Deal alert / Stephen Stills: Carry On


Rhino’s impressive 82 track, four-CD Stephen Stills Carry On box set from 2013 is going VERY cheap on Amazon UK at the moment.

The impressive anthology which boasts an impressive 116-page booklet is a barely credible £16 at the time of writing when it’s normally between £30 and £40!


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  1. Eric says:

    £13.88 tonight, but with a 13-14 day delivery window. I don’t mind waiting, it’ll go nicely alongside the similar Graham Nash set “Reflections” on my shelf.

  2. John Dotters says:

    Just looked on Amazon now back up to £33 :(

  3. PeterJH says:

    I’d been watching this one for a long time hoping for a reduction in price. Missed the Amazon deal but marketplace even cheaper! I wouldn’t have minded the autorip though.

  4. Joachim says:

    Ordered carry on at marketplace and get it cheaper to germany than the 21,99 Euro at

    @Simon yeah, had the same though, even looked for the CSNY 1974 price. But all boxes are far to expensive.

  5. Simon Taylor says:

    £12.60 works nicely. Ordered. Shame the Crosby and Nash sets are still so expensive, would be nice to have all three.

  6. Hermen says:

    On it’s 21,99 euro’s. Really a bargain for this fantastic box set.

  7. Iain Hotchkies says:

    Yes, £12 also from one of the UK sellers. That DOES sound like a bargain, even if the lyrics to “Love The One Your With” still make me wince.

    “Well there’s a girl sitting right next to you
    And she’s just waiting for something to do”

    Ummm, OK…. well, THAT won’t land me in trouble with the police, will it?

  8. Dutchie says:

    Made my day! Thanks Paul!

  9. Jon Howells says:

    Nice one! Ordered!

  10. Steve says:

    Got it! Thanx Paul, good spot!

  11. Jim C says:

    Amazon stock disappeared as I tried to order but it is even cheaper from their Marketplace (around £11 + £1.26 postage!)

    • RJS says:

      Yes, the new copies on Marketplace represent excellent value. I always check out Markteplace before buying anything that’s already been released – you can sometimes get bargains, particularly from some US retailers such as ‘all your music’ (who normally deliver within 10 days).

  12. alan says:

    If you don’t mind waiting for US delivery its around £12

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