SDE Top 10 bargain deluxe editions

Fed up for spending big bucks on deluxe sets? Here’s an SDE Friday treat for you… ten recent deluxe sets (including Bowie, Dylan, etc.) that won’t break the bank

Bad Company (2CD Deluxe)

Bad Company‘s debut was re-released just six months ago with a generous bonus disc of demos and studio outtakes, eight of which were previously unreleased. It’s now about half the price it was then.



Emerson Lake & Palmer / Trilogy (2CD+DVD)

Unbelievable value for ELP‘s Trilogy reissue from earlier this year. Two CDs and a DVD with bonus tracks, stereo mixes and surround sound for under a fiver!!


Wings / At The Speed of Sound (2CD Deluxe)

This ‘democratic’ Wings album has always been something of a fan with some fine vocal contributions from the other band members. This is another bargain and the deluxe of course comes with a bonus disc of demos including Led Zeppelin‘s John Bonham playing on a version of Beware My Love.



Bob Dylan and The Band / The Basement Tapes Raw (2CD)

The Bootleg Series Vol 12 has just been announced of course, but the ‘Raw’ two-CD version of Bob Dylan and The Band‘s The Basement Tapes is a snip.



David Bowie / Nothing Has Changed (2CD)

There is arguably no better way to spend £4.50 than to pick up the double-disc version of David Bowie‘s Nothing Has Changed hits collection. A massive 49 tracks all remastered and this edition has the best cover by far!

Supertramp / Crime of the Century 2CD Deluxe

Last year’s deluxe reissue features the remastered album on disc one and Supertramp Live at Hammersmith Odeon in 1975 on disc two.



Wet Wet Wet / Picture This 2CD

This two-CD deluxe edition of Wet Wet Wet‘s 1995 album isn’t even out yet, but you can pick it up for less than £7 on Amazon UK.



Paul Simon / So Beautiful Or What (CD+DVD)

This deluxe edition of Paul Simon‘s 2011 studio album adds a DVD with a ‘making of’ documentary plus a promo video and live performance.



Fleetwood Mac (expanded)

Not a double-disc set, but this expanded edition of the Fleetwood Mac album still boasts five bonus tracks including the single version of Rhiannon.



Kylie Minogue / Kiss Me Once CD+DVD

Once upon a time you could have paid £17 for this deluxe of Kylie‘s last album. Now you can pick it up with the bonus DVD for less than £4!


29 responses to SDE Top 10 bargain deluxe editions

  1. Mike says:

    My second copy from hmv in the 17 quid sale last year may yet be a wise investment!

  2. Phil Wilson says:

    The Hurting box set goes for over £80 at least now on ebay. How limited was the 7″ that came with initial copies ordered online? I seem to think it was 500, and have one of them.

  3. Joe Wiz says:

    Most of these (Dylan, Wings, ELP) are exactly the same price at HMV at the moment as part of our crazy deals. The discount is obviously supplier wide.

  4. William says:

    Do you have any idea if we will get a limited re-release of the hurting box set by tears for fears?, it was deleted quite quickly and there is still demand for it

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Don’t think there are any plans. Wouldn’t say it was deleted *that* quickly, but it is OOP as you say.

  5. William says:

    Regards UK & the Joshua Tree they really did drop the ball on that by not including ‘wild Irish rose’ on it from the Joshua tree sessions, no idea why they didn’t include it but it’s probably the best traditional sounding song U2 have ever produced, I hope they look again at a deluxe release but I think rattle and hum may get revisited and also the vastly underrated and often overlooked ‘Pop’ which they have spoke about remixing and re-releasing

    • Andrew Richards says:

      WRT U2/Pop remixing – chunks of that were remixed for the 90-00s compilation so that might be as much as it’ll get. Not that I’d complain if it were all redone…

  6. Highlander says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the ELP Paul. Even though I’m in the US, it is still a good deal. I’m going to pick up the surround version of Gavin Harrison’s latest too, “Cheating The Polygraph”.
    This new “Top 10 Bargain” posting is a nice addition to your fine site, appreciate it!

  7. Steven C says:

    Paul – I have a question for you… Along the lines of cheap Deluxe/Super Deluxe Editions:
    A couple years before they began releasing single album Super Deluxe Editions for $149.99, U2 released Super Deluxe Editions of albums like War, Joshua Tree, etc. I bought each for about $32.99 US or less and there was a decent amount of content. in 2015, what is your take on these? A incredible value that would fetch more in today’s super deluxe market? Or do you feel they match their price tags and need to be re-done??

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I reckon they’ll redo The Joshua Tree for it’s 30th… the timing was such that they ‘missed out’ on earning more money via a bigger, more lavish SDE (e.g. Achtung Baby).

  8. Gary K says:

    Any US bargains on this stuff? It would be nice to show any of those also.

  9. Scottyboy says:

    Songs From The Big Chair 2CD Deluxe Edition is currently £7.99 @Amazon.

  10. adam shaw says:

    Great info Paul ,
    but it makes you feel like youv been done for paying full price for some of these discs not that long ago .
    Ah well , we must have this stuff when it comes out , dont we !

  11. Gary C says:

    Any interest in vinyl? Amazon UK have the recent Steeltown reissue on vinyl for £12

  12. Phil Wilson says:

    Number 11. Faith No More – The Real Thing Deluxe Edition 2CD set is £5.99 on amazon currently, although Angel Dust is still £12.99

  13. Jim says:

    the Amazon page for the Bowie album has The Next Day Extra in the ‘Frequently Bought Together’ section for £5.57.

    • Stan Butler says:

      Cheers Jim for The Next Day Extra shout.
      Didn’t want to spend £20 to get free delivery so bought it off Marketplace ( dodax-online.com) for £5.46 incl. P&P.

  14. Paul burt says:

    cheers Paul keep this kinda info coming… most useful!

  15. Rob Deighton says:

    You can pick up the Bowie 2CD Best Of in ASDA at the moment for £5 which is still cheaper than Amazon if you don’t have a prime account or nothing else to make it upto £20 for free shipping ;-)

  16. AKICKUPTHE80S says:

    Great new feature, thanks

  17. Frank says:

    Thanks Paul :-)
    BTW – Tears for Fears Seeds of Love – Super Deluxe this year ?

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