Deal alert / Barry White: The 20th Century Records Albums 1973-1979

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I thought this forthcoming Barry White 20th Century Albums 9CD box was already outstanding value in the UK  at less than £30, but fans in America can currently pre-order for less than half that price

The box brings together all nine albums that Barry White released via the 20th Century Records label – each remastered from the original analogue master tapes and presented with their original sleeve and label art. This package is a ludicrous $18.39 via Amazon US right now which is about £14! Even with shipping from America and the ‘import fees deposit’ UK fans can still save about £5 over that UK price.

The 20th Century Records Albums 1973-1979 box set will be released on 26 October 2018.

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Barry White

20th Century Albums - 9CD box

Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon uk 6LP coloured vinyl box 30.66
Amazon de 6LP coloured vinyl box 25.99
Amazon usa 6LP coloured vinyl box 39.08
Amazon fr 6LP coloured vinyl box 36.7
Amazon it 6LP coloured vinyl box 29.84
Amazon es 6LP coloured vinyl box 31.99
Amazon ca 6LP coloured vinyl box 53.63
JPC de 6LP coloured vinyl box 33.99

Remastered albums in the box…

  1. I’ve Got So Much To Give 
  2. Stone Gon’ 
  3. Can’t Get Enough 
  4. Just Another Way To Say I Love You 
  5. Let The Music Play 
  6. Is This Whatcha Wont? 
  7. Barry White Sings For Someone You Love 
  8. The Man 
  9. I Love To Sing the Songs I Sing 

17 responses to Deal alert / Barry White: The 20th Century Records Albums 1973-1979

  1. Mike Williams says:

    It’s back to $18.39USD today! just ordered!

  2. Nelson Lee says:

    I pre ordered this from amazon uk at £23.25

  3. Robbert says:

    The price was 14,14 already from sept, 17,2018 .

  4. Charlie Waffles says:

    You mean I actually got a better deal here in the states? For once?

    I saw this pop up three days ago and thought it was a mistake. I got it for $18.39, tax equals $20.19. Can’t beat that for nine cd’s.

  5. John C Kimbrough says:

    Says $51 dollars

  6. Patrick Walker says:

    That offer didn’t last long. It’s up at around fifty dollars now.

  7. Art says:

    US price has been increased.

  8. Chris says:

    Saw it yesterday and with that new price was to good to not order right then. Thanks!

  9. Mike Williams says:

    The album versions of some of his hits were often much longer, up to 7-8 minutes in some cases. The compilations always seem to use the single versions. It would have been nice if they could have included the instrumental single B-sides as bonus tracks on each CD.

  10. Tim says:

    Thanks Paul. Finally some Barry White in my collection ;)
    You seem to have overlooked the Fleet Foxes box set which is coming soon.

  11. Stuart Munro says:

    No longer available on the US site.

  12. Gary Fowles says:

    Lovely. Ordered, thanks Paul.

  13. Rando says:

    Thanks for the heads-up … wife will love this. Preordered!

  14. Adrian Swatridge says:

    Damn already ordered from uk…I hope the price comes down here too…

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