Deal alert / Crosby Stills Nash & Young 1974: 3CD+DVD deluxe set

Excellent price in the USA right now for the 2014 Crosby Stills Nash & Young CSNY 1974 four-disc deluxe set.

This is a classy set, issued to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s 1974 tour. There are 40 live tracks across three CDs (all previously unreleased at the time of issue) and eight filmed performances on the DVD. The booklet with this is a massive 188 pages!

All of this, for just under $28 at the time of writing, which is around £20. That’s getting on for half the UK price, although shipping/taxes to Britain will add about another tenner to that.

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Stills, Nash & Young Crosby

CSNY 1974

Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon uk 6LP coloured vinyl box 46.68
Amazon de 6LP coloured vinyl box 49.33
Amazon usa 6LP coloured vinyl box 38.58
Amazon fr 6LP coloured vinyl box 41.91
Amazon it 6LP coloured vinyl box 48.7
Amazon es 6LP coloured vinyl box 58.33
Amazon ca 6LP coloured vinyl box 61.85
JPC de 6LP coloured vinyl box 62.99

Track listing

CD  1 

  • 1. Love The One You’re With (Csny 1974)
  • 2. Wooden Ships (Csny 1974)
  • 3. Immigration Man (Csny 1974)
  • 4. Helpless (Csny 1974)
  • 5. Carry Me (Csny 1974)
  • 6. Johnny’s Garden (Csny 1974)
  • 7. Traces (Csny 1974)
  • 8. Grave Concern (Csny 1974)
  • 9. On The Beach (Csny 1974)
  • 10. Black Queen (Csny 1974)
  • 11. Almost Cut My Hair (Csny 1974)

CD 2 

  • 1. Change Partners (Csny 1974)
  • 2. The Lee Shore (Csny 1974)
  • 3. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Csny 1974)
  • 4. Our House (Csny 1974)
  • 5. Fieldworker (Csny 1974)
  • 6. Guinevere (Csny 1974)
  • 7. Time After Time (Csny 1974)
  • 8. Prison Song (Csny 1974)
  • 9. Long May You Run (Csny 1974)
  • 10. Goodbye Dick (Csny 1974)
  • 11. Mellow My Mind (Csny 1974)
  • 12. Old Man (Csny 1974)
  • 13. Word Game (Csny 1974)
  • 14. Myth Of Sisyphus (Csny 1974)
  • 15. Blackbird (Csny 1974)
  • 16. Love Art Blues (Csny 1974)
  • 17. Hawaiian Sunrise (Csny 1974)
  • 18. Teach Your Children (Csny 1974)
  • 19. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (Csny 1974)

CD 3

  • 1. Deja Vu (Csny 1974)
  • 2. My Angel (Csny 1974)
  • 3. Pre-Road Downs (Csny 1974)
  • 4. Don’t Be Denied (Csny 1974)
  • 5. Revolution Blues (Csny 1974)
  • 6. Military Madness (Csny 1974)
  • 7. Long Time Gone (Csny 1974)
  • 8. Pushed It Over The End (Csny 1974)
  • 9. Chicago (Csny 1974)
  • 10. Ohio (Csny 1974)


  • 1. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Csny 1974)
  • 2. Almost Cut My Hair (Csny 1974)
  • 3. Grave Concern (Csny 1974)
  • 4. Old Man (Csny 1974)
  • 5. Johnny’s Garden (Csny 1974)
  • 6. Our House (Csny 1974)
  • 7. Deja Vu (Csny 1974)
  • 8. Pushed It Over The End (Csny 1974)

17 responses to Deal alert / Crosby Stills Nash & Young 1974: 3CD+DVD deluxe set

  1. Klaus says:

    Kudos to for this. Ordered on 7 April, delivered from New Jersey, US to Germany on 12 April. Total cost including p&p but no import deposit fees about EUR 28,50.

    Only small problem was that the box they sent it in was a bit bigger than the box set and not filled up with anything, so i guess that the box set did quite a few rounds in the parcel but, as Jim mentioned before, this seems to be a quite well manufactured product because it shows no harm from this whatsoever.

    Thanks Paul and i hope there will be more of these US deals in the future.

  2. Paul Wren says:

    And don’t forget the 1,000 copy vinyl only edition that I believe to be still available via the CSNY website or via Discogs/Ebay etc. This features six vinyl discs, book, signed photo etc for about £450.

  3. Ian Whiteford says:

    Does it cost to receive the USA deals? Every time i have ordered before i have been stung by the post office to receive the package

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      No extra fees now with the import duty drposit. So the total at checkout is all you will pay

  4. Gino says:

    Thanks for USA deals. We need more of these!

  5. John Pei says:

    the blu ray audio version of this is also a great buy

  6. Kenny says:

    Worth buying for the book alone. Great set

  7. Hans lindskog says:

    Highly recommended set, one favourite performance are dont be denied by Neil best regards hans

  8. Leonardo Lotti says:

    Paul, it is always wonderful to see a pre-2015 release resurfacing again at a great price. This one had been on my wish list for quite some time. I thought about purchasing the Pure Audio version over this one on a number of occasions, but I came to the conlusion that Pure Audio releases that don’t have a 5.1 mix don’t really interest me. Thanks for the tip! Keep them coming!

  9. Jim says:

    I can vouch that this is a very well made box. I damaged a finger on one of the corners catching it when I dropped it. The box was unharmed.

  10. Silver dagger says:

    They had a great opportunity to include the Wembley 74 show and I believe were going to but pulled it at the last moment. I guess it would have been too good to be true and are holding off for another pay day.

  11. Bogdan says:

    Great tip, I had this on my want list for quite some time. Needless to say, the music included here is fantastic. Would have loved a deal on the blu-ray audio edition even more, but this is nearly as good. Thanks, Paul!

  12. Roel Glas says:

    Wow, great price. As Paul said, this is a classy set. Great music & a wonderful book. The box has a textured “leather feel” with embossed lettering. If you haven’t got it, add it to your collection, especially at this price.

  13. BSR says:

    I have been waiting for a price like this……thanks Paul!!!

  14. AndyB says:

    I just checked this out of my local free library. Great set!

  15. Ian Fry says:

    thanks for the heads up. cost is 45.67AUD to australia. fab price – DEAL!…

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