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Out in a couple of weeks is this Chicago box set called Quadio which contains nine blu-ray audio discs featuring hi-res stereo and original quadrophonic mixes of their first eight studio albums (1969-76) plus the 1975 greatest hits compilation. It is finally available in Europe, and at a great price.

The cover artwork for the albums (such as the glorious Hershey chocolate bar-style cover for Chicago X) and packaging details of the original release are said to be replicated to the last detail, including mini-posters and the iron-on that came with Chicago VIII.

This is around £75 on (€103) on Amazon Italy which not only makes it easily available to everyone in the EU but is the cheapest price to date.

Update 9/6/16 – Price has now dropped to £69 (€89). After you deduct VAT that’s about $83 US.


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Chicago Quadio Box

Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon uk 6LP coloured vinyl box 132.27
Amazon de 6LP coloured vinyl box 162.68
Amazon usa 6LP coloured vinyl box 126.29
Amazon fr 6LP coloured vinyl box 151.1
Amazon it 6LP coloured vinyl box 127.99
Amazon es 6LP coloured vinyl box 151.1
Amazon ca 6LP coloured vinyl box 193.35
FNAC fr 6LP coloured vinyl box 179.02

In the box:

  1. Chicago Transit Authority (1969)
  2. Chicago (1970)
  3. Chicago III (1971)
  4. Chicago V (1972)
  5. Chicago VI (1973)
  6. Chicago VII (1974)
  7. Chicago VIII (1975)
  8. Chicago IX: Chicago’s Greatest Hits (1975)
  9. Chicago X (1976)

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32 responses to Deal alert / Chicago: Quadio box set

  1. LedMan says:

    I can’t wait for the release of this set!

  2. Emili Lafarga says:

    Yesterday was even cheaper. Bought it for 97€.

  3. Emili Lafarga says:

    Waiting for a drop in price on the U.K. 16-disc box.

    • LedMan says:

      Emili Lafarga, If that’s the clamshell box set with bonus tracks then IMO the sound quality is horrible.
      The remastering is too loud.

  4. Tom M says:

    For U.S. fans the same price is available at

    • JOHN McCARTHY¥ says:

      Not quite, form Italy WITH postage it’s $115, from importcds with postage it’s $122…….

  5. AlexKx says:

    No book?! No bonus features, tracks, or film/video? Hmmm, me suspect a re-release is intended at some point!

  6. LedMan says:

    Alex, the inserts, etc.. from the original vinyl issues are suppose to be included as stated above. Adding a book, etc.. would have only increased the price which isn’t bad for 9 Blu-Ray Audio discs.

  7. Fat Old Bloke says:


    For your Australian viewers why not add a link for JB HiFi our only decent CD/DVD retailer left in this country ?

    Obviously we don’t have all the items you discuss but it may be of benefit to your forum members.

    • Justin says:

      As a fellow Aussie collector, I agree… but I must say that it is often cheaper in my experience to order WITH SHIPPING from Amazon UK thank it is to buy from JB. The Phil Collins ‘Take A Look At Me Now’ Box initial release was $40 delivered compared to $80 locally. I do support local retailers in most cases too, I think I personally subsidise a local JB Hi-fi store, but occasionally the differences in price are ridiculous.

  8. AlexKx says:

    You mean like the Queen and David Bowie box sets?

  9. Emili Lafarga says:

    Ledman, I was talking about the new UKh 12 ultimate edition with 12 cds and 4 blurays which will be released on the 17th.

  10. Brian says:

    If only they were available individually. I’d get the first two albums. The rest are not my thing.

  11. Emili Lafarga says:

    I’m referring to this U.K. release

    • Adam says:

      Ah. Since this thread is discussing Chicago, that wasn’t obvious at all; it was impossible to tell that you were talking about UK the band vs UK a place where a different Chicago box set would be released.

      Thanks for the clarification. :-)

  12. Emili Lafarga says:

    Sorry, my mistake.

  13. JOHN McCARTHY¥ says:

    For us Yanks, if you order QUADIO today (6-7-2016) from importcds using the Promo Code “TAKE10” your final price, including postage will be $110.04 US. Hope this helps someone, have no idea about the foreign postage rates……

  14. Emili Lafarga says:

    And now it has dropped to 89€!

  15. Sam says:

    Thanks for the info, Paul! I’ll bite at this price. It’s an excellent value considering all there is in the set. I hope you get hold of a copy for the wonderful SDEtv feature. All the best!

  16. JOHN McCARTHY¥ says:

    With postage, to the US from it’s $98.98US……

  17. Glenn says:

    Grabbed this, thanks!

  18. Mick says:

    Stupid question (maybe):
    Is the version sold by identical to the other versions, or will the booklet/packaging/disc menu text be in Italian?

  19. Paul Nyman says:

    Italy is still lowest to USA, yes?

    Thanks for this helpful info!

  20. Emili Lafarga says:

    Delay on amazon Italy?

  21. Bill says:

    There have been numerous reports already that some of the “stereo” mixes contained on a few of these disc’s are actually in mono. Anyone who has not purchased yet may want to wait until the dust clears on these discrepancies before you do so.

  22. Tony says:

    Hello everyone, if you use the money converter and set it to Canadian dollars you will find the Chicago box set is the cheapest of all the currencies from

  23. Emili Lafarga says:

    Now 82,66€ on

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