Deal alert / T'Pau: Bridge of Spies 3-disc super deluxe edition

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T’Pau‘s three-disc super deluxe of Bridge of Spies  is very cheap on Amazon UK today…

This 2CD+DVD edition of the album, that features hit singles China in Your Hand, Heart and Soul, Sex Talk and I Will Be With You, is just £18 at the time of writing (11pm GMT, 20/1/16). That’s almost £10 cheaper than normal.


Disc: 1

  • 1. Heart And Soul
  • 2. I Will Be With You
  • 3. China In Your Hand
  • 4. Friends Like These
  • 5. Sex Talk
  • 6. Bridge Of Spies
  • 7. Monkey House
  • 8. Valentine
  • 9. Thank You For Goodbye
  • 10. You Give Up
  • 11. China In Your Hand – Reprise
  • 12. Heart and Soul (Single Version)
  • 13. China in your hand (single version)
  • 14. Sex Talk (live)
  • 15. On the Wing
  • 16. No Sense of Pride
  • 17. Giving My Love Away
  • 18. Still So In Love
  • 19. Thank you for Goodbye Rides Again

Disc: 2

  • 1. Heart and Soul US Radio Edit
  • 2. Heart and Soul Remix
  • 3. Taking Time Out (Live Scottish Centre 29/10/87)
  • 4. Bridge of Spies (Live Scottish Centre 29/10/87)
  • 5. Monkey House (Live Scottish Centre 29/10/87)
  • 6. You Give Up (Live Scottish Centre 29/10/87)
  • 7. China In Your Hand (Live Hammersmith Odeon March ’88 )
  • 8. Heart And Soul (Live Hammersmith Odeon March ’88)
  • 9. Sex Talk (Live Hammersmith Odeon March ’88
  • 10. Walk Away Rene
  • 11. I’m A Believer
  • 12. Heart and Soul (Dance Mix / 4 Twelve Mix)
  • 13. Heart and Soul (Beats and Rap)
  • 14. Heart and Soul (Dub Mix)
  • 15. Monkey House
  • 16. You Give Up
  • 17. Only One Dream (Friends Like These)
  • 18. Maggie

Disc: 3 (DVD)

T’Pau Live in concert – Hammersmith Odeon, March 1988

  • 1. Thank you For Goodbye
  • 2. Monkey House
  • 3. Bridge of Spies
  • 4. Arms of Love
  • 5. Heart and Soul
  • 6. Sex Talk
  • 7. I Will Be With You
  • 8. You Never Notice Me
  • 9. Valentine
  • 10. China In Your Hand
  • 11. Time Will Tell

Promo Videos

  • 12. Heart and Soul
  • 13. China In Your Hand
  • 14. Valentine
  • 15. Sex Talk (live)
  • 16. I Will be With You
  • 17. Bridge of Spies


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7 responses to Deal alert / T'Pau: Bridge of Spies 3-disc super deluxe edition

  1. dennis f. says:

    was t’pau really that big an act in her/their day? i only recalll “heart and soul” being a big hit here in the states… perhaps back in europe?

  2. Anthony Oxley says:

    Its a quadruple platinum selling album in the UK, I love this album, and waited a long time for this reissue, its very well done, and great to have all the mixes in one place, and the videos and gig on the DVD are very welcome too.

  3. Frank says:

    Back in the 80s i only owned a self recorded cassette of this album. I bought the super deluxe edition at release date at jpc for 25 euros and its really fine.

  4. Mike says:

    Worth buying i bought from a us reseller for less, but great.

  5. Paul Brown says:

    Aw C’mon Paul! Again wasn’t interested initially due to what I thought was a high price, have now duly ordered it thanks to your alert…speaking of which how do I turn off the alert!!?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Ha! I know your comment was a bit tongue-in-cheek, but it’s easy to turn the alert off if anyone ever wants to. You just open the email with the last newsletter and click ‘update subscription preferences’ which is right at the bottom :)

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