Deal alert / Queen Studio Collection BEST EVER price for 18LP vinyl box


EMERGENCY DEAL ALERT Queen vinyl box Studio Collection, which contains all 15 studio albums pressed across 18 coloured vinyl LPs is the lowest it’s EVER been on Amazon Italy right now!!

I’d suggest you need to be quick here, because at the time of writing (11.30 26/10) this is ‘just’ €300 which equates to around just £215!! Incredible price for this superb box.




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  1. Jonathan says:

    Hi Paul, just to say that Queen made a second run of the “studio collection” box set: it’s available on their official store and came out on 1st of April…*/*/Queen-The-Studio-Collection-Coloured-Vinyl-Box-Set/4O1C0000000

  2. phil says:

    Just got a great deal this weekend for this set from, $319.99 plus tax (total was $358.39. Great looking set that I unboxed and so far sounds very nice but there is NO download card included, damn it! Price went back up to $399.99 plus taxes already so glad I took the plunge when I did.

  3. Robert Todd says:

    Got the set on the 9th. What a beast of a thing. Very well put together. Spun the discs over the weekend gone. Nearly all play well. Occasional ticks and pops with some non-fill squelches on a few albums. The sound in my opinion is tremendous. A veil lifted in comparison to my old 70s vinyl. The later albums I had zoned out on at the time and now are proving to have many gems. I am very taken with Innuendo.
    Amazon Italy have maintained the price as of this posting. Amazon UK are currently not offering it due to issues. Presumably picky buggers like me sensitive to every snap, crackle and pop however slight.

  4. Robert Todd says:

    So I went for Amazon UK in the end. My thinking being that it would be quicker than Italy. I have Amazon Prime. Turns out I may be wrong. At the moment it’s in Grimbergen (probably not code for any dour English town you care to name) due for arrival Monday coming.

  5. Geoff says:

    Currently £230:72 on Amazon UK.

  6. Robert Todd says:

    Very tempted by this.
    Has anybody received one from Amazon Italy yet?
    What’s Amazon Italy like for packaging?
    I have used France and Germany both alright particularly Germany. With Germany I had a return which went back to the UK returns hub.
    My understanding is that this items comes in a proper box in the same way as the Beatles Stereo and Mono sets. Is that the case?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes that is the case. I’d say it’s virtually impossible for the box to get damaged assuming no one messes about with Universal’s standard packaging which is box with massive foam supports sitting within another box.

  7. Jon says:

    With DVD or blu-ray ok, coz it’s on free tv later. And you want to see a new movie now. But records, 20 years and more old… I think it’s something different. And they know it’s only a special clientele, which buys these SDE and expensive old music… You never would buy a Beatles Box, when you know it’s half prize after 6 months. You would wait. That’s the difference.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Not everyone wants to wait a year or six months to buy some amazing deluxe box of their favourite artist, to save £50 or £75. ‘Stuff’ just loses its value, it’s the way of the world. And a market economy dictates that something new and exciting has a higher value than something old. I don’t think it’s correct to suggest that its a Machiavellian music industry out to con the public. Also once retailers have stock of an item they can discount as they see fit. This is completely outside the control of the record company that produced the set and sold it to the retailer at a fixed ‘dealer price’ (i.e. wholesale price).

      • LMRC says:

        It’s one opinion Paul but wholesalers marketeers knows well what (shall) sells well at the commercial release or not. With Queen, considering the fan base, the exclusivity of the boxset released , they knew they will catch the worthy customers first.
        A price decrease is the signal of a dropping interest. Alienating the prospects by playing with the price here and there with bucks is not per say a winning strategy long term. Indeed, prices always drop but here it has fall too fast I think. Almost at launch. Which in business term can be associated to a possible flop.

  8. Jon says:

    Well said, LMRC! But, I don’t think it’s policy of amazon, it’s policy of the record companies. To take fans for fools, first it’s called “limited Edition”, then it goes cheap… coz “limited” is only a word to make it sell faster. They never learn to respect customers. And when many people stop to buy all these expensive “super deluxe editions”, coz of being fooled, the companies will cry again… like in the end of the nineties.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Although to be fair, virtually everything is cheaper if you wait. If I buy the blu-ray of “Jurassic World” today it will cost me £15. In a few months it will be a tenner, then six months down the line it will be in HMV in a two-for-£15 type deal.

  9. LMRC says:

    The bummer is for those who ordered it weeks ago! Nice policy Amazon!

  10. Chris says:

    Unbelievably dumb question, I’m sure, but anyway: when you order sets like this, or the Isley Bros. CD set that’s had a good price on, or whatever, is it genuinely the same set that you’d get if you ordered it from or It’d be a huge bummer for me to shell out a lot of money for a set, and when you get it find that all the lyrics/liner notes/etc. are in Italian.

  11. Fat Old Bloke says:

    I’d be far more excited if they decided to do a box of all the Queen albums in 5.1
    That’s something I would buy

  12. eric slangen says:

    Yes. is the best!!

  13. nsfw says:

    For those in the States.
    Articles: EUR 245.82 (We don’t have to pay VAT)
    Shipping cost: EUR 62,80 (this is a shame. does anyone even trust amazon to ship this well across the pond?)

  14. Alex says:

    How do you got the price alerts? thanks. ciao

    • nsfw says:

      The easiest way is to add hundreds of box sets to your cart and then save for later. Now do this in every amazon country and re-visit every 8 hours. :-) Amazon tells you when items in your cart have changed price.
      Or…you can just visit this site every day. :-)

  15. Guy says:

    re. Bob Marley box – you mean 146 Euros, not £146!

  16. Jeremy says:


    I also noticed that Amazon Italy has the new 11-LP Bob Marley vinyl box set (standard, not deluxe) on sale for only £146. Another great deal!

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