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We described the Meet The Beatles! Japan box set as a ‘costly curio for collectors’ in our review, but if you slash a third off the purchase price it’s then becomes a more attractive deal, and that’s just what Amazon UK have done.

This set is now £63 at the time of writing, which for an exquisitely packaged Japanese mini-LP CD box set of five discs is great value, believe me. It turns this set from a not-sure-I-can-really-justify-it proposition into a it-would-be-silly-not-to one. This appears to be the cheapest anywhere online and beats all other Amazon stores as well as sites like and CDJapan.

Meet The Beatles! Japan Box is out now.

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4 responses to Deal Alert / The Beatles Japan Box

  1. dudemeister says:

    The CDs in Fopp are the US editions – I picked up a few of them myself about a week ago, most seem to have gone up to £13 now.

  2. Jan Hansen says:

    Maybe this site should have a special place for deal alerts?

    • England says:

      It’s Friday and i’ve been to HMVs discount branch in Covent Garden (FOPP) and noticed that they are selling *some* of the Mono Japanese individual cds for £6 – so if you’re in London and quick…

  3. jason says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I nearly pulled the trigger on this a few days ago.

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