Deal alert: R.E.M. / 7IN-83-88 box


7in-83-88 is an R.E.M. seven-inch vinyl box that collects the I.R.S. single releases over 11 vinyl records. It’s a lovely set, but has been over £80 for ages which I know has put many people off buying. Today it has finally had a price reduction on Amazon UK that makes it a more attractive proposition.

At the time of writing you can order this for £59 which for those in the US works out at around $77 plus shipping (it’s $110 on Amazon US at the moment).

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One response to Deal alert: R.E.M. / 7IN-83-88 box

  1. Guy says:

    Thanks for the heads up, but £59 (at the time of writing) is still too much for me personally. Now, if it were to drop to £40…

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