Deal alert / Pretenders 22-disc box


MASSIVE reduction on Amazon UK for Edsel’s forthcoming Pretenders box set which gathers up studio recordings across 20 years.

Almost £40 has been sliced off the price and you can now pre-order for just £74 (was £112), or if you are in the USA it’s about $95 plus shipping. This is an enormous amount of bang for your buck. The albums in the box are PretendersPretenders II, Learning To Crawl, Get Close, Packed!, Last of the Independents, Isle of View and Viva El Amor! Most are 2CD+DVD sets. Full details can be found here.

Update 15/1/15 – Price has now gone up to £93!

15 responses to Deal alert / Pretenders 22-disc box

  1. Svein says:

    Currently at about £79, which is not too bad.

  2. Richard says:

    Thanks Paul,
    If I knew they were from original master tapes, I would’ve purchased. I’m weary on edsel?

  3. Rob says:

    Thanks for the heads up Roelant, on the UB40 discounts – I have ordered those, if they don’t come down to the price I expect to pay – I can cancel the order prior to dispatch.

    Also keeping an eye on The Pretenders :-)

  4. NeilKelly says:

    Yep £92.99 (not that i’d ever spend that kind of money on The Pretenders TBA)!

  5. Thomas Williams says:

    Just checked Amazon now and the price is now up again to £92.99

  6. Hedley says:

    The individual discs dropped to just under 11 pounds at I was able to order and ship to the US the first 3 discs for a total of 30 pounds give or take half a crown.

  7. Eric says:

    The original price was way too high, this is more sensible in comparison to similar sets, and pretty good value, as I posted earlier on the original thread *hint hint* haha…

  8. Paul Brown says:

    Wow thanks for pointing this out Paul, I pre ordered at 112 pounds, now it’s 65 ….sensational stuff!
    I think say you will get the cheapest price but nice to make sure of it.

  9. Roelant says:

    Thanx Paul. And while ordering this superdelicious box from Chrissie and her band, I noticed that UB40’s Labour of Love deluxe edition had also dropped 30% in price. Enough resason to throw that one also in my cart :)

  10. Steve Gilmour says:

    Been waiting for this to drop 65 pounds inc shipping to Oz and we have no import duties here, good on ya Paul….

  11. Kiki says:

    still too expensive to me, but i’m not a huge fan…

    Speaking of edsel, did you talk about their mini site with very great discounts on some artists?

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