Deal alert / The Who: Vol.1: the Brunswick Singles 1965-1966


The forthcoming Brunswick Singles box set from The Who contains eight seven inch vinyl singles and is the first in a planned series of four Who limited edition box sets. On Amazon UK this box is currently priced at £66 but if you pre-order from Amazon Germany you can save almost 50% on that price.

Act now to secure this set for a superb price of £36, which means each seven-inch single is costing you £4.50 and of course you get a nice ‘lid-and-tray’ outer box and a colour booklet with liner notes. This set will be released on 6 April 2015.

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Volume 1: The Brunswick Singles 1965-1966.

1. ‘I Can’t Explain’ 2.04 b/w ‘Bald Headed Woman’ 2.08

Brunswick 05926. Released 15 January 1965

2. ‘Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere’ 2.40 b/w Daddy Rolling Stone 2.46

Brunswick 05935. Released 21 May 1965

3. ‘My Generation’ 3.15  b/w ‘Shout and Shimmy’ 3.15

Brunswick 05944. Released 25 October 1965

4. Circles 3.10 b/w Instant Party Mixture 3.26

(Bruns 05951) Unreleased at the time

5. ‘A Legal Matter’2.47 b/w ‘Instant Party’ AKA CIRCLES 3.10

Brunswick 05956. Released 7 March 1966

6. ‘The Kids Are Alright’ 3.03 b/w ‘The Ox’ 3.47

Brunswick 05965. Released 12 August 1966

7. ‘La-La-La Lies’ 2.13 b/w ‘The Good’s Gone’ 4.01

Brunswick 05968. Released 11 November 1966

8. Bonus disc

‘Zoot Suit’ 1.59 b/w ‘I’m The Face’ 2.33

(Fontana) Fontana TF 480. Released 3 July 1964 Released as The High Numbers



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4 responses to Deal alert / The Who: Vol.1: the Brunswick Singles 1965-1966

  1. Mirko Roenicke says:

    Thank you for the news.

  2. Ravi says:

    It’s available on Amazon Canada for ~£33 ($63CDN)

  3. randy layton says:

    well, it’s only 60 here in the U.S. and using current conversion rates for both the UK and Canada quotes given here, that’s about five bucks more. Plus shipping much less!

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