Deal alert / Roger Waters Amused to Death 2LP picture disc


The long awaited reissue and remaster of Roger Waters 1992 album Amused to Death is due in July and this very special double LP picture disc edition is one of the formats on offer. You can save £15 on the Amazon UK price by ordering this today from Amazon France.

At the time of writing (8.30pm 9/5/2015) this is just £23 (€31) which is a bargain compared to the £38 from the UK site.

16 responses to Deal alert / Roger Waters Amused to Death 2LP picture disc

  1. Simon Harmsworth says:

    Mine arrived on the 1st, number 08060

  2. Just received an email from to inform me I will receive my copy next week.

  3. Dave says:

    Got my picture disc today. Number 03038. Just how limited is it?

  4. ThoSchu says:

    I got my picture disc today from amazon france. Ordered on 8th may.

  5. Simon Harmsworth says:

    Yes, same here. Annoying when there are lots of other sellers on there with stock offering it at much higher prices.

  6. I received and email from Amazon France yesterday saying they didn’t have any stock of the picture disc, and would let me know when they did, but had no estimate on when. This is after me placing my pre-order on the 9th May.

    Sadly, I’m lacking in my French arguing skills, so will see what happens. Anyone else who took advantage of the French offer get this email?

  7. Johnny Feathers says:

    Just a comment–I think it’s a little, er, “amusing” that the new art focuses so closely on the eyball motif, which his ex-band would do on the live “Pulse” set. Obviously not the same, but the similarity is there.

  8. richie says:

    I`ve ordered this but I am concerned about the playback of picture discs as compared to normal vinyl. Anyone any views?

    • thegreatelephant says:

      yeah, just look at them! consider them more as art and supporting the artist than for playback. think many do.

      • richie says:

        They do look good and £23 is a bargain. But music is for listening to so it`s the black vinyl for me when the price drops.

        As for supporting the artist, I reckon Roger will not mind being a multimillionaire.

        • thegreatelephant says:

          true enough. can’t argue with any of that. maybe better to say- supporting projects so others get done. and something decent to spend money on that is tangible and a ‘share’ that you control so to speak.

    • Thom says:

      There is a disclaimer on the Amazon UK detail page for this that states the quality of pressing for picture discs is lower than for ordinary vinyl, so my guess is that this won’t sound as good as the standard vinyl release. Nonetheless, at the price it’s going for on Amazon FR, it’s woth checking out.

  9. peter chrisp says:

    Very much looking forward to it cd and bluray edition should be great

  10. Justin C says:

    and me- thanks Paul!

  11. thegreatelephant says:

    nice bit of kit that. great album. i’m in.

  12. Alan Fenwick says:

    And ordered….

    Cheers Paul

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