Black Friday Deals / Friday 27th

It’s ‘Black Friday’ deals week for many retailers, so each day this week SDE will publish a ‘deals’ post highlighting some of the best offers from around the web. The posts will almost certainly be updated during the day, so check back regularly to see what’s going on. Note that many deals go ‘live’ at a specified time.


The Rolling Stones / Sticky Fingers super deluxe (3CD+DVD+7″vinyl+book)


When? Deal starts at 12.00 GMT today for Prime members (in Italy) or 30 minutes later for non-Prime members.

Price? Likely to be around £40



Paul McCartney / Venus and Mars deluxe (2CD+DVD++book)


When? Deal starts at 14.30 GMT today for Prime members (in Italy) or 30 minutes later for non-Prime members.

Price? Likely to be around £35


Deep Purple / "Made In Japan" reissue: boxes & formats explained


Deep Purple / Made in Japan deluxe (4CD+DVD++book)


When? Deal starts at 16.00 GMT today for Prime members (in Italy) or 30 minutes later for non-Prime members.

Price? Likely to be around £40


The Beatles / 1+ Deluxe CD+2blu-ray with restored videos and remixed audio


The Beatles / 1 + deluxe (2 x blu-ray + CD + book)


When? Deal starts at 16.30 GMT today for Prime members (in Italy) or 30 minutes later for non-Prime members.

Price? Likely to be around £25


Led Zeppelin SDE Bundle / All NINE super deluxe boxes


When? Live now.

Price? £630


MISSED IT! Complete Deals

Bob Dylan 1965-1966 / The Cutting Edge: The Bootleg Series Vol 12 / 6CD Deluxe

Bob Dylan / The Cutting Edge: Bootleg Series Vol 12 (6CD)


When? Live now!

Price? £50 (€70)



The Isley Brothers / Complete RCA Victor and T-Neck Albums (23CD)


When? Live now!

Price? £29 (€40)


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44 responses to Black Friday Deals / Friday 27th

  1. Gavin says:

    Secured £54 with postage – thanks nearly half of uk price

  2. Fin says:

    Just got The Cutting Edge box for £54.39 shipped to the UK. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Dave Gilmour's Cat says:

    Thanks. Just got it for EUR 74,49 / GBP £54.39. Very grateful.

  4. Michael Pendlebury says:

    Isley’s bought! Can’t wait for it to arrive!!!

  5. richard says:

    I got mine .. great Dylan 6 CD Box excellent price …

    Thanks Paul enjoy the Big Apple !!


  6. colm47 says:

    Hi Paul

    Hope you’re enjoying NYC!

    Some great deals on for vinyl today.
    Presume it would be the same for

    BTW, I do not work for them!
    Just a happy shopper after getting some cheap(er) box sets today!

  7. eric slangen says:

    Grabbed the Dylan box, thanks.
    Also popmarket has the Yes live box (14 discs for 37 euros including shipping to The Netherlands).

  8. andrew R says:

    Isleys box bagged what brilliant value .Thanks Paul

  9. Mirko says:

    2:30 pm in Italy is 1:30’GMT???
    Also Deep Purple starts one later.Or am I wrong.?

  10. Joe says:

    Anyone know where Popmarket ship from, I like the Led Zep box set , put don’t want to have to pay tax

  11. Eric slangen says:

    Stones box isn’t up yet, do I have the time wrong?

  12. Dennis says:

    Followed your link to the Dylan ‘Cutting Edge’ set on – and the price was correct until I tried to order then it went up to 99.07 Euros

  13. Simon says:

    Bought the Isley’s 6 weeks ago from Imagine my joy! Still, I have been enjoying the wonderful music for the past 6 weeks so it’s not all bad :D

  14. Stuart S says:

    Many thanks Paul for the Isleys bargain.
    My first order through Italy, so we’ll see how it goes!

    Safe travels!

  15. John says:

    There’s a very interesting Pink Floyd double 7″ released today of their 1965 recordings. Limited to 1,000 copies.

  16. Chris says:

    Dammit, that’s the deal I’ve been waiting for, and it’s too late. I gotta get up earlier. :)

  17. Ken07 says:

    Thanks. Got the Cutting Edge for 70e, well pleased.

  18. James Pigg says:

    Wow. Amazing price on the Isley set. Bagged it for £32.
    Thanks a million Paul and enjoy the Big Apple.

  19. Geoff says:

    Isn’t the Pink Floyd 7″ an American RSD release which came out today?

  20. Robbert says:

    Amazon It orders arrive in Holland in just 2/3 days after shipping.

  21. moog_man says:

    £58.26 to ship the Led Zep extravaganza over to the UK

  22. Rich says: has Bob Dylan Cutting Edge 6 CD set for 85 USD.

  23. Rich says: usually have best prices for Led Zeppelin Super Deluxe box sets and many other big ticket boxes.

  24. Jim says:

    I though I was getting a good deal getting the Dylan box for £66 on Amazon Italy the other week. Still, I got the Sticky Fingers box for a tenner on pre-order. So swings and roundabouts I guess.

  25. Dr Avalanche says:

    Hi Paul, do you have the correct link to The Beatles “1′?
    This one redirects tot Deel Purple.
    Thanks! ☺

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Sorry about that. The photo connected correctly, but not the other links. Now fixed. £20 is a massive bargain!

  26. Dr Avalanche says:

    *edit* Deep Purple it is of course.

  27. ZoetMB says:

    The Beatles #1+ Blu-ray set is about $35 on (Barnes & Noble) in the U.S. if you use the 30% off coupon (code: 30BFriday).

  28. Dennis says:

    Beatles 1+ deluxe is listed for 29,90 EUR

  29. Geoff says:

    Missed out on the Dylan set – hope it comes around again.

  30. Alan says:

    Is the Beatles deal finished?

  31. Mark says:

    Damn, been waiting for Dylan and Beatles all week and missed it.

  32. Cary Wilson says:

    Thanks so much for the Overstock tip, Rich. I missed the Amazon deal and that’s the one thing I wanted today; needed it for a friend’s Christmas present. Not for me – believe it or not, I’m one of the 5,000 (eventually) suckers who shelled out $600 for the complete sessions super deluxe edition

  33. Stuart S says:

    The Isleys box arrived Monday in the UK. Assuming it might’ve got shipped within the UK then, rather than from Italy?

    Whatever, a bargain for £32.29….

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