Bruce Springsteen / Darkness on the Edge of Town 3CD+3Blu-ray


Bruce Springsteen‘s incredible six-disc Darkness On The Edge of Town deluxe reissue (from 2010) is available in its three-CD and three-Blu-ray guise over on Amazon Italy at a fantastic price at the moment.

This set surely boasts some of the best packaging ever with the recreation of Springsteen’s wirebound ‘pocket notebook’ and pages and pages of handwritten (and hand-typed) lyrics, notes, doodles and ideas – along with a fantastic selection of photos. The contents are the remastered album, the two CDs of sessions that make up The Promise, plus no less than THREE blu-ray discs of live concerts and making of documentaries.

This set is currently just £53 (€73) at the time of writing although I have a feeling that price won’t last too long, so be warned!

GRAB THE DEAL: Darkness on the Edge of Town (3CD + 3Blu-ray)


7 responses to Bruce Springsteen / Darkness on the Edge of Town 3CD+3Blu-ray

  1. Stan Butler says:

    Got the 3CD +3DVD set for £35 new, a couple of years back . The track listing sheet stuck to the back of the box was a stupid idea though.

  2. David says:

    Awesome set, got it for $50 a few years back.

  3. Iain Hotchkies says:

    oh, Blu-Ray £82, DVD £53

    (I see)

  4. Iain Hotchkies says:

    Same set seems to be under £53 on

    (Unless I’m confused)

  5. Mark says:

    Cheers Paul, been waiting a while for that to drop in price.

  6. Michael says:

    DEAL ALERT! The Bruce Springsteen Albums Collection box is $38.96 with shipping to the US on Amazon UK.

  7. BritinDetroit says:

    I really struggled with this one because of the decision to rerecord and add to many of the tracks on The Promise, including adding Patti to the vocals. I felt much of the energy was sucked out of songs like Fire

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