Deal alert / The Rolling Stones: Charlie is my Darling super deluxe

Charlie is my Darling is a Rolling Stones documentary that captures the band on tour in Ireland in September 1965. We see the band traveling, rehearsing, and clips of them performing songs on stage such as Get Off My CloudHeart Of Stone, and Play With Fire. This expanded five-disc super deluxe set was originally issued back in Autumn 2012 but on Amazon UK at the time of writing it’s less than HALF the price it was back then.

This Grammy winning set [Best Historical Album in 2014] contains a DVD / blu-ray of the director’s/ producer’s cut, two CDs and a vinyl LP. At the time of writing it’s an incredibly low price of just £33, but be warned it’s unlikely to stay that way for long.




6 responses to Deal alert / The Rolling Stones: Charlie is my Darling super deluxe

  1. Ken07 says:

    Luckily, picked this up for £33 last friday – well pleased. Thanks Paul & SDE.

  2. Peter says:

    Yes, back up to £66.

    Got to put on record, appreciation to Paul and this site.

    Information around “deals” has saved me a fortune,

    The above, Nils Lofgrin, T-Rex, and a good few others.

    Great stuff, cheers

  3. Mirko Roenicke says:

    I bought it for 37 pounds including shipping to Germany.Now is it for around 66,12 without shipping.

  4. Paul Wren says:

    Now showing on Amazon as £53 plus £1 postage.

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