Deal alert / Depeche Mode: Live in Berlin / five-disc box set


For sheer content versus price, this Depeche Mode deal has to be one of the best ever posted on SDE.

This is the five disc box set version of the 2014 release which not only includes two CDs and two DVDs of live performance but also gives you a hi-res 5.1 blu-ray audio of Delta Machine studio album. It can be yours (if you’re quick) for just £12.99 via Amazon UK!


The box contains:

Live In Berlin DVD
Welcome To My World
Walking In My Shoes
Black Celebration
Should Be Higher
Policy Of Truth
The Child Inside
But Not Tonight
Soothe My Soul
A Pain That I’m Used To
A Question Of Time
Enjoy The Silence
Personal Jesus
Shake The Disease
Just Can’t Get Enough
I Feel You
Never Let Me Down Again

Alive In Berlin DVD
Full live show + 15 interview pieces
Bordello Acoustic Session: Condemnation and Judas

Live In Berlin Soundtrack (2 CDs)

1. Welcome To My World
2. Angel
3. Walking In My Shoes
4. Precious
5. Black Celebration
6. Should Be Higher
7. Policy Of Truth
8. The Child Inside
9. But Not Tonight
10. Heaven
11. Soothe My Soul

1. A Pain That I’m Used To
2. Question Of Time
3. Enjoy The Silence
4. Personal Jesus
5. Shake The Disease
6. Halo
7. Just Can’t Get Enough
8. I Feel You
9. Never Let Me Down Again
10. Goodbye

Delta Machine 5.1 Audio (Blu Ray audio)
1. Welcome To My World
2. Angel
3. Heaven
4. Secret To The End
5. My Little Universe
6. Slow
7. Broken
8. The Child Inside
9. Soft Touch/Raw Nerve
10. Should Be Higher
11. Alone
12. Soothe My Soul
13. Goodbye
14. Long Time Lie
15. Happens All The Time
16. Always
17. All That’s Mine

28 responses to Deal alert / Depeche Mode: Live in Berlin / five-disc box set

  1. synth80s says:

    I bought this when it came out and I wasn’t disappointed. The live tracks are quite good, but I primarily bought it for the Blu-Ray Audio disc. While the 5.1 mix of Delta Machine is just OK — the balancing of the channels seems a bit off — the stereo high-resolution mix is noticeably better than the original CD release, especially in how it translates the hard transients and dynamics of all that lovely analog synthesis. It’s a worthy edition to Depeche Mode’s amazing SACD releases from 2004-2005, though those multi-channel mixes are far better than this set offers.

  2. Marc says:

    This is back up at Amazon for £12.99. Stock due in on 10 Sept.

  3. Mark Bumgardner says:

    Picked this up yesterday for US$19.96 at (hangs head in embarrassment) WalMart. Felt like I got a good deal. I have no idea why they had it in stock as the music department there is always dire.

  4. stuart s says:

    Its dead Jim.

  5. Alan Fenwick says:

    Popped into Newcastle HMV branch earlier.

    Some items of note were the complete Abba vinyl box £50.

    The The – Soul mining box set £20

    Monty python – Toal rubbish CD box set £25

    There was loads of springsteen and kasabian reduced on vinyl as well (individual titles)

  6. PC says:

    Ordered last night. Thanks.

  7. colin says:

    Thanks SDE, I got a copy for £12.99 – these DEAL ALERT’s you post are excellent – Many Thanks.

  8. Joe Wiz says:

    Alas, we have nothing to do with the website but I can certainly suggest it!

  9. Stu says:

    It’s not ideal, but at least there’s the opportunity to get some of these things online without having to find them instore. If you go into the music section of the HMV website then into the different categories, then order by price. Doesn’t work with CDs really as there is so much rubbish at £2.99 etc, but works well for the vinyl – some good stuff available at £9.99 at the moment there.

  10. Joe Wiz says:

    We’re running lots of these crazy deals at the moment, but it’s store specific, so we’ve agreed markdowns with suppliers over a large number of lines, but obviously not all stores will have all the lines, so there’s no point me listing everything because not there’s a good chance you’ll go into store and it won’t be there. It’s annoying I appreciate, but this is just a way of clearing stock on slow moving lines. Amazon will price match some until they sell out, as they have here. But if you’ve got a local HMV, pop in. You might find a bargain!

    • Alastair says:

      Fair enough Joe, but would have been good if had grouped the Crazy Deals in one place. I bought 6 items from 3 stores, then checked the website. They were all available at the same price. I’d potentially buy more but can’t face trawling through the full site. Go on, give some clues on the best deals!!

  11. Mark says:

    Damn. It’s gone. Back up to £27 on Amazon. You can get from the states for around £20 though.

  12. Neil says:

    Thanks Paul

    Went to see them on that tour and was just too expensive when came out

    Would have missed this but for the alert

  13. Charles says:

    Got it!! Thank you! I mainly wanted this for the 5.1 mix of Delta Machine so never wanted to pay the $35 stateside price. It actually went down to 10.83 when I added it to the basket, $22.10 total with shipping. Friday is shaping up nicely now!

  14. Simon says:

    Nice one! Snapped this up (still gutted I missed out on the Isley Brothers at £40 though!).

    Haven’t got Delta Machine but enjoyed the singles and, whilst I agree with Mark Dynamix that Playing the Angel is the best recent album, I did enjoy Sounds too. I snagged the deluxe box of that from Zavvi’s monster clearout for £16.99 and still play it regularly now.

  15. daveid says:

    Just bought! Thanks for the heads up.

  16. Tom M says:

    It’s not prohibitively expensive on Amazon U.S. either.

  17. Mark Dynamix says:

    Obviously lots of left over stock. Prob didn’t sell as well as expected upon release. Maybe due to 2 mediocre albums in a row and a million compilations? Last decent release was Playing The Angel 10 years ago IMHO.

  18. Alan Fenwick says:

    This deal is part of Amazon price matching all of HMV’s in-store promotions at the minute.

  19. Rob F says:

    That is a bargain. I bought this for double that price when it was released.

  20. Andrew says:


    thanks Paul for sharing as always – what would we do without you!

  21. Chris Gunn says:

    Great deal. Thanks Paul

    BTW HMV are also doing this deal in store.

    Just bought it today.


    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Bit of price matching… nice!

      • Alastair says:

        HMV and Amazon are matching quite a few items. I bought Bob’s Basement Tapes Raw, the 2CD Sticky Fingers and the 2CD Wings at the Speed of Sound from HMV in their #crazy deals promo, then discovered Amazon were matching.

  22. Runicen says:

    Nice deal and also a great package! Already own, but this post should make more than a few people VERY happy. =)

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