture, are more tiny LEDs that flash then glow & then go off when lid comes off. I didn’t know if you may have been lucky enough to find the exact same card CD on Ebay as sometimes people do sell off bits of box sets. So i am sorry that you cant easily get one. I really do understand, as i have a nightmare with some box sets with things missing & badly damaged over the years. So i really hope you can get the complete set some how. As i said in my first message i did find a yellow label half torn off the top with the last too letters of ‘ty’ … So i was wondering if they have been returns or ‘faulty’ stock heavily discounted, but mine was ok,but the box had definitely been opened and resealed. All the best.

  12. Christopher says:

    Yes Si, I know that No Sleep Till Hammersmith can be picked up easily but it won’t be “The one CD from that box”, I’m a bit of fetichist lol, I didn’t sleep last time thinking about this altough I already filled the empty cardboard with my previous copy of the album, but the CD is not the same (typo, presentation) as the other ones in the box, yeah I know I’m a weirdo….

  13. Christopher says:

    Ok guys, my legendary “luck” is back again, I just opened it, everything is perfect and new except that the CD for No Sleep Till Hammersmith is missing… Gutted… I mean, I already add it on CD but my “Complete Early Years Box” is still incomplete…

  14. Steve says:

    So……. the offer is finished again for second time…?

    Let’s hope us “lucky ones” will be rewarded with a delivery of this bargain very soon…

    I am still waiting and hoping….

    • Si says:

      Finally arrived yesterday … Looks like they are out of stock now, but if you ordered just 48hrs after me, i am still hoping yours will arrive. This was at the £73 price, i dared not play poker over the price, as i am not sure the £63 will be in stock anymore. My only concern is that mine seemed to have the tail end of a yellow stick ripped off my box, ending in ‘ty’ … i am hoping it’s not reconditioned ‘faulty’ stock, still have to check it out fully over the weekend. Fingers crossed Steve & hoping your’s turns up over the next couple of days. All the best.

      • MarcusD says:

        Hi Si,

        received mine today , also ordered for 74 quid in September.
        Haven’t quite yet worked out how to open the skull box thing so I can get at the content. Have you managed to get yours open yet?

        • Si says:

          Hello Marcus, Well you have to be very careful & lift the lid up, by the black sides, you have to be super careful as the two silver prongs near the tusks are pretty flimsy. So a case off gently lifting up by the sides. I haven’t even checked my CDs yet so, i am not sure if there is the same issue as Christopher. Hopefully any missing CDs can be picked up on ebay or something … Goodness, an offer may be too good to be true! Ah …….. :-/

      • Si says:

        Too clarify, lift gentle up by the lip around behind the skull, the black top of the skull lifts off too …

  15. Simon F says:

    Man alive! I ordered this at £73.00 the other week then cancelled it when the Jam announced their Setting Sons box, but have since decided that that will have to wait until next year. This is just too good a bargain to ignore a second time around. Cheers Paul!

  16. Boaz says:

    Anyone knows what remasters are being used on this box?
    Any information about the sound quality?

  17. KevinK says:

    Thanks Craig – just cancelled my £72 one and re-ordered! :)

  18. Craig says:

    It’s just dropped again to 63 quid, snapped it up – thanks for the heads up.

  19. Steve says:

    Ok great Si thanks for that info, I feel more confident now.

  20. Steve says:

    I ordered this bargain first time round on 28th Sept….and still haven’t yet received it. Hopefully Amazon will eventually honour my order….?

    • Si says:

      Rest assured they will be honored. There was up to 3 week wait for them & looks like in stock now, hence another price drop. So should be dispatched any day if ordered from late September. Keep an eye on orders, for an update … (That’s the info i got when called them). Cheers!

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