#ZTT30: Close (To The GRAMMY)


Gary Langan’s GRAMMY, photographed by Gary Langan for SDE

“I was persona non grata”

In an extract from an exclusive interview with SuperDeluxeEdition Art of Noise member Gary Langan recalls when the band were nominated for a GRAMMY award in 1987 for Peter Gunn. By this stage Gary had left the band and relations has soured to the extent that he wasn’t invited to the awards…

Gary Langan: “I was producing Spandau Ballet. I was doing “Through the Barricades” and I was in Munich in Germany. We’d been put up for a Grammy and because I was still persona non grata, I wasn’t invited out to LA to go and pick up the Grammy, if we won it!  And we did win it! It got sent to me in this brown cardboard box with these Chinese instructions on how to put it together!  Because I was with Spandau at the time, they made this mock ceremony in the bar of the hotel we were staying in and I had my own little awards ceremony in Munich at the Arabella House Hotel.”

The full interview with Gary Langan will be published exclusively on SuperDeluxeEdition later this week as part of our #ZTT30 celebrations.

2 responses to #ZTT30: Close (To The GRAMMY)

  1. g man says:

    look forward to it mate, having my own ZTT celebration all week over at https://www.facebook.com/events/428709717262378/429360477197302/?notif_t=like ALL INVITED :)

  2. Newmusicmark says:

    Wow. Didn’t know him leaving was such a big deal. Can’t wait to read the read the full interview.

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