Deal Alert / Demon bargains on T.Rex, Suede, Sugar and more


Demon Music have today launched a superb SALE with some amazing discounts on popular reissues and box sets, the best of which is surely the T. Rex Slider 40th anniversary box which is available for less than £20!! Since I gave my box to Dr. Robert, I’ve just placed an order!

Other great deals include Everything But The Girl seven album deluxe bundle for less than £20 and a Suede reissue collection for the same price.

87 responses to Deal Alert / Demon bargains on T.Rex, Suede, Sugar and more

  1. Eric says:

    My “Suede” has also been dispatched today. So at least I’ll have a complete bundle, if not undamaged copies of them all.

    • Stan Butler says:

      Got the email today saying that Head Music could not be fulfilled. A full refund was promised. Does that mean all five albums for nothing (unlikely) or just Head Music refunded. Remember Head Music and Suede were promised free anyway a few weeks ago due to the delay. We shall see.

  2. Stan Butler says:

    Received a confirmation e-mail today from Demon that “Suede” had been shipped. That’s 4 out of 5. Waiting on “Head Music”. Getting there slowly.

  3. Marc says:

    I’m still waiting on 1 Everything But The Girl CD

  4. Neil says:

    What is bloody annoying is that they are still selling these when they can’t fulfill the orders they have.

  5. Eric says:

    So, that makes it the Suede, Belinda and Sugar bundles which many people have not received in full…and it’s February now.

  6. Richard Clegg says:

    Anybody else still having issues with the Sugar bundle? Ordered on 24 December, still haven’t received Beaster, no response from Demon.

  7. Stan Butler says:

    Three out of the five Suede sets arrived last week, but no word on Suede or Head Music being dispatched. Available according to the website. Awaiting a reply to my enquiry.

    • thegreatelephant says:

      stan butler (like it), their replies are next to useless copy/paste rubbish and it is dishonest behaviour they are now conducting. fine if stock is incoming- the site should say this only. but saying available and in-stock is bending the truth. and 1-2 days shipping is a blatant lie. taking orders for stock they clearly do not possess is taking the mickey.

      • Stan Butler says:

        Received a reply from Demon. Confirmed that the two sets are out of stock, but they are going to refund the cost and send them for free when back in stock. If that happens, the five sets will have cost me a total of £14.36 incl. P&P. Can’t complain with that. Hopefully others will get similar deals.

    • Eric says:

      Yeah, the continued “availability” of the Suede bundle is at odds with what they’re saying about them via CS.

  8. Eric says:

    Demand has clearly outstripped supply…despite getting extra stocks in, they have been unable to replace two of the badly damaged Suede deluxes that I received. The debut wasn’t included in my package either, and remains in “processing” hell.

    I’ve been given an apology and a 50% refund, which is better than nothing but I’ve got an incomplete set now, which my OCD struggles with!

  9. Korova says:

    Acid Jazz set turned up today (Tuesday). I ordered on Sat and it arrived Royal Mail 2nd class (fast delivery for second class) and we’ll packed. So far I can’t complain about the service I’ve had from Demon. The postage gods must be smiling on me at the moment.

  10. thegreatelephant says:

    yes, i received a fair few items just thrown in a box. no effort to cut it down, no padding inside etc. basically, the attitude and application of a six year old. luckily no damage. i appreciate the resentment of workers in low wage jobs, which we all have had to do when students etc. and unfortunately what alot of people have to face every day. but it’s a question of personal responsibility and being that slap dash is a disgrace.

    have had the JAMC vinyl box ‘processing’ for 2 weeks, despite the site saying ‘in stock 1-2’ days. joke copy paste email received ignoring the basis of my request. paypal claim looming. am i unreasonable giving them another week to sort it out, making it 3 weeks when they are still taking orders for it based on the above information?

  11. Neil says:

    I ordered the Levellers bundle and received it with two copies of the same album Mouth To Mouth instead of Hello Pig. I have contacted them a few times about a replacement but instead of receiving Hello Pig they have sent me 3 more copies of Mouth To Mouth. I think someone in their warehouse needs sacked lol.

  12. Eric says:

    More titles added….Deacon Blue, Gene, Cast, the Tabu ranges (Alex O’Neal, SOS Band)….slightly higher prices than before for the previous bundles…

    Meanwhile, my Suede CDs are on their way. Everything else has more or less arrived okay (just one faulty product still to sort out with them),

  13. Korova says:

    Success!!! Both box sets arrived today via TNT. Very we’ll packed, in individual corrugated boxes within one large box. Thanks again Paul, best deal alert so far for me.

  14. Eric says:

    None of the Suede CDs in the bundle have even shipped for me yet. Probably a delay in obtaining new stock, I suppose. The rest of my order has arrived, all via Royal Mail 2nd class. A bit surprised at the flimsy packaging; if the Suede deluxe sets come in the same way, I fear they will be damaged.

  15. korova says:

    Still waiting for mine, to be fair the order confirmation does say shipping between 9th and 23rd Jan. Anybody else still sweating on their orders?

  16. Eric says:

    I’m getting each bundle separately, and the first arrived today by 2nd class Royal Mail….something of a relief no courier was involved!

    The normally robust Demon packaging left a bit to be desired, and half the sets need replacing, but at least we’re getting there slowly.

  17. Chris.L. says:

    Everything arrived this afternoon via Hermes. Luckily, I was in. Over the moon with my purchases. Incredible prices. Thanks to SDE for the heads-up.

  18. Clint says:

    Mine arrived: left in the recycling bin by Hermes. Well, at least I got it and it is a thing of beauty. Unbelievable price all in all.

  19. Carl Noonan says:

    Thanks Clint and apologies to Bob who I called Bod in my earlier post. Slip of the keys :-)

  20. Clint says:

    I ordered mine on Christmas Eve and it was in stock then. The order went through no probs. I have contacted MyPlay and have received an apology for the delay, and have been advised that it will be delivered by TNT Second Class Post. They have suggested that delivery will take 3-7 days.

  21. Chris.L. says:

    Same here. T. Rex, JAMC, The Beat and Simple Minds stuff all dispatched on 30th and still no sign of anything. Starting to get worried, especially seeing as Hermes are one of the courirers being used. Those morons have been known to leave parcels in my dustbin and have claimed that my address doesn’t exist!!!

  22. Carl Noonan says:

    Clint and Bod when you ordered did the site say they were in stock at that time ? I managed to get a an order in when they put it back up but won’t be happy until I know they were able to get more stock. I know it say’s due in 9th so here’s hoping.

  23. Clint says:

    Mine was dispatched on 30 December but still no sign. If it doesn’t turn up by tomorrow I will have to get in touch. No tracking info either.

  24. bob says:

    My T.Rex box set was delivered a few days ago apparently, a neighbour spotted it on my doorstep and took it in for safe keeping. God I hate it when deliveries are just left like that.

  25. Neil says:

    Bought the Levellers bundle received it today and they have sent me two copies of the same album could only happen to me. Chris.L. it was delivered by Royal Mail.

  26. Chris.L. says:

    Mark, still waiting for my stuff. Was your order delivered by Royal Mail or a courier?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Mine came via Hermes courier (they left it under the mat and the package sat there for two days :/ )

  27. Mark Hutchinson says:

    Recieved both the T-Rex box set and the Belinda Carlisle collection today with no problems at all. Bargains!

  28. Charles Hodgson says:

    (Been avoiding the myplay site for a few days as it was seriously pissing me off. Hence I haven’t checked back here either.)

    Firstly, Bob: Whilst not being a rocket scientist (or, indeed, a brain surgeon), I can confirm that, YES, I’ve been ordering CD’s and vnyl online from all over the world for many years now. And yes, I’m registered with PayPal. I’ve had FAR less frustration navigating and ordering from websites in Chinese, Japanese, German, French….well you get the picture. When I ‘add to cart’, and then click on the cart icon, nothing happens! Simple as that. And I’ve scrolled all over that Site and can find no other icon to click on to take me to the next stage of the ordering process.

    Fabrice; you’ve clearly experienced exactly the same fault as I encountered (ie, click on ‘add to cart’, then can’t access cart to complete check-out. Just logged back on to the myplay / Demon page and the situation is still the same.

    Clearly a lot of other people are not experiencing this problem and are happily ordering away. As I said before, I’m using a mobile*. Maybe that’s the problem? Anybody here ordered using their mobile without any problems?

    (*can’t see any option to switch from ‘desktop’ to ‘mobile’ view either on this site.)

  29. Korova says:

    Thanks for the link Jim. Fingers crossed everyone gets their orders ok.

  30. Jim says:

    Here’s what you get in T.Rex The Slider box should we be lucky enough, it’s like waiting for Santa to come!!

  31. Stan Butler says:

    The Suede set is available to order again, stating that it is expected to be in stock on Jan 9th.

  32. Korova says:

    I’ve got two of the t.rex on order, one I ordered Christmas Eve and another I ordered for a mate yesterday when they popped up as “in stock” for a short period (I was checking every few hours and was lucky). Both orders I’ve had confirmation emails for and the statement that they are expected to be in stock for shipping on 9th Jan. Will post when they arrive, fingers crossed.

  33. Neil says:

    Interested to know if anyone who has ordered something has had theirs dispatched yet as mines has been sitting at the Processing stage since the 24th December.

    • Eric says:

      Mine has been going from “error” to “processing” and back again ever since I placed the order; a helpful lady at Demon’s Customer Services replied to my enquiry, and confirmed there was a glitch at their end, which the tech team were working on. They didn’t say that their stocks were depleted and unable to fulfill the order, so fingers crossed.

    • Michael says:

      Two of my three orders are still showing “Processing”, the third (for the Philly Int box set) shows as expected to dispatch after 9th Jan.

    • Stan Butler says:

      Neil, I had the Beat CD package dispatched today (30th Dec).

  34. Dennis says:

    EBTG packages are back in stock as well – just ordered the set for myself

  35. Fabrice Dray says:

    I have it thanks. It existed, it just wasn t appearing

  36. Alan Fenwick says:

    @Fabrice I would try an different Internet Browser, there should be no reason why you can’t access the cart/complete the sale, Firefox or Chrome should do the trick.

  37. Fabrice Dray says:

    On my screen, it s not written. I have no idea why

  38. bob says:

    Just go to the very top
    Right hand corner of the screen, press access cart and then press complete purchase.

  39. Fabrice Dray says:

    Charles, have you worked out a way to order? I just spent hours trying like an idiot to access my cart

  40. Michael says:

    Sugar and Jesus & Mary Chain CD bundles are re-stocked, but sadly not Suede. Was considering the Philadelphia International box set too, but not sure.

  41. Jim says:

    Well, been gutted since I saw T.Rex had gone for £20, one
    of my all-time fave albums. No way could I afford £150.00 for one. Just logged on and there it was advertised for sale again. Completed my order easily enough so just have to sit back and see what happens. It does seem too good to be true but here’s hoping! Good luck to all who have ordered and thanks to SDE for a great website.

  42. bob says:

    Charles, have you actually ever ordered anything on line before? I have never used that site before and they never asked me to register. Once you click on basket then click checkout and pay. It is not rocket science.
    I find in these situations were you have to be quick of the mark or are restricted to mobile phone internet, it pays to be registered with PayPal, then you can pay in one click without having to enter credit card details and address.

  43. Charles Hodgson says:

    Since receiving absolutely no help from any of you guy (thanks!), I googled ‘’ + ‘problems placing orders’, and came upon a multitude of complaints about delays / customer services / shoddy products and non-fulfilled and non-refunded orders.

    All I can say to those who did actually manage to PLACE an order is good luck. Seriously, post here if you receive your items A-OK. It would be interesting to hear back.

    Anyhow, I’m out on the basis of the old dictum; ‘if something looks too good to be true, it probably is’.

    • Eric says:

      Charles, I agree; as I said earlier, I’ve heard some horror stories about Myplaydirect concerning the Donna Summer set, and did order with some trepidation. As yet, Customer Services have not responded, so I am still completely in the dark as to whether I’ll get any of the items I bought or not.

      Anyone who is successful in receiving their orders, please do post here. I have a feeling there could be a lot of disappointed SDE readers.

      • richie says:

        My Sugar vinyl box arrived today less than 5 days after notice of dispatch although no sign of the T-Rex box yet.

    • richie says:

      If you order with PayPal you are protected, but thanks for the heads-up Charles.

  44. bob says:

    T.Rex is back in stock again guys!!!!

  45. Charles Hodgson says:

    Was now thinking of getting the Philadelphia box set. As mentioned before, can anyone let me know how to access the shopping cart after clicking on ‘add to cart’?!

  46. Steven says:

    If they aren’t intending to restock the sold out items (Bananarama, EBTG, et al) then they really should remove the links…the ‘and here’s what you could have won’ shenanigans only serves to p*ss people off.

  47. james says:

    You do good work!!! Helping people find the TRex box is a very good deed. In the US Amazona low price is $187 & Ebay is $163. It is a great day to be a Euro person

  48. bob says:

    I am over the moon that I managed to bag the T.Rex box set for £24. After debating for many months whether to buy it or not as I have the album on so many different versions already.
    I have had 2 fantastic results this year as I managed to get the John Martyn 18 cd box for £38.
    Merry Xmas everyone.

  49. Dennis says:

    argh… one shouldn’t be 24 hous offline… would have loved to get the EBTG set – some really nice deals to be had…

  50. Charles Hodgson says:

    For full disclosure, I’m using a mobile. Still, the site doesn’t seem to indicate a choice between ‘mobile’ view or ‘desktop’. Thousands of tiny independent labels have Bigcartel or Bandcamp sites which are a breeze to navigate. And the bigger companies are still utilising websites like THIS…
    (Missed out on the ‘The Slider’ Super Deluxe anyhow, it seems. BTW, the JAMC sets seem to have everything you could possibly want, and were fairly priced at £10-£15 each originally. At this price (£23 for 12 CD’s & 6 DVD’s they are an absolute STEAL. You won’t regret ordering. If you can work out how…!).

  51. Eric says:

    All my orders show as an “error” if I copy and paste my Order ID into the browser, and it says to contact Customer Service. Even though the CS contact has no option for this particular “error”. Looking at the main site, looks like all the bundles I “bought” have sold out since I placed the order. So I’m guessing they have allowed my order to process even though the stock wasn’t available (the site says no unavailable offers will be left up on show). Hmmm.

    They either have the stock, or they don’t. This is just time-wasting for everyone. Heard some horror stories about MyPlay Direct with the Donna Summer boxsets, and now I can believe it!

  52. Charles Hodgson says:

    JAMC are the 2CD + 1DVD Deluxe sets (as pictured!).
    My problem with this site is once I place an order in the ‘cart’, how do I access the cart and checkout? Or register as a customer?!
    What a piss-poor site, fffs!

  53. Mark says:

    Are the JAMC sets the deluxe ones from a few years ago?

  54. Steven says:

    Grrrr…everything sold out that I would have wanted. Oh well, merry Christmas to all those who got the deals they were after :)

  55. Korova says:

    Thanks Paul, got my T-Rex ordered, what a bargain, could never have afforded the £150 price tag so I’m well pleased.

  56. Alan Fenwick says:

    These kind of discounts should be a warning to the record companies that try it on with silly prices on Box Sets with average content that try to demand top dollar prices (Oasis etc but to name one). It’s great for us as buyers who shrewdly play the waiting game knowing they’ll discount eventually (I put myself in that bracket) but it makes a mockery of the customers who shelled out £100+ when these are first released thinking they’ve got a great deal.

    I’d like to see the record companies pricing box sets a bit fairer next year rather than trying to pull the wool over our eyes right from the off.

    Overall, I think this is a fantastic discount on the T-Rex set and many other items today in this sale, let’s see if others can follow and make our pockets a little more lighter before the end of this festive season.

    Seasonal greetings to all.

  57. Michel says:

    T .Rex and the Trax box… thanks Paul youve just made my Xmas… Hap
    py Holiday !!!

  58. Mirko Roenicke says:

    Thank you for this news! On is a used T.Rex box for 100 Euros including shipping.I thinked the last days should I buy or not…
    And now I bought it in the Demon store.Once again – thankyou for this information!

  59. John Steel says:

    Just ordered the T Rex box and the Everything But The Girl bundle. Could’ve spent more :-))

  60. David says:

    Unfortunately not available to those us in the US. (It would sure be an expensive day for me if they’d allow it!)

  61. Guy says:

    Many thanks for the alerts – just bagged Suede, Sugar, JAMC and The Beat bundles for c. £60. Amazing!

    Merry Christmas to me! (and to you of course!)

  62. BRENEZ Alain says:

    This is; same as Pop Market. No worries; I already ordered a few times from them. All Demon/Edsel releases are sold through this site.

  63. Will says:

    Do we know if the Suede bundle is the expanded versions? Hard to tell with only a picture to go on.

  64. Kenny says:

    T Rex sold out … unsurprising at that price but still ordered a couple of bits. Shocking site … no details whatsoever apart from a couple of pictures on most of the items.

  65. bob says:

    Yippee. I finally got the T.Rex box set.
    I had given up on this month s ago due to the price.

  66. Paul b says:

    Philadephia International 40th anniversary 10 CD box set £23.43 including postage -it’s £50 on Amazon!

    Thanks for the heads up, Paul.

  67. BRENEZ Alain says:

    Just bought the T Rex box set, The Beat vinyl box set, The Philadelphia Int’l CD box set, EBTG and Bananarama CD bundles.
    The T Rex box set alone is at £150 on Amazon UK. As such all these are no-risk purchases as they would resell at a higher price. So even with shipping costs of 45 euros to Belgium, it’s still a winner by far !!!

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