DEAL OF THE DAY: Paul Simon / Complete Albums Collection


We looked a this 15-CD Paul Simon Complete Albums Collection box when it was released back in October and concluded that despite the very nice packaging and the unarguably great music within, at around £90 you should be looking to get a bit more for your money.

Well the good news is that this is now available on Amazon UK for only £57 which suddenly makes this solo career-spanning set a much more attractive buy. It’s our deal of the day!

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One response to DEAL OF THE DAY: Paul Simon / Complete Albums Collection

  1. Mike Ruggieri says:

    I’ve also loved Greatest Hits, Etc, because of the inclusion of the two previously unreleased songs “Slip Slidin’ Away”, and “Stranded in a Limousine”. Plus, the non “hit” songs “Something So Right” and the live version of “Duncan”.

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