DEAL OF THE DAY: Level 42 / Running In The Family Super Deluxe


Update 09:00 7/12/13 Amazon seem to have some more in stock!

Update 18:00 6/12/13 – As some have mentioned in the comments, this is now unavailable again, so clearly sold out at the cheap price. If you were quick off the mark you may have got lucky!

Level 42‘s Running In The Family Super Deluxe Edition was one of the 25th anniversary reissues back in October 2012.

The four disc box set (3CDs and a DVD) went out of print VERY quickly, and many were caught out and missing out on the opportunity to own this super deluxe set. Since that time it has be very hard to find for anything like a reasonable price, regularly being sold for well over £100.

The good news is that for some reason Amazon seem to have these back in stock at the current time, at something approaching ‘normal’ pricing (£45). Whether Universal have done another production run, remains to be seen.

And we know Amazon are shipping because we ordered one and it has now despatched! So if like SDE you were caught out the first time, don’t hesitate, because who knows how long the stock or pricing will last.

13 responses to DEAL OF THE DAY: Level 42 / Running In The Family Super Deluxe

  1. Johan Erikson says:

    It seems this is now available again. Got me one last week!

  2. Rob C says:

    I’m confused…it appears on Amazon DE but I can’t order it? I need a bit of help here. Thanks!

  3. James says:

    Is this the Level 42 – Hokey Cokey? IN – OUT-IN-OUT
    Well folks, looks like is back in stock again at £45.99 (Early sat morning UK time).

  4. Tom says:

    What a shame that it went out of print so quickly. I’m glad that I purchased it early but even I thought it would be in print for some time. I seem to pre-order a lot of items now, something I never did before.

  5. Rob C says:

    Not available…again :(

  6. paolo says:

    just checked . no signs of it

  7. Neil says:

    1 new from £96.75

  8. Dave says:

    Nope, no sign of it on any of those links – nor on the Universal site either. Puzzling!

  9. pinkfloyd says:

    it was available an hour ago…

  10. Tim H says:

    Hmmm…no sign of it on…

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