Black Friday Deals / Tues 24th Nov

It’s ‘Black Friday’ deals week for many retailers, so each day this week SDE will publish a ‘deals’ post highlighting some of the best offers from around the web. The posts will almost certainly be updated during the day, so check back regularly to see what’s going on. Note that many deals go ‘live’ at a specified time.


Donna Summer / The CD Collection (10CD box)


When? Deal starts at 20.30 GMT today for Prime members, or 9.00pm for non-Prime members. The link below will not show the discount until the time specified.

Price? Likely to be around £35


Rod Stewart / The Studio Albums 1975-2001 (14CD box set)


When? Live now!

Price? £35.


Say I'm Your Number One: Stock Aitken Waterman – The Singles Box

Stock Aitken Waterman / CD Singles box (31CD)


When? Live now..

Price? £70


The Who / Tommy Super Deluxe Edition box set

The Who / Tommy (3CD+Blu-ray SDE)


When? Live now!

Price? £42


The Clash Sound System box set

The Clash / Sound System box


When? Deal goes live at 17.00 GMT


The Velvet Underground / Loaded - Reloaded - 45th anniversary super deluxe edition


The Velvet Underground / Loaded: Reloaded super deluxe


When? Deal goes live at 17.00 GMT


Bruce Springsteen / High Hopes CD+DVD


Bruce Springsteen / High Hopes (+ bonus DVD of Born in the USA live)


When? Deal starts at 18.10 GMT for Prime members (in Germany) or 18.40 for non-Prime members.

Price? Likely to be around £7




Duran Duran / Paper Gods (autographed edition)


When? 21.35 GMT

Price? Likely to be around £8




Mr. B.B. King / Ladies and Gentlemen (4CD box)


When? Deal starts at 11.50 GMT for Prime members (in Germany) or 12.20.00pm for non-Prime members.

Price? This was priced at €18 or £13


Kaiser Chiefs / Education, Education, Education (Retro bag with CD, cassette, sticker etc.)


When? Deal starts at 18.30 GMT for Prime members (in Germany) or 19.00 for non-Prime members.

Price? Likely to be around £15


43 responses to Black Friday Deals / Tues 24th Nov

  1. Charles Hodgson says:

    Incidentally, the Velvet Underground “Matrix Tapes” 4CD Box is now £29.99 on (possibly prompted by the similar price on Spin & Norman.)

    (I’d have ordered from Norman – a great online in-depth and knowledgable indie shop btw – but their website started to crash my smartphone a few months back, and hasn’t righted itself since.)

    A vast improvement over the £44.99 they were initially charging, but still pretty steep since I’ve already got 2 CD’s worth already.

    Watch it drop still further now I’ve taken the plunge!
    (Sometimes wonder if this is all a game to brag about scoring the best price nowadays. Note to self: the best music is priceless, dammit!)

  2. Charles Hodgson says:

    Was watching the Donna Summer. Disappeared as soon as it became available to non-Prime members! That very second. Nice on Amazon! Very suspicious!

  3. Dr Avalanche says:

    Thanx Phil: I just order the Matrix Tapes boxset from Norman Records. Only 4 pounds shipping costs to The Netherlands. Watch and learn Amazon-sellers. ;-)

  4. Shane says:

    Donna Summer set expected to be at 35£? It is 58.75£… am I late or what?

  5. bob says:

    The Simon and Garfunkel complete albums box set is only £19.99 on Amazon UK. Great price.

  6. Geoff says:

    @phantomengineer – thanks for the tip, Loaded is down to £41:30 as well. Not sure if there’ll be a cheaper Black Friday deal than that?

  7. Ryk says:

    Sorry, that vinyl mono box set link is not working, but if you search for it on the you will see the sale price of CAN$229.99

  8. Paul Sinclair says:

    Bruce Springsteen is €12.50

  9. Paul Sinclair says:

    Kaiser Chiefs is €18

  10. Phil Wilson says:

    Norman Records have the Velvet Underground Matrix set at £26.99, but are awaiting stock. It’s a great set, and yes a lot of the tracks have been released before but the Quine tapes versions are not comparable to these versions. Anyone found it cheaper?

  11. Noel Leahy says:

    For a Pre-Order; do JPC charge your card when you order, or when they ship?
    Thanks in advance :)

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Can’t remember… I’m sure someone here will confirm.

      • Andre says:

        if you pay with PayPal, you pay in advance but this is refundable.
        using a creditcard is just like amazon, they charge you when they are going to ship your order

    • Lolke Heida says:

      Unfortunately they do charge your card when you order. But otherwise I have experienced excellent service with them.

  12. LINDSAY says:

    SDE you do a terrific job in bringing us these offers.
    I know this is a global website but just a comment on shipping costs to Europe.
    I live between Paris and London and find that the shipping costs from are just toooo prohibitive.
    They have some t’riffic deals (e.g. The Clash) but then you get a shock when the shipping pops up.
    Just a comment. Keep up the amazing and very well respected work

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Thanks Lindsay. I do appreciate what you are saying… just wanted to put some deals up for SDE readers based in North America, of which there are many. It’s the nature of the beast with a global audience that deals will vary on their attractiveness depending on issues to do with shipping, import costs, worrying about returns etc.

  13. phantomengineer says:

    It appears to have not been spotted here yet but the Velvet Underground ‘Matrix’ box set is now only £29.99 on!!! That’s about £15.00 cheaper than it was!!!! A punt has been taken!!!!!

  14. andrew R says:

    plus popmarket want£ 15.99 to ship to uk . Madness

  15. andrew R says:

    The clash £89.99 ??? hardly worth the effort of waiting till 5.00pm

  16. JuzzyB says:

    The Clash Box Set is a bargainous £98.99 ;)
    That’s without shipping.
    I almost got excited there – I don’t think that even qualifies as a deal. Strike it off, sir!

  17. Kiki says:

    ordered my SAW Box! finally 106€ instead of 150 at Amazon, shipping included!

  18. Galley says:

    It appears that the Rod Stewart boxed set was never released in the U.S.

  19. jeff says:

    What region are the DVDs sold through the site?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      If you are talking about, it will probably vary but Germany is Region 2. Most if not ALL eagle rock / eagle vision releases are region free.

      • kauwgompie says:

        But aren’t they PAL in Europe and NTSC in the USA? I’m wondering what the DVD in the Simple Minds box is?

    • Dennis says:

      Region 2 – some are region free, if they are NTSC and region 1 it will say so in the description. Normally there is a little ‘i’ next to where it says dvd + the above mentioned will pop-up by clicking on it.

  20. Paul Sinclair says:

    Anyone spot what price BB King was?

  21. Paolo Meccano says:

    The B.B. King boxes were all snapped-up before they went on open sale.

    Bah :-(

  22. eric slangen says:

    JPC is 100% reliable and has an excellent service.

  23. Stu says:

    Great, thanks for the feedback. Always good to hear from ‘real’ people on such things, can’t always trust online reviews :-)

  24. Markus says:

    JPC is one of the oldest mail order in Germany and works without any problems.

    • Dennis says:

      I had massive problems with them before + am not too keen on ordering from JPC again. Very unfriendly customer service. If things go well, they are surely recommended, if things go crap and especially if it is their mistake (charging too much etc) it is a pain to deal with them.

      If one is a member of German automobile service club ADAC, one can use a 6 € voucher once in a quarter of the year, which is of course nice.
      ( Details: )

  25. Stu says:

    Can’t say I’ve ever heard of, anyone had any experience with them in the past ? Prices look very good.

  26. Frank says:

    bought Once Upon A Time (Limited Super Deluxe Edition) at JPC for 43 Euro :-)

  27. gogandmagog says:

    JPC 28 EUR shipping to SouthAmerica…, no way!!!

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