Deal alert / The Who: Vol.1: the Brunswick Singles 1965-1966


The forthcoming Brunswick Singles box set from The Who contains eight seven inch vinyl singles and is the first in a planned series of four Who limited edition box sets. On Amazon UK this box is currently priced at £66 but if you pre-order from Amazon Germany you can save almost 50% on that price.

Act now to secure this set for a superb price of £36, which means each seven-inch single is costing you £4.50 and of course you get a nice ‘lid-and-tray’ outer box and a colour booklet with liner notes. This set will be released on 6 April 2015.

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Volume 1: The Brunswick Singles 1965-1966.

1. ‘I Can’t Explain’ 2.04 b/w ‘Bald Headed Woman’ 2.08

Brunswick 05926. Released 15 January 1965

2. ‘Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere’ 2.40 b/w Daddy Rolling Stone 2.46

Brunswick 05935. Released 21 May 1965

3. ‘My Generation’ 3.15  b/w ‘Shout and Shimmy’ 3.15

Brunswick 05944. Released 25 October 1965

4. Circles 3.10 b/w Instant Party Mixture 3.26

(Bruns 05951) Unreleased at the time

5. ‘A Legal Matter’2.47 b/w ‘Instant Party’ AKA CIRCLES 3.10

Brunswick 05956. Released 7 March 1966

6. ‘The Kids Are Alright’ 3.03 b/w ‘The Ox’ 3.47

Brunswick 05965. Released 12 August 1966

7. ‘La-La-La Lies’ 2.13 b/w ‘The Good’s Gone’ 4.01

Brunswick 05968. Released 11 November 1966

8. Bonus disc

‘Zoot Suit’ 1.59 b/w ‘I’m The Face’ 2.33

(Fontana) Fontana TF 480. Released 3 July 1964 Released as The High Numbers



4 responses to Deal alert / The Who: Vol.1: the Brunswick Singles 1965-1966

  1. randy layton says:

    well, it’s only 60 here in the U.S. and using current conversion rates for both the UK and Canada quotes given here, that’s about five bucks more. Plus shipping much less!

  2. Ravi says:

    It’s available on Amazon Canada for ~£33 ($63CDN)

  3. Mirko Roenicke says:

    Thank you for the news.

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