Deal alert / George Michael: Freedom 90 – 12-inch vinyl picture disc


Here’s an opportunity to pick up last year’s George Michael Freedom ’90 12-inch picture disc with a smile-inducing and wallet-pleasing 1980s price-tag.

The previously rather overpriced vinyl is now a giveaway £3 on Amazon UK. Nice! This features the full length album version on the A-side and the ‘Back-to-Reality’ 12-inch remix on the B-side.


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George Michael

Freedom '90 [VINYL]

Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon uk 6LP coloured vinyl box 10.48
Amazon de 6LP coloured vinyl box 13.99
Amazon usa 6LP coloured vinyl box 13.67
Amazon fr 6LP coloured vinyl box 33.3
Amazon it 6LP coloured vinyl box 27.9
Amazon es 6LP coloured vinyl box 35.99
Amazon ca 6LP coloured vinyl box 18.2
JPC de 6LP coloured vinyl box 13.99

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19 responses to Deal alert / George Michael: Freedom 90 – 12-inch vinyl picture disc

  1. vikerii says:

    Anyone know the status of the LWP deluxe reissue scheduled for this fall? I originally read about it here on SDE.

  2. Sean Lawler says:

    Now £4:70

  3. MINO says:

    Some minutes deal alert?

  4. Jesper Jensen says:

    Faith – Remastered 2CD/DVD Special Edition CD+DVD, Box set only £5.30 at the moment (18.37).

    • william says:

      I got that set a couple of months ago on Ebay for $10 US and free shipping to boot. Try there. It might be cheaper.

  5. Ian says:

    Now £5.39

  6. Jake says:

    Now £5.39. The games these retailers play

  7. Callage says:

    Too late £6.28

  8. mike says:

    Never a bargain with amazon postage sadly.

  9. Leemer says:

    Now £7.30, definitely missed it. Thanks anyway!

  10. Neil says:

    Prime is no use if you are ordering from marketplace sellers which i mostly do.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Fair enough, although this was on Amazon proper for £3 and that was what the postage comment was in reference to.

  11. Steve says:

    Got this re-issue when it first came out and wish I hadn’t bothered. Sound quality is appalling and it doesn’t look that great close up either

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