Black Friday Deal / Paul and Linda McCartney: RAM 5-disc deluxe

 Amazon US are offering Paul McCartney‘s superb RAM deluxe box today as part of their Black Friday deals.

The offer will go live at 6pm EST or 11pm GMT/UTC. The price on doesn’t change until the the ‘go live’ time so ensure you may need to ensure you ‘refresh’ the page if necessary.

As mentioned in our guide to Paul McCartney’s Archive Collection, this RAM deluxe is one of the best so far. It includes the remastered album, a bonus CD or B-sides and unreleased tracks, a commercially unreleased mono mix (different mix, not a fold-down) as well as the Thrillington album a DVD, a 112 page book and more!

maccaIIAlso, McCartney II deluxe is also being offered as a Black Friday Deal on Amazon US. Check this link at 5pm EST or 10pm GMT/UTC today or click on the image on the left. Remember the price won’t change on the listing until 5pm EST/10pm GMT/UTC!


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5 responses to Black Friday Deal / Paul and Linda McCartney: RAM 5-disc deluxe

  1. John says:

    What was the special price? I was watching it throughout and it never seemed to shift from $92 all night.

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