DEAL: Motorhead / The Complete Early Years 15CD box set

motor_deal2 A ludicrously big price-drop (nearly £100!) for a slightly ludicrous box set, this Motörhead The Complete Early Years has never been cheaper. Housed in the unique Motörhead case are eight albums on CD (Japanese-style vinyl replicas), seven CD singles and a seven-inch vinyl record. It also comes with a limited edition Pete Frame Family Tree, a 300-page Motorhead Collector’s Guide and an 84-page Concert Programmes Photo Book with exclusive content. This set has been over £300 in the past but if you’re quick fans can snag it for less than £74.

15 responses to DEAL: Motorhead / The Complete Early Years 15CD box set

  1. GLENN ODIN says:

    It’s back to the cheap price…10 copies remaining be quick!!

  2. Voldemar says:

    Mine was dispatched today.

  3. Christopher says:

    Does anyone got his boxset sent yet ???

    • Steve says:

      No…mine hasn’t arrived yet but my order at the “Deal” price was accepted by Amazon which they should… hopefully honour?

  4. Craig says:

    Damn, too late !

  5. Jim Galvin says:

    Even Lemmy says to stay away from this because it was overpriced

  6. Si says:

    Now jumped back up to £171.28 ouch … Well done to fans whom got in early …

  7. emanuele says:

    Thank you!!!

  8. Simon F says:

    Heck, I’ve been looking at this for like forever. Should I buy?, should’nt I? Well I’ve finally done it. Is it a rip-off. Well yes if you already have all the albums. But I’ve only got a couple of the 45’s, plus the No Remorse set on double vinyl in it’s original leather sleeve, so I’m very happy to take this on board. Excellent stuff! Christmas has come early!!!!
    Cheers Paul.

  9. Boaz says:

    I really want this box, but I wonder about the sound quality of the CDs. The remasters are loud and compress… dose this box uses the same?

  10. DP says:

    Thanks Paul! Just ordered. !00 bucks is a great deal!

  11. Si says:

    Thanks Paul for the info on this one, a massive drop indeed, i am a fan, but usually way too expensive … So thank you!

  12. Voldemar says:

    Ordered. Thanks a lot!

  13. Christopher says:


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