Deal alert / Iron Maiden: Complete Albums Collection vinyl box

Fantastic deal for the Iron Maiden Complete Albums Collection box set on Amazon UK –  it’s about HALF the normal price.

You need to be aware that this only contains the first three albums (Iron Maiden,Killers, and The Number Of The Beast) on 180g vinyl but you still get those three records and the box with space to complete the collection for just £21!


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  1. For those after a replacement box, I found this video online detailing exactly what you need to do to get your replacement box…

    Essentially, email and ask for one :-)

  2. steve johnson says:

    Please please anyone who has had a larger replacement box will they please leave details of how to get one,a contact would be great not just EMI etc Got to say Amazon have been great and sent out a complete new box with 3 albums but yes an under size box but they tried

  3. Peter says:

    Got the box earlier this week, just ordered the next 3 albums from Amazon seller for £29.50′ so got 6 albums plus box for £49.50, can’t be bad. 2 to get so whole set all for roughly £75′ that’s great by any standard. All thanks once again to SDE.

  4. Dave says:


    Now if they would just find a way to reissue “The First 10 Years” I would be one happy camper. I had that box back in ’92 and it was tremendous. It was all the b-sides from their first ten years, and the jewel cases, the box, and the discs themselves were all saturated in some of Derek Riggs’ best artwork from the time. IM is one of the few heavy metal bands that actually put out quality b-sides which were just as enjoyable as the full album material. I remember the “Wasted Years” disc had some obscure songs on it – one where Adrian Smith did the singing and Bruce was the backup (Adrian’s actually a pretty good singer!), and one where the band made fun of their producer who left England and moved to Los Angeles. I remember poring over the box and admiring it inside and out. Anyway, if they reissued it, I would jump on it in a second. I bought for $100 way back then and got every penny out of it.

  5. steve johnson says:

    really beginning to give up hope on a replacement box for the Iron Maiden box set.Been on to Amazon EMI,Universal and Warners who said get back to Amazon ???? at this rate im gonna run to the hills
    Anyone out there with a contact for this,are you out there Bruce Dickinson

  6. Peter says:

    Ordered on 11th June, @ great price, back up to £39 today

    Not dispatched yet, tho interested in the discussions around the box.

  7. Stan Butler says:

    Out of stock now.

  8. Korova says:

    3 x 180g vinyl for £21 (plus a decent box) you’d be mad not to buy! Thanks Paul.

  9. Eric says:

    Another SDE deal alert – be quick or be dead!

  10. Mark S says:

    Bought. First gig I ever went to. Iron Maiden 1988.

    Reviews of this set seem generally good, with a few concerns about the size of the box once you, try to fit all 8 albums in.

    • Jeff Castelloe says:

      They will send you a new box. I contacted the company that makes the box set and they sent a new, larger one that fits everything fine. Quite a steal of a price.

  11. LedMan says:

    Wow!! $31.91 USD is a steal. Thanks for the heads up, Paul.

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