Deal alert / Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffiti super deluxe


A few of you have been in touch to point out that the Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti super deluxe edition box set has dropped in price significantly on Amazon UK.

This is indeed true and the triple vinyl, triple CD set (with box, book, print and hi-res download) is £82 at present. However SDE has spotted it slightly cheaper over on Amazon Italy, where like-for-like it’s about £75. You need to factor in shipping and decide which is the best deal for you (shipping from Italy to UK is about £4). I can confirm all the book and packaging is in English, to answer a much asked question!




3 responses to Deal alert / Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffiti super deluxe

  1. Peter says:


    As Man In The Know, when do you reckon the next tranche of LZ SD’s will be released, hear they may be announced first 2 weeks of May ?

  2. Sezai Basar says:

    £82.08 @ Amazon UK and EUR 104,99 @ Amazon IT at the moment of writing.They probably discount the prices for a few hours only.Thanks a lot for the alert.

  3. Anselm Lee says:

    Thanks for the notice, which I receive on the day after I received the Houses of the Holy SDE box I bought thanks to your alert.

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