Deal alert / Roger Waters: Amused to Death Analogue Productions 2LP

Really excellent deal for the Analogue Productions double vinyl edition of the 2015 reissue of Roger Waters Amused to Death.

The AP edition is pressed on two 200g vinyl records and has a high quality thick ‘tip-on’ gatefold jacket manufactured at Stoughton Printing and is superior packaging-wise to the very similar Sony edition (the records are identical). This was discussed in detail here.

Anyway, at the time of writing this is just £21 on Amazon UK which is a bargain and around half the price I paid for mine! For US fans this equates to about $27 (after VAT deductions). For comparison, the price on Amazon US is currently $55.


Track listing

1. The Ballad of Bill Hubbard
2. What God Wants, Part I
3. Perfect Sense, Part I
4. Perfect Sense, Part II
5. The Bravery of Being Out of Range
6. Late Home Tonight, Part I
7. Late Home Tonight, Part II
8. Too Much Rope
9. What God Wants, Part II
10. What God Wants, Part III
11. Watching TV (featuring Don Henley)
12. Three Wishes
13. It’s A Miracle
14. Amused To Death (feat. Rita Coolidge)


6 responses to Deal alert / Roger Waters: Amused to Death Analogue Productions 2LP

  1. Tim Johnson says:

    Up to 40.33 now. Missed out on that one!

  2. Hub Hamers says:

    And up to £31.57. Too late…

  3. John Ireland says:

    Now up to £23.03 but still a bargain.

  4. Pim says:

    Damn, I bought my AP copy last week for (I think) 30 pounds which I thought was a bargain already :-D

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