Top 10 Songs for: Mother’s Day

Mother / John Lennon

John Lennon’s brutally honest account of his largely motherless childhood opens 1970’s Plastic Ono Band album. In fact the album is bookended by songs about mothers, ending as it does with My Mummy’s Dead. This version is from Live In New York City with a nervous looking John Lennon concentrating on his piano chords.

Mother’s Little Helper / The Rolling Stones

Mother Stands For Comfort / Kate Bush

The only song from side one of Hounds of Love not to be a single in the UK, this track features the distinctive tones of German bass player Eberhard Weber.

Mothers Talk / Tears For Fears

Not the inferior US Remix, but the balls-out album version. Whatever you think of ‘eighties production’ it didn’t get much better than this, and a great song to boot.

Mother / Pink Floyd

From Pink Floyd’s The Wall, of course. The album version features Jeff Porcaro on drums rather than Nick Mason. This, however, is the live version.

Mama Weer All Crazee Now / Slade

Only Mama Knows / Paul McCartney

A highlight from 2007’s Memory Almost Full. This is one of the best live performances of the song from Later with Jools Holland (UK TV), with Paul looking particularly dapper.

Mama / Genesis

 Look Mama / Howard Jones

Howard’s silly hair phase. A UK top ten hit in 1985, from Dream Into Action.

Mother’s Pride / George Michael

Actually the b-side to the excellent Waiting For That Day single, Mother’s Pride got much airplay in 1991 due to the situation with the Gulf War. Still relevant today in that respect.

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One response to Top 10 Songs for: Mother’s Day

  1. jjosh says:

    -MAMA, Annie Lennox
    -MAMA, Spice Girls
    -PROMISE TO TRY, Madonna
    -WHO WOULD IMAGINE A KING, Whitney Houston
    -NO MORE CRY, The Corrs

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