Out This Week / 8 January 2016

David Bowie / Blackstar

David Bowie follows up 2013’s The Next Day with ★ (pronounced ‘Blackstar’), a new seven-track long-player that promises experimentation and ‘jazzy’ leanings. Read more

John Williams / Star Wars Ultimate Soundtrack Collection

Timed perfectly with the mega-success of The Force Awakens, Sony Music Classical are releasing an two Star Wars soundtrack box sets. These come in 11LP vinyl and 10CD+DVD configurations. Read more

The Wedding Present / Hit Parade 2LP vinyl edition

Double coloured 180g vinyl edition that compiles The Wedding Present‘s Hit Parade 1 and 2 compilations.

LA Guns / Hollywood Vampires (expanded reissue)

Californian hard rockers LA Guns see their 1991 album, Hollywood Vampires, reissued and remastered with five live bonus tracks including two new-to-CD.

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