Deal alert / Rod Stewart vinyl box


Great price on Amazon UK for last year’s five-LP Rod Stewart vinyl box set.

This 180g vinyl collections contains Rod’s reputation building early solo albums – An Old Raincoat Won’t Ever Let You Down (1969)Gasoline Alley (1970)Every Picture Tells A Story (1971)Never A Dull Moment (1972), and Smiler (1974).

This is normally comes with around a £60 price tag but at the time of writing (1pm 2/7/15) it can be yours for £36 – little more than £7 per vinyl album! Better even that the previous deal and the lowest ever price!

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  2. richie says:

    I got my box from Amazon Italy for about the same price (£35) and believe it or not they deliver faster than Amazon UK!

    As for the sound quality – it is very, very good.

    As for Rod, I agree with Bill Z, Rod wasted his talent.

  3. Michael says:

    Great deal on Amazon UK today …Box set Vinyl for £35.99 plus £1.26 postage! Bargain..

  4. Andrea says:

    Just a word of warning, if it’s the same Universal/Back to Black pressing of other recent R.S. vinyl reissues (i.e. the 2-LP collection), the quality is awful. Noisy, distorted, compressed. In a word, awful.

  5. Bill Z says:

    People sometimes wonder why so many guys of my generation (I’m 59), speak disparagingly of Rod Stewart. Speaking personally it’s all about the squandered talent, and this box says it all. Those first four albums (arriving on the heels of his Jeff Beck Group work and coinciding with his tenure with Faces), are just magnificent. I’m not saying that everything that followed was dreck, but man, it was never close to the same. It’s all opinion of course…

  6. Leemer says:

    Wow! That sort of worked out to be about $65 with shipping to the US! That’s really quite good – the reasonable $12 to $13 range for an LP! Then I remembered that I already had 3 of those records and said “woh”! Time to troll my local used records shop and see what I can find.

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