Deal alert / Simon & Garfunkel The Complete Albums Collection

The recently released and newly remastered 12CD Simon & Garfunkel Complete Albums Collection has been reduced by 25% on Amazon UK.

This set which includes all the duo’s albums plus the The Graduate soundtrack, four live albums and the greatest hits can now be picked up for around £45 having previously been over £60.

6 responses to Deal alert / Simon & Garfunkel The Complete Albums Collection

  1. Johnny says:

    …and those naff ‘white border’ sleeves…. I know it’s only a little thing in the grand scheme, but it always looks really cheap…

  2. Tom Gardner says:

    The price on Amazon UK has been as low as £39 but even at £45 its a bargain.

    The major attraction of this set is that this is, apparently, the first time the original stereo mixes on the first 4 albums have been remastered. Previous box sets feature remixed versions of the albums.

    Only negatives, for me, are the lack of original mono mixes and the bonus tracks available on the last set of re-issues not being included.

  3. Charles says:

    I recently picked up every one of their albums used and remastered from my local record store for a grand total of $26. My point being that this box set doesn’t reflect the price these are sold for, even brand new. It would still cost less getting them new, individually, than buying this at the moment, especially if you leave The Graduate out which is filler for sure. The Leonard Cohen box set has far more studio albums and is a lot cheaper, the price on this is confusing.

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