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907 responses to Get in touch

  1. Philip Cohen says:

    There’s now a tentative date for Charly Records’ reissue of “Small Faces-The Autumn Stone”, but it’s in April (not March as compiler Rob Caiger promised). There’s a page on, but they are not accepting preorders, nor is there any tracklisting.
    In other news, some of Cherry Red’s forthcoming boxed set product can (at least at this point) only be ordered from Cherry Red’s website. Hopefully, will also be selling these products, because Cherry Red’s shipping charges are quite high, and they don’t subtract the UK VAT for non-UK customers. These forthcoming boxed sets include “Procol Harum-Still There’ll Be More”, a 5-CD/3-DVD set(Released late March), and Chris Squire-Fish Out of Water”(a 2-CD, 2-DVD, 1-L.P., two 7″ vinyl singles set) to be released Late April. The Squire set contains new and original stereo mixes, a 5.1 surround mix by Jacko Jacksyk, and the Chris Squire/Alan White single “Run With The Fox” b/w “Return of The Fox”, which appears(on vinyl & CD) only in stereo. One of the DVD’s contains the surround mix, and the other contains promo videos and an interview(which was originally included on Sanctuary’s CD + DVD edition). As per what Chris Squire told an interviewer many years ago, the “Fish Out of Water” sessions did not produce any unreleased material. Clearly, Cherry Red’s “Esoteric” label has done everything possible with the album. Presumably, the surround mix is either Dolby Digital or DTS, since Cherry Red never offers high resolution audio.

  2. Robert says:

    On the 9th of February Legacy Recordings will release a new greatest hits album of Toto “40 Trips Around The Sun”. “Alone” is one of the three new songs on this album.

    There is also going to be a picture disc, with on side A “Hold The Line” and on side B “Alone”.

  3. mino says:

    Paul!Dolores O’Riordan is dead!

  4. Robert says:

    Are there any technical problems at this site ? I have tried to post a comment, but it doesn’t show up …

  5. spot says:

    Captain Beefheart – Sun Zoom Spark: 1970 to 1972 Limited 4LP Box is just 21,99 GBP right now:

  6. Mike says:

    Two new Garfunkel SACD releases on Vocalion:

    • Philip Cohen says:

      Unfortunately, in SDE’s most recent attempt to reconfigure this forum, a large percentage of the posts which appeared here over the years have been permanently lost. I’m not sure that it’s worth the effort to post anything further.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        I was responding to regular reader requests to improve comments by starting with the latest at the top. Nothing has been lost.

  7. Dajong says:

    Great deals on at the moment. Buy 3 pay for 2 on selected items (music, films, video games). There are some great Boxsets in this offer like Sweet, Donald Fagen, Phil Collins, E.L.O., Leonard Cohen etc..

  8. Aaron says:

    Thoughts on this kate bush remix? Was surprised by how much I liked it myself!!

  9. Pete F. says:

    I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere yet – There’s a new 2 CD Rezillos complete recordings compilation coming out on March 2nd according to Amazon (the US site has full track listing) :

    It looks like it’s being done right this time with no tracks omitted from the live album and all the single versions and b-sides included.

  10. gwynogue says:

    Donna Summer’s “Singles…Driven By The Music” box set currently £33 – that’s virtually HALF price!

  11. Philip Cohen says:

    Compiler Rob Caiger has now posted (on a social networking site) a partially obscured page from “Shindig” magazine, which describes Caiger’s proposed expanded 50th anniversary reissues of Small Faces’ “The Autumn Stone” & “Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake”. What these CD’s & L.P.’s will offer(that is, IF they are released) is somewhat underwhelming….an instrumental jam and some alternate single mixes.
    I won’t be worried over whether these CD & L.P. reissues happen or not. I long ago made my own expanded “The Autumn Stone” CD-R set (using mostly Caiger’s remasters from Sanctuary, Charly & Universal Music CD’s, eliminating all fake stereo mixes that had been presented on the original 1960’s 2-L.P. set), and I created a more than acceptable bonus disc of related rarities.
    So, the fans have waited four years to (maybe) get product that has little new content.
    There’s too much great upcoming archival product coming in 2018, to obsess over this. In 2018, we’ll see archival product from The Beatles, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, and “50th Anniversary” product from Jethro Tull & Yes.

    • Robert says:

      @Philip Cohen

      First I like to say that I enjoy your posts on this site. You mentioned that there will be “archival product” from John Lennon. Do you have any more details ?

  12. JohnC says:

    Phil Collins Take a Look At Me Now set is £8 in Morrisons. How low can this set go??

    • Philip Cohen says:

      But, the Phil Collins set is probably the newer version with the Disc One’s only, I.E. without the live recordings and demos.

  13. gwynogue says:

    Johnny Mathis “Voice Of Romance” currently £277.38 on Amazon UK – that’s down from an eye-watering £451.28!

  14. DaveM says:

    Paul, look out for the Japanese Macca SHMs arriving as mine came today, in an A5 box (not the usual CDJapan flatish box). The fact they came straight through without additional charge is a huge bonus..

  15. dajong says:

    Great vinyl deals on Some The Cure, The Police, Nirvana, Supertramp, The Who… Albums for 10 €.

  16. wesley mc dowell says:

    Ian mc nabb,s new studio album is available to pre-order from his website

  17. Anthony Crotty says:

    Amazon uk is selling the 7 cd box set fairport convention first ten years

  18. Philip Cohen says:

    “Immediate Records” compiler (and Charly Records executive) Rob Caiger is (once again) claiming that he’s working on “Immediate Records” archival projects, but should he be believed anymore? The last time that Caiger was able to complete and issue any “Immediate Records” archival projects(I.E. CD’s with previously unreleased songs, versions or mixes) was four years ago. (I don’t count verbatim vinyl reissues of original 1960’s L.P.’s)
    Now being hyped: Expanded multi-disc CD & L.P. editions of the Small Faces compilation “The Autumn Stone”, a multi-disc “50th anniversary” vinyl reissue of “Small Faces-Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake”, and a boxed set of some sort by Billy Nichols.(Charly has the complete set of multitracks by Billy Nichols, though whatever originally unreleased materials that they contain were long ago issued by Nichols himself, albeit from original, mostly mono 1960’s mixes).
    As for whether Rob Caiger gets anything released during 2018, his credibility is on the line.

  19. Philip Cohen says:

    2-CD + DVD sets by The Pretty Things and Atomic Rooster coming from Repertoire/Uk in February. The audio material is from the BBC, and the video material is from Germany’s “Beat Club”

  20. Philip Cohen says: started shipping the corrected “Disc one” for “The Yardbirds-Yardbirds ’68” today. I had to e-mail them 3 times before they finally replied. The faulty first pressing had a brief silent gap towards the end of the song “Over Under Sideways Down”.

  21. Philip Cohen says:

    “Chris Squire-Fish Out of Water” Several Deluxe editions, due Spring 2018 from the “Esoteric” label. These will include a 5.1 surround mix by Jacko Jakczyk. the most deluxe edition will also include a vinyl l.P.

  22. Aaron says:

    Procol Harum – Still There’ll Be More – a limited edition 8 disc anthology spanning 1967-2017 will be released on 23 March 2018

    • Philip Cohen says:

      Further info on the Procol Harum 8-disc box. The set, which will be released by the “”Esoteric” label, opens with 3 CD’s of hits and album tracks, though nothing unreleased. CD’s 4 & 5 have previously unreleased concerts. The 6th, 7th & 8th discs are DVD’s containing material from the BBC and Germany’s “Beat Club” & “Beat Workshop” shows. Some of this material was recorded but never actually broadcast. The “Beat Club” material that was broadcast is now presented in its “pure” form; without the gimmicky added visual effects that “Beat Club” often added when performances were originally aired.

  23. Philip Cohen says:

    What do you want first; the good news or the bad news? The Good News: Universal’s limited (1000 sets) 4-CD set “Motown Unreleased 1966” started shipping on the 18th of December.
    The bad news: Warner/Rhino’s limited (4500 sets) 3-CD expanded edition of “More of The Monkees” has now been subject to a second postponement, and customers won’t receive it until sometime early next year. I’ll believe that this set is real, only when it is in my hands.

  24. John says:


    Belinda Carlisle The Vinyl Collection 1987 – 1993 (Amazon Exclusive Edition) [VINYL]Collector’s Edition, Limited Edition, Box set

  25. Aaron says:

    Heard a rumor about a reissue of the Yes album Fly From Here. Called Fly From Here – Return Trip. With lead vocals by Trevor horn, remixed by horn and with an unreleased track…anyone heard of this one?

    • Neil says:

      There is confirmation of it here There is one suggestion on there that they were thinking of rerecording it with Jon Davison please don’t let that happen.

      • Aaron says:

        Pretty happy about this if it happens. I think fly from here is actually a good album, especially the title track suite and with Trevor horn singing it can only be better. Would love a new album too mind you. And if it comes out at the same time as ARWs album then all the better!!

  26. Aaron says:

    Now this is “cool”

    Rick Parfitt ” Over and Out” will be released on March 23 2018. Will be released on CD, Vinyl and special collector’s edition CD which will feature the album in both the “finished form” and the original “raw” band mix.

    Includes overdubs by Queen’s Brian May and Muse’s Chris Wolstenholme as well as Rick Parfitt Jnr, and John “Rhino” Edwards and Alan Lancaster.

    In a related note…I once had an argument with a friend that Rick Parfitt’s son was in The 60ft Dolls…he did not believe me and claims it was a different guy with the same name…anyone know for sure??

  27. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Slightly off topic, those of a certain age may have heard TV star Keith Chegwin has died. You may remember Cheggars Pkays Pop or indeed Naked Jungle (I know I do..!)

  28. Aaron says:

    Cherry red are reissuing Jon and vangelis pages of life remaster in Jan. Great news for those of us who didn’t pick it up first time around

  29. Philip Cohen says:

    The 8th of December deadline for creating copyright extension releases of unreleased 1967 recordings has passed, and this is the outcome: The only “copyright extension” releases were two Beach Boys collections, “Sunshine Tomorow 2”, a 29-track collection of session material(largely “Track + Background vocals” mixes) and “Live Sunshine”(six 1967 concerts presented in their entirety,plus rehearsals). So far, these Beach Boys collections have only been offered as “Lossy” data-reduced MP3 or AAC downloads. As for Bob Dylan, there is no further unreleased 1967 material. “Motown Unreleased 1967” went into limbo because of legal clearance issues on 2 or 3 of the intended 92 songs. And “Experience Hendrix” opted to allow all of Jimi Hendrix’s unreleased (but already bootlegged) 1967 recordings to enter UK/Europe public domain. It is a decision that they may come to regret.

  30. Philip Cohen says:

    9th of March is release date for “Both Sides of The Sky”, the first posthumous Jimi Hendrix studio album since 2013’s “People Hell & Angels”. The new disc will have 13 songs, 10 of them previously unheard songs. This disc inaugurates Experience Hendrix’s new licensing deal with Sony Musc.

  31. EW99 says:

    A new Felt re-issue project is available for pre-order. First five albums available on vinyl or as CDs in deluxe boxes with a 7″ single and lots of bumph. Ignite The 7 Cannons remixed and Let The Snakes Crinkle Their Heads To Death retitled.

  32. Dominic says:

    Was wondering if we might discuss Super Deluxe Editions we’d (still) like to see coming in 2018? A few personal favourites (with potential to add hard-to-find mixes and additional material) below.

    1. Hopefully Grace Jones ‘Living My Life’ (arguably the best of the Compass Point albums) will come in the next 12-18 months.

    2. The much-neglected Madonna back catalogue could really do with special editions, particularly ‘Like A Prayer’ (30 years old in 2019), & ‘Ray Of Light’ (20 years old in 2018) and ‘Music’ (2000). I know she’s not one to look back, but really think she should crack open the vaults and blow off the dust. Have a listen to the William Orbit-produced version of Abba’s ‘Like An Angel Passing Through My Room’ (recorded as a demo for ‘Music’).

    3. Scritti Politti ‘Cupid & Pysche’. Still sounds extraordinarily bright and airy.

    4. She may be off the pop radar, but like Madonna, Janet Jackson’s Jam & Lewis era albums have been much-neglected. ‘Control’ and the still sparklingly good ‘Rhythm Nation 1814’ could do with repackaging.

    5. The Beloved’s ‘Happiness’ & ‘Blissed Out’. If you’ve never played ‘Love Takes Me Higher’ (Calyx of Isis Mix) you’re missing out. The album came in three versions; vinyl (8 tracks), CD (11 tracks) and most annoyingly the MC (16 tracks). Most of these mixes hard to find.

    6. Electribe 101’s ‘Electribal Memories’. The 1990 originals all such bad pressings! The Frankie Knuckles & Larry Heard mixes and dubs are sublime.

    7. Boy George at his most interesting with Jesus Loves You’s ‘The Martyr Mantra’. Plenty of incredible and creative mixes floating about that should be heard again. If you ever need an instant lift on a crap day just give ‘Bow Down Mister’ (Nayana Banana Govinda Goulash Mix) a spin; joyous.

    What else?

  33. Aaron says:

    Any Stephen King / Soundtrack / Box Set fans out there? Got something for you here…it looks pretty cool too…

    Varese Sarabande has announced the full details of the Stephen King Soundtrack Collection. The 8-CD set features 2-CD deluxe editions for the 2003 horror thriller Dreamcatcher directed by Lawrence Kasdan featuring the film’s expanded score composed by James Newton Howard (The Hunger Games, Maleficent, King Kong, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) and the post-apocalyptic mini-series The Stand starring Gary Sinise, Rob Lowe, Molly Ringwald, Ray Walston, Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis featuring the show’s expanded score by W. G. Snuffy Walden (The West Wing, Friday Night Lights) who received an Emmy nomination for his score. Also included is a reissue of the soundtrack album for 1984’s Firestarter starring Drew Barrymore featuring original music by Tangerine Dream (Legend, Risky Business), as well as the first-ever commercial release of the score for the 1997 mini-series The Shining on three discs featuring music by Nicholas Pike (Return to Me, Captain Ron). Visit the label’s official website to order the box set, which is limited to 1500 copies.

    Here’s the track list of the album:
    Disc One:
    1. Main Titles (2:47)
    2. Finding The Keys / Be Careful (2:15)
    3. Accident / To The Cabin (2:03)
    4. Gathering Wood / Remembering Duddits (1:01)
    5. Memory Warehouse (0:35)
    6. Toasting Duddit (0:53)
    7. Saving Duddits (2:56)
    8. Finding Rick (1:50)
    9. Animal Exodus (3:43)
    10. The Bathroom / What Is It? (3:55)
    11. Weasel Kills Beaver (5:43)
    12. Military Moves In (1:06)
    13. Scout’s Honor (2:43)
    14. Becky Bleeds (1:14)
    15. Weasel Attacks Pete (3:32)
    16. Jonesy And Gray Debate (5:00)
    17. Henry Returns To The Cabin (4:20)
    18. Boys Find Josie (4:19)

    Disc 2:
    1. I’m That Monster (3:50)
    2. Gray Kills Pete / Trucker (2:37)
    3. Jonesy Gets Files (2:10)
    4. Soldiers Find Henry (2:27)
    5. Reading Curtis’ Mind (0:45)
    6. Henry Tells Owen (2:49)
    7. Owen Rescues Henry (1:08)
    8. Jonesy Calls Henry (2:06)
    9. Picking Up Duddits (2:54)
    10. Killing Trooper (1:06)
    11. Duddits Tells Story (3:27)
    12. Curtis Takes Chopper (3:18)
    13. Curtis And Owen Battle (2:55)
    14. Owen Dead (2:06)
    15. Mr. Gray Go Away (3:35)
    16. Duddits and Mr. Gray (2:40)
    17. It’s Over (0:37)
    18. End Credits (5:37)


    Disc 3:

    1. Crystal Voice (3:13)
    2. The Run (4:53)
    3. Testlab (4:04)
    4. Charly The Kid (3:58)
    5. Escaping Point (5:13)
    6. Rainbirds Move (2:36)
    7. Burning Force (4:24)
    8. Between Realities (3:01)
    9. Shop Territory (3:19)
    10. Flash Final (5:19)
    11. Out Of The Heat (2:33)

    The Shining:

    Disc 4 (Night #1):
    1. Main Titles – Night #1 (1:55)
    2. Flashback (1:23)
    3. Hello / Nice Day For Croquet (Tied) (2:03)
    4. Tire Slash Time / Time To Play (3:26)
    5. Memory Of Dad (5:14)
    6. Scary Stop Sign (2:19)
    7. Read Between The Lines (1:37)
    8. A Scary View (2:02)
    9. The Hotel Waits / Comin’ To Get Doc / Lend Me A Hand (4:33)
    10. Danny Holds Back (2:14)
    11. That’s How It Is For Me (1:06)
    12. Give Me A Holler (1:53)
    13. The Lonely Wind / The Picture Changes / What’s So Sweet About It? (2:24)
    14. Alone (2:00)
    15. A Near Fall (2:09)
    16. No Sale (1:40)
    17. Safe As Safe Can Be / There Is No Tony (2:31)
    18. Night Nest / Freeze You Bastards (2:45)
    19. End Credits – Night #1 (0:54)

    Disc 5 (Night #2):
    1. Main Titles – Night #2 (2:00)
    2. How Did He Break His Arm? (1:35)
    3. The Usual Suspects (2:49)
    4. Behind The Door (5:40)
    5. Are You Gonna Hurt Me? / What Does Redrum Mean? (3:02)
    6. Please Stay (1:56)
    7. Dollhouse Mallet / Into The Room (6:17)
    8. Dad On The Radio / That Was Close (5:19)
    9. A Key Is Missing (2:29)
    10. Boy On The Stairs (1:56)
    11. Not My Shade (0:58)
    12. I’m Not Seeing That / Trapped (2:30)
    13. They’re After Danny (3:36)
    14. End Credits – Night #2 (0:53)

    Disc 6 (Night #3):
    1. Main Titles – Night #3 (1:49)
    2. Someone Got Their Fuse Blown (5:04)
    3. That’s Not The Problem (1:44)
    4. Dad In The Window / Where There’s A Will (4:56)
    5. Drive Through The Snow (2:23)
    6. Girl With A Knife / Interfering Again (2:27)
    7. It’s A Drag (2:49)
    8. Nothing But Spooks / Unmask (5:07)
    9. Batter Up / Run And Hide (1:50)
    10. Between The Eyes (3:37)
    11. Here’s Jack (2:31)
    12. What’s Been Forgotten (2:57)
    13. Take Your Medicine (4:29)
    14. What Could You Know? (2:29)
    15. Dump It (2:09)
    16. Think The Party’s Over (3:04)
    17. All’s Well That Ends Well (3:38)
    18. End Credits – Night #3 (0:53)
    19. Main Titles – Night #1 [Mix 1] (1:57)
    20. Hello (0:17)
    21. Nice Day For Croquet (1:34)
    22. They’re After Danny [Mix 1] (3:24)
    23. Main Titles – Night #3 [Mix 1] (1:49)
    24. What Could You Know [Mix 1] (2:28)

    The Stand:

    Disc 7:
    1. Project Blue (1:33)
    2. The Dreams Begin (2:07)
    3. On The Road To Kansas (3:56)
    4. The Trashman In Vegas (1:57)
    5. Headin’ West (1:55)
    6. Larry & Nadine (The Rejection) (2:38)
    7. Mother Abigail (3:10)
    8. “Sorry Mister, I Don’t Understand” (Tom & Nick Meet) (2:53)
    9. Mid Country: By The Stream (3:21)
    10. Mother Greets The Multitudes (1:25)
    11. M-O-O-N…That Spells Suicide (2:12)
    12. “One Will Fall By The Way” (3:43)
    13. Beginning Of The End (3:21)
    14. The Stand (3:45)
    15. Tom & Stu Go Home (2:33)
    16. “Ain’t She Beautiful” (6:00)

    Disc 8:
    1. Escaping (2:06)
    2. Streets Of New York (0:53)
    3. Trashy And The Dark Man (1:24)
    4. Sewing The Canvas (1:27)
    5. Corn Fields (2:06)
    6. Locked Up (2:03)
    7. New York No More (3:51)
    8. The Funeral (2:58)
    9. Leaving Mother Abigail’s (1:43)
    10. Las Vegas (3:14)
    11. Nadine Seduction (1:55)
    12. Table Talk (5:44)
    13. Boulder To Vegas (3:07)
    14. Trashy Lights Up (1:56)
    15. Nadine’s Dream (2:51)
    16. Captured (2:06)
    17. War Preparations (3:25)

  34. Philip Cohen says:

    Two Beach Boys “copyright extension” download releases coming on the 8th of December: “Sunshine Tomorrow 2″(29 studio tracks from the “Wild Honey” & “Smiley Smile” sessions and the simulated “live album” sessions at Wally Heider’s Studio). Also, “Live Sunshine” which contains 109 concert tracks from seven 1967 concerts in five American states. Presumably, these are mostly or entirely from the November 1967 mono soundboard tapes, recorded shortly before the release of the “Wild Honey” album. They have all circulated unofficially with full sound quality. The main fault in these concert recordings isn’t the sound quality, but rather the group’s ragged performances.

  35. Aaron says:

    Neil Young’s archive site went live today? Anyone have any initial thoughts so far?

  36. Philip Cohen says:

    Preordering has begun at Udiscover Music, for the “Physical Product'(I.E. CD release) of the various artists “Motown Unreleased 1966”, which is 4-CD set. Only 1000 sets will be pressed, which seems, perhaps too limited, considering that 1966 was, arguably Motown’s greatest year. As for “Motown Unreleased 1967”, whose finalised tracklisting has yet to be announced, it will be, at least initially download-only.

    • Andy P says:

      But not available to customers in Europe? Only listed on the US store and no shipping option for anywhere in Europe.

  37. Philip Cohen says:

    The first fruits of Cherry Red’s aquisition of numerous artist catalogs from Warner Music will arrive in January with the reissue of Curved Air’s “Air Conditioning” & “Air Cut”. “Air Conditioning” will be expanded to a 2-CD set with previously unreleased session outtakes & BBC sessions. “Air Cut”(recorded by a mostly different line-up including future “UK” & “Jethro Tull” member Eddie Jobson) won’t have bonus tracks, however, it will be the first CD release taken from the (until recently) long-lost master tapes (Previous CD releases were dubbed from vinyl)

  38. Yani P says:

    Lots of talk on the site always about the quality of specific recordings and formats.
    Very interesting database covering dynamic range

  39. Aaron says:

    any reason why John Lennon Live In New York City or Menlove Ave albums have never been reissued?

    Live in NYC would make a great CD/DVD (or Blu Ray) set…

    • Philip Cohen says:

      The “Live in New York City” video has never been offered on DVD or Blu-ray because of long-term hostilities between Yoko Ono & the members of Elephants Memory. This situation also causes the “Elephants Memory” album (Produced by John & Yoko) to be one of only two non-Beatles “Apple Records” albums never to appear on CD. The other album is an ABKCO-owned film soundtrack album called “Come Together”(no relation to the Beatles song of the same name, and no Beatles involvement whatsoever).

  40. Robert says:

    Are you going to make an unboxing video for the Eagles deluxe edition of “Hotel Carlifornia” ?

  41. Aaron says:

    Amazon has a new listing for David Bowie’s Peter and the wolf on cd. Another classic. Any news on this?

  42. Aaron says:

    Guess what? Andrew Ridgley’s Son Of Albert remastered and expanded edition coming from cherry red in January!!

  43. John B says:

    Who knows what happened to The Who Live at Leeds Deluxe 3LP Vinyl complete concert reissue from last year? Vanished almost as soon as it appeared. Now there’s a reissue of the original release, who cares?

  44. Aaron says:

    Anyone know why Elton John’s leather jackets has never been reissued? I mean i know it’s crap but it’s better than Victim Of Love! I believe it was even meant to be reissued along with VOL, the fox etc a few years back but it was pulled at the last minute…it’s the only one of his albums I don’t have now! Several of the b sides from the period are not that bad too. That’s my left field choice for a remastered version for 2018!!

    • Philip Cohen says:

      When the late producer/engineer Gus Dudgeon was supervising Elton John expanded/remastered CD’s, he said that he felt that he would not be within his rights to expand or remaster those Elton John albums that he had neither engineered nor produced, and wouldn’t expand or remaster those albums without permission from producers Clive Franks or Chris Thomas. Dudgeon didn’t live long enough to ask Franks or Thomas. Sadly,Dudgeon and his wife died in a car accident.
      The job of expanding and remastering Elton’s back catalog albums was left one-third incomplete.

      • Aaron says:

        Didn’t Dudgeon produce leather jackets though? i thought he did

        • DaveM says:

          @Aaron, he did, but I doubt there will have been an urgency to remaster it as there is so little love for it, even I believe from Elton himself. I doubt it will ever be remastered and reissued in the future either. If you want to copy on CD, suggest you bag one on eBay, where you can get one for less than a tenner. Worth the price for Slow Rivers alone.

      • Jimmy Jones says:

        So Philip, The Yardbirds 68 CD wasn’t cancelled as mentioned above.

        Is there any already created Elton John 5.1 mixes unreleased? GBYBR is the only one to be released on Blu-ray but the five or six titles released on SACD sounded really good in 5.1. It’s a pity more weren’t released.

  45. Philip Cohen says:

    I just received the “Yardbirds ’68” 2-CD set from Jimmy Page’s website. The live and studio tracks are newly remixed. Unfortunately, there is a digital drop-out(a momentary silent gap) near the end of “Over Under Sideways Down” on the live disc. I’m waiting to see if there will be a corrected pressing.

  46. Philip Cohen says:

    A 50th anniversary boxed set of concert recordings by “Chicago” is under development at Rhino, and it will include the group’s performance at the 1970 Isle of Wight festival. The compiler’s prediction of a December release is unlikely, but more likely early in 2018. The set will be offered on both CD & vinyl.

  47. Philip Cohen says:

    Like many, i had doubted that the “Iconoclassic” label still existed, since it seems like years since they’ve released anything. But, with a tentative 15th of December release date, the label returns with an expanded 2-CD edition of “American Woman”, the 3rd album by the Canadian band “The Guess Who”, from 1969.
    The first disc has the original album plus single edits, unreleased songs and alternate takes. Disc Two will contain the album “The Way They Were”. That album, originally released to complete the group’s recording contact after their 1976 disbandment, is a shelved 1970 album recorded between “American Woman” & “Share The Land”, recorded shortly before the group fired guitarist/songwriter Randy Bachman. This began a lengthy,ugly feud (played out in the music press) between Bachman and lead singer/keyboardist Burton Cummings.

  48. Aaron says:

    Is there a way to jump straight to the bottom of this page without having to scroll all the way down? It takes ages on my phone and ipad!!

  49. Aaron says:

    Cherry red doing a great deal for all Yes fans. You can pick up all 8 of Billy Sherwood’s recently reissued solo albums for 50 quid plus you get a signed postcard. Might have to take them up on the offer!

  50. Philip Cohen says:

    Preordering for the first-ever “physical” release (CD) of one of Universal’s “Motown Unreleased” copyright extension collections will begin 15th of December. “Motown Unreleased 1966” preordering will be available at the Classic Motown site.

  51. michael59 says:

    there will be a picture disc 10″ vinyl release on record store day black friday next week of falco’s “der kommissar”, celebrating its 35th anniversary release in 1982. the ep will include not only the title track but also 5 other songs, including the rare canadian/american release of his biggest hit “rock me amadeus”. you can find a first picture of this release here:

  52. Liam Bastick says:

    Might want to tell people about the signed Manics deals before they all go (wasn’t it all over in two hours last time?). for details (decided to bag mine for passing on the info, lol).

  53. Aaron says:

    Lou Reed – Live In Italy been reissued tomorrow
    John Cale – Honi Soit reissued in January

  54. Philip Cohen says:

    In January, Warner Music will release several expanded editions of the self-titled album by Fleetwood Mac(the group’s first with Stevie Nicks & Lindsay Buckingham). Predictably, the 3-CD + DVD edition will include a surround sound mix, predictably I say, because the surround version was mixed many years ago(circa 2002), but not released because Warner Music abandoned the DVD-Audio format. Warner has been holding the surround mix on the shelf, so why not use it? This clears Warner’s shelves of vintage Fleetwood Mac surround mixes.

  55. wesley mc dowell says:

    Can anyone give me a list of all athlete,s non album tracks?That would be great.very under rated band I feel.

  56. Aaron says:

    another interesting release for 10cc fans…Listen People – The Graham Gouldman Songbook 1964-2005 (out on Dec 8th)

    1. That’s How (It’s Gonna Stay) – the Mockingbirds
      2. Bus Stop – the Hollies
      3. For Your Love – Larry Williams & Johnny Guitar Watson with the Stormsville Shakers
      4. I’m Twenty Eight (Getting Nowhere) – Toni Basil
      5. Evil Hearted You – the Yardbirds
      6. Look Through Any Window – Gary Lewis and the Playboys
      7. Pamela Pamela – Wayne Fontana
      8. Tallyman – Jeff Beck
      9. Listen People – the Outsiders
      10. I’m Gonna Take You There – Dave Berry
      11. The Cost of Living – the Downliners Sect
      12. People Passing By – High Society
      13. The London Look – Herman’s Hermits
      14. Uncle Joe the Ice Cream Man – the Mindbenders
      15. Behind the Door – Cher
      16. No Milk Today – Graham Gouldman
      17. Have You Ever Been to Georgia – the Peddlers
      18. I’m Not in Love – Dee Dee Sharp
      19. The Things We Do for Love – 10CC
      20. Heart Full of Soul – Rush
      21. East West – Morrissey
      22. Right Between the Eyes – Wax UK
      23. Treachery – Kirsty MacColl
      24. I’ve Got You – McFly

  57. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Tony Hadley (ex Spandau Ballet) has done a duet with … Jane McDonald! Poor bugger must need the money…

  58. Philip Cohen says:

    As you may recall, when Universal Music bought EMI, Universal were required to immediately divest themselves of parts of EMI, so that Universal would not control more than 40% of the worldwide market for recorded music. So Universal sold “Parlophone Label Group” to Warner Music. Essentially, Parlophone Label Group was all of EMI’s UK recordings except The Beatles, the Lennon, Harrison & Starr 1970-76 solo recordings and the “Virgin” label.
    Less well known is that Warner Music was required to, within 3 years of acquiring Parlophone, to divest themselves of one-third of the artist catalogs of Parlophone Label Group. Some EMI/Harvest & RAK Records recordings were sold to Cherry Red Music. Now, it has become known, that in July 2016, that most of Chrysalis Records(excepting Blondie & Jethro Tull) was sold to a group of 3 businessmen led by Chrysalis Records co-founder Chris Wright, who intends to revive the label with new artist signings. Incidentally, the origins of the name “Chrysalis” was a variation on parts of the names of CHRIS Wright & (record producer) Terry ELLIS (CHRIS-ELLIS, hence “Chrysalis”)
    All of the recordings which Warner Music sold off were sold by auction. Incidentally, Warner Music sold off some recordings that had always been part of Warner Music. Recordings by Howard Jones, Curved Air & Chris Squire were sold to Cherry Red.

    • Aaron says:

      Heard that cherry red had bought Chris squire’s output. Do you know if that just includes the 2 solo albums? Or also the conspiracy albums and anything else?

  59. Aaron says:

    New Steve Hackett live box coming early next year. Wuthering Nights: Live In Birmingham. Available as a 2 cd/2 dvd digipak and also stand-alone blu ray. Looks pretty great actually. Lots of tracks from wind and wuthering. Cool cover and title too!!

  60. Aaron says:

    In case anyone is interested there is a new Cliff collection next week called Stronger Thru The Years. Bit of an odd track listing so maybe not the usually selection of the hits. Someone with more knowledge than me will know what it’s all about. Always liked a wee bit of cliff (mainly 50s to 80s singles) but not enough to actually pick up any albums…Still, you can’t argue that he had didn’t have some great hits…

  61. Aaron says:

    Hey Paul…quick suggestion. You could do a post telling us what you be on your wish list for next year and also open up comments for your readers for what we would most like to see get the SDE treatment or reissued in 2018…

  62. Len Read says:

    Star Wars : A New Hope 3LP box set announced
    The original motion picture soundtrack of composer John Williams’ score to be released in December

  63. SimonP says:

    Not sure if you’re a fan, Paul, but I have just pre-ordered the DE of Thomas Lang’s debut album from Cherry Red (26 bonus tracks!).

    I believe Sam Brown did backing vocals on some of the tracks…

  64. Philip Cohen says:

    A mail order 3-CD deluxe edition of the Monkees’ 2nd album “More of The Monkees” to be released 15th of December by Rhino. 90 tracksa(56 of them previously unreleased) including demos, alternate mixes, remixes and live recordings.

  65. Philip Cohen says:

    I realise that there are now fewer CD pressing plants than there once were, but when an independant record company is taking preorders (and charging customers) 3 months before the intended release date, there is certainly adequate time to secure the services of a CD pressing plant.
    But, nonetheless, “The Yardbirds-Yardbirds ’68” compilation(of remixed live and studio tracks) from was supposed to be released today) was postponed.

  66. Aaron says:

    New Neil Young album out dec 1st called The Visitor…for once it’s a pretty cool cover!!

  67. Aaron says:

    New Macca track included in this short video…includes sections of Standing Stone and previously unreleased track Botswana…sounds like it could be off McCartney II or Fireman to me…

  68. Philip Cohen says:

    Too bad that SDE didn’t want to believe me when I tried to post, to bring these new Beatles vinyl releases to your attention. Numerous online forums shut down or deleted discussion threads pertaining to forthcoming Beatles “product”. Perhaps it’s a fear of incurring the wrath of Universal Music.

  69. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Sainsbury the supermarket (not the Lord) are to become a record label

  70. Philip Cohen says:

    Universal Music of Japan will be pressing another batch of The Beatles SHM-CD discs for release December 6,2017.

  71. Philip Cohen says:

    Unfortunately, on the internet, there are some dishonest scoundrels who will list limited edition items for preorder, knowing that they are not an authorised seller and that they don’t (and won’t) have access to the product.
    You are cautioned not to try ordering the Bruford boxed set(or anything) through the seller “Pop Market”. They don’t (and have never) had the product. Their response to my e-mail inquiry: they couldn’t verify my billing address. The address is where I have lived continuously since 1962, and it is the address that I supplied in my one previous purchase from the company.
    Before offering a limited, numbered edition product for preorder, an internet merchant should ask the manufacturer if they are willing to supply the product. If the answer is “No”, then the internet merchant has no business accepting preorders. The dishonesty of Pop Market has cost me the ability to ever have the Bruford box in my collection. Lying to the customer is not the answer. The lone Ebay seller offering the Bruford boxed set is in Japan, and is scalping the product at two and a half times its intended selling price.

    • Philip Cohen says:

      Bill Bruford has announced a second pressing of his “Seems Like a Lifetime Ago” boxed set, to be available in January 2018. The seller will be the Uk dealer “Burning Shed”.

  72. Philip Birtwistle says:

    Got my Bruford box, number 1106.

  73. Jim Sykes says:

    Amazon is about to open in Australia, speculation has it before the end of the year. No news officially, especially on what product categories it will start with but one would expect books and music will be in the mix. Our market is ripe for a shake up, especially in the sort of products featured on this site. One hopes for some really great deals in the early days so readers might like to keep an eye open.
    Paul, might I suggest that you look to include in your price widget once it is up and running.

  74. Philip Cohen says:

    It is apparent that, for whatever reasons, the Bill Bruford CD/DVD boxed set “Seems Like a Lifetime Ago” was not released. Neither Bruford’s authorised UK dealer(Burning Shed) nor his authorised U.S.A. dealer(Pop Market) was ever able to supply it to anyone. Neither was any other dealer. We will see if a re-scheduled release date is announced.
    While I did order it from Pop Market, and I’m somewhat disappointed to not have it in my collection, nobody else was able to obtain it either. So be it.

    • Andy P says:

      Not sure where your info comes from, Philip. Mine is currently on it’s way from Burning Shed and there are a number of posts on various forums/Twitter from people who have received their copy. It was a limited edition of only 2000.

      • Philip Cohen says:

        When I last checked, Burning Shed showed it out of stock, but I’ll check again. If Burning Shed now shows it available, I’ll have to try ordering it froim them. doesn’t have it.

        • Andy P says:

          Unfortunately I think you will find they are now sold out of the limited edition. Early bird carches the worm!

          • Philip Cohen says:

            If Bruford’s record label couldn’t supply the customers who preordered 1 to 2 months in advance, then the limited edition was too limited. Hopefully, the music and remixes will appear on some unofficial download site. By the way, Burning Shed lists it as out of stock.

  75. Aaron says:

    New Green Day Best of coming Nov 17th.

    Greatest Hits: God’s Favorite Band – all the big hits, decent cover and a couple of new tracks makes this look pretty good to me…although it would have been good if they’d found space for the non album singles like Saints Are Coming and When Its Time…
    1 2000 Light Years Away
    2 Longview [Explicit]
    3 Welcome to Paradise
    4 Basket Case
    5 When I Come Around
    6 She
    7 Brain Stew [Explicit]
    8 Hitchin’ A Ride
    9 Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) [Explicit]
    10 Minority [Explicit]
    11 Warning
    12 American Idiot [Explicit]
    13 Holiday
    14 Boulevard of Broken Dreams [Explicit]
    15 Wake Me Up When September Ends
    16 Know Your Enemy
    17 21 Guns
    18 Oh Love
    19 Bang Bang
    20 Still Breathing
    21 Ordinary World (feat. Miranda Lambert)
    22 Back in the USA

  76. Philip Cohen says:

    Charly Records executive and “Immediate Records” compiler Rob Caiger is (again!) saying that he’s assembling an expanded edition of the Small Faces’ 1969 compilation “The Autumn Stone”, but be cautioned that Caiger has been saying that for 3 years. All “Immediate Records” archival activity (I.E. involving remixing and previously unreleased versions) halted after a 2014 expanded 2-CD edition of Small Faces’ U.S.A. compilation “There Are But Four Small Faces”. Caiger has steadfastly denied that there are any legal obstacles to resuming “Immediate Records” archival activity, and, of late, he has claimed that he has many other artist and label catalogues to work with at Charly.
    Caiger now promises a 3-L.P. & 3 or 4-CD edition of “The Autumn Stone”, and while it won’t be released this autumn, it will be released “within 3 months of autumn”. We shall see, but be cautioned that whatever unreleased material Caiger adds will (Likely) be alternate mixes, remixes and alternate backing tracks. Most of the group’s unreleased songs had been issued within a year of the group’s 1969 disbandment. Remember: only four albums were released during the group’s existence, and one of those four (Decca’s “From The Beginning”) was (at best) a contractual obligation or (at worst) assembled and released without the group’s consent.
    In other news, a professional recording of a 1966 Small Faces concert has been found, but complex legal issues make its release unlikely. Too bad, since it contains a few never before heard Small Faces original compositions. The tape is apparently not held by Rob Caiger.

  77. Aaron says:

    Phil Collins box set coming of all 8 studio albums but without the bonus discs. Not sure who this is aimed at…seems a bit pointless to me!!

  78. Dominic says:

    In NZ, but thankfully my delightful Mum popped down to Sainsburys for me for the two new Madonna coloured vinyls. Quite like the democracy of these releases and also enjoying that it is getting up the noses of the collectors’! Out of interest anyone got any idea what other releases came out at the same time as the two Madonnas? Thanks D

  79. Philip Cohen says:

    Compiler Andrew Sandoval recently completed the mastering for a 3-CD mail order edition of The Monkees’ second album “More of The Monkees”, hopefully for release by Christmastime. When that edition is released, it will leave only “Pisces Aquarius Capricorn & Jones Ltd.” & “Changes” without a 3-CD edition. There is nothing that can be added to “Changes” beyond what was added to the 1-CD edition, because the multitrack tapes are missing. To many, “Changes” is not a true Monkees album, but rather a Davy Jones/Micky Dolenz album, and a contractual obligation at that. The late Mr.Jones disowned the album.

  80. Peter Muscutt says:

    I saw there was a Black Friday Record Store Day coming up in November, which might be of interest?

  81. Aaron says:

    there is another one of these Elvis with Philharmonic Orchestra doh-dahs coming this year…standard CD, Deluxe CD and vinyl…here is the track listing for the deluxe:

    Christmas with Elvis and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
    1 Santa Claus Is Back In Town
    2 White Christmas
    3 Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)
    4 Merry Christmas Baby
    5 Blue Christmas
    6 I’ll Be Home for Christmas
    7 Winter Wonderland
    8 Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me)
    9 Silver Bells
    10 Oh Little Town of Bethlehem
    11 O Come All Ye Faithful
    12 The First Noel
    13 Silent Night
    14 (There’ll Be) Peace In the Valley (For Me)
    15 I Believe
    16 Take My Hand, Precious Lord
    17 It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)

  82. John says:

    The Carpenters Vinyl Box Set available before Christmas featuring 12 albums in their original form. Also includes the booklet that was available with Singles 1969-73.

    The Sound Of Vinyl has this at £249.99 on pre-order but not on Amazon yet

  83. Tony Orwell says:

    paul mccartney coloured vinyl lots are mow available to pre order

  84. Philip Cohen says:

    Expect another “Motown Unreleased” copyright extension download release at the end of the year, according to UK-based Motown historian/compiler Keith Hughes(posting at the Soulful Detroit forum). The upcoming release(1967 recordings), presently being mixed and compiled, will likely contain even more songs than the 1966 collection(itself equivalent to a 4-CD set). Furthermore, Hughes hints that the “Motown Unreleased” series will eventually be released on CD. That would be good, because I opted to not buy the 1966 collection. It was priced quite high; higher than an equivalent “Physical Product”.

  85. Aaron says:

    Tell me it’s not true! Mike Love is releasing a double cd on November called Unleash The Love. Not sure if it’s a new studio album, live album or old unreleased tracks…. any info at this stage?

    • Aaron says:

      Would actually like a reissue of all 3 of his Celebration albums, Almost Summer, Celebration and Disco Celebration. I had the first 2 but the 3rd is so rare that I’m not sure it was ever officially released, but have always wanted to hear the California girls disco remake so hear if it is bad as I think it is! Maybe a box set one day and throw in looking back with Love but I seriously doubt that will ever happen!!

  86. Aaron says:

    The essential Ray Parker jr coming soon with the Searchin for the spirit 12 remix of the ghostbusters theme appearing for the first time ever on cd!! Reason enough to pick up if you ask me!!

  87. Mar Wolfgang says:

    The world seems to have a need for more Madness compilations –

  88. Philip Cohen says:

    10th of November sees the UK release of “Sweet-Sensational Sweet:The Wild Bunch 1971-1978” a 9-CD set from RCA, that covers the group’s complete (originally) released recordings with original lead singer Brian Connolly. Disc 9 is entirely devoted to BBC sessions, most of them previously unreleased. Also included are all the songs from the albums “Funny Funny How Sweet Co-Co Can Be”, “Desoltation Boulevard”, “Sweet Fanny Adams”, “Strung Up”, “Give Us a Wink”, “Off The Record” & “Level Headed”, plus numerous B-sides, alternate mixes and takes and demo recordings by guitarist Andy Scott.

  89. Aaron says:

    Johnny Cash Unearthed box set available on vinyl for first time ever. 9 LP box coming on November 3rd and it looks beee-a-u-tiful!!!

  90. TomM says:

    I don’t know where else to post this bit of news. Bananarama fans in the U.S. should keep their eyes open. It looks like the trio will be announcing U.S. tour dates as soon as tomorrow, October 10th.

  91. Rich Z says:

    Paul — leaving feedback here re SDE Week In Review email as I don’t see another place on SDE to comment on topics other than a specific “story.”

    I really like today’s (8 October 2017) SDE Week In Review email with its single page “Top Stories This Week” visual and brief description providing me an effective overview and an easy direct link to the story I choose to read or may have missed.

    Perhaps this visual element and Week In Review overview format could be integrated into the SDE website as an alternative to or expansion on the right-hand side navigation bar of reverse chronological text/title-only links

    For example, creating a Week In Review category under which each week in review email (or equivalent) could be accessed could be very effective as one mode of time-centric search for SDE content/coverage.

    Similarly, you may want to consider other potential such Categories that could enable effective and more productive and efficient search for and discovery of relevant content: off top of my head, these might include such Categories as Unboxings, Music Labels, Music Artists, Music Formats, Books, Picture Discs, Retailers, Countries, Images Of Paul Kicking Back, and such and so on.

    The current right-hand navigation bar is due to take the next step, I think. …You know, in the service of enhanced customer experience and all that.

  92. DaveH says:

    Next XTC CD/Blu-ray to be released in November will be ‘Black Sea’ If you’re in the UK, Sky Arts are broadcasting a new documentary on the band which is available On Demand.

  93. Matthias says:

    Paul McCartney “Flowers in the dirt” Super Deluxe Edition is only Euro 87,66 at the moment on Amazon Italy.

  94. Murray Robbins says:

    Dear Paul,

    Are you aware of the issues surrounding BluRay Disc 23 of the King Crimson Starless SDE?

    The disc are turning a sick nicotine like yellow colour and will not load properly.
    There are links on the DGM live forum as to how one can order a replacement.
    Following instructions from the helpful moderator Alex, I emailed the incredibly responsive Bartosz in Poland who has confirmed shipment of a replacement for my faulty disc.
    Even though I had evidence of my purchase some three years ago, he took me on trust. Great service!

    I thought this might be worth flagging up to the community.

    Thanks for all your hard work. I’m guessing you are getting fed up of playing “Heroes”!

    Here is Bartosz’s email:

    Best Murray

    • Philip Cohen says:

      As I recall, I got my corrected “Disc 23” through an e-mail address at Panegyric, the label that released the set. As for the bad first pressing, for a while, it was still playable on SOME Blu-ray players, but now can’t be played on any player. Luckily, the corrected disc plays fine to this day.

  95. David McCallum says:

    Matt Johnson back in action with Radio Cineola sets:

  96. Aaron says:

    ELO Wembley Or Bust cd/dvd coming soon. Looks like multiple formats available

  97. Philip Cohen says:

    It’s been a pretty disappointing year for fans of Jimi Hendrix. This year’s only CD release was a mail-order CD of 1965 Curtis Knight live recordings(with Jimi Hendrix as sideman).
    Experience Hendrix(the Hendrix family company) recently renewed their license to Sony Music, but they have no new product with which to launch that new contract. Japanese sites are listing a forthcoming DVD titled “American Landing”, but given the performance date, it is simply a re-titled reissue of the Monterey Pop Festival performance. The already available DVD & Blu-ray discs use all of the existing film footage. All of the songs were audio recorded, but “Can You See Me” was not filmed, and the one film camera still operating ran out of film towards the end of “Purple Haze”. There is nothing that could be added beyond what is in the previous release.

  98. Philip Cohen says:

    So, the legitimate “The Rolling Stones-On Air” BBC sessions collection is to be, after all. Released 17th of November, it will be offered in 1-CD, 2-CD & 2-L.P. editions. The artwork has been revealed(see the IMWAN site), but, so far, no tracklisting. Oddly, this release will not be from ABKCO or Rolling Stones Records, but, rather from Polydor. Go figure.
    While there was roughly two and a half hours of 1963-65 Rolling Stones BBC session recordings, only 50 minutes of it has circulated(unofficially) with full fidelity.
    Perhaps the reason to keep the tracklisting secret, is to stop UK public domain labels from assembling a musically identical compilation. but, undoubtedly, Polydor’s collection will have better, or at least, more consistent sound quality.

  99. Erik says:

    Hello Paul, Fantastic website and thank you for having created it!!! I wish I had your job. Can you tell me anything about these current projects, “Carpenters Vinyl Box Set” or Kool & The Gang’s “Forever Deluxe Edition” ?? Also, do you know if anyone is working on the freestyle girl group “Sweet Sensation” remasters? Thank you for your time and really, I wish I had your job.

  100. Philip Cohen says:

    I’m not asking SDE to reveal any big secrets, but have we seen announcements of all of the major artist boxed sets and archival releases for the remainder of this year?
    I know that that an official audio or video release of 1960’s Rolling Stones broadcasts was under development at ABKCO, but now it seems not to be, despite the publishing of a “Companion” book..

  101. Aaron says:

    Rick Wakeman- the Journey: the Essential 3 disc best of set coming soon. Focuses on the early records but track listing looks not bad

  102. Leo says:

    I have tried to buy three David Bowie boxsets at They have an offer ‘3 for 2’.
    As only two items could be bought from, the third one had to be bought from a
    third party and than the offer does not work. Pretty useless offer made by

  103. Robert says:

    I don’t know if this is true, but this is bad news for Tom Petty fans :

  104. Alan Blevin says:

    Paul you need to publicise the Heroes disaster on the new Bowie box.In all formats at 2min 50sec of the song the sound level drops dramatically.Amazon have been refunding a 10-20% of the cost of the box to anyone who gets in touch and have removed it from sale in some Amazon’s.I don’t want a refund,I want Parlophone to fix it and give me a free replacement copy of the album.
    This would be the biggest,most inexcusable stuff up I have ever seen in 50 years of collecting music.Also check all the Amazon review pages for the box.

  105. Auntie Sabrina says:

    HMV are doing a “2 for £25 on Selected Vinyl” at the moment on up to 70 titles

  106. Philip Cohen says:

    “Alan Parsons Project -Eye in the Sky” boxed set has been postponed until 1st of December. The process of getting this set manufactured has been especially protracted.

  107. Aaron says:

    Possible Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Fever To Tell 15th anniversary edition bring announced tomorrow. Has that really been 15 years ?? Time flies! Still a great record that. May pick it up if it has extra discs with the b sides and EP tracks.

  108. Ben in Colorado says:

    XTC BLACK SEA BLU RAY package. November:
    01. Respectable Street
    02. Generals and Majors
    03. Living Through Another Cuba
    04. Love at First Sight
    05. Rocket From a Bottle
    07. No Language in Our Lungs
    08. Towers of London
    09. Paper and Iron
    10. Burning With Optimism’s Flames
    11. Sgt. Rock (is Going to Help Me)
    12. Travels in Nihilon

    • CD: Features 2017 stereo album mix by Steven Wilson with bonus tracks (many featuring 2017 Steven Wilson mixes).

    • Blu-Ray: a 5.1 Surround mix in 24bit/96khz mixed from the original multi-track tapes available in LPCM and DTS HD MA.

    • Additional Blu-Ray features include:
    – The 2017 stereo album mix in 24bit/96khz LPCM audio.
    – Additional songs from the album sessions in stereo and 5.1 (several featuring 2017 Steven Wilson mixes)
    – The original stereo album mix in hi-res stereo + bonus tracks.
    – Instrumental versions (mixed by Steven Wilson), and several bonus mixes in 24bit/96khz LPCM audio.
    – Many album tracks in demo form as recorded (mostly live) at Phonogram Studios prior to the main album sessions.
    – Three Andy Partridge demos from Phonogram studios.
    – Three Andy Partridge demos from Swindon Town Hall.
    – Promo films for Towers Of London, Generals & Majors & Respectable Street.

  109. Mij says:

    There’s a cracking Liverpool Express set out this week via Cherry Red:

  110. Aaron says:

    Nme has a great story right now about an unreleased Beatles demo on sale on eBay right now. It’s an acetate from 1963 of What Goes On – different lyrics and john on lead vocals. You can hear a snippet over at Hopefully this can be bought by the right people and cleaned up for release cause it sounds amazing!!

    • Philip Cohen says:

      So the idea that “What Goes On” had been rehearsed, but not recorded at a 1963 session(as stated in Mark Lewisohn’s book about The Beatles recording sessions) is not correct. I know that more information about The Beatles recording sessions has come to light since that book, but the owner of The Beatles recordings will not permit Lewisohn to revise or update that book.

  111. Aaron says:

    Big couple of months if you are a Yes / Asia fan…lots of reissues/new is what I am aware of so far…

    iCon (Wetton/Downes) – Zero
    Empire (Peter Banks) – Complete Recordings Box
    Downes Braide Association – 3rd album – Skyscraper Soul
    Billy Sherwood – Act Of Survival
    Billy Sherwood – What Was The Question
    John Wetton – Austika I / Austika II
    Bodast (Feat Steve Howe) – Towards Utopia
    Rick Wakeman – Crimes of Passion
    Rick Wakeman – Creepshow 2 – first ever release, only available on vinyl but it looks amazing!

  112. Aaron says:

    Any news on the 2 new Bowie boxes listed on Amazon? In Japan & Latin American

    I’m assuming some sort of semi legal radio broadcast sets.

    Always wondered people’s opinions on these sorts of releases. I have a few of the Dylan radio releases and sound quality not great but still worth having. Just wish the actual artist/record company would put out official product.

  113. Gorecki says:

    Two things….

    After several delays the CURVE Doppelganger 2CD has been released – except Amazon have not sent my pre-ordered copy and are currently showing it as ‘out of stock’ – but two reviewers on Amazon have noted that some copies have been remarkably badly mispressed. Perhaps they’ve been recalled – though they were still in stock in HMV today.

    Who knows what’s going on!

    Amazon are taking pre-orders (27-10-17) for a SEX PISTOLS ‘something’ –

    It’s listed as ‘Never Mind The Bollocks CD+DVD box set’, and has 4 discs. Could this be a streamlined version of the very expensive 35th Anniversary box set? At approx £38 it would seem a far more enticing prospect for the impoverished (e.g. me)!

  114. phantomengineer says:

    Just looking at something else on Amazon this morning and happened across a new Tim Buckley box set on Rhino, due out in a couple of weeks. This seems to be an enlarging of the Original Album Series box to eight albums, in this case, all the Elektra albums, plus an outtakes CD originally issued by Rhino Handmade. It seems to be one of a series of enlarged box sets as I also spotted a Dr John box (now seven albums), and on by Bread (now six albums). The Dr John box is already out (and going for £23 plus change only), and is garnering great reviews on account particularly of the re-mastering. If the Tim Buckley (just under £26) is similarly re-mastered we’re in for a real treat. The first album had a deluxe Rhino Handmade release, and the other previously, easily available ones didn’t sound to bad. Blue Afternoon and Starsailor though were not too great, were you able to get them of course!
    In addition, and probably coincidentally Demon/Edsel seem to re-releasing his last two studio LPs (originally issued on Discreet); re-packaging three archival, live releases as the box set “Buzzin’ Fly – Live Anthology 1968-1973”: and, putting out a further two CDs from the 1969 Troubadour shows, “Venice Mating Call” and “Greetings from West Hollywood”.
    So if you’re a Buckley fan like me, it’s “pigs in shit” time.

  115. Alan Blevin says:

    A note about the Bluray of Tommy Live At Royal Albert Hall.Since this was first listed on the UK and other European Amazons they have added a note that it is encoded in the North American region format and will not play on Bluray players encoded for Europe(and Australia!).Some of the European Amazon’s have simply moved its status to unavailable.At the time it was first listed the Bluray was shown as European region.
    People may have preordered this on the assumption they might actually be able to play it.Maybe in week of release or some time before this you could note this and warn people about this change.
    I could say something about how ridiculous this is and that an industry that shows so little respect for its customers deserves to fail but I think I may be preaching to the converted.
    Fantastic site by the way.

  116. Caroline says:

    Cherry Red have announced The Fall “Singles 1978-2016″ as a 3CD set and deluxe 7CD with 4 CDs of b-sides, EP and 12” tracks. Out 24th November having been held back from last year.


  117. Aaron says:

    Marillion are releasing a physical cd single and 12″ for the title track of last album Living In F.E.A.R. Preorder has started and will be released on Oct 6th

    Marillion – Living In F E A R

    1. Living in F E A R (edit)
    2. The Leavers : One Tonight (Live)
    3. Neverland (Live)
    4. Dry Land (Live)

  118. Dan says:

    Planning ahead…

    2020 will be the 40th Anniversary of Steely Dan’s ‘Gaucho’ – can we start some kind of campaign for a Super Deluxe Edition to include all the outtakes, demos and alternate versions which have been circulating online (in varying quality)…?

  119. Tony says:

    Hello- First Lp I bought was Ohh La la by Faces.
    Just ordered a limited edition RED vinyl Ohh La La from the amazing What records.
    Released in October apparently. Limted.

  120. Walter says:

    Erasure will be releasing a 3rd CD single from their current album “World Be Gone” on Friday October 6th.

    The CD single “Just A Little Love” has 10 tracks in total, including a new “b-side” track called “Unsung”.

    For collectors it’s nice to know there’s also an limited edition (of 2000 copies) with a collectors box which has space to include all 3 CD singles.

    This special edition can be found at Lexer Music
    as well as at Pledge Music

  121. Martin says:

    Cheers for the heads up about the Led Zep 1 2 vinyl deal and also the Led Zep 3 2 vinyl as well – Fantastic and much appreciated

  122. Philip Cohen says:

    This year’s King Crimson mega-box will be the 27-disc “Sailors Tales”, which will cover the period of the group’s 2nd, 3rd & 4th albums(“In The Wake of Poseidon”, “Lizard” & “Islands”). the set will contain 21 CD’s, 4 DVD’s & 2 Blu-ray discs, plus additional download content. Surround mixes and outtakes from the 3 studio albums will be included, as will all concert recordings from the tour behind “Islands”.(There was no tour behind “In The Wake of Poseidon” & “Lizard”, because these Crimson line-ups were studio-only entities). Some of the concert recordings are previously unreleased.

  123. Gerd says:

    Have a look at this:

    New Boxset with 5 CDs or on vinyl!

  124. gwynogue says:

    Grace Jones “Warm Leatherette” (2-CD deluxe) now down to a smidge under £8!

  125. Graham says:

    Paul, have a word.
    Anyone who has a say in the release of box sets…
    Can you put the details of the release on the side of the box? An artists name, the title of the set?
    I know plain looks beautiful, but when you put them on a shelf it’s nice to see what they are without having to pull them out to see the front. You wouldn’t release a book with no details on the spine.
    Gilmour’s Rattle That Lock suffered from it and the News of The World 40th anniversary release appears to suffer the same fate from the photos.

  126. Dave H says:

    There’s plenty of the ‘Original Album Series’ 5-CD sets at 7.99 euros on the German Amazon site at the moment. You just need to scroll through the pages to find the ones priced at 7.99 euros.

    A random comparism Chaka Khan is selling for £15.20 on the UK Amazon site.

  127. Mike says:

    All of the details of the Queen news of the world box are now on Amazon

  128. Liam Bastick says:

    Blancmange autographed box set back in stock at Amazon?
    I’m breathing a sigh of relief as my original purchase was returned “undelivered”.

  129. CraigH says:

    Paul (or anyone else for that matter!), any idea on the content of the sex pistols deluxe box that has appeared on amazon UK for October release? Amazon item code is B074CW14ZZ, I’ve preordered for 37 quid just in case that ends up a good price.

  130. Aaron says:

    Next Dylan Bootleg series will be out before end of year and it’s from the gospel years. A new concert movie from the period will be out at the same time called Trouble No More.

  131. Philip Cohen says:

    Also forthcoming(from “Pledge Music”): a 50th anniversary 10-CD set by Ten Years After. Limited Edition of 1500 sets. It contains all of their DERAM albums(excepting “Alvin Lee and Company”) and all of their Chrysalis albums(excepting live albums), plus a disc containing 8 unreleased songs recorded at sessions for the group’s “Rock N’Roll Music to The World” sessions. The 8 songa have been newly remixed.
    Now, the negative news about this set: all of the DERAM & Chrysalis albums are bare bones reissues, sripped of ALL the bonus tracks that are presently available elsewhere. What are the compilers thinking? The forthcoming Emerson,Lake & Palmer “Fanfare” box does the same thing, containing bare bones versions of that group’s catalog albums.
    As for the Ten Years After box, there’s also a costlier edition autographed by keyboardist Chick Churchill, drummer Ric Lee and (now retired) bassist Leo Lyons. Frontman Alvin Lee passed away some years ago.

  132. Philip Cohen says:

    “Yardbirds ’68” 2-CD set to be released exclusively through Jimmy Page’s website in November. It will also be offered as a 2-L.P. set, and as a £400 deluxe packaged 2-CD/2-L.P. + book and autographed slipcase edition(autographed by Jimmy Page, Chris Dreja & Jim McCarty). The album contains a newly remixed version of the group’s 1968 Anderson Theatre, New York City concert, plus the group’s final studio sessions from CBS Studios in New York, March 1968. The Anderson Theatre concert was briefly offered on vinyl in 1971 as “Live Yardbirds, Featuring Jimmy Page” by the EPIC & CBS Special Products labels. The album, which was mixed and released without Jimmy Page’s permission(with added audience sounds, supposedly from a bullfight!) was rapidly withdrawn due to a lawsuit from Jimmy Page. The tapes were surrendered to Jimmy Page, who now owns them. Most of the studio tracks had been released from cassette rough mixes, on a UK 2-CD set “Cumular Limit”. The songs will be newly remixed. New to official release will be the song “Knowing That I’m Losing You”, which has the same melody that Page later used in the Led Zeppelin song “Tangerine”, with Page crediting himself as sole author. To avoid the issue of whether Keith Relf, Chris Dreja & Jim McCarty should have been credited co-authors, Page has approved the Yardbirds version for release on the condition that the vocals be omitted….mixed out. This way, the song can be titled “Knowing That I’m Losing You(Tangerine) without changing the publishing or authoring information.
    By the way, rhythm guitarist/bassist Chris Dreja has now retired, and the latest Yardbirds line-up (with only drummer/vocalist Jim McCarty remaining from the 1960’s line-ups) is working on a new, crowdfunded album. The only other name that will be familiar to long-time fans will be guitarist/lead singer “Detroit” John Idan, who has been a Yardbird since the late 1980’s.

  133. Philip Cohen says:

    The well-regarded British reissue label “Esoteric” has announced the aquisition of a number of artist catalogues from Warner Music. These are not mere licenses, but outright purchases. Why Warner is divesting themselves of these artist catalogues is not clear. The recordings in question are the EMI/Harvest albums by Barclay James Harvest & Be Bop Deluxe, the Atlantic recordings by the late Chris Squire(bassist of “Yes”) & the RAK Records recordings of Kim Wilde(her first 3 albums).
    Whether there is any new content that could be added to these albums remains to be seen. The first released products will appear later this year.
    In other news, Esoteric has reissued the recordings by Bodast, guitarist Steve Howe’s pre-Yes group(whose 1969 recordings went unreleased until 1980), but,puzzlingly, Esoteric’s disc has fewer songs than the previous CD release(“Spectral Nether Street” on the “RPM” label)
    As for the artist catalogues that Esoteric has purchased from Warner Music, If there’s new content, I’ll be there to buy these discs. Otherwise, I’ll stick with my existing CD’s.

    • Philip Cohen says:

      The Esoteric label’s newly purchased back catalogues also include pop duo “Mel & Kim” and the Warner Bros. recordings of progressive band “Curved Air”.

  134. Auntie Sabrina says:

    The photo shows the 5 disc edition whilst the description lists just the original album. Oh well…

  135. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Well, my copy’s ordered, unless they cancel it

    Popped In Souled Out (30th Anniversary 5 disc Edition) for £5.99 – bet it’s cancelled though…

  136. John T says:

    “Human League – A Very British Synthesizer Group Hardcover 3 X LP Deluxe boxset with 20 page book” good price (£30) at and great offer store – postage £6.95 though.

  137. Martin says:

    Massive vinyl sale at Loads of special editions – See the George Harrison Bluray set for £10. Not for me but some nice deals

  138. John T says:

    Good sale at including great price on George Harrison Deluxe Box Set

  139. Aaron says:

    Great interview with the great Anthony Phillips here. He talks about Esoteric, the 5.1 remixes and the reissue series of his albums, looks like Invisible Men will be next up…

  140. Len Read says:

    Previously mentioned by Philip Cohen, contents of Bruford box set:

    The Bruford 1977-1980: Seems Like A Lifetime Ago box set contents
    DVD 1: Feels Good To Me: 5.1 surround sound and original 1978 mix remastered
    CD 1: 2017 remix from original masters
    DVD 2: One of a Kind: 5.1 surround sound and original 1979 mix remastered.
    CD 2: 2017 remix from original masters – previously unreleased: outtake of Five G
    CD 3: Gradually Going Tornado: Remaster
    CD 4: The Bruford Tapes: Remaster: Bonus track: Manacles
    CD 5: Live at the Venue: Previously unreleased. Recorded in London 1980.
    CD 6: The 4th Album Rehearsal Sessions: Previously unreleased: 18 rehearsal sketches of new material.
    16-Page 12-inch booklet
    Sid Smith essay with new interviews with producer, engineer, band members, eyewitnesses and others.
    Previously unseen archive visual material.
    Complete band date sheet with contemporary critical reaction.
    2 x black and white 10” x 8” band photos.
    1 x A3-size colour poster accompanying Live at the Venue
    1 x signed numbered certificate of authentication

  141. Aaron says:

    The Who’s Tommy Live At The Royal Albert Hall available in October. Available as 2CD / DVD & Blu Ray – not sure if there will be a box set combining CD with DVD/Blu Ray…

    CD 1
    1. Overture
    2. It’s A Boy
    3. 1921
    4. Medley: Amazing Journey / Overture
    5. Sparks
    6. Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker)
    7. Christmas
    8. Cousin Kevin
    9. The Acid Queen
    10. Do You Think It’s Alright?
    11. Fiddle About
    12. Pinball Wizard
    13. There’s A Doctor
    14. Go To The Mirror
    15. Tommy Can You Hear Me?
    16. Smash The Mirror
    17. Underture
    18. I’m Free
    19. Miracle Cure
    20. Sensation
    21. Sally Simpson
    22. Welcome
    23. Tommy’s Holiday Camp
    24. We’re Not Gonna Take It

    CD 2
    1 I Can’t Explain
    2. Join Together
    3. I Can See For Miles
    4. Who Are You
    5. Love, Reign O’er Me
    6. Baba O’Riley
    7. Won’t Get Fooled Again

  142. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Eagle Rock are releasing various Blu-ray/DVD/CD edition of (whisper it) 59 year old Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour on 15 September 2017.

    You have been warned…

  143. Philip Cohen says:

    More super deluxe editions coming, including Bill Bruford’s “Seems Like a Lifetime Ago”, including several original albums + outtakes and surround sound mixes of two of the albums, and a 4-CD + DVD edition of Whitesnake’s self-titled album, generally known as “Whitesnake 1987”

  144. Len Read says:

    Forthcoming Neil Young original album series sets.Both boxes, postage and duty from Amazon USA comes to £80 and a few pence. That’s a saving of £45 on the Amazon UK total price for both.

  145. Aaron says:

    This looks pretty cool:

    Take What You Need: UK Covers Of Bob Dylan Songs 1964-69
    Disc: 1
    1. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right – The Fairies
    2. Blowin’ in the Wind – Marianne Faithfull
    3. Oxford Town – The Three City Four
    4. The Times They Are a Changin’ – The Ian Campbell Folk Group
    5. If You Gotta Go, Go Now – Manfred Mann
    6. It’s All Over Now Baby Blue – The Cops ‘n’ Robbers
    7. Mr. Tambourine Man – Chad and Jeremy
    8. Love Minus Zero – Noel Harrison
    9. One Too Many Mornings – Julie Felix
    10. Visions of Johanna – The Picadilly Line
    11. Tom Thumb’s Blues – Alex Campbell
    12. To Ramona – The Alan Price Set
    13. Absolutely Sweet Marie – The Factotums
    14. All Along the Watchtower – The Alan Bown
    15. I Shall Be Released – Boz
    16. I Am a Lonesome Hobo – Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity
    17. I’ll Keep It With Mine – Fairport Convention
    18. Million Dollar Bash – The Mixed Bag
    19. Down Along the Cove – Cliff Aungier
    20. Tears of Rage – Country Fever
    21. Just Like a Woman – Joe Cocker
    22. Lay Lady Lay – Sandie Shaw

    A compilation of cover versions of Bob Dylan songs recorded by British artists in the 1960s. Take What You Need gives a unique perspective on Dylan’s compositions, with the choice of songs starkly contrasting to those recorded in America during the same period. This collection runs the gamut of musical genres from folk to country rock, taking in singer-songwriters, rhythm & blues and pop. Several extremely rare cuts make their official CD debut here, notably tracks by the Fairies (their cover of Don’t Think Twice was the very first British Dylan cover), Julie Felix, Boz and Cliff Aungier. The sleeve note contains a detailed track-by-track commentary by Elektra Records and Sandy Denny biographer Mick Houghton.

  146. Len Read says:

    Steve Miller Ultimate Hits tracklising:

    Harmony Of The Spheres 2
    Steve Miller at age five talking to his Godfather Les Paul
    Take The Money And Run
    Rock’n Me
    The Stake
    Jet Airliner
    The Joker
    Jungle Love
    Dance, Dance, Dance
    Serenade From The Stars
    Space Intro
    Fly Like An Eagle
    Wild Mountain Honey
    Living In The USA (Live – Previously Unreleased)
    Space Cowboy (Live – Previously Unreleased)
    Seasons (Previously Unreleased)
    I Want To Make The World Turn Around
    Winter Time
    The Window

    CD 1

    Steve Miller at age five talking to his Godfather Les Paul
    Gangster Of Love (Live – Previously Unreleased)
    The Joker
    Baby’s Callin’ Me Home (Previously Unreleased)
    My Dark Hour
    Little Girl
    Living In The USA (Live – Previously Unreleased)
    Space Cowboy (Live – Previously Unreleased)
    Seasons (Previously Unreleased)
    Journey From Eden
    Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma
    Going To Mexico
    Kow Kow Calculator (Live – Previously Unreleased)
    Come On In My Kitchen (Live)
    Sugar Babe (Live)
    The Lovin’ Cup (Live)
    Dance, Dance, Dance
    Take The Money And Run
    Rock’n Me
    Space Intro
    Fly Like An Eagle
    CD 2

    Wild Mountain Honey
    The Window
    Take The Money And Run (Demo) (Previously Unreleased)
    In The Midnight Hour (Previously Unreleased)
    Jungle Love
    Jet Airliner
    The Stake
    Serenade From The Stars
    True Fine Love
    Heart Like A Wheel
    I Want To Make The World Turn Around
    Italian X Rays
    Don’t Cha Know
    Cry Cry Cry
    Stranger Blues
    Behind The Barn

  147. Philip Cohen says:

    …and now, some very good news to report: Steve Miller Is going to release vault material under his new license to Capitol Records. “Ultimate Hits”, to be released as a 1-CD set on September 15th, will contain two previously unreleased live tracks. On October 27th, 2-CD & 4-L.P. editions(with 8 previously unreleased tracks) will be released. These 8 tracks will be a combination of live tracks, studio alternate takes and demos. This is really something to look forward to. Miller hasn’t exactly been very active in the studio. His last albums of new material (“Bingo” & “Let Your Hare Down”, both blues cover versions albums) were released six years ago, and these albums followed 18 years of no new music whatsoever..

  148. Philip Cohen says:

    When a major record company pays significant money for a license to reissue a back catalog of an artist or group with a huge back catalog, you would think that the record company or their attorneys would insist that it be written into the contract that archival releases, expanded editions, boxed sets or previously unreleased audio or video content must be delivered as part of the deal. Clearly, Capitol Records naively believed that such material would be included in their license for The Bee Gees catalog….but it appears that Capitol Records has been conned. I’m hoping that the situation won’t be the same with the Steve Miller catalog.
    Obviously, Capitol (when permitted) can release superb archival products, for example, The Beatles’ “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” 50th anniversary Super Deluxe boxed set, The Beach Boys’ “The Smile Sessions” & “Made in California” boxed sets, and the recent 2-CD Beach Boys set “Sunshine Tomorrow”.

  149. purpledaniel says:

    Any news on the release date of Deep Purple Made in Europe box set?

    • Philip Cohen says:

      All Deep Purple 1968-76 archival activity is on hold, pending the outcome of the receivership of “Deep Purple(Overseas) Ltd.” and the lawsuit (from Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Ian Paice and the estate of Jon Lord) to stop the receiver/administrator selling the company to non-Purple persons or companies.

      • purpledaniel says:

        It was nevertheless posted on the DP (O) site that it looked like a release date for this year…

      • purpledaniel says:

        BY the way, The Edel archive Long Beach 76 show was released AFTER the DP companies falling into administration…

  150. Philip Cohen says:

    Capitol Records recently signed a long-term licensing deal with guitarist/vocalist Steve Miller, to bring his entire 18 album back catalog(plus compilations, boxed sets and archival material) to the Capitol label. This includes full access to Miller’s warehouse of recordings, artwork & memorabilia.
    Let’s hope that this deal(unlike the label’s recent license for the Bee Gees catalog) will produce something more interesting than “Greatest Hits”-type discs. But Miller has been very restrictive with vault material. in the early 1990’s, Capitol wanted to assemble a Steve Miller 4-CD set, which would have contained 40% unreleased material, and they had a respected compiler ready to assemble it…..but Miller said “No”(on the grounds that his fans wouldn’t be able to afford a 4-CD set). Instead, Miller compiled and submitted a 3-CD hits set(released 1994) with almost no unreleased material(barring one concert track and one new song).
    No surprise: the new deal will start with(what else?) a Greatest Hits disc.

  151. gwynogue says:

    ‘The Sound Of McAlmont and Butler’ 3-CD/2-vinyl deluxe only £35 on Amazon.

  152. Aaron says:

    Have they changed the cover to the new Van Morrison album? Amazon have a different sleeve, not sure if its a different edition?

  153. Aaron says:

    Looks like a random lot of Elton John vinyl on the way in Sept/Oct

    One Night Only
    Blue Moves
    Sleeping With The Past
    The Big Picture
    Empty Sky
    Rock Of The Westies

  154. John T says:

    Avril Lavigne to release first three albums on heavyweight vinyl for the first time in September. Listed on

  155. Kai Steinemann says:

    I´d like to see a coverage of the forthcoming 12 CD Boxset of the Whisky Priests!
    Any information on the set so far?

  156. Tom says:

    Mazzy Star’s 2nd album, So Tonight That I Might See, is getting a vinyl re-release in Sept.
    Purple vinyl available to pre-order for £24.99.

  157. purpledaniel says:

    Details have now emerged for the Black country communion IV return album on cd/vynil.

  158. JohnC says:


    Prince purple rain deluxe is £15.48 on Amazon U.K. at the moment

  159. Philip Cohen says:

    The forthcoming 50th anniversary edition of The Rolling Stones’ 1967 album “Their Satanic Majesties Request” consists of 2 hybrid SACD’s & 2 vinyl L.P.’s, containing the album’s stereo & mono mixes. This is housed in packaging that includes the album’s original lenticular (3-D) artwork. No bonus music whatsoever. I’ve got an original 1960’s stereo L.P., the stereo SACD and a Hi-Rez download of the mono mix… I’ll pass.
    The Stones are not going to relent in their prohibiting ABKCO to release 1960’s studio vault material. Have it your way Mick & Keith, because after the end of the year, 10 hours of full fidelity “Their Satanic Majesties Request” backing track sessions(in unofficial circulation since 1997) become public domain material in the UK & Europe. ABKCO founder Allen Klein may (or may not) have ripped off The Rolling Stones, but it’s not the fans’ fault. Mr.Klein died many years ago. Certainly, The Stones & Klein’s son Jody could reach some agreement which would permit better archival products for Stones fans. For ABKCO’s part, they’ve claimed to hold a 1968 letter from Mick Jagger, in which Jagger ,seemingly,acknowledges ABKCO’s ownership of The Stones'(1960’s) songwriting copyrights.

  160. negative1 says:

    Underworld – Beaucoup Fish, super deluxe edition announced.

    The Beaucoup Fish super deluxe edition comes packaged in a hard 12″ x 12″ box case that complements the expanded reappraisals of dubnobasswithmyheadman and Second Toughest In The Infants.

    This edition includes a selection of rare and unreleased material from the time and 60-pages of new artwork alongside an essay on the album by Robin Turner. As with its predecessors, audio remastering was undertaken by Underworld’s Rick Smith and Abbey Road Studios’ Miles Showell, and the artwork created by long time Underworld collaborators, tomato.

    Available as Super Deluxe 4CD, heavyweight 2LP Vinyl & 1CD, all physical formats are available bundled with an exclusive album artwork t-shirt designed by tomato available only at

    Released on 25th August 2017.

    Beaucoup Fish super deluxe track-listing:

    Disc One
    1. Cups
    2. Push Upstairs
    3. Jumbo
    4. Shudder / King Of Snake
    5. Winjer
    6. Skym
    7. Bruce Lee
    8. Kittens
    9. Push Downstairs
    10. Something Like A Mama
    11. Moaner

    Disc Two
    1. Nifter – 5 A1317 Nov 97
    2. Bruce Lee – Ricks 1st Dobro Mix
    3. UW Orange Bed – Sept97
    4. Skym – A A1317 Nov 97
    5. Jumbo – Diff Bass 2 A1317 Nov 97
    6. Push Upstairs – Alt 1 A1336 July 98
    7. King Of Snake – Garage Mix A1313 Set 97b
    8. Something Like A Mama – Alt Mix A1340 July 98 A Upstairs)
    9. Please Help Me
    10. Yeah Plan – From A1385
    11. Ramajama

    Disc Three
    1. Cups – Salt City Orchestra Remix
    2. Jumbo – Jedi’s Sugar Hit Mix
    3. Jumbo – Futureshock Vocal Mix
    4. Push Upstairs – Darren Price Remix
    5. King Of Snake – Slam Remix
    6. King Of Snake – Fatboy Slim Remix
    7. King Of Snake – Dave Clarke Remix
    8. Bruce Lee – Micronauts Remix
    9. Bruce Lee – Buffalo Daughter Remix

    Disc Four
    1. Bruce Lee – DJ Hype & DJ Zinc Vocal Mix
    2. Bruce Lee – DJ Hype & DJ Zinc Instrumental Mix
    3. Bruce Lee – Futureshock Remix
    4. King Of Snake – Claudio Coccoluto Remix
    5. King Of Snake – Martinez Remix
    6. King Of Snake – Dave Angel Remix
    7. Jumbo – Rob Rives & Francois Kevorkian Dub
    8. Push Upstairs – Roger S Narcotic Haze Dub
    9. Push Upstairs – Adam Beyer Rmx 2


  161. Aaron says:

    40th anniversary edition of ELO – Out of The Blue coming in September. Will be a double picture disc set.

  162. John T says:

    Stone Temple Pilots – Core 25th Anniversary Deluxe sets are available for pre-order.

  163. Gansbarre says:

    XTC’s Black Sea get remastered and 5.1 surround by Steven Wilson:

  164. Daniel payne says:

    i would love to see Dead Can dance Released as 12″ box set all the LP’s in one big box set with set along side the two John peel Sessions on a 10″ or a 12 ” as well in the box set As i have been after the John peel sessions for ages they did the CD Box of Albums But would love a 12″ box set for my collection for my Archive of box sets

  165. Carl Doherty says:

    Ultravox Lament announcement on 27/07

  166. Dusty says:

    3 x China Crisis reissues on Amazon scheduled for September 1st:

    Difficult Shapes (2cd)
    Working with Fire and Steel (3cd)
    Flaunt the Imperfection (2cd)

  167. Robert says:

    Philip Cohen,

    Thanks once again for this information. You know a lot about The Rolling Stones, where did you find this information ?

    You also know very much about other bands like The Who. It’s always very interesting to read your posts.

  168. Philip Cohen says:

    It is likely that whatever additional songs were attempted during the “Satanic Majesties” sessions never received vocal overdubs. Starting at this point in their recording career, Mick Jagger decided to not add polished vocals(or in many instances, any vocals) to a song, unless it was being seriously considered for release.
    During these sessions, the group would record the basic tracks onto 4-track. then, the last (and best) basic take would be spliced out of these reels, and that take would be reduction-mixed onto 1 or 2 tracks of a second 4-track machine, so that vocals & guitar solos could be added. The Stones then abandoned the rejected takes(of the “Stage 1” multitracks) at Olympic Studios. Bootleggers got hold of those abandoned tapes, mixed them down and issued two 4-CD sets. Nearly 10 hours of Rolling Stones….and not even one vocal! There IS some great Mellotron work from Brian Jones on the outtakes of “2000 Light Years From Home”.
    We never do get to hear the last and best take of each unreleased song, and what(if any) vocals and guitar solos were added after the 4-track to 4-track reductions. For the record, the unreleased songs have the working titles “5 Part Jam”, “Title 15”, “Jam 1”, “Majesties’ Honky Tonk”.”Soul Blues”,”Blues #3″ & “Gold Painted Nails”.
    “5 Part Jam”(which not actually a jam, but rather a song recorded in 5 separate sections, intended to be edited together) shows some promise, but, basically, the songs that The Stones opted to complete and release on “Their Satanic Majesties Request” were the best tunes that they had. They made the correct choices. There’s (likely) no completed music that could be added to “Their Satanic Majesties Request”.

  169. Philip Cohen says:

    The Rolling Stones have more releases in store. There will be a (legitimate) DVD release of 1960’s TV performances, and a companion book(to be released separately), a live album of recent performances, and a new remastering(no bonus tracks) of the group’s 1967 album “Their Satanic Majesties Request”(but WHY?. The album’s mono & stereo mixes have already been high resolution DSD-remastered from the original master tapes). The existing masterings(of the mono & stereo mixes) sound fine. Though one U.S.A. dealer was listing the new edition of “Their Satanic Majesties Request”, ABKCO ordered them to take it down.
    And the group is nearing completion on 15 new songs(now at the mixing and editing stage) for a new studio album, to be released in 2018, to coincide with their return to UK concert stages. Universal Music has guaranteed The Stones £2 million for the album.

    • Robert says:

      Thanks for the information about The Rolling Stones. I also don’t know why they are remastering “Their Satanic Majesties Request” again. It sounds perfect in the “mono boxset” from last year. It would make more scence if they had ad bonus tracks to this release.

  170. Aaron says:

    Steve Howe has a new 3 disc set out on August 11. Anthology 2: groups and collaborations. 56 tracks!

    • Philip Cohen says:

      And, Steve Howe’s “Anthology 2” has some unreleased tracks which reunite Howe with vocalist Keith West, who Howe worked with in the 1967 Psychedelic band “Tomorrow”.

  171. Aaron says:

    Stephen stills and Judy Collins have recorded a duet album together. This has the potential to be awesome…Dylan, traveling wilburys, Cohen covers among the track listing..

    Lots of cool stuff available on pledge music

  172. purpledaniel says:

    Next “From the Vault” series release from the Rolling Stones is the Fonda Theatre 2015 gig.

  173. Philip Cohen says:

    The website of Emerson,Lake & Palmer are accepting preorders for a large CD/Blu-Ray/Vinyl/book boxed called “Fanfare”. Included will be all of the group’s original studio & live albums(no bonus tracks), five unreleased audio concerts(four on CD; one on vinyl), two 7″ vinyl singles and a Blu-ray audio disc (the already released surround sound mixes of “Emerson,Lake & Palmer”, “Tarkus”,”Trilogy” & “Brain Salad Surgery”), plus a 12″ x 12″ book. Presumably, the surround sound mix of “Brain Salad Surgery” will be the disasterous attempt by Jacko Jacksyk(versus the superior earlier effort by John Kellogg). Both mixes featured alternate take vocals, because of changes that the group made to the multitracks subsequent to the finalising of the original stereo mixes. Kellogg’s mix was used on a Rhino DVD-audio & a Universal/Sanctuary 2-CD +SACD set. With all due respect to Mr.Jacksyk, he’s a fine guitarist and has done excellent remixes of live concert recordings for Jethro Tull, but remixing studio recordings is not his forte.
    People who preorder “Fanfare” from the ELP website will received a bonus disc containing alternate mixes of songs from the group’s final album “In The Hot Seat”….a commercialized album that the group disavowed. Greg Lake later remarked that there was no point making albums that won’t sell and which the fans won’t like. He said, “If you reverse those things, you have the reasons to make an album”(I.E. that will sell, and which the fans WILL like)
    It is unknown whether the 5 previously unreleased concerts are professional recordings, or whether the compilers are merely “Bootlegging The Bootleggers”, as they did on the four “Manticore Vaults” boxed sets(materials derived from 1970’s vinyl bootlegs, with no remastering, de-clicking or speed correction), and on “Disc Four” on the boxed set “A Time and a Place”.

  174. Philip Cohen says:

    Experience Hendrix has extended their licensing agreement with Sony Music, though it doesn’t appear that any new CD release is imminent. Odd that EH wouldn’t do anything to mark the 50th anniversary of the first two Jimi Hendrix albums “Are You Experienced” & “Axis:Bold As Love”; albums whose already bootlegged outtakes will enter UK/Europe public domain at the end of the year. You’d think that the estate’s legal advisors would have made them aware of that.

  175. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Interesting interview regarding the PSBs re-issued CDs

  176. Philip Cohen says:

    The release date for the 5-CD set of singles A’s & B’s by The Who will be October 27th. In addition to the singles that the group issued on the Brunswick, Track & Polydor labels, the set will also include the singles that the group issued on the short-lived “Reaction” label. Obviously, many fans would have prefered to see another one of the group’s original albums get the deluxe boxed set treatment.

    • Dave H says:

      Hi Philip, The obvious candidate for a super deluxe box is ‘Who’s Next’ but I understand some of the multi-track tapes are missing. Do you know how much is missing? A surround 5.1 mix would have been an ideal candidate for Pete to work on.

      • Philip Cohen says:

        The multitracks for roughly half of “Who’s Next” are missing. By the way,, the only Amazon company accepting preorders for the 5-CD “Maximum A’s & B’s” took their listing down, and stopped accepting preorders.
        On the internet, fans were already complaining(in advance!), predicting that the set would not contain all of the correct mixes/edits/takes as on the original singles. Given the track record (no pun intended) of Jon Astley and others who have compiled WHO archival projects over the years, those who are complaining in advance…..are probably correct.
        Perhaps “Maximum A’s & B’s” needs a re-think, with some bonus content, to make it worthwhile for long-time WHO fans to purchase it. Obviously, the set has yet to be mastered or pressed….so why not?

  177. Tito says:

    Hi Paul

    Lou Reed The RCA & Arista Vinyl Collection, Vol. 1 on vinyl at 62,90 in amazon italy right now. I got it a few weeks ago at 77 and it was a good price even then.

  178. Tom says:

    Not an SDE or a re-release, but Martin Hannett’s “Homage to Delia Derbyshire” is being released for the first time on CD and triple orange vinyl (300 ltd edn) in August.
    Given his iconic status as producer of the late 70s/early 80s Manchester sound, this could be of interest to fans of Joy Division, New Order, Factory Records, 80s electronica etc.
    Available at the link below and via other indies:

  179. Philip Cohen says:

    September Japan releases: The Decca/DERAM/Parrot/London album by Savoy Brown(from “Shake Down” through “Boogie Brothers”) will be released on SHM-CD, while The EPIC Catalog of “Cheap Trick”(excepting compilations & boxed sets) will be released on BluSpec CD2. The Cheap Trick discs will have bonus tracks, but the details have not yet been revealed. the Savoy Brown series will be 2017 remasterings.
    Both SHM-CD & Blu-Spec CD2 are manufacturing enhancements claiming to provide more accurate data retrieval. The discs play on any CD player.

  180. John says:

    The Man Who by Travis is now available for pre-order in a deluxe edition box set exclusively through their website from today. 2Lp + 2CD plus extras for an 18th anniversary edition of this 90s classic. Reasonably priced too

  181. Philip Cohen says:

    Coming later this summer: “The Who-Maximum A’s & B’s”, a 5-CD set. The contents: the same as the 3 boxed sets of 7″ vinyl singles covering the singles that the group issued on the Brunswick, Track & Polydor labels. Given the price (£62 at, I think that I’ll pass. I’ve been collecting the music of The Who for 49 years, so I’ve got all of these recordings.

  182. Philip Cohen says:

    To date, Capitol Records license to release Bee Gees recordings has yielded nothing but disappointment for the group’s fans; a verbatim reissue of the 2-CD + DVD set “The Ultimate Bee Gees” plus one other greatest hits CD. No archival releases or even a verbatim reissue of even one of the group’s back catalogue albums.
    Later this year, that situation may change with a Deluxe Edition of the “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack album, and an upgraded reissue of the group’s “One For All” concert video. The video footage has been re-edited and “cleaned up”, and the soundtrack has been remixed by the group’s long-time engineer John Merchant(with Abbey Road Studios’ Andy Walter).
    Meanwhile, the one surviving Bee Gee, Barry Gibb is hinting at retirement. One of his concert tours was cancelled due to inadequate ticket sales, and his solo album “In The Now” was not commercially successful. I would say, that after 13 years without releasing any new music, that it was unrealistic to expect an immediate commercial comeback. To my knowledge, he played only one solo concert in the U.S.A.(Gibb lives in the U.S.A., in Miami Beach), and that was before the album was completed.

  183. Robert says:

    Is there any news about the next boxset of David Bowie ?

  184. Aaron says:

    Oh and brian Wilson has an anthology coming soon, called Playback..with 2 new tracks…

  185. Aaron says:

    Also looks like Neil Young unreleased hitchhiker album from 1976 will be officially released in August…that’s amazing news!

  186. Aaron says:

    New Ringo album coming in Sept..

    Give More Love

    Disc: 1
    1. We’re On The Road Again
    2. Laughable
    3. Show Me The Way
    4. Speed Of Sound
    5. Standing Still
    6. King Of The Kingdom
    7. Electricity
    8. So Wrong For So Long
    9. Shake It Up
    10. Give More Love
    11. Back Off Boogaloo*
    12. Don’t Pass Me By*
    13. You Can’t Fight Lightening*
    14. Photograph*

    Not sure if the last 4 tracks are original versions, rerecordings or live versions…

  187. gwynogue says:

    An interesting opinion piece about the ‘phenomenon’ of deluxe reissues…

  188. Patrice says:

    Coming this September 2017: The Complete 1955 Goldberg Sessions by Glenn Gould.
    7CDs + 1 LP 180g + Book.

  189. Oceanblue says:

    Something’s happening in the TFF camp? Is the seeds of love reissue nearer?

  190. Auntie Sabrina says:

    As I am sure you are aware Sir Paul McCartney and Sony have reached a settlement regarding copyright forThe Beatles back catologue.

    Have a great weekend….

  191. Aaron says:

    Wait…does Black Grape have a new album coming out???

  192. gwynogue says:

    Hi Paul,

    Deal alert (sort of) on Bowie’s “Who Can I Be Now?” (CD version). Sure, £87 isn’t exactly a ‘bargain’, but a £12 drop in one day is not to be sniffed at. The Donna Summer “Singles…” box slooooowly trickled down to under £40 quid, maybe ‘WCIBN?’ might slowly trickle down to a good deal too.

    So perhaps not a ‘deal alert’, but it’s something to keep an eye on.

  193. Philip Cohen says:

    By the way, the recent SDE deal(at for the”Rick Wakeman-Journey To the Centre of the Earth” boxed set was gone within hours of your posting it, suggesting that it was a mistake at Amazon.
    At the lower price, I might have been willing to take a risk on a boxed set, in which the quadraphonic mix has reportedly been dubbed from vinyl, and some of the concert recordings are reported to have fairly poor sound. But at the higher price, no deal. In one other Rick Wakeman expanded edition(“King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table”), the quadraphonic mix was not only dubbed from vinyl, it had an uncorrected repetitive scratch through the first 90 seconds of “Merlin The Magician”. Universal had obtained the vinyl source from an unofficial posting on the internet. The illegal uploader later remarked, that if he had known that this was going to be used on an official release, then he would have cleaned up the sound better.
    Universal’s careless “efforts” with the Rick Wakeman expanded editions have scared Wakeman’s fans away from subsequent product. Presumably, some of the Wakeman Quadraphonic mixes(and many A&M Records multitracks) were lost in the Universal City , California vault fire.

  194. cdmaniac says:

    Hey Paul, have you seen a tracklisting for this yet?


  195. Liam Bastick says:

    By the time anyone reads this it will probably be too late… another Black Sabbath box set – or

  196. Steve Miller says:

    Stranger Things OST Boxset now available for pre-order

  197. Aaron says:

    Expanded version of the neverending story soundtrack coming to cd for the first time. This included limahl’s the end track and Giorgio morodor’s score. Also includes various remixes of the title track…

  198. michael59 says:

    The Red Bull Music Academy held a week long event in early 2017 where they asked international artists to remix Austrian pop star Falco’s songs. The 18 remixes that were created will be released monthly, starting this Friday, in six 3-song-EPs. The first EP, called “JNG RMR 1” (the Falco song “Junge Roemer” without vocals) includes remixes by salute&Fono, Plastician&Klasey Jones and a cover by Austrian newcomer band Flut. The remaining 12 remixes (including remixes by Carl Craig, Tensnake, Peter Kruder, Ogris Debris, Tuff City Kids etc.) will all see the light of day in the months to come until October.
    Among the songs that were remixes are “Rock Me Amadeus”, “Vienna Calling”, “Jeanny”, “Der Kommissar” and many others.

    If you have questions regarding these releases, just e-mail me :-)

    Cheers Michael

  199. Alan says:

    Hi Paul,
    Over on Pledgemusic is a campaign to reissue Spacemonkey’s set “On The Beam”, a rare and interesting 1980s electronic dance LP. The set includes remixes and a disc of unreleased demos – hopefully including the tracks they did with Colin Thurston.

    Worth checking out if you’re interested, release date (presumably if it hits the target) is October.

    Cheers, Alan

  200. Gansbarre says:

    Brian Eno limited half speed remasters: “Here Come the Warm Jets”, “Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy”, “Another Green World”, “Before And After Science”

  201. Nick says:

    Four Brian Eno albums are being reissued in 2lp 45rpm editions:

    Here Come the Warm Jets
    Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)
    Another Green World
    Before and After Science

  202. Aaron says:

    Bob Dylan’s Nobel Lecture is pretty awesome. Dylan reads in the form of a beat poem over a softly playing piano.

    you are allowed to embed the audit file on your website..its totally worth a listen for any Dylan fan

  203. Robert says:

    Sabrina, thanks for your answer and the link to amazon.

  204. Robert says:

    Is there going to be an unboxing video of U2’s SDE “The Joshua Tree” ? I have also a question about this release. Is this SDE a new remaster or is it from 2007 ? I am asking you this because on, they say it’s a remaster from 2007. Here is a link to this website :

    I hope that you can tell me if this information is correct or not.

  205. Andre says:

    A complete studio collection of the Dutch band Kayak is released this week.
    It contains 21 CD’s that holds the 16 studio albums.
    More news on the Kayak homepage.
    The price is around 75-80 euro’s.

  206. Aaron says:

    Popeye soundtrack coming to CD for the first time- 2nd disc features 18 previously unreleased Nilsson Demos.

    Popeye: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (original album on Boardwalk Records LP 36880, 1980 – reissued Varese Sarabande, 2017)

    CD 1:
    1.Sweethaven (Performed by The Citizens of Sweet Haven)
    2.Blow Me Down (Performed by Robin Williams as Popeye)
    3.Everything Is Food (Performed by Paul Dooley as Wimpy, Allan F. Nichols as Roughhouse, The Toughs, Barbershop and The Steinettes) *
    4.Rough House Fight *
    5.He’s Large (Performed by Shelley Duvall as Olive Oyl)
    6.I’m Mean (Performed by Paul L. Smith as Bluto)
    7.Sailin’ (Performed by Shelley Duvall as Olive Oyl and Robin Williams as Popeye)
    8.March Through Town *
    9.I Yam What I Yam (Performed by Robin Williams as Popeye)
    10.The Grand Finale *
    11.He Needs Me (Performed by Shelley Duvall as Olive Oyl)
    12.Swee’Pea’s Lullaby (Performed by Robin Williams as Popeye)
    13.Din’ We (Performed by Robert Fortier as Bill Barnacle – the Town Drunk)
    14.It’s Not Easy Being Me (Performed by Ray Walston as Poopdeck Pappy)
    15.Kids (Performed by Ray Walston as Poopdeck Pappy)
    16.Skeleton Cave *
    17.Now Listen Kid/To The Rescue/Mr. Eye Is Trapped/Back Into Action *
    18.Saved/Still At It/The Treasure/What? More Fighting/Pap’s Boy/Olive & The Octopus/What’s Up Pop/Popeye Triumphant * 3:10
    19.I’m Popeye The Sailor Man (Performed by Robin Williams as Popeye)
    20.End Title Medley*

    CD 2 (The Harry Nilsson Demos):

    (NOTE: The running order is not finalized)
    2.I’m Mean
    3.Swee Pea
    4.Blow Me Down
    5.Everything Is Food
    6.He Needs Me
    7.Everybodies Got To Eat**
    8.Sail With Me
    9.I Yam What I Yam
    10.It’s Not Easy Being Me
    12.I’m Popeye The Sailor
    13.I’m Mean – Harry Nilsson with Paul L. Smith
    14.He Needs Me – Harry Nilsson with Shelly Duvall
    15.Din We
    17.I’d Rather Be Me**

  207. Graham says:

    Really annoyed with my local HMV and the security bands they have wrapped around the Sgt Pepper box. Both boxes on the shelf have damage to the outer 3d sleeeve and at £109.. that is just not good enough – love music yeah right

  208. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Got that clear vinyl Changesonebowie LP? For a ‘limited’ time you could bag one for £10 from

    Good luck…

  209. James says:

    Hi Paul,

    Yep Roc Records in the US are reissuing six Nick Lowe albums, remastered with bonus tracks, and advanced pre-orders get a collectible lunch-box (!) I thought it might be of interest to some readers:


  210. Aaron says:

    Cherry Red releasing an Eric Stewart/10cc anthology. Looks better than the other 10cc set on the way to be honest! Lots of stuff never released on CD + Macca co-wrote Yvonne’s The One and plays on Code of silence

    Eric Stewart / 10cc: Anthology – 2CD Deluxe Edition


    MIRROR MIRROR (10cc)



    TEN OUT OF TEN (10cc)


    MIRROR MIRROR (10cc)

    10. YOU ARE NOT ME



    1. THE RITUAL PARTS 1-2-3



    5. GIRLS

    13. DO NOT BEND

    14. NO,NO, NETTIE


  211. Aaron says:

    Any idea if the Delaney & Bonnie – On Tour With Eric Clapton 4 disc box set out this month is legit?

    • Philip Cohen says:

      It’s a reissue(in much less elaborate packaging) of an old release, originally on Warner Music’s now-defunct mail order label “Rhino Handmade”.

  212. Stu says:

    The new Paul Heaton/Jacqui Abbott album is available to pre-order, super-deluxe format looks very reasonably priced (Signed LP, CD/DVD, Cassette, A3 print = £35) :*/*/Crooked-Calypso-Super-Deluxe-Bundle/5K2Z0000000

  213. Aaron says:

    Wasn’t it about this time last year that news of the new Bowie box starting coming out? Anything from the rumour mill yet?

  214. Ben in Colorado says:

    Paul – Just received the Japanese SHM Sgt. Pepper box. Really cool. Let me know if you want photos, either to post or just so you can see what is included.

  215. Aaron says:

    Roy orbison with the royal philharmonic orchestra – a love so beautiful out in November..

  216. spot says:

    Also, Pink Floyd’s ‘1971 Reverber/Ation’ set for EUR 26,39:

  217. spot says:

    Rammstein – Paris deluxe box (4LP/2CD/BR) is now EUR 45,59 at Best price to date, and a great set.

  218. Aaron says:

    Also…do you have details on the Rick wakeman crimes of passion box set? Think it’s out in June but can’t find any details on it….

  219. Aaron says:

    Couple of interesting upcoming releases

    The Who live at the Isle of Wight 2004 2cd + blu Ray
    Paul Simon concert in Hyde park 2cd + blu day

  220. Peter Muscutt says:

    Hi Paul

    I was just wondering if you had considered posting news/articles on releases from – I believe they are a US based site, but seem to do a great line of limited vinyl releases for cult films/video game soundtracks, often on coloured/patterned vinyl – it may appeal to the many readers of your excellent site? Recently they have released a nice 4 x LP complete ‘Alien’ vinyl set, as well as the ‘Fight Club’ OST in great themed packaging that reflects the rebellious/anti-corporate ethos of the book/film; sadly I missed out on both!

  221. Philip Cohen says:


    Thanks for your deal alert for the Pink Floyd-Interstellar Overdrive “Record Store Day” 12″ single. If not for that marketplace seller on, I wouldn’t have been able to have this record in my collection. There hasn’t been a record store in my area for almost 20 years. The record was an excellent pressing, and the seller packed it well, to arrive in perfect condition. Of course, I transfered it to CD-R on the first play. It’s a very different, early(1966) version of the Pink Floyd instrumental, played at a much faster tempo than any later versions.

  222. Philip Cohen says:

    Over at Beach Boys forum, liner notes writer Howie Edelson has revealed more information about the forthcoming Beach Boys 2-CD set “Sunshine Tomorrow”. The issue of rumoured rejected “Smiley Smile” songs has been clarified. “Hawaiian Song” was a working title for a section of the song “Little Pad”. “Good News” exists, but is not considered releasable. It consists of two acoustic guitars and Al Jardine singing and mumbling off-mic in a cover version of a gospel-influenced song that Jardine first heard on a 1959 album by the folk music group “The Kingston Trio”. Obviously, Jardine thought that Kingston Trio albums could be a source of good songs to cover. Almost 2 years earlier, Jardine had heard The Kingston Trio’s version of a traditional Bahamian folk song “I Wanna Go Home”, and approached Brian Wilson, who agreed that the song would be suitable for The Beach Boys. Re-arranged and re-titled by Wilson, “I Wanna Go Home” became “Sloop John B.”
    As for the one remaining unreleased song said to have been recorded at the “Smiley Smile” sessions, no tape, or tape box for “Good Time Mama” could be found, though Edelson guesses that it may have been a working title for a section of “She’s Goin’ Bald”.
    Rather appropriately for an archival project following so closely after The Beatles 50th anniversary “Sgt. Pepper’s” boxed set, “Sunshine Tomorrow” will contain a studio cover version of “With A Little Help From My Friend”. When first released in 1983 on the U.S.A. edition of the L.P. “Beach Boys Rarities”, Bruce Johnston remarked that the tape speed was intended to be faster. The truth is different: Johnston disliked his lead vocal, and asked for the recording to be slowed down. Now, persuaded that his vocal was good after all, the recording will be mastered at the correct speed, though, since the harmonies were recorded at a different speed, engineer/compiler Mark Linett has (with today’s technology) resolved that issue. This situation contradicts what The Beach Boys wanted fans to believe: that they hadn’t been involved in creating the “Beach Boys Rarities” album, though certainly, there was later some internal conflict within the group over an alternate version of “Good Vibrations” that was included. That Rarities compilation was briefly offered on CD by Japan’s Toshiba/EMI in 1991, but subsequently the “Rarities” version of “Good Vibrations” was never offered again.
    For five of the “Wild Honey” songs, only the master take’s multitrack tape was saved. Alternate takes only exist for the other six songs. Liner Notes writer Edelson’s only regret is that “Sunshine Tomorrow” couldn’t have been a 3-CD, 4-CD or 5-CD set. Apparently, Capitol Records would only O.K. a 2-CD set. Edelson also states that there is enough vault material to create similar vault projects for the remaining post-1967 Capitol Records and Brother Records Beach Boys albums.
    And, by the way, the “artwork” for “Sunshine Tomorrow” posted by UK dealer “Spin CD’s” is NOT the actual artwork.

  223. Aaron says:

    Looks like a few random Rick Wakeman CD/DVD sets coming in June…
    Simply Acoustic
    The Other side Of
    Country Airs – The Original Version

  224. probablyrustin says:

    Hi Paul,

    I read this article a while back around the time of the Purple Rain deluxe announcement. Interestingly, while may have moaned about the exclusion of the First Avenue concert from the set, it seems that it was entirely intentional. The Prince estate holds the footage and is shopping it around to streaming services (with footage that could be used for a documentary too). So it seems it was out of the record company’s hands altogether. Could be the reason behind any perceived limitations in content as well, so I thought it’d be worth directing your attention towards it, perhaps for the inevitable next article about the upcoming release.

  225. Philip Cohen says:

    Record companies keep telling us about declining sales of “Physical Product”, but they’re not helping matters when they don’t manufacture enough “units” to satisfy consumer demand. We’re looking at initial product shortages of The Beatles’ 6-disc “Sgt.Pepper’s” box and the Kraftwerk “3-D Catalog” Blu-ray box. long ago stopped accepting preorders for the Kraftwerk box, and one major independant U.S.A. online dealer stopped accepting preorders for the Beatles box. I’m left wondering if those dealers will ultimately supply these items to me or not.

  226. Dave H says:

    Giles Martin interview and a couple of remixed tracks can be found on BBCi player for those people who have access to it.
    The two tracks played in stereo sound more balanced than the original version as nothing needs to be bounced from 4 tracks to 1 track to make way for overdubs.
    The interview is just over an hour into the programme.

  227. Philip Cohen says:

    The Beach Boys “Sunshine Tomorrow” 2-CD set will contain 34 tracks including both studio & live material. 10 of the 11 songs from the group’s “Wild Honey” album will appear in remixed stereo(all of the songs excepting the album’s last song, the acapellla piece “Mama Says”), and the remainder of the 2-CD set will contain session excerpts, backing tracks and alternate versions from both the “Wild Honey” & “Smiley Smile” sessions, plus 1967 concert recordings from Honolulu(summer 1967 muktitrack recordings from 2 shows intended for an aborted live album “Lei’d in Hawaii”) and November-December 1967 mono soundboard recordings from Boston, Pittsburg & Washington D.C. (the group recorded an extensive series of live shows from the weeks before and after the release of the “Wild Honey” album)
    The 1967 concert recordings were the last time that the group would perform without additional sidemen. Brian Wilson briefly rejoined the touring group for the Honolulu shows, while the other 3 concerts feature his touring replacement Bruce Johnston. All of these
    concert performances were generally quite ragged, so presenting any one of them in its entirety was not an option, but the goal was to present one version of every song that was in the group’s on-stage repertoire during that period. Furthermore, the Honolulu shows were an attempt to re-arrange older Beach Boys hits in minimalist “Smiley Smile” style, in a few instances with revised lyrics.
    As for the studio material, the known “Wild Honey” outtakes (“The Letter”, “With a Little Help From My Friends”,”Lonely Days”, “Game of Love” & “Honey Get Home”) are included, with both “Game of Love” & “Honey Get Home” being previously unreleased. However, “Honey Get Home” is an unfinished backing track. The “Smiley Smile” session material is alternate backing tracks and session excerpts. None of the 3 rumored unreleased “Smiley Smile” songs were found, though, in one instance, it was obviously a working title for a released song. However, you do get a backing track which Brian Wilson intended for the group “Redwood”(soon to be re-named “Three Dog Night”)
    Obviously, “Sunshine Tomorrow” gathers all of the group’s useable post-Smile 1967 vault materials.

  228. Aaron says:

    heard Gyles Martin discussing a future White Album deluxe edition. Now that would be something!

  229. Tom says:

    In case you haven’t seen it already, new OMD album, The Punishment of Luxury, out on 1st September in various formats, including signed yellow vinyl, book & red vinyl, cassette etc. Also selling VIP access to gigs in UK & Europe
    Pre-orders already up on the band’s website,, whatrecords etc.

  230. Oci says:

    Some of the 2016 Phil Collins reissue are very cheap on Amazon Italy! The Essential Going Back, No Jacket Required, Both Sides, Both Sides and Hello, I Must Be Going! at €9,99 ! Others cheap, too.

  231. Michael says:

    How long do we have to wait until there will be deluxe editions of The Divine Comedy’s albums? Or am I the only one who would be interested?

  232. Aaron says:

    New Ray wilson double live album out in June. Time and distance. Looks like 1 disc of Genesis classics and 1 solo. All orders from personally signed by Ray and free shipping to anywhere in world I believe. Ordered my copy already.

  233. Dave H says:

    Hi Philip,
    Do you know if there will be an SACD release?

    • Philip Cohen says:

      No word yet on what form the reissue might take. Only that “Wild Honey” has been remixed for stereo, and several songs can’t be musically identical to the mono.

      • Philip Cohen says:

        An update on the forthcoming Beach Boys releases: A new 2-CD archival release “Sunshine Tomorrow”(which will include the “Wild Honey” remixes and archival tracks) and a vinyl reissue of the “Wild Honey” album. Both are due June 30th. Amazon’s U.S.A. website has pages for these products, but is not yet accepting preorders.
        “Wild Honey” is the only original (non-compilation)1960’s or 1970’s Beach Boys album that was out of print on vinyl. No info as to whether the vinyl will contain the original mono mix or the new remix.

    • Philip Cohen says:

      Analogue Productions’ contract to release Beach Boys “audiophile” L.P.’s & SACD’s was signed prior to the breakup of EMI, and is limited to only those albums that Analogue Productions has reissued thus far. Nothing More. They (Analogue productions) didn’t want “Wild Honey”, “Friends”, “20/20” or the 1964 “Beach Boys Concert” album. “Analogue Productions” upset Capitol Records by including simulated surround sound “upmixes” on the SACD’s of “Sunflower” & “Surf’s Up”.

  234. Philip Cohen says:

    The next 1967 album to get an upgrade will be The Beach Boys’ R&B-influenced December 1967 effort “Wild Honey”. The previously mono-only album will be remixed for stereo(though four of the songs “Wild Honey”, “Darlin’ “, “Country Air” & “Let The Wind Blow” have appeared, in recent years, in stereo remixes via the group’s “Made in California” 6-CD boxed set and other compilations). Whether this will be a one disc set or something more deluxe remains to be seen.

  235. Aaron says:

    Anyone heard any news regarding a forthcoming Asia 35th anniversary CD release? Not sure if its the first album reissued or something else…but the website mentions it but gives no details as yet…

  236. Philip Cohen says:

    With the forthcoming 50th anniversary boxed set edition of “The Beatles-Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” receiving widespread acclaim from those reviewers and dealers who have received advance copies, Universal Music and Apple Corps just HAD to do something that would anger avid fans. When the rare “Penny Lane” RM11(remix mono 11) appears in the new boxed set, it is dubbed from vinyl, from a record in poor condition, and with no de-cracking.
    After EMI dispatched RM11 to Capitol Records in California, and 1000 promotional singles with that mix had been sent to radio stations, The Beatles decided that they wanted that single withdrawn. A new mix (eliminating 7 trumpet notes over the song’s final chord) was then sent to Capitol. All subsequent mono & stereo mixes eliminate the 7 trumpet notes. It would seem apparent that Capitol disposed of their tape of RM11, and that EMI didn’t keep a backup copy.
    While Capitol Records did include a version with the trumpet ending in the 1980 U.S.A. version of “The Beatles-Rarities” L.P., that was a composite, using the standard stereo mix, then editing on the final few seconds from RM 11(possibly dubbed from vinyl)
    For Universal Music and Apple Corps to present an unrestored dub from vinyl is unprofessional. Even the bootleggers found a reasonable condition copy of the rare single, and they de-clicked it. Furthermore, Giles Martin had two other options: use the almost identical (and widely bootlegged) RM10, or create a new mono mix (from the original multitracks (which DO have the extra trumpet notes); a mix designed to be audibly identical to RM11.
    In my own collection, I have the rare promotional single, but I obtained it used(and only in fair condition), but certainly with 999 other copies of the single in collectors’ hands, there must be a few in clean condition.
    I hope that the remainder of this 6-disc set has reasonable quality control.

  237. Philip Cohen says:

    The Cars’ “Candy-O” & “Panorama” to get the expanded treatment(B-sides, demos & monitor mixes) in late July from Rhino.

  238. Tim says:

    New Steve Wilson deluxe available to order from £50/ $65/ €60. Only available “while stocks last”. Bonus cd of demoes, Bluray & DVD, book & one sided 7″ single. Post is expensive but doesn’t appear to be available elsewhere.CD, LP & BluRay also available. His deluxe editions have had very good production values.

  239. Pablo says:

    Hi Paul,

    First at all, thank you for your service to all music community, very very useful site.

    Just I want to know, why or why not until now there are not any news of DL or SDL editions of any of Dire Straits’s albums. I really wish to have some demos, bsides and more someday.

    Thank you and greetings from Montevideo, Uruguay!

  240. Aaron says:

    New Genesis compilation out including 50 year old newly discovered demos and master tapes from the first album…

    • Philip Cohen says:

      I’ve “heard” parts of “Genesis-50 Years Ago” on the internet. While some of it is indeed remixed from the original multitracks, some of it could quite correctly be described as “out-fakes”, such as vocals-only mixes.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        It’s a digital-only release, isn’t it?

        • Philip Cohen says:

          Apparently, “Genesis-50 Years ago” is digital only. For people in the U.S.A., the only source is a lossy AAC download from iTunes, though a Lossless download can be obtained unofficially. I assume that readers in the UK & Europe can purchase the lossless version.

  241. John T says:


  242. Philip Cohen says:

    I just took advantage of’s amazingly low price of “The Beatles-The U.S. Albums” boxed set, obtaining the set for USD$68 after shipping(versus the $149 it would have cost from Amazon’s American site). The good news: it’s a legitimate U.S.A.-manufactured Capitol/Universal set(not a Chinese fake).
    But,alas, there is a reason why Universal is dumping these sets cheaply on, and I’m not the only consumer who encountered this issue. Because of some chemical interaction between the discs and either papers or inks used to fabricate the mini-album covers, the playback surface of all of the discs were covered in stains from a cloudy residue. The issue may be sulfur content in the inks or paper. Most consumers won’t think to try cleaning the discs, but having encountered this issue 3 times previously in 34 years of collecting CD’s, I was able(with two and a half hours effort, water, a wet towel and my thumb) to restore the discs to perfect condition. But few consumers will know, that to avoid a return of the cloudy residue, and potential damage to the discs, they can’t be re-installed into the original packaging. From now on, I must store the discs outside the boxed set. I opted to store the discs in CD envelopes, and, eventually to store them in slim cases.
    As I say, I’ve only encountered this issue three times before now: in an unofficial Rolling Stones 4-CD set(“Voodoo Brew”) and in two EMI/UK releases(the 3-CD set “Deep Purple-Live in Japan” and a limited 2-disc set of CD singles by Duran Duran, that was released simultaneous with that group’s untiled so-called “Wedding Album”)
    One consumer who purchased “The Beatles-The U.S. Albums” encountered the same issue with sets that he tried from HMV and from
    I guess that my lengthy cleaning effort and having to henceforth store the discs outside the original packaging, is a reasonable compromise for the low price I paid, but most people will simply opt to return the sets to the original dealer. Most people will think that the discs are irrepairably damaged.

    • Dibyaroop Ghosh says:

      Good to know that your discs work……i’m having a somewhat unusual problem with my Love – Forever Changes deluxe edition……when i bought it i did not play it for some time and now its been many months and when i try to play there’s only noise and no music….however from the surface i couldn’t find any scratches or other marks…..will cleaning help me too?

    • DaveM says:

      Philip, just buy new inner (quality) wallets from Cdjapan. My US albums CDs were terrible after a year or so and actually tacky. They were so bad I ended up binning them. I daren’t risk putting them in my player, but sounds like your cleaning method has worked.

      • DaveM says:

        BTW, I decided that the chemical reaction was from the cheap quality inner sleeves.

      • Philip Cohen says:

        Actually, I DO have “AntiStatic CD Sleeves” from CD Japan. But, if the cause of the cloudy residue build-up on the discs in “The Beatles-US Albums” box is actually caused by the inks or paper of the mini album covers, then replacing the plastic inner sleeves would likely make no difference and the residue would re-appear. I’m not going to risk that possibility. You may have needlessly disposed of your discs. Well, now you know if you ever encounter that problem again.

  243. Andreas says:

    Hi Paul,
    just recognized that on Elivs Costello the demo of back on mz feet was published. Why is this not on Flowers in the dirt of Paul McCartney. If I am right it is not part of any of the different releases.
    It can be downloaded for free from the McCartney homepage.


  244. Aaron says:

    2 new Bowie picture discs to be released this month.

    Be My Wife – backed with an unreleased live version of Art Decade
    I’m Afraid Of Americans – backed with acoustic live version of Heroes – this disc will only be available from the David Bowie Is exhibition in Barcelona!

  245. Philip Cohen says:

    Question. I was watching a YouTube unboxing video for the George Harrison vinyl box and I noted one puzzling departure from authenticity. If any of you have ever owned any Beatles group or solo L.P.’s or singles on the “Apple” label, then you’ll know that the side 1 features a complete unsliced apple, and the side 2 shows the inside of an apple (after being sliced open).
    In the new vinyl reissue of the album “All Things Must Pass”, the sides 1 & 2 of each record both have the “side 1” labels. Why such a departure from authenticity? Is it an error or is it intentional?
    By contrast, the previous vinyl reissue of the album, while hardly an audiophile-grade pressing(it was pressed in the U.S.A. by the dreaded “Rainbo Records”) had a reproduction of the original labels and packaging that was so exact(even the label texture, catalog number and the ring mark on the label), that the only way to tell that it wasn’t a 1971 original, is that the L.P.’s and the box were very slightly thicker than the originals.
    Why would Universal Music now depart from authenticity in the new reissue of “All Things Must Pass”? Two other “Apple” L.P.’s in the new vinyl box have the correct “Side 2” labels.
    In a boxed set as pricey as the Harrison vinyl box consumers have reason to expect Universal to be true to the original releases. Avid collectors of Beatles music(especially the people who lived during that era) expect authenticity.
    As for myself, I’ve got the “All Things Must Pass” vinyl reissue of a few years back, plua vintage(original) pressings of “Wonderwall Music”, “Electronic Sound” , “Living in The Material World” & “The Concert For Bangladesh” plus CD’s of Harrison’s entire album discography and Hi-resolution downloads of all of the “Apple” albums . For me, the vinyl box(If I ever buy it) will be (Largely) a piece of memorabilia.

  246. Aaron says:

    With Johnny Cash’s Sun Records and Complete Columbia sets out – can’t understand why someone over at Mercury hasn’t thought to out put out a Mercury’s Years Box. I know its not his best but this would include:

    Johnny Cash Is Coming To Town
    Classic Cash – Hall Of Fame Series
    Water From The Wells Of Home
    Boom Chicka Boom
    The Mystery Of Life
    & would be great if they could include
    Country Christmas
    Return To The Promised Land

    Also would love to see them continue with the Bootleg Series – Volume V to include some or all of these rare albums:
    Destination Victoria Station
    Sings with the BC Goodpasture Christian School
    The Unissued Johnny Cash
    Johnny & June
    Tall Man

    Lets make it happen!

  247. Philip Cohen says:

    I am too upset to go into deep detail here, but suffice to say that Rob Caiger(the present-day compiler of Charly Records projects involving the recordings of the Immediate Records” label) has used the IMWAN forums(a forum from which I was banished a half decade ago) to make some blantantly false statements about me. Between 1994 to 1998(when I was compiling five “Immediate” projects for Charly), I didn’t overlook master tapes and multitracks. Despite what Mr.Caiger claims, though Charly did co-own a substantial lot of Olympic Studios tapes(relating to the artists of “Immediate Records”), Charly did not obtain 100% ownership and actual posession of the tapes until 2002(four years after my involvement with Charly had ended). Back then, Repertoire Records posessed the tapes. Charly did not have those tapes when I was there. For projects involving “Immediate” recordings,I had to simply use whatever materials that I could find at Charly’s offices and in my own CD or l.P. collection. I didn’t overlook anything. I did the best that I could with what was then available. I was not permitted to contact other labels to search for better sources or additional materials. My compilations were well-received by music fans.
    As I was told,after the 4-CD set “Small Faces-The Immediate Years”(which I compiled) was issued (in 1995), Universal Music DID express some displeasure over the use of four Decca A-sides.

  248. Webvan says:

    Not sure how best to contact you about good deals so here goes : just saw this Wings Speed of Sound and Venus and Mars Deluxe : €45 : €47

  249. Philip Cohen says:

    Now that progressive rock musician and surround sound remixer Steven Wilson has completed his work for King Crimson & Yes(his contract to remix Yes only included the 1971-74 albums), you may be wondering whose music Wilson will be remixing next. He’ll be remixing vintage 1980’s Marillion. The group’s “Misplaced Childhood” album(including their biggest hit “Kayleigh”) will be released in a 4-CD + Blu-ray edition in July. This includes the original mix, Steven Wilson stereo & surround remixes of the album and related B-sides, plus a concert from Utrecht, Holland, demo versions and a video documentary about the album plus the videos for the singles.

  250. Kevin says:

    US Depeche Mode fans will be able to pre-order all titles in the 2006/2007 remastered reissue campaigns as single disc only releases from Rhino at mid-price (Amazon pre-order prices: 7.99-8.99). Pretty cool deal if your only interested in remasters of the albums proper WITHOUT the bonus DVD included in the Collector’s Editions. I imagine these will be the same as the single discs that were available in 2013 in the UK/Europe.

  251. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Any Grace Jones might lije to checkout

    The Warm Leatherette Deluxe is £10, the I Need A Man 12″ single £3 (Record Store Day from last year?) and a nice Slave To The Rythmn picture disk £8 plus postage of at least £1.95

  252. Philip Cohen says:

    I just received my Japanese 3-SACD set of Santana’s 1973 live album “Lotus”. The packaging is a fabulous 7″ x 7″ reproduction of the album’s elaborate album cover…and more. While the overall sound quality is superb, be cautioned that the 4.0 Quadraphonic mix is nothing special. The rear channels contain only applause and a little bit of reverb. As for the 35 minutes of previously unreleased material, many of these selections spotlight other members of Santana’s group, and most feature little or no guitar playing. Obviously, Carlos Santana made the correct decisions of what to include or not include in the original 3-L.P. set back in the 1970’s.
    Speaking of vinyl, there will be a new Japanese vinyl edition of “Lotus”(based on the DSD files prepared for the 3-SACD set), albeit with only 2 of the bonus tracks heard on the SACD set. And be cautioned that the vinyl set won’t be pressed in Japan, but instead the laquer cut will be by Mobile Fidelity in the U.S.A. with pressings by RTI in the U.S.A.
    The new 3-L.P. vinyl edition(to be released in June) will be sold at high Japanese prices(slightly over $100) for product that isn’t really Japanese, and won’t have the legendary quality control of real Japanese vinyl.

  253. Foxee says:

    The world is a better place – Bananarama are back!!!!!!! Not just a first time ever tour with the original trio, but likely new studio recordings too – how fab is that??!!!

    • Tom M says:

      They are taking pledges for the Bananarama live album and presumably there will be concert DVD pre-order in the future. May not be out until 2018 however.

  254. Tom M says:

    The original tri,! Bananarama on tour. Nothing in the states though, damn!

  255. Aaron says:

    Cherry red today announced the next Anthony Phillips deluxe reissue. Slow Dance, 3 disc set. Really looking forward to this, although this does mean that they have missed Invisible Men, Tarka and Missing Links 1 if they are going chronologically. Really hope they go back and do these ones too, I imagine a missing links box set won’t be out of the equation.

  256. JohnC says:

    Bob Marley Exodus is being reissued 40th Anniversary in various formats. multi disc vinyl, 3CD, 2Cd and orange vinyl

    Here is the link for orange vinyl

    The other editions can be found on , issue date 2 June

  257. Aaron says:

    All discs from the Vangelis box set are being issued individually on April 28th. Amazon has them for 5.99 each…great deal.

  258. John T says:

    Big Sale on Vinyl at

    • Martin says:

      Yep def confirmed real bargains to be had on Rainbow, Costello and a cure vinyl plus Placebo Unplugged and Meds at £8 each

  259. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Next Wdnesday, BBC Rafio 2 marks the first anniversary of Prince’s death with a one hour documentary Prince And Me.

    Maybe we’ll get to hear done of the unreleased Purple Rain era tracks…

  260. Geoff says:

    Hey Paul – a couple of good deals here:

  261. johnny says:

    Great Offer Store has some really nice items/prices.
    New stuff in, this week

  262. Dave H says:

    I can also understand where Mark is coming from but not sure it’s an easy fix. It only gets difficult when there’s many replies like for Macca or The Beatles.
    Some people will use the reply button next to a certain comment while others will go to the bottom of the page to leave a fresh comment.
    Indentation comes to mind when replying to a certain comment but this can also look messy. A new comment will begin on the left hand margin with a reply to it indented.

    Anyway Paul, keep up the good work. Don’t forget to check out the Great Offer Store website – Lots of Easter goodies including Wet Wet West Picture This deluxe edition for £10

    • Mark says:

      That was what I was imagining also Dave H and perhaps with all replies (for those selecting the reply button option) indented at the same width from left margin so as not to blow out and look too messy when multiple replies made to same initial comment if that makes sense.

  263. Mark says:

    Hi Paul,
    As a regular visitor to your site I wanted to put forward a suggestion for your consideration….relating to the comments sections of the news items which are of course one of the interesting features of
    I like to return to view additional comments posted under news items of interest to me and based on seeing that a number of extra comments have been posted since my initial viewing I will dive in to try and read the new ones.Oftentimes however though there may be a small few or even sometimes about a dozen extra comments added since my last reading,when I scan to the bottom of comments there may be no extras there or only one or two and I leave there dissatisfied at not seeing this ‘x’ number of newly added comments.
    My point being that (for me at least) it is quite a lot of scanning through to identify new comments/info due to the way in which the replies are formatted exactly the same as original comments…hence my suggestion of adjusting the format for replies so that they visually stand out from original comments…
    Either way thanks for the great site!

  264. Stu says:

    Excellent Easter vinyl sale at Vinyl boxsets, lots of lps at £8, and a lot of old RSD stock for £3 a go.

  265. Clive Coward says:

    Hi Paul

    Following up on last nights message, just looked on line and its the same price

    Human League Anthology CD/DVD now half price

  266. Dominic says:

    Pet Shop Boys. Looks like whole back cat getting a re-release. Wonder if they’ll add anything to the already-released 2001 ‘Further Listening’ series?

    See Pet Texts for Neil artwork pic towards the bottom.

  267. gwynogue says:

    Just got an email from Amazon – George Michael’s “Listen Without Prejudice” SDE release date changed AGAIN! It’s now October 20!

  268. mr59 says:

    another falco vinyl release:

    universal re-released the 1992 album


    and also

    “out of the dark (into the light)

    last week, the later is the first time that this falco album which was released a few weeks after his death in 1998 is available on vinyl.

  269. OceanBlue says:

    Phil Collin’s But Seriously reissue is currently at £7,99 on Amazon Uk

  270. Ob says:

    Sting cardboard sleeve Japan reissues out May 24.

    Cardboard sleeve reissue release from Sting features SHM-CD format. The mini LP faithfully replicates the US first pressing LP design, including a 4-page insert. The obi faithfully replicates the one in the Japanese first pressing LP for the first time. Features 1998 remastering. Comes with lyrics and a description. Features enhanced CD format, including “Englishman In New York.” This series features the following titles: “The Dream Of The Blue Turtles,” “Bring On The Night,” “…Nothing Like The Sun,” “The Soul Cages,” “Ten Summoner’s Tales,” and “Mercury Falling.”

  271. Aaron says:

    with April 1st tomorrow…I’m wondering what deluxe editions will be announced…

    loved last years Make It Bigger set..

    I wonder if the long awaited Girl You Know Its True Expanded Super Deluxe Edition with bonus Karaoke disc will be announced at long last…it is the largest selling album no longer in print so its about time!

  272. David M says:

    The deal alerts appearing on home page are great, but they would be more accurate if they were rounded up, 3.99 is not 3 pounds, but 4 pounds.

  273. Philip Cohen says:

    All over the internet there have been rumours of a 50th anniversary edition of The Beatles’ 1967 album “Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”. Apple Corps & Universal Music haven’t issued a denial, nor have they confirmed such a release. Maybe you can discover whether this “50th Anniversary” release is merely a hoax; an urban myth. After all, Apple Corps has never permitted an expanded edition of any Beatles studio album. And Olivia Harrison has been rigidly determined to continue George Harrison’s veto of any material whose inclusion(in the “Anthology” series) George had opposed.

  274. Már Wolfgang Mixa says:

    Many Genesis LPs being sold at 9.99 GBP both at HMV and

  275. Már Wolfgang Mixa says:

    The Cars LP box set can be bought for GBP 53 at the moment at

  276. Philip Cohen says:

    The hidden files for the 5.1 surround mix of Pink Floyd’s “Meddle” have been omitted when the Blu-ray disc is released outside the complete “The Early Years” box. I am assuming that it will be omitted future production runs of “The Early Years” too.

  277. Walter says:

    At least 11 of 13 CD’s from the Vangelis – Delectus box set are expected to be released as single disc edition around 28th April 2017, this according to Dutch website bol dot com

  278. Auntie Sabrina says:

    T’Pau’s 2 CD version of Bridge Of Spies is a bargain-tastic £3.99 from, you guessed it,…

  279. Már Wolfgang Mixa says:

    USA readers might be interested in buying the Foo Fighters´Greatest Hits 2LP at $13.34 at –

  280. Aaron says:

    Cherry Red issuing a Deluxe 2 CD edition of Haircut 100’s 2nd album Paint & Paint….first time ver on CD I believe..

    Lots of 7″, 12″ mixes and demos – no sign of the Heyward demos for the unissued 2nd album though!

    • Jim says:

      Blimey, talk about deep catalogue! I see Cherry Red also have three BA Robertson albums (with bonus tracks) on the schedule.

  281. Jim says:

    I see that those six Elton John vinyl remasters which were exclusively issued in that expensive Burberry set are now being released via Universal on 14th April.

  282. Aaron says:

    Not got my FITD set yet – but can someone confirm if there is a “Coming Soon..” in it? If so, what is it?!?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Apparently there isn’t a coming soon card..

      • Philip Cohen says:

        It wouldn’t surprise me, that if the “Flowers in The Dirt” box sells poorly, McCartney & his manager will be oblivious and/or in denial as to the reason why, and the “Paul McCartney Archives” series will end, hence MPL is not committing to releasing anything further. O.K., then.

  283. Simon says:

    R.E.M. Out Of Time 25th Anniversary now only £21.99 on Amazon UK (half the previous price)…

  284. Tim says:

    All the Crowded House 2CD Deluxe are on Amazon.Co.Uk today at £6.99

  285. Philip Cohen says:

    “The Creation-Creation Theory” 4-CD + DVD boxed set has been postponed until May.

  286. Stu says:

    Bit of a vinyl sale online at HMV (probably instore at HMV and Fopp as well). Decent selection of lps at £7.99, and some of the big ticket vinyl boxsets are reduced – the Human League ‘Anthology’ vinyl boxset is £39.99. R.E.M ‘Out of Time’ 3 lp boxset £29.99. Bowie at the Beeb £39.99.

    Amazon might pricematch them hopefully, not as yet though.

  287. Christian says:

    Hey Paul. Just thought you’d like to know that the list for Record Store Day 2017 has been released (somewhat). The releases have been confirmed. Naturally, things are still being added, but it’s a good read. Go here to see what’s coming out:

  288. gwynogue says:

    Per Gessle (Roxette) box set on sale at – 10 CDs for only 37 euro!

  289. Russ McKendrick says:

    The Complete Works of “Weird Al” Yankovic in an accordion box !

  290. Philip Cohen says:

    April 2017 sees albums by The Steve Miller Band released on Japan SHM-CD. This consists of all of the Capitol albums(excluding compilations) from “Rock Love” through “Living in the 20th Century”. If the series is issued as scheduled, it would mark the CD debut of “Rock Love” & “Recall The Beginning…A Journey From Eden”, two albums that Miller detests. They weren’t very popular with consumers either. He has permitted those two albums to appear as MP3 downloads, but on previous occasions when a Miller licensee has tried to issue them on CD, it never happened. Stay tuned to see if Miller permits a CD release this time. Other albums in the series include “The Joker”, “Fly Like an Eagle”, “Book of Dreams”, “Circle of Love”, “Abracadabra”, “Steve Miller Band Live”, “Italian X-Rays” & “Living in the 20th Century”

  291. Philip Cohen says:

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, only months after releasing the 40-track 2-CD set “The Yardbirds-Live at The BBC”, the Repertoire/UK label discovered some improved sources and 3 additional tracks and have reissued it as a 43-track 2-CD set. The catalog number of the upgraded set is REPUK 1309. The added selections are “Think About It”(alternate take), “White Summer” & “Dazed and Confused”. This is the first time that these have been released from full fidelity sources. In the 2016 edition(REPUK 1280), those performances had been omitted due to the poor quality of the sources available back then.
    The upgraded edition is also offered as a 2-L.P. vinyl set, albeit with 35 tracks(versus the 43 tracks on the 2-CD set). Due to vinyl running time restrictions, the vinyl edition omits some duplicate takes of songs(where the group played the same song more than once on the BBC).
    And I will proudly note, that for the new 43-track, 2-CD edition, I wrote some liner notes that appear on the last 2 pages of the booklet.
    The new CD version is definitive. With the exception of 3 songs where a missing section had to be inserted from an off-air recording[those songs were originally broadcast complete,but the BBC now posesses only an edited version] the set is full fidelity

  292. Philip Cohen says:

    Yardbirds fans may be aware that a CD boxed set from the group’s years with Jimmy Page is under developement, and it will include the “Little Games” sessions, the 1968 Anderson Theatre New York concert and the March 1968 CBS/New York studio sessions. Most of the songs from those March 1968 sessions have been released (albeit from cassettes of rough mixes) on a Uk 2-CD set “Cumular Limit”. Notably absent from that release, “Knowing That I’m Losing You”, whose release was vetoed by Jimmy Page. The reason: because it has the same melody that Page later re-used(without crediting Yardbirds singer Keith Relf) in Led Zeppelin’s song “Tangerine”.
    In the forthcoming boxed set, Page is remixing “Knowing That I’m Losing You” WITHOUT THE VOCAL, so that it no longer shares the same vocal melody with “Tangerine”. Really, the late Keith Relf should be belatedly be given a co-writing credit for “Tangerine”. Page’s vocal-less remix of “Knowing That I’m Losing You” doesn’t change the facts. The rough mix (with the vocals) has circulated unofficially for many years.

  293. Philip Cohen says:

    It’s good that I didn’t buy the American “Audio Fidelity” label hybrid stereo 2-SACD set of Santana’s 1973 Japanese 3-l.P. set “Lotus”, because, on April 21st, Sony Music in Japan will release something much better: a 3-SACD set of “Lotus” in 4.0 Quadraphonic sound with 35 minutes of previously unreleased bonus tracks and a 7″ x 7″ replica of the album’s very elaborate, multi-panel artwork. The SACD’s will be hybrid discs that contain SACD surround, SACD stereo & CD stereo. Hopefully, this will be the start of a series to reissue Santana’s large back catalog of quadraphonic mixes. Sony/Japan recently completed releasing all of Jeff Beck’s quadraphonic mixes on SACD.

  294. Steve says:

    Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes – The Remastered Epic Recordings. 4 remastered albums on 2 CDs. Available now – more detail here –

  295. Philip Cohen says:

    Late April will see the expanded 2-CD Supremes series continue with “Supremes a-Go-Go”. Universal Music(who closed their mail-order label “Hip-O Select” a few years ago) finally accepted that Supremes fans wouldn’t accept MP3 download-only releases, so we will now get physical product, released through regular online retailers.

  296. Aaron says:

    I hope this Sgt Peppers release mentioned in the Mirror isn’t true. Who are all these “mad” Beatle’s fan who were “annoyed” that Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane were not on the album!?

    Any other rumours on this?

  297. Mark Hallam says:

    For those who are interested, The Who My Generation Super Deluxe Box Set is currently EUR 59.97 on –

  298. Philip Cohen says:

    Bad Company’s 3rd & 4th albums “Run with The Pack” & “Burnin’ Sky” to get the deluxe 2-CD treatment from Rhino on May 29th. The second disc will be alternate takes and mixes.

  299. John Cameron says:

    The Mirror newspaper website has reported that a 50th anniversary edition of sgt pepper will be issued on June 1st and the new edition will include strawberry fields and penny lane as they were always meant to be on it. No further info on any other additions to the original LP

  300. Stu says:

    Crowded House ‘Time on Earth’ deluxe edition has dropped to £7.99 on Amazon, although the rest of the reissues are still full price sadly.

  301. Aaron says:

    Ex Wings guitarist Laurence Juber has a new solo acoustic Beatles covers album out in March. His third Beatles covers album plus he had a Wings acoustic album out also.

    LJ Can’t stop Playing The Beatles.

    Anyone who loves his playing on Old Siam Sir will love these albums!

  302. JohnC says:

    An update on how to order Beatles vinyl fortnightly – £16.99 for a single LP £24.99 for a double and other freebies if you order online

    It has a link to the TV advert too

  303. JohnC says:

    All the Beatles albums are going to be reissued on vinyl in a fortnightly magazine including Anthology and Live at the BBC. Supposed to be the remasters on 180gr vinyl with accompanying magazine about the album and appear to have a box to keep them in

  304. Philip Cohen says:

    Experience Hendrix’s long-dormant “official Bootleg” mail-order label “Dagger Records” returns in March, with a disc of pre-Experience concert recordings “Live at George’s Club 20”, recorded when Jimi Hendrix was a member of Curtis Knight & The Squires. Experience Hendrix got ownership of the Knight recordings a few years ago. To my knowledge, none of the recordings on the new disc are previously unreleased, though some tracks may be new to U.S.A. CD.

  305. Dave H says:

    Lots of specials offers this morning on Amazon Italy. Go to daily offers section (offerte) and then music section (musica).

    Bob Dylan 1966 Live Box 81,90 €
    The Who My Generation Box 65,90 €
    Metallica Ride The Lightning Box 122,90 €
    Human League Anthology – A Very British Synthesizer Group Box 65,90 €
    REM Out of Time (3 CD + Blu-Ray) 42,90 €
    Cream Fresh Cream (3 CD + Blu-Ray) 42,90 €

  306. graham says:

    Anybody know why new vinyl releases vary so much in price, forgetting pre sales my local HMV has 2 Disc Bowie Nassau at 18.99GBP and single disc Diamond Dogs at 24.99GBP

  307. Mike says:

    New interview on PopJustice mentions Pet Shop Boys reissues in April

  308. OceanBlue says:

    Neil: […]If you listen to the ‘Fundamental’ album now, which I have been because it’s being reissued in April with a CD of bonus tracks, that sounds quite timely

  309. DaveM says:

    Email this morning from to let me know that FMac TITN is now delayed until 31st March.

  310. Grum says:

    Just found Ian Anderson’s Homo Eraticus Ltd Box Set on Amazon UK for £4.99, someone might like it, only five left at that price though.

  311. Philip Cohen says:

    Uriah Heep’s “Look at Yourself”, “Demons and Wizards” & “The Magician’s Birthday” to get the 2-CD expanded/remastered treatment from BMG on the last week of March. The sets can be preordered at
    As with all previous Uriah Heep archival projects throughout the CD era, the sets have been supervised by Uriah Heep historian Robert Corich. Remastering is by Andy Pearce.

  312. Aaron says:

    As per most weeks there is a new Status Quo release out next week

    Keep ‘Em Coming – The Collection. Looks like tracks from Don’t Stop, Under The Influence, The Party Ain’t Over Yet, In Search Of The Fourth Chord and Quid Pro Quo plus some live stuff…
    01.The Party Ain’t Over Yet
    02.Fun Fun Fun (With The Beach Boys)
    03.Under The Influence
    04.Keep ‘Em Coming
    05.I Knew The Bride
    06.Get Back
    07.Sea Cruise
    08.I’m Watching Over You
    09.Get Out Of Denver
    10.Cupid Stupid
    11.All That Counts Is Love
    12.It’s All About You
    13.Don’t Stop
    14.The Winner
    15.Rock n Roll n You
    16.All Around My Hat (With Maddy Prior)
    17.In The Army Now (2010 Radio Edit

    01.Pictures Of Matchstick Men (1999)
    02.The Beginning Of The End
    03.Two Way Traffic
    04.Round And Round
    05.Gotta Get Up And Go
    06.Making Waves
    07.Goodbye Baby
    08.Movin’ On
    09.I Don’t Wanna Hurt You Anymore
    10.Frozen Hero
    11.Twenty Wild Horses
    12.Bad News
    13.You Never Stop
    14.Tilting At The Mill
    15.Whatever You Want (Live 2010)
    16.Caroline (Live)
    17.Rocking All Over The World (Live)

  313. Jim says:

    I am curious and very interested in some of the new live releases available via various U.K. Sites including Amazon. I just pre ordered a 21 disc Grateful Dead set from 1971 for 25 pounds. Back in the day these would have been bootleg released sold under the table but they seem widely available and increasing in the volume of releases. I did get a nice Dylan box and it was well presented even if the discs didn’t have the embedded date on track details etc. certainly none of the independent Australian stores stock this stuff.
    Your readers might appreciate an article on the copyright etc background on these releases and your comments on quality etc.
    Love your site and your deal alerts are costing me a small fortune.

  314. Rory says:


    does anybody know where I’d be able to get hold of a copy of the Soundtrack of Our Lives vinyl version of their album Behind the music?


  315. Dave H says:

    Hi Paul,
    Since The Jam’s Live 6 CD box set “Fire & Skill” was released a couple of years ago, Universal has been releasing vinyl versions of each of the live concerts from each year. So far these concert have been issued in the set.

    1977 –

    1978 –

    1979 –

    1981 –

    As you can see 1980 Newcastle City Hall has been missed from the set. This concert had been officially released on vinyl previously as a limited edition of 1500. My question is are Universal going to re-release this concert as part of the current series. I assume 1982 Wembley will be next.

    You can find info on 1980 on Discogs which, as you can see has a completely different cover design to the vinyls above.

  316. Philip Cohen says:

    After years of delays, it appears that the “Chris Wood-Evening Blue” boxed set has actually been released. I just received an e-mail from which says that they have despatched it to me.

  317. Aaron says:

    Status quo 7″ vinyl singles collection volume 1 out on March 10. Listed on First in series of 5 sets, each covering a decade of releases…this one starts from accident prone…looks pretty great actually.

  318. Liam Bastick says:

    The smile has left my eyes. No doubt you’ll write about it shortly, but RIP John Wetton. Plaudits for many of his songs, but co-written with Geoff Downes, Don’t Cry is in my Top 10 of all time.

  319. Michel D. says:

    Forgot to add that everything is now 30% off everything in store:

  320. Michel D. says:

    Hey Paul, HMV Canada is closing all their stores, very sad about this since their prices were great!!:

  321. Philip Cohen says:

    After permitting the unreleased (but already bootlegged) 1963-1965 Rolling Stones recordings to fall into UK/Europe public domain, ABKCO has taken a different, but unsatisfactory approach for the 1966 materials: ABKCO has created a “copyright extension” effort, but it’s not a CD, L.P. or download, but rather, they have posted 28 selections onto “YouTube”, but whether this legally constitutes a “release” is doubtful. The concert recordings were in widespread circulation(in some instances in better quality) anyhow, but amongst the studio tracks are some slightly different takes or mixes of tracks that had already circulated.
    It’s somewhat disappointing that this is all the unreleased 1966 Rolling Stones material that there is, but perhaps, it is all that ABKCO posesses, or thinks was already in circulation(and therefore requiring copyright extension). Then too, perhaps The Stones didn’t deliver all of their rejected material to London, Decca or ABKCO.

  322. pookah boy says:

    will there ever be a ‘pookah makes three’ cd ? there was 3 singles (“take it back”) and the band mentioned recording an album in several magazines.on the back of one of their vinyls it says “from the forthcoming mind maps lp” ?

  323. Terry says:

    Check full schedule and ticket information about Stevie Nicks and The Pretenders The 24 Karat Gold tour

  324. Philip Cohen says:

    The latest rock music fatality: Spooky Tooth drummer Mike Kellie, age 70. He had been terminally ill for the past year. He did extensive work as a sessionman in the 1970’s, notably for Island Records.

  325. Philip Cohen says:

    In late March, the RPM label will release a CD of interest to collectors of The Beatles’ “Apple Records” label. “Mortimer-On Our Way Home” is the unreleased Apple album by the American vocal harmony group. Lennon/McCartney’s “On Our Way Home”(Later titled “Two of Us”) was originally intended to be given to Mortimer, though, after the release of Mortimer’s album was cancelled, The Beatles recorded the song.
    One of the group members, who still resides in the UK, was able to obtain the masters (and outtakes) from The Beatles’ “Apple Corps”. The CD will also contain additional songs from the album sessions. The album and additional materials were produced by Peter Asher, who also took photos of the group, including the one for the album cover. More of Asher’s photos will be included in the booklet.

  326. negative1 says:

    Flock of seagulls remixes and rarities march 24, from cherry red:

    1. I RAN (SO FAR AWAY) (U.S. 7″ VERSION)
    7. I RAN (LIVE)



    • dominic edwards says:

      Remixes & Rarities on Cherry Pop? Hmmm, that kind of sounds familiar. Have you been Lloyd Cole’d by Amazon Mr Sinclair? ;-)

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        Yeah.. interesting to see that my original idea is still bearing some fruit for Cherry Pop. This set isn’t anything to so with me, though. I only ever did the first two – Paul Young and Thompson Twins.

  327. michael59 says:

    hello paul,

    on february 17th sony music will release “falco 60”, a best of album of the late austrian popstar as he would have celebrated his 60th birthday on this day.

    it will include many mixes released for the first time on CD, such as the ‘american edit’ of “rock me amadeus”, the promo ’12” edit’ of “the sound of musik” and the rare shep pettibone ’12” remix” of falco’s version of the steely dan classic “do it again”.

    also included are 4 new remixes, among it a parov stelar remix of “vienna calling”

    there will be a 3CD, 2CD, 2LP (yellow vinyl) and also a DVD “falco 60” release

  328. Philip Cohen says:

    George Harrison Japan SHM-CD series to be issued in late February. No bonus tracks.

  329. James says:

    Amazon France, no longer honouring the deal on vangelis, ‘delectus’. very disappointing as the price is now 3 times as much! Any recourse when this happens?

  330. Philip Cohen says:

    The release of the “Fleetwood Mac-Tango in The Night” 3-CD/DVD/L.P. boxed set has gone into limbo, so now it’s a moot point that you won’t permit it to be discussed here. The stereo-only High Resolution(96Khz/24-bit) audio DVD was only going to include the original album tracks and 5 videos. None of the CD-2 & CD-3 bonus tracks were going to be included on the DVD. The set was shaping up to be a poor value. Not as poor as The Doors’ debut album box, but poor nonetheless. I’ll get by fine without either one of these boxes.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’m sure it will be officially announced soon… no one had any rock solid info on what was on CD 3 or the DVD (yes, I saw the tweet).

  331. Robert says:

    Hi Paul,

    Are you satisfied with your new cd-player ? You said a few weeks ago that you have a new one. I am curious about your experience with this player …

  332. gwynogue says:

    As an Australian and a lover of 80’s pop and a lover of 12″ mixes, I was very excited to stumble across this Amazon listing:

    These 12″ compilations are common in the UK and several of them trickle their way into Austalia, but – according to the ‘blurb’ – this is the first time an Australian edition/compilation has been produced.

    I hope there are future volumes (and good quality sourcing/mastering!)

    Amazon is pricey, but here are some wallet-friendly listings for Australian SDE-ers:

    Plus an article (which is just the Amazon blurb, really):

  333. Philip Cohen says:

    For Stevie Nicks to continue to tour with Fleetwood Mac, yet refuse to participate with the group in the studio is puzzling. Perhaps her solo recording and touring career is more profitable than working with Fleetwood Mac, since she doesn’t have to split the money with four other group members, but her most recent solo album was not a hit.
    If Lindsay. Christine, John & Mick release the album that they’re working on, and it is a chart hit, then Stevie Nicks is humiliated, because the fans accepted the group without her. But if the album fails commercially, Ms.Nicks goes down in history as the villainesse who destroyed the Fleetwood Mac reunion. It’s a no-win situation for Stevie Nicks. I predict that the Nicks-less album will be a hit. After all, the writer and lead singer of more Fleetwood Mac hits (than any other group member) is Christine McVie.

  334. Foxee says:

    Tango in the Night deluxe edition out 28 Feb – and the track list is a real bummer!!!!!

    • Philip Cohen says:

      Why is it a bummer? Only 2 of the 3 CD’s contents have been revealed, and most of the non-L.P. tracks (excepting extended dance mixes) are included. I would have liked to have had those dance mixes….but it is hardly a deal-breaker. The main reason that most people buy these Fleetwood Mac boxes is for the surround sound mixes, unreleased songs and demos.
      In other Mac news, Christine McVie, Lindsay Buckingham, John McVie & Mick Fleetwood have finally resigned themselves to the fact that Stevie Nicks won’t participate in their studio sessions. 7 songs were recorded last year.The four Fleetwood Mac members will complete their album this year, which will be released as a Lindsay Buckingham/Christine McVie duo album.

  335. Philip Cohen says:

    So quickly after the release of Fleetwood Mac’s “Mirage” box, “Tango in The Night” will get the same deluxe treatment on the 28 of February. 3 CD’s + surround sound DVD + L.P.

  336. spot says:

    DEAL ALERT: has The Rolling Stones In Mono Vinyl Box for the amazing price of EUR 175,70 plus shipping!

    Metallica – Kill ‘Em All Super Deluxe (4LP/5CD/DVD/Book) for EUR 97,99 plus shipping

    Metallica – Ride The Lightning Super Deluxe (4LP/6CD/DVD/Book) for EUR 111,99 plus shipping

  337. Martin Stockdale says: early buzzcocks box, some nice ephemera.

  338. Martin Stockdale says: Newly released Walkabouts Box Set of cover versions to match the box set from a couple of years back. 89 Euros for 6LP +4CD – tempting!

  339. Nate says:

    “Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me” film soundtrack getting similar vinyl treatment as original series last year. Two disc “cherry pie” red vinyl, new artwork….!

  340. Andy P says:

    Pink Floyd Early Years box set currently (20.35) on lightning deal at Amazon UK – £136!!
    70% sold already

  341. spot says:

    Lighning deal in Germany right now:
    The Perfect Johnny Cash Collection Box-Set (20 CDs) €14,47
    (regular price is around € 30 – 35)

  342. Michel D. says:

    Bowie’s Sound & Vision 7″ picture disc is available to preorder at Amazon Canada (great price):

  343. Philip Cohen says:

    Capitol’s license for The Bee Gees’ back catalog will start in February with an apparently verbatim reissue of “The Ultimate Bee Gees”. No word yet on whether it will be the 2-CD edition or the 2-CD + DVD edition. I’ve already got the 2-CD + DVD edition. Thanks for nothing, Capitol.
    Then, it is apparent that consumers who bought the group’s back catalog on CD’s from Polydor and Warner/Reprise will have absolutely no reason to buy Capitol’s Bee Gees product. I’m shocked that Universal would have spent good money for a license from the Gibb Families, only to get no new material whatsoever.
    Oh well, I’ve just saved a lot of money, which can now be re-allocated to buy archival material from artists and labels that give the avid fans what they want.

  344. Kevin says:

    2cd/2lp reissue of Elliott Smith’s ‘Either/Or’ due March 10th with new remaster of original lp.

  345. Carlos says:

    Hi Paul, Happy New Year!
    I’m not sure if you’ve been down to your favourite vinyl supermarket recently (!), but Sainsbury’s are currently offering some of their LPs at ‘2 for £25’, including Amy Winehouse Back To Black, Bob Dylan Blonde On Blonde and Highway 61 Revisited, Depeche Mode Violator, Eagles Their Greatest Hits, Killers Hot Fuss, Genesis Invisible Touch, Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits and Rumours, Guns N Roses, Iron Maiden, Primal Scream and Stevie Wonder.
    Whilst some of these are priced at £14 each, buying two for £25 isn’t saving that much, but some of them are £18 or £20 each, so a decent saving can be made if you chose carefully.
    From the small print on the shelf price tags, it looks like the offer runs until 12th Jan 2017.

  346. purpledaniel says:

    Dear Paul, is there a chance that we could write an open letter to The Doors, their managment and label, petitioning to cancel the forthcomming debut album box set and ask for the complete Matrix set?

  347. Philip Cohen says:

    In March 2017, there will be a 50th anniversary boxed set of The Doors’ 1967 debut album. It will contain the original 1967 stereo mix, the CD debut of the mono mix, a disc featuring live Matrix Club versions of all of the debut album songs, and a vinyl L.P. of the album’s mono mix. The set is housed in a book. As for the Matrix Club recordings, the 2-CD set of Matrix Club recordings issued in 2008 was from a cassette copy, while the owner of the original reels held out for a good financial deal. Though The Doors’ management has posessed the original reels for at least 7 years, they’ve been reluctant to offer them, because it would mean admitting that the previous release was less than full quality. And plus, the passing(some years ago) of keyboardist Ray Manzarek seemed to put Doors archival activity in lengthy limbo.

  348. Philip Cohen says:

    As Santana fans may be aware, American audiophile label “Audio Fidelity” will release a 2-SACD set of Santana’s 1975 live album “Lotus”(originally a 3-L.P. set released only in Japan and Holland). It is a stereo mix, albeit encoded with the SQ Quadraphonic process.(if any of you have a vintage SQ Quadraphonic decoder, you can hear the album in 4.0)
    Original L.P. packaging and record labels listed the song “Savor” on “side 5”, yet, effective when the album appeared on CD (in the 1990’s), “Savor” was replaced by “Mr.Udo”. I checked my 1975 CBS/Holland 3-L.P. set (whose packaging and labels lists “Savor”) and discovered that it is “Mr. Udo”(an improvised, mostly instrumental piece) that has been on the album all along. That means that CD releases and the forthcoming SACD have the correct contents.
    It would appear that there was a last minute change of contents, when packaging and labels for the 1974 Japan 3-L.P. set had already been printed. The next year, when CBS in Holland released the set, they copied the artwork and label from the Japanese set verbatim (including the CBS/Sony logo on the labels) which caused many Americans to think that the Holland-pressed editions were “Japanese Imports”(though the labels on the Holland pressings do say “Made in Holland”).
    Mastering engineer Steve Hoffman(who mastered the forthcoming SACD) states that it is “Mr.Udo” on the original album master tapes. He did find an E.Q.’d copy album master with “Savor”, and a separate first generation reel with “Savor”. but it Carlos Santana’s wish that the “Lotus” concerts version of “Savor” not be released. No CD edition ever contained “Savor”, and it is highly unlikely that any vinyl release did either.

  349. Philip Cohen says:

    The Repertoire label will release an upgraded Yardbirds “Live at The BBC” 2-CD set in 2017. Wait:Didn’t they recently issue a Yardbirds “Live at The BBC” 2-CD set? Yes, but fans noted the absence of “White Summer” & “Dazed and Confused”. The omission was because Repertoire would have had to use the same poor quality sources that had been used by other labels. However, shortly after Repertoire released their 2-CD set, new, superior sources for those two songs were found. The new edition, to be released in 2017, adds those two songs, plus an alternate version of “Think About it”.

    • Philip Cohen says:

      The upgraded 2017 edition of “The Yardbirds-Live at The BBC” will be released January 20,2017 by Repertoire. The front artwork remains unchanged from the previous edition. You can hear excerpts from the new, full fidelity source for the group’s final BBC session(“Dazed and Confused”, “White Summer” and an alternate version of “Think About It”) at Amazon’s British website. Reportedly, several other songs that were already included in the earlier edition have received upgraded sources as well.

  350. Peter Brownlee says:

    Enjoying the Rolling Stones in Mono LP Box Set thus far. However, when I reached Beggars’ Banquet, I discovered that my copy included, by mistake, the Stray Cats Disc 1 instead of the Beggars’ Banquet album (I also have both discs of the Stray Cats 2LP from the box). Could you please let me know how I can go about getting my copy of the missing Beggars’ record? Thanks, Peter

  351. Stephen Braithwaite says:

    Agnes Obel Aventine deluxe vinyl/CD box set now £15.30 at Bought this and it’s a really nice set. Only 8 left.

  352. spot says:

    Alan Parsons Project – Studio Albums Collection (11CD box set) for EUR 28,99 at Amazon Germany right now:

  353. Oceanblue says:

    No mention of “I bought the DOA vinyl boxset, I listen to Elvis intead” debacle?

  354. Aaron says:

    New Steve Hackett album out in March – The Night Siren. Looking forward to the CD/Blu Ray set. Inside-Out always do such great work with their releases, beautiful artwork and packaging.

  355. Philip Cohen says:

    This is not a surprise: The Chris Wood box has been postponed again; this time until February. It doesn’t matter, since the harsh $75 delivery fee caused me to decide againsat buying it.
    I don’t feel frustrated that I won’t have it in my collection, since, in all likelyhood, no one else will ever have it in their collection either.
    This boxed set is basically a mirage: if you get too close to it, or it gets too close to you….it disappears.

  356. Aaron says:

    re: Genesis : does anyone know what happened to the Tony Banks solo album reissues – Cherry Red/Esoteric promised all the albums would be issued this year – so far only 2 came out back in January and then nothing since then…?

  357. Philip Cohen says:

    Finally, I got my bargain-priced “The Who-Live at Leeds” 3-L.P. set today. Looks great, and I’ll be playing it tonight. I also got my Alan Parsons Project “Tales of Mystery and Imagination” 3-CD/ Blu-Ray/2-L.P.+ Book boxed set.
    Universal has found a winning formula with these multi-disc + book (in slipcase) boxed sets. I’ve already preordered the “Fresh Cream” box, and I look forward to many more. Perhaps, more “Who” or some “Free”, Eric Clapton, “Abba” or “Bee Gees” (after all, The Bee Gees catalog is moving to Capitol, a UME label)

  358. graham says:

    Is there any scope ./ chance for comments on the quality of the audio in these SDE’s? Jarre fans are going loopy over the mastering and errors on Oxygene 2 (or 7-14 to you and I) as part of the triple set over on and i’m sure they are not the only ones. In the age of Brickwalling there is a lot of shoddy audio passed as remastered

  359. Aaron says:

    3 new Status quo reissues coming in January:

    Under the Influence (with 5 bonus tracks)
    The Party Ain’t Over Yet (2CDs includes b-sides and single mixes)
    Don’t Stop – same set of bonus tracks as previous reissue so not sure why this one is included…should have done Riffs instead.

  360. Philip Cohen says:

    “Shoot-On The Frontier”(+ 2 BBC bonus tracks) to be released on CD for the first time by the Angel Air label in February 2017. The album, originally issued on vinyl by EMI in 1973, features Yardbirds member Jim McCarty, though the music is commercial pop/rock, not blues/R&B. McCarty who played drums and wrote songs in The Yardbirds leaves the drumming to Craig Collinge, so that McCarty can focus on keyboards and lead vocals. The group only lasted for one album.

  361. Philip Cohen says:

    Finally, after nearly two years of compiling, licensing and manufacturing struggles and a few aborted release dates, The Sierra label’s hybrid SACD of unreleased 1964-1982 recordings by Byrds founding member the late Gene Clark, “The Lost Studio Sessions” has finally been released, though if internet forums are any indication, I’m one of the few who have received it. The Sierra label is a one-man or two-man operation, so don’t expect prompt shipping. The vinyl version(with L.P.’s pressed in the UK to be housed in sleeves printed in California) has been postponed for a further 2 weeks.
    People who preordered the SACD got a lower price and either one or two bonus CD’s(one has 2 songs, the other has 4 songs), but my shipment didn’t have either one. I contacted Sierra, and the owner says that he’ll eventually send me one of those bonus discs…after he’s completed sending all of the SACD’s & L.P.’s.
    As my SACD, the printer forgot to staple one of the printed panels(4 pages) into the booklet(It was included free-floating inside the booklet), though after a while I was able to figure out where in the booklet those pages should reside (this wasn’t easy, since the booklet has three sets of liner notes)
    Despite the lack of the bonus discs(and the problem with the booklet), and considering how few people have actually received their pre-ordered SACD, I should consider myself lucky that I’ve actually received the SACD. It’s been a long struggle with an evasive and excuse-making record company.

    • David M says:

      As you say it is one guy and I am sure the whole project has not been easy. Give him some slack! He has kept people reasonably well informed and you got the disc.

  362. JWL says:

    10% savings on vinyl on Amazon France with the code VINYLE10

  363. Philip Cohen says:

    Progressive rock artist (and surround sound remixer of 1970’s progressive rock) Steven Wilson usually only remixes albums by progressive groups, specifically British ones, but Wilson has departed from his usual policy and has remixed the 1969 self-titled second album by the American group “Chicago”. Now the bad news: the remix, to be released in July 2017 is a regular 1-CD set, stereo only. This has been confirmed on the IMWAN forum by Rhino Records project supervisor Steve Woolard.
    It’s not as if there was anything wrong with the original stereo mix. It sold millions of L.P.’s 8-track cartridges, cassettes & CD’s. Rhino had recently reissued the original 1970’s 4.0 Quadraphonic mix as part of a 10-disc Blu-Ray Audio boxed set “Chicago-Quadio”, and back in 2002, Rhino released a 21st century 5.1 surround mix on DVD-Audio.
    Why employ Steven Wilson and not let him do the thing that he is (justifiably) famous for: remixing vintage albums for surround sound.

    • Philip Cohen says:

      “Chicago”(AKA Chicago II”) Steven Wilson Remix, release date moved up to 27th January 2017. No bonus tracks.

  364. Philip Cohen says:

    With the conclusion of Warner Music’s (money-losing) 10 year/$10 million(2006-2016) license for The Bee Gees catalogue, the recordings were obviously going to leave Warner. Everyone assumed that they would move to Sony Music, where Barry Gibb recently released a solo album. but the new label home for The Bee Gees back catalogue will be Capitol Records.
    In other news, the reason why two French language movies(“More” & “La Vallee”) in Pink Floyd’s “The Early Years” boxed set have no English subtitles, is because it is a contractual restriction imposed in the licenses from the movie studios that own those two films. And the reason why the five previously unreleased outtakes from the “More” soundtrack sessions are in mono sound, is because those mono mixes are the only form in which the recordings exist. “Soundtrack From More” is one of two Pink Floyd albums for which the multitrack tapes no longer exist.

  365. Mashburner says:

    Release Date – 09.12.16 – Fabolous 2CD Deluxe Edition . A must buy!

    Karyn White – Karyn White (2CD Deluxe Editon)

    Digitally remastered and expanded deluxe two CD edition. Karyn White is the self-titled debut album from R&B singer Karyn White. Released in 1988, it went to #1 on the Top R&B Albums chart for seven weeks the following year. The album gave her four hits, “The Way You Love Me”, “Superwoman”, “Love Saw It” and “Secret Rendezvous”. Big Break Records proudly presents the first ever deluxe remaster of the album, which includes a staggering 19 bonus tracks, rare promotional remixes and exclusive interviews with Karyn White, Daryl Simmons and Jeff Lorber. This collection is a must for all new jack swing, soul, pop, R&B and dance fans everywhere!

  366. Már Wolfgang Mixa says:

    If anyone wants Eric Clapton on vinyl, this must be a cheap option buying (most of) his important albums – – less than GBP 10 each.

  367. Liam Bastick says:

    To destroy my street cred altogether, browsing today revealed Rihanna”s vinyl box set. All the King Crimson fans on your website will be thrilled, I”m sure. The pricing for it is truly wild though: Amazon Canada seems to be significantly cheaper than it’s sister sites.

  368. JohnC says:

    Live at Leeds arrived five minutes ago!!!!!! Hope everyone got theirs

    • Philip Cohen says:

      Meanwhile, I’m out of luck. backpedalled from “Preparing for despatch” to “Not Yet Despatched”. They long ago stopped accepting orders for the “Live at Leeds” 3-L.P. set, and the small quantity that Universal allocated to was not sufficient for to supply it to me. I fully expect that I’ll soon receive an e-mail announcing a lengthy postponement or (perhaps) cancellation.

      • Philip Cohen says: went from “Not Yet Despatched” to “Preparing for Despatch”, then back to “Not Yet Despatched”, then back to “Preparing for Despatch” to “Shipping Today” to “Shipped”. made my brain spin with their confusing tactics, but apparently, by mid-December I’ll have my 3-L.P. “Live at Leeds” set, and at the bargain price! Thanks SDE for bringing’s initial low price to my attention.

  369. Phil Hale says:

    Hi Paul,

    I don’t know if you are aware but Aldi have a range of vinyl this week at £6.99 alongside a compact turntable. I took some photos of the store display if you are interested – drop me an email.

    I’d imagine that the range on offer will only be available for a week or so as they ove their weekly specials on.

    Cheers, Phil

  370. Andy P says:

    Stevie Nicks – Bella Donna 3 CD recent reissue has dropped to £11.98 on Amazon UK, best price so far.

  371. Jim says:

    Pretty obscure he may be, but an anthology of the great (in my book!) Jack Lee entitled “Bigger Than Life” is out tomorrow on CD (and vinyl on 9th December). Who’s Jack Lee? Only the man who wrote “Hanging On The Telephone” (later recorded by Blondie) and “Come Back And Stay” (recorded by Paul Young) –

  372. Philip Cohen says:

    As For “The Who-Live at Leeds” 3-L.P. set, it appears that will honour the low price that they initially offered, HOWEVER, it still appears uncertain when or if Universal Music will actually issue it. Perhaps SDE can get a clarification from Universal Music as to whether this vinyl set is to be or not to be. In the meantime, I’ve got nothing to lose continuing my preorder with .Certainly, the most recent proposed release date (25th Nov.) is not to be.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      My order on Amazon says “shipping today” so the 25th Nov release date is correct.

      • Philip Cohen says:

        And what’s in store for 2017? “Fresh Cream(Super Deluxe Edition)”, a 4-CD set. I would guess that the motive is “copyright extension”, albeit slightly too late, since the sessions occured in 1966. Studio outtakes from those sessions have been heavily bootlegged since the 1990’s. The outtake versions all have vocals, but they lack the overdubs which added Eric Clapton’s guitar solos. “Fresh Cream” is the only Cream studio effort for which the multitrack tapes still exist.

        • Philip Cohen says:

          27th of January is the UK release date for “Fresh Cream(Super Deluxe Edition)”. is accepting preorders. Still no track listing.

  373. gwynogue says:

    *sigh* Yet another great musical voice silenced – far too many this year…

  374. spot says:

    Amazon in Germany offers the Beatles – US Albums (13 CD box) for around 40€ plus shipping:

  375. Paul Millington says:

    John Martyn ‘May You Never’ Essential 3 CD pack due out Nov 25th

  376. Philip Cohen says:

    Another music industry passing: jazz vocalist/songwriter Mose Allison, whose best known songs are “Parchman Farm” (recorded by Cactus & John Mayall) and “Young Man Blues”(recorded by The Who)

  377. Russ says:

    The new Mother Love Box set available to pre-order on Amazon UK at £170 (down from £200 !!!) is available from Amazon US at a more realistic $85, still a tad on the expensive side but a bargain compared to the current European prices.

  378. Philip Cohen says:

    Just to warn you, that there are quality control problems with Pink Floyd’s 11-CD/9-DVD/8-Blu-ray set “The Early Years 1965-1972”. Two of the Eight Blu-Ray discs are proving to be unplayable in many Blu-Ray players. And who claims that the set is “In Stock” does not have the set at their UK warehouse, causing shipping delays, as the task of despatching the sets is shifted over to the European continent.
    The last thing that I would need is to (initially) pay the postage costs of sending back this huge 10-12lb. set that is the size of a large toaster oven, so I cancelled my order. When I saw backpedalling from “Preparing For Despatch” to “Not Yet Despatched”, I contacted them, and got a bogus excuse about my credit card bank declining the charge. It was a lie. My credit card bank never blocked the charge and had cleared a $436 “Charge Authorisation”. It never became an actual charge when was unable to supply the product.
    And add on these things: One day after the boxed set was announced, a dispute between Roger Waters and David Gilmour caused the 5.1 surround mixes of “Meddle” & “Obscured By Clouds” to be deleted from the boxed set. And, when the set was already in the manufacturing stage, superior sources for the 1967 BBC radio performances came to light.
    When corrected sets with fully playable Blu-Ray discs become available, I may order the set, but until then, I’ll enjoy the undoubtedly excellent audio material which I “located” on the internet.
    At present, the high likelyhood of receiving a set with faulty Blu-Ray discs makes this product too stressful for me. It was only yesterday, that I read on the internet of a problem with “Disc 23″( a Blu-Ray disc) in King Crimson’s 2014 27-disc set “Starless”. I had only played 80% of this massive set in the past 2 years, so I immediately tried playing “Disc 23”. My newest Blu-Ray player(Oppo BDP-105D) played it without problems, but my older player(Oppo BDP-83) ejected it, after failing to “load” it. Both players have the latest firmware updates. Supposedly, the record company(Panegyric) has produced corrected discs, but I don’t know how to contact them.
    That experienced finalised my decision to not buy the Pink Floyd box, at least for now. We will see if the record company(Pink Floyd Records) puts things right for people who have already purchased “The Early Years 1965-1972”

  379. gwynogue says:

    Hi Paul,

    I don’t know if Johnny Hallyday often gets a mention on SDE, but this pre-order boxset (Amazon France) looks a good deal – 20 CDs for 70 euro!

    I don’t know if there are any unreleased/rare tracks though – it may just be the albums as originally released.

  380. Stephen Braithwaite says:

    Amazon have the Agnes Obel Aventine vinyl box set for £16.84 at the moment. Seems a good price.

  381. Catweazle says:

    Leon Russell has died.

  382. Martin says:

    For anyone interested:
    Midlesbrough Sainsburys
    Elvis Greatest
    Sun Collection
    All coloured as usual

    Also current lightening deal for latest Red Hot Chilli Peppers Vinyl LP £10.80

  383. JohnC says:

    Tesco have their xmas vinyl in again. Usual stuff but Madness on coloured vinyl and Phil Collins But Seriously is double 180gram limited clear vinyl both exclusive to Tesco

  384. Már Wolfgang Mixa says:

    Pretenders vinyl box set (9 LPs) at 75 GBP at Amazon UK at the moment.

  385. purpledaniel says:

    Deep Purple California Jam 74 will be issued in Blue Ray for the first time ever with bonus material on december 2nd.

  386. Kevin says:

    Price drop of sorts on the Rolling Stones In Mono box. It’s been $189.99 since it became available on Amazon US, now it’s $152.71. It’s also a comparable price on Amazon UK at £119.99.

  387. Straker says:

    Star Wars New Hope Vinyl pic discs are a Lightning Deal at Amazon tomorrow from 5.45pm (Prime) and 6.15pm (Plebs/Rest of us).

  388. Richard says:

    German rockband Grobschnitt are going to release a box with live performances of Solar Music (Rock Palast) with CD’s, DVD and LP’s.

    More information can be found here.

    I have been a fan of there music and this performances for a couple of decades ;)

  389. negative1 says:

    Frankie goes to hollywood – deluxe white vinyl release (UK only)

    The new collection includes Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here and David Bowie Blackstar in addition to limited edition coloured vinyl exclusives such as Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Welcome to The Pleasure Dome (£20), Madonna, Like a Prayer (£16) and Jethro Tull, Aqua Lung (£18). From 21st October, Sainsbury’s will also be taking an exclusive silver coloured edition of Michael Buble’s new album ‘Nobody But Me’.


  390. Kevin says:

    Well, this is interesting marketing…

    ‘Elton John Announces Burberry Exclusive Vinyl Reissue Box’

  391. Lindsay Liddell says:

    Steve Hillage 22 CD retrospective, et al, etc…. released by Burning Shed

  392. Johnny says:

    Massive Attack vinyl LP catalogue is reissued in November/December 2016…

    Mezzanine has been available for a while but not the others (unless you count the 2012 Blue Lines SDE)

    It all seems very low-key, with no announcement, no mention on their website or twitter…But the order links are there on amazon

  393. Straker says:

    Gas’ drone classics reissued:

    Vastly more expensive than the CD reissue of several years back and omitting the first album as well which seems like an odd way to do a re-release but it looks as if the rarities and book might make up for it and it means the CD boxset is still worth holding onto. have the lowest price.

  394. Dean T says:

    Hi Paul …just a quick one … The yet to be released 2lp live at Leeds on Amazon uk at £12.99 .
    Half speed master.

  395. Johnny says:

    The Who – Live at Leeds, doe October 2016 is down to 12.99 at amazon now, although no-one seems sure how many discs or what track listing it is…

    Anyway it’s showing as 3 LPs in the picture and it’s described as a box set, but who knows?

  396. Dibyaroop Ghosh says:

    Did you cover this on your website?–61-94-Box-Deluxe/dp/B01M15SWCK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1476901096&sr=8-1&keywords=decades+bob+dylan
    Since coming to prominence in 1962, Bob Dylan has never ceased to create and innovate, his remarkable songwriting being matched by the quality and quantity of his live performances. This 8-disc set gathers several historically important sets, all originally recorded for broadcast on various different stations, including WBAI-FM, WNBC-FM and others. They find him playing intimately and in front of huge crowds, with material ranging from protest folk to rock n roll, and are accompanied here by background notes and images. Disc One: Saturday Of Folk Music July 19th 1961 WRVR-FM / Folk Song Festival October 29th 1961 WNYC-AM / Broadside Show May 1962 WBAI-FM / Billy Faier Show October 1962 WBAI-FM /Madhouse On Castle Street January 4th 1963 BBC TV / Skip Weiner February 1963 WBAI-FM / Oscar Brand Show March 1963 WNBC-FM Disc Two: Folk Singer s Choice January 13th 1962 WBAI-FM / Stud Terkel s Wax Museum April 26th 1963 WFMT-FM Disc Three: Hard Rain US TV Broadcast Version, Fort Collins, May 23rd 1976 NBC-TV Disc Four: Dylan & Petty Sydney, Australia February 24th / 25th 1986 KSAN-FM Disc Five: Rich Stadium, Buffalo, New York July 4th 1986 MTV Disc Six: Rich Stadium, Buffalo, New York July 4th 1986 MTV Disc Seven: Woodstock 94, Saugerties, NY North Stage 14th August 1994 WNEW-FM Disc Eight: Johnny Cash ShowWorld Of John Hammond, WTTW-TV, Chicago, September 10th 1975 / The Bob Fass Radio Show Broadcast, WBAI-FM, New York, March 28th 1963

    Also this

    Another classic show from this transitional time for the Dead. Pigpen back, Keith settling in nicely showing signs of the greatness to come in ’72, Jerry’s vocals sublime on ‘Comes A Time’ and Phil’s thundering elastic baselines driving it along. A venue the band loved, even contemplating buying it, brings out a creative energised high octane performance ranking as one of the best shows of ’71. Broadcast in all its glory by KADI-FM.

  397. SimonP says:

    Bit confused by the latest newsletter, as the Sainsburys I use has had vinyl albums on sale for around 6 months or so. The rack is handily placed next to the meat and fish counters!

  398. Liam Bastick says:

    For US readers and others who can get shipping for less than the price of a Maybach, Popmarket is currently offering The Who’s Vinyl Box Set at US$175 – that’s a heck of a saving given what it goes for these days.

  399. Philip Cohen says: now has a photo(but still no tracklisting) for the 5-CD boxed set edition of The Who’s debut album “My Generation”, to be released by Universal Music on the 18th of November. The 5th disc is titled “Primal Scoop”. The other 4 discs have “Brunswick” logos. The set is housed in a 12″ x 12″ slipcase with a hardcover book, and numerous posters and pieces of memorabilia.
    As I’ve said previously, the set has two discs of mono material by The Who, two discs of stereo material by The Who(the 2014 wide stereo remixes, previously only offered as a high resolution 96Khz/24-bit download) and a disc of Pete Townshend demos.

  400. Ian says:

    The new coln Newman reissues look superb

  401. Cal says:

    Is there any news out there about win’s uh tears baby being released as a deluxe version, its about time it say the recognition it deserves.

  402. David M says:

    I am not sure this will be available on amazon etc, but I hope you can find it possible to promote this Gene Clark album of unissued recordings when the time comes, to be released (hopefully) next month

    • Philip Cohen says:

      Let’s see if the Gene Clark disc is for real this time, after a year and a half of broken promises. The Sierra label’s credibility is at such an all-time low, that Sierra’s founder has had to send out an e-mail(to customers and even to people that cancelled their orders, such as me) showing photos of the vinyl stampers and a test pressing, in an attempt to “prove” that the project is for real. However, there’s no photos to prove that the SACD is anything more than vaporware.

      There’s so much classic rock archival material coming in the next 6 weeks, that I have no interest in getting stressed over doomed vaporware projects such as the Gene Clark SACD, the “Small Faces-The Autumn Stone” 2-CD set, The Paul McCartney “Flowers in The Dirt” deluxe edition or the Chris Wood boxed set.

      I’ll be more than contented by upcoming boxed set projects by Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, The Who, The Alan Parsons Project(and recent boxed sets by Fleetwood Mac & The Rolling Stones),plus deluxe expanded editions by Yes, Jethro Tull, Uriah Heep & Stevie Nicks, and upcoming DVD/Blu-Ray releases by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

      It’s not a question of whether the archival music season is a glass that is half empty or half full. It’s 98% full. That’s good enough for me. A more significant problem is finding enough money to buy all of this stuff!

  403. Dominic says:

    Stevie Nicks Bella Donna and The Wild Heart getting deluxe treatment. Out 4th Nov.

  404. JWL says:

    Beatles in Stereo vinyl box for a good price here:

    This set seems to be at its cheapest for some while across a number of platforms at the moment.

  405. graham says:

    What a day that was, Kraftwerk tickets secured, Elbow announce a Plymouth show for March, Jarre announces Oxygene 3 and we see him in Cardiff on Tuesday. Nothing else matters, for the next couple of hours at least

  406. Roel Glas says:

    Hi Paul,
    Just been on the Popmarket website (don’t ask me why because their postage costs are horrendous) and they are advertising the “When Slade Rocked The World” box set using your “unboxing” video in the description!!!

  407. Francis says:

    Up and coming Expanded Deluxe Editions being released in November 2016: Animal Nightlife – “Shangri-La” (2 CD Set), Basia – “The Sweetest Illusion” (3 CD Set), Theatre Of Hate – “Westworld” (3 CD Set), Yazz – “Wanted” (3 CD Set).

  408. DaveM says:

    If our pockets weren’t empty enough, also out on November 11th is the Rolling Stones Havana Moon in various formats. Phew.

  409. Philip Cohen says:

    As if Pink Floyd’s 27-disc set didn’t make the 11th of November a significant event for CD collectors, dig this:
    On the same day, Sony Music is releasing a 36-CD set “Bob Dylan-The 1966 Tour Recordings”, and also a 2-CD set “The REAL Royal Albert Hall Concert”. (remember, the so-called “Royal Albert Hall” concert released by Sony in Dylan’s “The Bootleg Series” was actually recorded at The Manchester Free Trade Hall)
    The 36-disc set has everything: multitrack(3-track) recordings, direct to mono soundboard recordings and also audience recordings.
    This will separate the hard core Dylan fans from the amateurs: Dylan plays (mostly) the same songs in every city!

  410. Philip Cohen says:

    As you may be aware, Marillion has a new studio album out titled “F.E.A.R.”, and initially, it was offered for preorder only in a number of deluxe, crowdfunded versions via “Pledge Music”, though the group’s website kept it secret that the album would also see a release through regular CD dealers, such as Amazon.
    Amongst the special editions offered only via crowdfunding is a $140 CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/Vinyl/Book boxed set including a 5.1 surround mix.
    The mainstream releases (to stores and online dealers) include CD, download & SACD. Unfortunately, the label licensed to release the SACD was not allowed to have access to the 5.1 mix, and they were repeatedly warned(by Marillion’s management) NOT to create a simulated surround upmix….but unfortunately, they did just that, and this fake 5.0(not 5.1) upmix has been disowned by the group and its management.
    Unfortunately, that SACD (with its bogus surround mix) is now in route to me.
    I had been reluctant to preorder any of the crowdfunded projects, not only because of my previous bad experiences with “Pledge Music”, but also because Marillion openly conceded that the high prices of these crowdfunded offers was to create tour support for the expenses of the group’s upcoming U.S.A. tour. Why should I (even as an American) support the group’s tour expenses, when the tour is not coming to my part of the country?
    The group’s actions in these crowdfunded projects essentially sell the genuine surround mix for $140. That’s a ripoff.
    Now that a bogus surround upmix has been sold under the group’s name, they need to put things right for their fans, and offer the genuine surround mix in an affordable release.
    I’ve been collecting Marillion’s music since 1983, and this release fiasco will likely end my collecting of their music. Marillion, (who usually releases their music via their own label) put their music into the hands of outsiders and gave up the ability to have complete control over the resulting products and their marketing…..and this is what happened.

  411. Guy says:

    Yazz ‘Wanted’ 3CD coming in the next couple of months on Cherry Red

  412. Philip Cohen says:

    The Cherry Red-affiliated “Now Sounds” label received much positive feedback for their 2015 expanded CD reissue of Paul Revere & the Raiders’ 1967 album “Revolution”, and the label planned further Revere CD’s. Finally, in mid-November, they are set to deliver. The group’s 1966 album “The Spirit of ’67” will appear in a deluxe reissue featuring the album in its stereo mix and (new to CD) mono mix. It is unknown whether there will be any additional bonus tracks.
    Unlike producer Terry Melcher’s other clients, the Byrds, The Raiders didn’t record much more than what was required for L.P.’s and non-L.P. B-sides. It would appear that all completed unreleased tracks have been issued by labels such as Columbia & Sundazed, and all that remains unreleased are backing tracks.
    As for the original 1966 stereo “The Spirit of ’67” album, it was mostly stereo. Any of the songs that were in mono on that original L.P. were later mixed for stereo in the CD era.

  413. Andreas says:

    all Beck albums coming to vinyl

    “Beck is to release his discography on vinyl, with every album – except ‘Morning Phase’ – to be reissued on record.

    ‘Odelay’, ‘Sea Change’ and ‘Guero’ are the first albums to be reissued, set to be released on October 28.”


  414. Mar Wolfgang says:

    The Sparks´Island Years, a 5LP box, with 4 of their most popular albums (at least until their recent revival), and an additional collection of rarities, is available at at GBP 62 at the moment. It may not be a monster deal but still much cheaper than it was a while back.

  415. OceanBlue says:

    Dear Paul,
    Savoy (Paul Waaktaar-Savoy A-ha member) 2nd album, Lackluster Me, will be re-released on Dec 2.

  416. DaveM says:

    Sony are reissuing some of thier Legacy edtion 2 CD sets in the UK as Japanese style edtions, with card artwork, Obis and inner jackets. They include the Stooges, Jeff Buckley and Dennis Wilson. They are reasonably priced as well. An interesting move me thinks.

  417. johnny says:

    The Kinks – The Mono Collection [VINYL] 10LP box, listed on amazon for 18 November 2016.

  418. Philip Cohen says:

    As for the 5-CD set of “The Who-My Generation”, it will have two discs of The Who in mono, two discs of The Who in stereo(remixed for wide stereo in 2014), and a disc of Pete Townshend demos.
    The group’s sessions with producer Shel Talmy only produced one unreleased song(“Instant Party Mixture”, which was released on the 2002 2-CD edition of “My Generation”), but there are numerous unreleased alternate takes(with vocals) which will be included.

  419. johnny says:

    Black Grape are releasing a 2CD+DVD of their debut ‘It’s Great When You’re Straight…Yeah’….Followed by a UK tour

  420. Philip Cohen says:

    Coming this fall/autumn: “Black Sabbath-Paranoid” 4-CD + book box from Rhino/U.S.A. and “The Who-My Generation” 5-CD box from Universal Music/UK. No info as to the contents of either box, though obviously The Who box will include the 2014 stereo remix of the 1965/66 Shel Talmy productions. This mix (with much wider stereo separation than the 2002 remix) has, so far been offered only as a high resolution download, but never on any physical format. In the 2014 remix, some live-during-mixdown overdubs are re-performed by Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, specifically the lead guitar on “My Generation” & the tambourine on “Can’t Explain”. Townshend makes no attempt at a note-for-note re-creation of the guitar solo on “My Generation”. The guitar solo is audibly different.

  421. Hans says:

    From THE bowie website. Lazarus soundtrack has 3 new songs By bowie himself. Supposedly THE last 3 he recorded

  422. Chucky says:

    David Bowie’s Lazarus cast recording will be released with three of Bowie’s final recordings –

  423. Emmanuel Trouillet says:

    The Yes Studio Albums 1969-1987 is currently 25,89 Euros at It’s a superb box with a lot of bonuses tracks.
    Just in case ;-)

  424. Kevin says:

    Hey Paul, would you happen to know the particulars for this new 3CD Deluxe Edition of DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing…?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I’ve been waiting for confirmation of the track listing, but my understanding is CD 3 is ‘modern’ remixes, which may or may not be cause for concern…

  425. Philip Cohen says:

    After a year and a half of compiling and licensing efforts, and the most recent (4 month) release postponement, it finally seemed that the Sierra label would finally issue their mail order SACD of previously unreleased 1964-1982 recordings by ex-Byrds member Gene Clark(“Lost Studio Sessions”) on 8th of September, so I finally took the risk and ordered it from Sierra a few days ago, paying in advance by PayPal.
    Not surprisingly, further problems developed and the disc was not released. Sierra’s vague excuse e-mail does not even suggest when the next attempted release date will be. The Sierra label’s credibility is at an all-time low. If you insist on preordering it, pay by credit card, or better yet, only order it after it is released….if it ever is. Sierra offered an exclusive 4-song bonus CD for people that preordered, but even that disc seems destined not to be.
    My guess is that the problem is getting access to scarce SACD pressing plant time, or, possibly legal clearance problems with some of the recordings.

    • Philip Cohen says:

      After contacting the Sierra label concerning their proposed Gene Clark SACD, a refund was issued. Good. This way, I don’t have to worry whether the disc is someday released. The label is evaluating test pressings. They have yet to procede to the manufacturing state.

    • Martin Stockdale says:

      Hi Philip – I pre-ordered the Gene Clark ‘Ultimate Edition’ or whatever they’re calling it. Very frustrating with the release date, but I can confirm that the 4 track ‘bonus’ CD does exist and I was sent a copy about a month ago. Very fine it is too. Very good sounding versions of ‘THe Gypsy’, ‘She’s The Kind of Girl’, ‘1975’ and ‘One In a Hundred’.

      • Phil Cohen says:

        Good luck with your preorder for the Gene Clark disc. I don’t want to get stressed out over a project that is likely vaporware. I got a refund.

  426. Kevin says:

    Hey, Paul. It’s not an SDE, but I think your audience might appreciate this:

    “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off soundtrack arrives after skipping the past 30 years.”

  427. Stu says:

    That George Michael ‘Freedom’ 12″ picture disc from last year (was it an RSD release ?) is £3.40 new on Amazon at the moment. Over-priced originally but current price is not to be sniffed at.

  428. Janey says:

    If you’re off to Berlin Spacehall ( Has a pretty big selection of vinyl and a small Cd selection , plus there is a fabulously cheap and tasty sushi place opposite ! Also Mokkabar around the corner do awesome früstück
    Also Hard. Wax records just off Paul-linke- Ufer ( ) there is a great market on the other side of the canal on Tuesday’s and Fridays . Lastly there is Saturn, a large electrical store with a good CD selection , that’s if you go the larger stores, particularly the one on Kurfurstendamm Or Alexandraplatz

  429. RJSWinchester says:

    Not a box set per se, but LITA are releasing “Lady, Give Me Your Key: The Unissued 1967 Solo Acoustic Sessions” by Tim Buckley in October, including a gold wax edition limited to 300 copies:

  430. Ian says:

    Just to let you know – deluxe vinyl editions of all three Altered Images albums in the pipeline – noticed this on Hoffman today: entry #15 on this thread:

  431. Fernando says:

    Hi Paul,
    Just wanted to let you know the new PiL deluxe versions are up for sale on their official website – including signed copies.
    Thank you for the great job you do and keep it up!

  432. DaveM says:

    PIL Metal box and ‘Album’ SDEs coming in October. Can’t see how they’ll resist mixing vinyl and CD in Metal Box, but fingers crossed there will be a separate issue…

  433. OceanBlue says:

    After the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and the Muse, it’s time for U2 ! Their discography is being issued to newsagents in Italy with a nice boxset. 1st release + boxset: The Joshua Tree.
    14 albums and 4 live dvds.
    More details here:

  434. Jonathan says:

    Hi Paul,
    a few days ago, Jane’s Addiction announced the “Sterling Spoon” vinyl box set. it would be nice if you can find or get some informations about it, cheers!

  435. purpledaniel says:

    Jethro Tull Stand Up Steven Wilson remix has been announced, with the Stockholm 69 second show added! Some repeated material from the past 2010 edition and a few unreleased tracks.

  436. Simon F says:

    To echo Troy’s posting back in July; how about a shout out for the forthcoming Steve Hillage set ‘Searching For The Spark’. A mammoth 22 disc set covering Hillage’s entire career from 1969 to 1991, including all his Virgin albums, first System 7 album, live albums, collections of archive material, albums from early bands Uriel and Khan (nothing from the Gong era but you can pick those up on Charly’s fine Radio Gnome Invisible Trilogy set) chunky book, scrap book, posters and a badge. It’s been put together by Mad Fish (through Burning Shed) who also did the acclaimed anthology sets from Family, Pretty Things and Streetwalkers so it’s in fine hands. Limited to just 2500 worldwide, it’s released October 21st. More info at

  437. Philip Cohen says:

    Universal Music/UK is embarking on a very strange policy: reissuing CD’s that previously had loads on bonus tracks, but, this time in “bare bones”(no bonus tracks) editions and at full price. They’ve done this to the albums by “Free”, and they’ll soon do the same thing to the albums by Spooky Tooth and Pete Townshend. Who are these new reissues intended for? Universal’s actions could turn the previous CD editions into pricey rarities.

  438. Mar Wolfgang says:

    Bob Marley vinyl box set at at only GBP 99.99 – – have not seen this at this price since its release.

  439. Michel D. says:

    Yet another King Crimson box set: King Crimson ’80s Boxed Set Pre-order

    • Philip Cohen says:

      The King Crimson 17-disc CD/DVD-audio-video/Blu-Ray audio-video box is titled “On (and Off) The Road”, and can now be ordered from the group’s official website. I ordered it!
      The line-up featured is Robert Fripp/Adrian Belew/Tony Levin/Bill Bruford, and the set featurews Steven Wilson surround mixes of “Discipline”, “Beat” & “Three of a Perfect Pair”, plus loads of studio outtakes and audio & video concert material, some of it previously unreleased.
      The set will be released in October. The price is quite reasonable, considering how many discs are included. The packaging and memorabilia should be up to the high standards of previous King Crimson boxes, such as “Lark’s Tongue In Aspic”, “Starless”, “The Road To Red” & “In The Court of The Crimson King”.

  440. John Hirst says:


    I assume you’re clued up about the forthcoming King Crimson extravaganza

    Could be that this is the one to run the well dry, but who knows?

  441. Carl says:

    Just noticed that the Opeth Pale Communion vinyl is currently just £5.99 on Amazon UK

  442. gwynogue says:

    Graham Parker UPDATE!

    Have just received an email from Amazon Germany saying that the awesome deal price was a MISTAKE and have CANCELLED the order! Bastards!

  443. Liam Bastick says:

    Not that I am a huge fan, but Maroon 5 are jumping on the vinyl box set bandwagon with what appears to be a no-frills set of their first five albums. Two attractive things for their fans – (1) it’s not that expensive on and at the time of writing (but the UK and German websites are displaying a much higher price) – working out at about US$18 an album and (2) after the no-frills CD box set back in 2014 where “Moves Like Jagger” was listed but did not appear (!), apparently it is confirmed that it will get its first LP release on this set. It’s a “limited edition”, not sure whether it’s down at the Elbow end of the spectrum or nearer Led Zep quantities…

  444. EW99 says:

    Colin Newman has announced 2CD reissues of his Beggars Banquet solo albums; A-Z, Provisionally Entitled The Singing Fish and Not To.

  445. Mij says:

    Very good deal on Amazon UK for Bear Family’s Del Shannon “Home And Away” box set from 2010 – usually retails for around the £130 mark, but has been coming down in price on an almost daily basis and is almost half that currently. A very heavy box too, so with free shipping factored in this is a great deal!

  446. Johnny says:

    Leonard Cohen has announced a new album for autumn release..You Want It Darker

    The most shocking news is, it’s actually got a half-decent sleeve design!

  447. Philip Cohen says:

    Another set of reissues to NOT buy: The Pete Townshend solo catalogue is being reissued, reverting back to no bonus tracks.

    • DaveM says:

      Philip, do we know if they are remasters or just reissues? Wasn’t impressed with the mastering on Truancy, yet I think the SPVs I have are great, plus I like the packaging so it would be a leap of faith to replace them anyways.

  448. graham says:

    How about a Clannad shout out following the death of Padraig Duggan?

    And Bowie’s TMWFTE film gets a reissue in October

    Best wishes

  449. Johnny says:

    The Velvet Underground / Peel Slowly and See 5CD box

    £20.35 & FREE Delivery in the UK. Amazon UK.
    Not a mega deal but it is lowest ever according to Camel

  450. Nate says:

    link to a good description of the new vinyl reissue of the 1990 “Twin Peaks” soundtrack on coffee colored vinyl coming later this month to US, rest of world in September….

  451. negative1 says:

    This is the tentative listing for the 3cd+dvd compilation for the human league.
    there will also be 3xlp version,

    A Very Synthesizer Group – The Anthology

    CD 1
    Being Boiled (A-Side single)
    The Dignity of Labour (Part 3)
    Empire State Human (A-Side single)
    Only After Dark (single edit)
    Nightclubbing (from “Holiday ’80 EP”)
    Boys and Girls (A-Side single)
    The Sound of The Crowd (instrumental version)
    Hard Times (B-Side single)
    Love Action (I Believe In Love) (A-Side single)
    Open Your Heart (A-Side single)
    Don’t You Want Me (A-Side single)
    Mirror Man (A-Side single)
    You Remind Me Of Gold
    (Keep Feeling) Fascination (extended version)
    The Lebanon (single version)
    Louise (DJ Edit)

    CD 2
    Life On Your Own (A-Side single)
    Human (extended version)
    I Need Your Loving (DJ Edit)
    Love Is All That Matters (DJ Edit)
    Heart Like a Wheel (William Orbit remix)
    Soundtrack to a Generation (edit)
    Tell Me When (radio edit)
    One Man In My Heart (A-Side single)
    Filling Up With Heaven (A-Side single)
    Stay With Me Tonight (single version)
    All I Ever Wanted (radio edit)
    Night People (radio edit)
    Never Let Me Go
    Sky (radio edit)

    CD 3 (Super Deluxe Edition)
    The Path Of Least Resistance (early version)
    No Time (The Word Before Last, early version)
    Being Boiled (State Of The Art Mix 1)
    Stylopops You Broke My Heart (Marianne, early version)
    I Am The Law (early version)
    Darkness (early version)
    Louise (early version)
    The Real Thing (early version)
    Love On The Run (early version)
    A Doorway (early version)
    F.M. (Soundtrack to a Generation, early version)
    Happening Woman (Filling Up With Heaven, early version)
    Give It Back (Houseful of Nothing, early version)
    New Start (All I Ever Wanted, early version)
    SH5 (Liar, early version)
    Biller 10 (Single Minded, early version)
    Jupiter 4c (Sky, early version)

    The Circus of Death 1978
    Empire State Human 1979
    Love Action
    Open Your Heart
    Don’t You Want Me
    Mirror Man
    Keep Feeling (Fascination)
    The Lebanon
    Life On Your Own
    I Need Your Loving
    Love Is All That Matters
    Heart Like A Wheel
    Soundtrack To A Generation
    Tell Me When
    One Man In My Heart
    All I Ever Wanted
    Filling Up With Heaven
    Night People
    Never Let Me Go

    The Path of Least Resistance (Mainstream 6/11/79)
    Empire State Human (Mainstream 6/11/79)
    Rock ‘n’ Roll – Part 2 (TOTP 8/5/80)
    The Sound of The Crowd (TOTP 30/4/81)
    The Sound of The Crowd (TOTP 21/5/81)
    Love Action (TOTP 6/8/81)
    Open Your Heart (TOTP 8/10/81)
    Don’t You Want Me (TOTP 24/12/81)
    Love Action (Christmas TOTP 25/12/81)
    Love Action (Multi Coloured Music Show 30/5/82)
    Mirror Man (TOTP 18/11/82)
    Keep Feeling (Fascination) (TOTP 5/5/83)
    The Lebanon (TOTP 3/5/84)
    Life On Your Own (TOTP 28/6/84)
    I’m Coming Back (On The Road 25/8/84)
    Rock Me Again and Again… (On The Road 25/8/84)
    Human (Wogan 13/8/86)
    Human (TOTP 28/8/86)
    Heart Like A Wheel (Wogan 13/8/90)
    Heart Like A Wheel (TOTP 23/8/90)
    Tell Me When (TOTP 22/12/94)
    Tell Me When (TOTP 5/1/95)
    One Man In My Heart (TOTP 16/3/95)
    The Stars Are Going Out (Later with Jools Holland 25/11/95)
    The Sound Of The Crowd (Later with Jools Holland 25/11/95).


  452. Sal says:

    Thanks for the above Beach Boys info Philip and other messages that you’ve left. They are being read so keep posting.
    Even though the SACD’s are wrongly decoded, do they sound okay?

    • Philip Cohen says:

      I’ll know soon. The 3 Beach Boys SACD’s will arrive here in the next 7 business days. Obviously, Beach Boys archivist Alan Boyd, official remix engineer Mark Linett & late 1960’s/early 1970’s Beach Boys engineer Stephen Desper feel that Analog Productions has taken unauthorized liberties with the materials that they were given, and perhaps violated the licensing agreement from Capitol Records and Brother Records. Oddly enough, the one album that would sound great in a faux surround version created by an SQ decoder (“Holland”) is presented only in stereo. I would know: I owned a Sony SQ decoder(SQD-2020) in the early 1970’s. “Holland” sounded great when played through it.

      • Philip Cohen says:

        I received the Analog Productions SACD’s of The Beach Boys’ “Sunflower”, “Surf’s Up” & “Holland” albums today, and the “Sunflower” & “Surf’s Up” discs do indeed contain a surround (4.0 Quadraphonic) layer. The quasi-quadraphonic sound (reportedly created by running the music through an SQ decoder, or computer emulation of an SQ decoder, despite the fact that neither album was SQ-encoded) does no harm to the music, but doesn’t add much either. The 4.0 “Sunflower” sounds a bit more reverberant than the stereo. “Surf’s Up” in 4.0 maintains an ambience similar to the stereo, but doesn’t have much front to rear separation.
        Most of you won’t have the point of reference to understand my next description(I’m 60, and was a high school student during the early 1970’s heyday of quadraphonic sound). The SQ decoding is very much like the earliest Sony SQ decoders; decoders which didn’t have “Logic” (I.E. steering circuitry to enhance the very limited front to back separation of SQ’s earliest incarnation)
        Like all Analog Productions Beach Boys SACD’s, these discs take a purist(almost no E.Q.) approach, resulting in a darker sonic character, compared to the boosted midrange and highs of Mark Linnet’s masterings of the same albums for Capitol CD’s. Which approach you prefer (Purist verbatim transfers vs. Tweaked versions resulting in greater clarity) is a matter of personal taste. I prefer Mark Linnet’s approach on the Capitol CD’s.
        If you’re going to buy the SACD’s of “Sunflower” or “Surf’s Up”, buy them for the stereo layer and considered the 4.0 upmixes to be a free bonus.
        I’ll listen to the (stereo-only) SACD of “Holland” soon. It has an unlisted bonus track (the studio version of “We Got Love”)

  453. Philip Cohen says:

    I need to be more vigilant in proof checking my posts or e-mails, because,like all “MAC” owners, I have to constantly do battle against a predictive “Spellcheck” system, which not only spells words differently to what I intended, but it can also insert entirely different words. In my previous post, I typed the word “encoded”, and spellcheck turns it into “enclosed”.

  454. Philip Cohen says:

    I just ordered Analog Productions’ hybrid SACD’s of The Beach Boys’ “Sunflower”, “Surf’s Up” and “Holland” albums, after it was revealed that “Surf’s Up” and “Sunflower” have an (unpublicized) Quadraphonic layer. Now the bad news: Analog Productions assumed that the stereo masters were enclosed with CBS’ “SQ” quadraphonic matrix system, and so they extracted the quadraphonic version with an SQ decoder. In fact, these quadraphonic matrix versions were made with the Sansui “QS” system, and/or an older Electro-Voice matrix system, so Analog Productions did not decode the quadraphonic material as intended.
    Original recording engineer Stephen Desper and present-day Beach Boys archivist Mark Linett are quite upset by Analog Productions’ actions. Capitol Records’ & Brother Records’ licenses to Analog Productions did not permit the SACD’s to contain anything other than original stereo mixes(stereo & mono for pre-1968 albums). Product pages at Acoustic Sounds(Analog Productions’ parent company) and other dealers describe “Surf’s Up” and “Sunflower” as “Stereo SACD”, so we can view these unpublicized 4.0 versions as a free bonus, but the news that these surround versions are bogus (not as intended by the original artists, producers and engineers) is quite sad. But Capitol themselves were not above releasing fake surround discs either (see the DVD-Audio disc of “Queensryche-Empire” which entirely simulated surround.)
    Oddly enough, an actual 5.1 mix of the “Surf’s up” album gathers dust somewhere at “Brother Records” or “Capitol Records”, consigned to the vaults when Capitol abandoned the DVD-Audio format. 5.1 mixes of the songs”Surf’s Up” and “Long Promised Road” (from the shelved mix), appear(via lossy Dolby Digital) on the The Beach Boys’s “Endless Harmony” documentary DVD.
    I hope that Capitol puts things right for consumers.

  455. purpledaniel says:

    Hi Paul, any news on the Deep Purple Made in Europe box set which was supposedly announced for early 2015?

    • Philip Cohen says:

      “Deep Purple (Overseas) Ltd.”(owner of Deep Purple’s 1968-1976 recordings, and many of the solo & spinoff recordings from those years) has gone into receivership and a company has been appointed to administer the company until it can be sold. Roger Glover, Ian Paice, Ian Gillan, and the estate of keyboardist Jon Lord have taken legal action to stop the sale of DR(O) Ltd.

      In short, don’t expect any archival activity with the 1968-1976 Deep Purple music for a long, long time, until this situation is resolved.

      • purpledaniel says:

        This is not necessarily true. Anything that was signed beforehand will proceed (see the Long Beach 76 gig from Edel for example). I´ve been told by a person who has worked for the label that Made in Europe will be out before the the end of the year, I was only asking for more detailed information, if available.

        • Philip Cohen says:

          With only one exception, the Edel label has simply reissued Deep Purple concert recordings that had already been released by other labels.

  456. Readers in the US will be getting Prince’s 3 Warners Brothers films on blu-ray in October, hopefully the rest of us will too

  457. Kevin says:

    Pete Townshend to Release 1986 ‘Face the Face’ Concert on DVD/CD

  458. Philip Cohen says:

    In the event that anyone was wondering whether “Experience Hendrix” would release any new CD this year, the answer is yes. The new release titled “Machine Gun”(released 30th September) will be the first (of the four) “Band of Gypsies” Fillmore East concerts. So Janie Hendrix was correct in saying that there would be four projects from the (recently acquired) “Band of Gypsies” multitrack tapes (alternate sources were used for the “Live at The Fillmore East” 2-CD set released by MCA). Experience Hendrix has, so far, released 4 songs from the original multitracks. Three appear on the “West Coast Seattle Boy” 4-CD set, and one more appears on a CD single. Those four selections are from the 2nd (of 4) shows.
    I wonder how many years Ms.Hendrix will take to release the other 3 shows.

  459. gogandmagog says:

    Lou Reed – The Rca & Arista Albums Collection
    This title will be released on October 7, 2016.

    Nothing special, no bonus nor nothing…oh well!!!

  460. Derek T. says:

    Pink Floyd Early Years now officially announced and up on Amazon UK.

  461. Marc Valiente says:

    Extreme´s Pornograffitti Live 25 Blu-Ray/DVD/CD coming out in September 23, including a bonus documentary with exclusive interviews, Extreme´s story, archive footage, etc etc

  462. Richard van Oosterhout says:

    I see rumours on the internet for a Pink Floyd 15 cd box set The Early Years 1965 – 1972. I am excited and hope there will be more and exact news later this week.

    First on the internet was here:

  463. DaveM says:

    They are having box set sale this week on the U-Discover store, probably worth a look, its limited and nothing for me but some may get a deal.

  464. Philip Cohen says:

    Amazon subsequently took down their preorder page for the forthcoming 1-CD & mega-box Pink Floyd releases.Perhaps Sony (North American label for these projects) asked them to take it down. Let’s hope that Amazon’s price for the box set was a guess; incorrect…and too high.
    Hopefully, there will be other options; something more extensive than the 1-CD, but not as deluxe as the huge CD + vinyl + memorabilia box. I’m definitely a Pink Floyd fan, having collected their music from a time when “Ummagumma” was their latest album.
    I’ve never not had a turntable since I got my first one(at age 10) in 1966, but I started collecting CD’s in 1984, and became primarily a CD collector in 1987. To me, though I’m equipped to play vinyl, the inclusion of vinyl in sets such as this are simply a means to inflate the selling price.

    • DaveM says:

      Philip, a PF Relics remaster would suffice for me and I hope that is what the single disc more or less is. Had a great early singles compilation as a bonus in the Pink Floyd CD box from the 90s which unfortunately got stolen (along with most of my CDs) when I was burgled.

  465. Philip Cohen says:

    I know that you won’t permit this to appear, but FYI,’s preorder price for “Pink Floyd-The Early Years 1965-1972” is $699.95.(I.E. $700) It is described as a 15-disc set, but that is counting the vinyl singles. Not all 15 discs are CD’s. There will also be a 1-CD highlights compilation. Release date: 11th of November.
    I would expect a very limited edition, not unlike the 18-CD + 9 vinyl singles edition of “Bob Dylan-The Cutting Edge”, with the deluxe edition being issued primarily as a “Copyright Extension” tactic.

  466. Paul Millington says:

    I see Steven Wilson’s remix of Topographic Oceans by Yes comes out in September

  467. Alan Blevin says:

    Hi Paul.Fantastic site.
    The 7 disc Graham Parker box has just gone up on for release(on the same day as the Bowie box-expensive week).
    Hoping you can get more details on this.

  468. Kevin says:

    Hi, Paul. I was wondering if you had any remastering info with regard the upcoming (and umpteenth) Black Sabbath colored vinyl reissues and corresponding cds Rhino/Warner is putting out August 5th (in the States, anyway). I guess I was wondering if you knew if they were using the 2012 remasters.

    Cheers! Kevin.

  469. SimonP says:

    Just got an email to say that Temple Of The Dog are touring, probably only Stateside, though. There is also a 4 disc SDE of their one and only album coming out to mark the occasion.

  470. Mattt says:

    Coming soon – super deluxe edition of Temple of The Dog album – please see

  471. Philip Cohen says:

    I tried to alert you to The Led Zeppelin & Beatles releases via this forum, but you wouldn’t let the post appear. Consider me credible in the future.

  472. purpledaniel says:

    Led Zeppelin Complete BBC sessions 3CD and multiple vinyl sets are due September 16!

  473. Philip Cohen says:

    A CD boxed set of 1960’s Rolling Stones mono albums is coming later this year from ABKCO, but it is not as much of an event as it seems. Of those 1960’s albums which had both a true stereo & a mono release, only 3 of the albums(“Aftermath”, “Between The Buttons” & “Their Satanic Majesties Request”) had a dedicated mono mix. The mono “Beggars Banquet” was (excepting one song) a fold-down. And the mono “Let It Bleed” was entirely a fold-down. No word yet on whether the pre-1967 album will be the Uk track listings or the U.S.A. track listings. It has always been ABKCO’s stance that “12 x 5” is the group’s actual second album, since it was released before the Uk “The Rolling Stones No.2”

    In other news, BMG(successor to the Sanctuary, Castle and Bronze labels) will be starting a series of 2-CD expanded editions by Uriah Heep in September. The group’s debut album “Very ‘Eavy, Very ‘Umble” will be the first release. It will have the original album on “Disc One”, and an “Alternate Album”(all previously unreleased mixes or takes) on “Disc Two”. As with the previous expanded Uriah Heep CD series(From “Castle Essential” & “Sanctuary”), the discs will be overseen by the very capable Robert Corich. A 2-CD career spanning compilation will also be released in September. Expect the 2-CD expanded editions of the group’s back catalog to continue throughout 2017.

  474. Neil says:


    Ian Hunter has an absolutely mammoth 30 disc box set called Stranded In Reality available for pre order through – release date 2nd September.

  475. Rob says:

    Jesus & Mary chain live at Barrowlands Vinyl box set £28.17 on Amazon

  476. Michael59 says:


    On October 7th, the first three Falco albums “Einzelhaft”, “Junge Roemer”, “Falco 3” plus a fourth LP “Exquisite” with rare edits and mixes will be released for the first time on 180g black vinyl in a special box. Due to this release the albums have been remastered.

    That’s the mockup of the box:

  477. gwynogue says:

    Hi Paul,

    I don’t know if Toni Braxton really fits the SDE bill, but I notice her first two albums are (will be) expanded/remastered/reissued by Funkytowngrooves. One is listed as a dualdisc, but I think that’s a mistake…it’s just a regular 2-CD, rather than CD/DVD.

    • gwynogue says:

      Whoops! Just noticed OceanBlue mentioned the Toni Braxtons MONTHS ago! I didn’t think to check first. Sorry for steppin’ on your toes O-B!

  478. Chris says:

    Hi Paul,

    Posted this here as not sure you would see it on the Grace Jones post as that is now a month old.

    I have repeatedly tried to contact the record company about the corrupt download and still have had no joy. Even using methods suggested by others I have only been able to extract 19 of the 32 wav tracks. I was hoping you might have better luck in resolving the issue. This is a copy of my most recent e-mail:

    ‘This my 3rd email.

    The Grace Jones download for Warm Leatherette is corrupt. I have repeatedly downloaded it – size 11,571,671 KB. Even with the ‘keep broken files’ option in Winrar only tracks 1-01 to 1-12, 2-10 to 2-13 and 3-01 to 3-05 are successfully extracted, leaving 1-13 to 1-14 and 2-01 to 2-09 not extractable. Reading online forums – this problem is global. I don’t have a blu-ray music system so the only way I can enjoy this music currently is via this download which is flawed and the problem has not yet been addressed. What is really grating is the complete lack of customer service – I still have not had acknowledgement if my last two emails. I look forward to your reply.’


  479. Pingback:Saturday Deluxe / 9 July 2016 | superdeluxeedition

  480. OceanBlue says:

    Are there any Buggles recordings gathering dust somewhere?
    Trevor Horn: Yep, they’re coming out next year.

  481. Peter says:

    PledgeMusic advertising Alan Parson’s Tales of Mystery, 2 X vinyl, DVD 5:1, 2 CDs, £86 ish

  482. Troy says:

    Would be great to see some mention of the mammoth Steve Hillage 22 CD box set coming out October 21st

  483. mattt says:

    Friday sees the re-release of Peter Schilling’s debut with expanded content/bonus tracks – incorporating both the English and German versions of the album on one CD.

    Can you explain the Japanese characters instead of his name on the listing?

  484. CJ Feeney says:

    More Knig Crmson news – live release apparently exclusive to Japan – 2CD+BluRay or 2CD + DVD. Recorded live in Japan, this doesn’t match the description of the forthcoming live release they mooted at the time of Live in Tornto

  485. Phil Cohen says:

    Usually, June and October are the big months for classic rock archival product; multi-disc sets and boxed sets with previously unreleased material, but this summer looks to be quite bleak. Consider this:
    1.”Fleetwood Mac-Mirage box: postponed until the 23rd of September

    2. “Alan Parsons Project-Tales of Mystery and Imagination” box; turned into a crowdfunding project and was postponed until December.

    3.The Chris Wood box never happened. It didn’t look good when the compiler could never reveal a finished track listing.

    4. Analog Productions continues the endless stalling tactics with their last four Beach Boys L.P. & SACD titles, even after promotional copies of the SACD’s surfaced in Los Angeles (proving that the discs HAVE been pressed)

    5.The Who’s 50th anniversary boxed set and the Pete Townshend expanded/remastered CD series appear to have been quietly abandoned.

    6.The release of any Bee Gees archival product(if there is ever to be any more) and Barry Gibb’s new solo album are on hold until next year, pending the end of the Gibb family’s license to Warner Music, which runs until the end of the year.

    7.”Experience Hendrix”, which usually has two CD and/or DVD releases per year, had no new CD or DVD product for the first half of 2016.

    8. The “Paul McCartney Archive Series” went into long term limbo when the expanded “Flowers in The Dirt” box failed to appear. Management opted for the commercially safer strategy of a greatest hits box.

    9.Doors archival activity totally halted after the death of keyboardist Ray Manzarek.

    10. No release date has been announced for the remixed/surround/expanded edition of “Yes-Tales From Topographic Oceans”, despite the fact that Steven Wilson has stated that he’s completed the mixes.

    11. Rhino’s blu-ray boxed set of The Monkees’ T.V. series is now on its third postponement in the course of six months.

    I’ve been collecting recorded music for a half century, but it’s obvious that I’m nearing the end of the road. The well is running dry.

  486. adam shaw says:

    Hi Paul .
    I received my blu ray audio of Grace Jones Warm Leatherette , ( IMO the sound is not as good as other blu ray audios that I have ) .
    Anyway the reason for this question is that the download code dosnt work .
    Has any one else had problems with theirs ?
    All the best

  487. Sven says:

    Hi Paul
    have you seen this? Wolf Alice My love is cool, deluxe edition. A bit pricey though…*/*/My-Love-Is-Cool-Boxset/58CG0000000

    Cheers Sven

  488. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Congratulations to Rick Astley outselling Tom Odell on the album chart.
    He’s back, back, back as a young Neil Tenant used to say in Smash Hits of years ago…

  489. Auntie Sabrina says:

    July 29 sees the releses of a 3 CD tribute to Prince”The Many Faces Of Prince”.

    Featuring (if the description on Amazon is correct) tributes from Dead Or Alive, Sigue Sigue Sputnik (!), Gary Numan and Heaven 17, as well as some early Prince “recordings” too.

    Wha’s that strange barrel-scrapping sound…

  490. DaveM says:

    Sad news, just read that Henry McCullough has died. A great guitarist and guy.

  491. Donal Murphy says:

    My local record shop is telling me they have a vinyl rerelease of Prefab Sprouts 2ns album “Stwve Mc Queen”, i usually read that stuff on here, maybe i missed it.

  492. Martin Stockdale says:

    Andy Partidge just tweeted – Burning Shed doing deluxe double vinyl of English Settlement and Skylarking. Pricey, but they’ll go quickly.

  493. johnny says:

    Hi Paul

    HMV have a vinyl week beginning 13 June, with some exclusives and early releases. Might be of interest to your readers…

  494. johnny says:


    If anybody is searching for the coloured vinyl Tesco exclusives (Jam/Clash/Dexy/Quo) make sure you visit your Tesco Extra stores as they seem to have them in stock. (make sure it’s the Extra store! not the regular superstores)

    I notice there’s loads of these on ebay, with chancers looking for big money…But I had no trouble buying Clash and Dexy at the weekend. Loads of Quo available also, but I didn’t see Jam)

    So keep trying Extra stores, before paying scalper prices!

  495. spot says:

    Spanish amazon has the Monkees’ Album Collection 10-CD box for 17 € plus shipping right now:
    That’s abaout half the regular price.

  496. gwynogue says:

    Hi Paul,

    Donna Summer singles box for just over 40 quid!

    I don’t know if that is worthy of a “Deal Alert”, but looks like a damn good price to me considering the number of discs!

  497. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Hot Shot Records release an expanded version of Peter Schillings Error In The System in July which features 12″ mixes as well as some of the original german release’s tracks

  498. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Apparently, the Star Wars The Firce Awakens vinyl siundtrack album features a hologram…

  499. Andy P says:

    Deal Alert:
    Rolling Stones ‘Totally Stripped’ 4 Blu Ray + CD option is currently £34.43 on Amazon UK for pre order, down from £44.99

  500. purpledaniel says:

    I`m really fed up of waiting for the Deep Purple MIE box set and the JAkarta 75 documentary. They have been announced and in preparation for years and years both of them.

  501. ant says:

    Hi Paul, I just found this by chance and ordered immediately; just wanted you to know – front page newsworthy.
    Lewis Taylor album expanded reissued double disc – remastered (disc 1) with b sides (disc 2) 22 April 2016, one of the best albums of the 90’s alongside Eg and Alice 24 years of hunger (different styles though but both unique albums)

  502. negative1 says:

    more information about the New Gold Dream Boxset:

    “Originally released in 1982, ‘New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)’ was Simple Minds’ fifth studio album and their crossover – the one that took them from revered cult status to a chart band with hit singles. Featuring the singles ‘Promised You A Miracle’, ‘Glittering Prize’ and ‘Someone, Somewhere (In Summertime)’, it turned the band into a major force in pop music, spending a full year on the UK album chart.
    This stunning new deluxe box set consists of six discs including an Abbey Road remaster of the original album and a swathe of remixes, 12” versions, radio edits and an entire disc of previously unreleased John Peel and Kid Jensen radio sessions, recorded in 1982. The set is completed by a DVD, featuring the 2005 5:1 Mix of the album by Charlie Burchill and Ronald Prent as well as promo videos and, being made available commercially for the first time, Top Of The Pops performances of ‘Promised You A Miracle’ and ‘Glittering Prize.’ It also includes a 36-page booklet with extensive sleeve notes by journalist and broadcaster, Billy Sloan including new interviews with Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill, as well as photos of the band during the period. ”


  503. negative1 says:

    simple minds new gold dreams super deluxe boxset, announced in april.

    for bluray also:

    1 alternate mix 2 remixes 3 b sides 4 radio sessions 5 album

    no live tracks, looks like.

    no tracklisting yet.


  504. johnny says:

    Saturday morning, I posted links to details of Ramones 40th anniversary set, with tracklisting.

    Message didn’t get approved? I know it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, but I’d love to know what I did wrong… I didn’t post any real big comment, just the links for anybody that might be interested…My message couldn’t have been any less controversial and was about a forthcoming, physical, deluxe reissue set, so seemed to fit in here…lol

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You didn’t do anything wrong… not sure what happened, but I approve everything manually, so likely just somehow ‘slipped the net’. Sorry, will have a look for you :)

  505. Rob Kirby says:

    Hi Paul,

    Although not a deluxe CD set, hardcore Bowie fans will be thrilled to know that director Alan Clarke’s 1982 little-seen adaptation of Baal is included in a DVD box-set of the directors work for the BBC: Dissent and Disruption – Alan Clarke at the BBC (1969-1989).

    The Baal mention leapt out at me in the Guardian’s G2 feature ‘Your Next Box Set’ last week, so thought I’d pass it on as it’s easy to miss these one-line mentions :-)


  506. Stu says:

    The Who – Live in Hyde Park 3 lp/dvd set is £10.99 on Amazon at the moment :

  507. Derek T. says:

    There’s info about Pet Shop Boys reissues in the new issue of their Literally magazine. Not sure if this is something people are already aware of. Let me know if you need details.

  508. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Tom Bailey Solo Single “Come So Far”

    Radio 2 played Tom’s single at about 11.35am on Friday 6 May. It sounds like something I’ve heard before, from the 60’s maybe, maybe that’s just me…

  509. Johnathan says:

    Was tipped off to a new reissue label that recently launched, Binge! Music, which has several upcoming reissues that are noteworthy.

    They’re issuing expanded single-disc editions of Cyndi Lauper’s ‘True Colors’ and Sheila E.’s ‘The Glamorous Life’ (the former licensed via Sony, the latter via Rhino/Warner Bros.) and reissuing OOP titles from LaToya Jackson (‘My Special Love’) and Cher (‘Stars,’ which has never been available on CD). There’s also an expanded edition of the ‘Showgirls’ soundtrack.

  510. graham says:

    Any talk of a Simple Minds Street Fighting Years Box? Whilst NGD is their masterpiece SFY was for me and perhaps the Summer of 89 their peak and the single B sides all had additional tracks including the dreadful Prince cover.

  511. DaveM says:

    Looks like Van Morrisons Its Too Late to Stop Now is coming out in June, with the original being re-named itltsn vol 1 and then a multi disc package called itltsn vols 2 – 4 including DVD.

  512. johnny says:


    Ladies And Gentlemen… The Bangles! finally gets a CD release in June

    This collection of early rarities was originally download-only a couple of years ago.

  513. Michel from France says:


    Just to tell you that the Matt Bianco debut album “Whose side are you on” will be released on June 17, 2016 by Cherry Red Records.

    Pre-order is already available.


  514. Auntie Sabrina says:

    The Revolution are apparently going to reform and play a ‘few’ gigs

  515. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Sony Music TV release Sounds Of The Eighties Vol 2 on 5 May. Featuring 36 cover versions of 80s classics(?) including The Waterboys take on Purple Rain, as well as Foxes cover of Ain’t Nobody, and Guy Garvey’s take on Lets Dance.

  516. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Prince RIP

  517. Jon Hank says:

    Sorry the date on Phil’s last two reissues is June 10th not May 10th.

  518. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Looks like a 2LP version of UB40’s Present Arms may be releassed on Friday 22 April, listing on and the uDuscover music store. CD Deluxe..?

  519. Jonathan says:

    Great deal, right now, over at for the Metallica Deluxe Kill ‘Em All & Ride The Lightning Box Sets. £180 for the pair or £98.99 each (plus p+p).

  520. Mivs says:

    Hi Paul

    There seems to be a John-Foxx era Ultravox box set due out next month that people may be interested in. There are 4 cd’s – the 3 original Island Records albums (newly remastered but with no extra tracks) plus a rarities disc. The rarities disc is mainly comprised of the additional tracks that were on the last series of the original album re-issues but also has the 4 tracks from the band’s peel session and the 2 tracks that they performed on Whistle Test.

  521. OceanBlue says:

    Bbc Radio 2’S Sounds Of The 80S, Vol. 2 out May 6
    Disc 1:
    1. I’m on Fire – James Bay
    2. The Boys of Summer – Stereophonics
    3. Owner of a Lonely Heart – Seal
    4. Red Red Wine – James Morrison
    5. Another Day In Paradise – Ronan Keating
    6. Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Jamie Cullum
    7. Road to Nowhere – The Feeling
    8. Ain’t Nobody – Foxes
    9. This Woman’s Work – Ella Henderson
    10. How Will I Know – Will Young
    11. Dancing In the Dark – Tom Odell
    12. (Feels Like) Heaven – Manic Street Preachers
    13. Let’s Dance – Guy Garvey
    14. Sledgehammer – Jamie Woon
    15. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Gabrielle Aplin
    16. Heartbreaker – Katie Melua
    17. Like a Prayer – All Saints
    18. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) – Rae Morris

    Disc: 2
    1. Billie Jean – Kodaline
    2. All Night Long – Jack Savoretti
    3. Through the Fire – Charlie Puth
    4. I Keep Forgettin’ (Every Time You’re Near) – Hurts
    5. Time After Time – Leona Lewis
    6. Sign Your Name – Corinne Bailey Rae
    7. Teardrops – Izzy Bizu
    8. Once in a Lifetime – Lemar
    9. Baby Can I Hold You – Tom Chaplin
    10. Wonderful Life – Turin Brakes
    11. I’m on Fire – LeAnn Rimes
    12. Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes – Mika
    13. Here Comes the Rain Again – Shaun Escoffery and Andreya Triana
    14. Don’t Dream It’s Over – Nell Bryden
    15. All Through the Night – Stevie McCrorie
    16. Purple Rain – The Waterboys
    17. Borderline – Steve Mason
    18. Everywhere – The Shires & Ward Thomas

  522. paul says:

    hi paul amazon have frankies liverpool on black vinyl reissue and adam and the ants kotwf deluxe for 116 pounds !!!!

  523. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Martin Fry/ABC

    The interview took place at around 11.06am

  524. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Martin Fry/ABC

    Sometime this morning, Tuesday 12 April, Martin Fry will be on The Ken Bruce Show on BBC Radio 2 talking about The Lexicon Of Love II.

  525. Sven says:

    Hi Paul

    I know a-ha’s Paul Waaktar-Savoy’s second band SAVOY is very “niche” but maybe you want/can briefly report about these upcomig releases?

    I really appreciate that you report on a-ha that often, as many othe UK music websites tend to boycott them (e.g. NME).

    Thank you
    Sven from Germany

  526. Foxee says:

    Confirmation from Ken Caillat, legendary Fleetwood Mac producer, that Warner Bros. will re-release ‘Mirage’ as a deluxe box set. He is already working on a new 5.1 mix of the album:

  527. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Rolling Stones

    Some ‘news’ regarding the Stones, you don’t here much from them these days…

  528. Jon 77 says:

    When will we get Part 3 of Paul’s Bowie story???

  529. Foxee says:

    At last! Confirmation that Fleetwood Mac’s Mirage is being remastered for a deluxe box set resissue – see here:

  530. Carl says:

    Hi Paul

    I see that ‘Strung Up’ by Sweet is being released as an Expanded Edition. Not sure if this has ever been released on CD before in the UK. Pre-order available on Amazon UK

  531. Carl says:

    Hello Paul,
    Thought this release would be worthy of a mention on the page.
    A red vinyl double for the Thompson Twins second album ‘Set’
    Lets just hope it sounds better than Edsel’s poor vinyl transfer released 8 years ago.
    Love the page by the way.
    Also this link may be of interest to Aussie fans. It is essentially mock wish lists of albums that could be re released.

  532. Joe says:

    Night Of The Vinyl dead will be releasing a triple coloured vinyl set of Deep Purple ‘Live In Verona’. Item will be coloured vinyl representing the Italian flag (one vinyl green, one white and one red), housed in a “Physical graffiti”-like cover with die-cut sections. ltd 500, hand numbered. Pre orders are live now at Nuclear and High Roller Records. Costs just under €50 + shipping but these records are always stunning quality from NOTVD and will appreciate quickly. Act now or pay high later, this has not even been advertised on the NOTVD site yet.

  533. pete says:

    Asia ‘Phoenix’ 2CD deluxe coming on Cherry Red next 29th april:

  534. Rob says:

    Have been hunting for months for details of the Adam And The Ants ‘Kings’ reissue. Amazon have been listing a box set for release at the end of April for £100+ but no information at all is on the Adam Ant website. I was therefore pleased to finally see a review in this month’s Classic Pop magazine.

    Apparently the album has been fully remastered and features 2 CD’s, A DVD and gold coloured LP, a replica of the Ant Catalogue included in the original release, a 36 page book and also a 12×12 fan pack full of memorabilia.

    Disc 1 includes the original album plus B-Sides (Press Darlings, Physical & Fall In) and four unreleased demos.
    Disc 2 includes a 1981 concert in Chicago plus some unreleased ‘rough cuts’
    The DVD includes videos for Dog Eat Dog, Kings & Antmusic, TOTP performances, a 1981 documentary & the live show in Tokyo.
    Disc 4 is a 180g gold vinyl version of Kings.

    Sounds great!!!

  535. Andrew says:


    just a note to say that the first five years may have flown by but you have continuously delivered an amazing service and info and fun for all of us music collectors that continues to be an essential weekly and daily read!
    many thanks – long may it continue!

  536. Rob Wilcock says:

    Pet Shop Boys

    On Graham Norten’s BBC Radio 2 Show, Neil said the EMI albums will be re-releassed with bonus discs. He thinks the first 3 this year.

    The interview was from about 12.30pm on Saturday 19 March 2016,


  537. Lee Anderson says:

    Expensive at minute, sure to come down but not seen you mention on here….a big step up from the Nightclubbing re-issue:

  538. Rob says:

    Super deluxe of Dubnobasswithmyheadman is currently £26.99 on Amazon (@ 18:50)

  539. Rob Wilcock says:

    No idea mate, it’s on Amazon (so must be legit then..). Aren’t/Cleopatra part of EMI – I have a Kraftwerk CD compilation somewhere…

  540. Rob Wilcock says:

    29 April sees Cleopatra Records release the unreleased demo recordings by 80s new wave icons Duran Duran featuring the group’s early frontman Andy Wickett alongside Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor! Includes the original version of the smash hit single Girls On Film plus See Me Repeat Me, which would later become Rio, and 2 other songs that the group shopped around to various labels, eventually signing with EMI!Available on both CD and on stunning clear colored vinyl!

  541. Mike the Fish says:

    Thompson Twins “Set” due out on double vinyl for RSD.

  542. tad says:

    abba the albums on vinyl
    aprox 45 euros on amazon germany now
    ASIN: B00N3G3PAK
    I got them a while ago cheaper on amazon italy but they have a good price now
    your website is great

  543. adam shaw says:

    Hi Paul
    Just wanted to let you know that I have just had an email from Amazon Uk saying they have had to cancel my order of the Wall Immersion edtion because the supplier can not source it .
    Very supprised as some people got theirs recently .
    Any thoughts on this ?
    All the best

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Not much you can do. The quicker off the mark you are with ‘deals’ the more likely they will be fulfilled.

  544. OceanBlue says:

    Toni Braxton – Toni Braxton (2 CD Deluxe Edition)

    CD 1
    1 Another Sad Love Song
    2 Breathe Again
    3 Seven Whole Days
    4 Love Affair
    5 Candlelight
    6 Spending My Time With You
    7 Love Shoulda Brought You Home
    8 I Belong To You
    9 How Many Ways
    10 You Mean The World To Me
    11 Best Friend
    12 Breathe Again (Reprise)

    Bonus Tracks:

    13 Give U My Heart (Feat Babyface) (Remix Radio Edit)
    14 How Many Ways (Bad Boy Mix Radio Edit)
    15 I Belong To You (Rollerskate Remix)
    16 Another Sad Love Song (Radio Edit)
    17 Seven Whole Days (Radio Edit)
    18 Breathe Again (Radio Edit)

    CD2 – Bonus Tracks
    19 Breathe Again (West End Master Radio Mix)
    20 You Mean The World To Me (Radio Edit Remix)
    21 Seven Whole Days (Ghetto Vibe Mix)
    22 I Belong To You (Soul Power Mix W/O Rap)
    23 Breathe Again (Extended Club Mix)
    24 Give U My Heart (Feat Babyface) (Upscale R&B Remix)
    25 How Many Ways (R. Kelly Remix)
    26 Breathe Again (D Jeep Mix)
    27 Breathe Again (Wild & Groovey Mix)
    28 Breathe Again (Spanish Version)
    29 Give U My Heart (Feat Babyface) (Extended Remix)
    30 Another Sad Love Song (Extended Remix)
    31 You Mean The World To Me (Extended Mix)
    32 Love Shoulda Brought You Home (Slow Sensual Mix)
    33 The Christmas Song

    Toni Braxton – Secrets (2 CD Deluxe Edition)

    1 Come On Over Here
    2 You’re Makin Me High
    3 There’s No Me Without You
    4 Un-Break My Heart
    5 Talking In His Sleep
    6 How Could An Angel Break My Heart
    7 Find Me A Man
    8 Let It Flow
    9 Why Should I Care
    10 I Don’t Want To
    11 I Love Me Some Him
    12 In The Late Of Night
    13 Toni’s Secrets

    Bonus Tracks:

    14 Un-Break My Heart (Frankie Knuckles Radio Mix)
    15 I Don’t Want To (Frankie Knuckles Radio Edit)
    16 You’re Makin’ Me High (Classic Edit)
    17 How Could An Angel Break My Heart (Cuca True Radio Edit)
    18 You’re Makin’ Me High (Radio Edit)
    19 Un-Break My Heart (Diva Mix)

    CD2 – Bonus Tracks
    20 You’re Makin Me High (Classic Dub)
    21 Un-Break My Heart (Spanish Version)
    22 How Could An Angel Break My Heart (Remix Version)
    23 I Don’t Want To (Dance Extended Mix)
    24 You’re Makin’ Me High (Morales Classic Club Mix)
    25 I Don’t Want To (Classic Club Mix)
    26 Un-Break My Heart (Soul Hex Anthem Vocal)
    27 You’re Makin’ Me High (Tempo’s Private Club Mix)
    28 Un-Break My Heart (House Of Heart Mix)
    29 You’re Makin’ Me High (Groove Remix)
    30 Un-Break My Heart (188 Street Mix)
    31 You’re Makin Me High (Instrumental)

  545. Jon 77 says:

    Friday Music are issuing David Bowie’s ‘A Reality Tour’ on vinyl for the first time as a box set – 3LP translucent blue 180 gram vinyl. Like the upcoming Billy Joel reissue on the same label it is a bit over priced. What Records are selling it here:

  546. OceanBlue says:

    New Kylie compilation out Aprl 8: Confide in Me.
    It’s the 3rd Kylie collection named Confide in me !

    1. Confide In Me
    2. Breathe
    3. Dangerous Game
    4. If I Was Your Lover
    5. Put Yourself In My Place
    6. Stay This Way
    7. Some Kind Of Bliss
    8. Love Is Waiting
    9. Gotta Move On
    10. Falling
    11. This Girl
    12. Did It Again
    13. If You Don’t Love Me
    14. Difficult By Design
    15. Automatic Love
    16. Say Hey
    17. Jump
    18. Where Is The Feeling (Brothers In Rhythm Remix)

    cd 2
    1. Dreams
    2. Surrender
    3. Cowboy Style
    4. If You Don’T Love Me (Acoustic Version)
    5. Time Will Pass You By
    6. Nothing Can Stop Us (W/Saint Etienne)
    7. I Don’T Need Anyone
    8. Through The Years
    9. Tears
    10. Drunk
    11. Limbo
    12. Too Far
    13. Falling (Farley & Heller Alternative Mix)
    14. Confide In Me (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)
    15. Where Has The Love Gone?

  547. Andreas says:

    Superb price for Beatles CD Mono Box, just 95 Euro at Amazon Germany

  548. Frank says:

    Any ideas about Details …?

    Kill ‘Em All (Remastered) (Deluxe Boxset) (4 LP/5 CD/1 DVD)

    Ride The Lightning (Deluxe Boxset) (4 LP/6 CD/1 DVD)

  549. OceanBlue says:

    Paul Young’s Tomb Of Memories: The CBS Years (1982-1994) [Remastered] currently 10,99 on Amazon UK !

  550. Paul English says:

    Great deal on George Michael’s Faith deluxe set. 2CDs, DVD, LP and book for £14.99

  551. DaveM says:

    Spotted a cracking deal in HMV York yesterday, Bruce Springsteens Album Collection Vol 1 on CD for just £16.99! There seemed to be quite a few deals on. Not SDEs, but collections of album type CD boxes. Well worth a look if its a national campaign.

  552. Jon77 says:

    Hi Paul,

    New Cluster box set coming out in April on both vinyl and cd – Cluster 1971-1981 featuring an unreleased concert from ’72. SpinCDs are advertising it on cd and Storming the Base are showing it on both cd and vinyl here:

  553. Wayne Klein says:

    Ian Hunter will be released a boxed set covering his career with unreleased music and 2 DVD’s.

  554. Andreas says:

    Steven Wilsons’s Hand.Cannot.Erase Limited Edition can be ordered for 49,95 Euros from Amazon Italy. Is currently on backorder, though.

  555. Pingback:Saturday Deluxe / 6 February 2016 | superdeluxeedition

  556. purpledaniel says:

    Hi Paul I don´t know if you are aware of this:

    According to Music Business Worldwide, a music industry newsletter, Deep Purple (Overseas) Ltd has appointed administrators. This means the business will continue to trade but will be protected from creditors until a buyer or buyers for the business are found.
    Do you have any clue what this could mean in terms of future archive releases?

  557. Jon 77 says: are havng a boxset flash sale – VU’s Loaded 5 cd+ dvd set – £40, Zep super deluxe sets £70, King Crimson multi disc boxes £80-£100 and various others……

  558. Gary C says:

    Beatles vinyl Mono box down to £220 delivered on the right now

  559. Liam Bastick says:

    Seen George Michael’s Faith box set for GBP15?? How the mighty have fallen: It’s still not high in the rankings with that price!

  560. OceanBlue says:

    This may be interesting:
    Amazon UK – today only !

    Enjoy £10 off any order over £50 with promo code BIGTHANKS
    This offer ends on January 22, 2016. One per customer.
    Spend £50 or more in a single transaction (on a single item or on multiple items) dispatched from and sold by Amazon at the website (“Qualifying Items”) and £10 will be deducted from your total order value when you enter promotional code BIGTHANKS at checkout (the “Offer”). This Offer applies only to products dispatched from and sold by Amazon

  561. Francis says:

    Just in case anyone is considering buying the Nick Kamen 2CD set there are reviews on Amazon stating that Disc 1 has a fault with track 14, in that it skips. Apparently a new master has been created, so anyone who has discovered they have this faulty disc should be able to get a replacement.

    Cherry Red Records
    Power Road Studios
    114 Power Road
    W4 5PY

  562. Royce says:

    Hello, Paul! I have a Virgin white label CD by David Bowie called “Live Compilation 1999”. Although it lists the names of the songs, there isn’t much anything else written down. Could you help me with this? Thanks!

  563. Peter Muscutt says:

    Just for any Tarantino fans out there, Jack White’s Third Man Records are releasing an extremely limited 7″ box set of the ‘Hateful Eight’ soundtrack – here’s the link, but unsure how to get hold of it unless you happen to be in Nashville or Detroit and can buy it in-store….looks a gem of a collector’s item for fans though!

  564. OceanBlue says:

    There’s a rumor about a new Off The Wall reissue that will include a Spike Lee documentary, Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off the Wall (to be premiered at Sundance festival) and tracks “re-imagined” (I can’t recall the actual word, sorry) by contemporary artists.

  565. OceanBlue says:

    Jason Donovan’s Ten Good Reasons – Extra tracks 1cd reissue on feb 19 ! Label: BMG.

    Featuring the original debut album from Jason Donovan + bonus tracks. Originally released in 1989 ‘Ten Good Reasons’ became the biggest selling album of that year and featured two solo No.1s and the massive No.1 hit duet with Kylie Minogue, “Especially For You”. This slim line digipack release includes a 20 page booklet featuring original sleeve notes, an exclusive postcard and message from Jason Donovan.

    1. Too Many Broken Hearts
    2. Nothing Can Divide Us
    3. Every Day (I Love You More)
    4. You Can Depend On Me
    5. Time Heals
    6. Sealed With A Kiss
    7. Question Of Pride
    8. If I Don’t Have You
    9. Change Your Mind
    10. Too Late To Say Goodbye
    11. Especially For You (Duet With Kylie Minogue)
    12. All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mine (Duet With Kylie Minogue)
    13. Wrap My Arms Around You
    14. I Guess She Never Loved Me
    15. Just Call Me Up
    16. Nothing Can Divide Us (Extended Version)
    17. Too Many Broken Hearts (Extended Version)
    18. Every Day (I Love You More)(Extended Version)
    19. Especially For You (Duet With Kylie Minogue)(Extended Version)
    20. Sealed With A Kiss (Extended Version)

  566. Jon 77 says:

    Bowie At The Beeb is set for a first time vinyl issue on 26/02/16. I spotted it on What Records as its currently their best selling pre-order at a special price of £55:

    (I don’t work for them just thought I’d pass on the details.)

  567. Donal Murphy says:

    Morrissey 7″ Vinyl Singles Box (9 x 7″ vinyl singles)Set 1991 to 1995 now on for less than £15: