A New England: The Very Best Of Kirsty MacColl

A New England: The Very Best Of Kirsty MacColl

Having reissued most of her back catalogue last month, Salvo Music will release a Kirsty MacColl greatest hits compilation on 18 February 2013.

Here we bring you an exclusive look at the cover art, and can confirm that A New England: The Very Best Of Kirsty MacColl will be a high profile TV-advertised 21-track collection, that features music from her entire career, including songs from her final album Tropical Brainstorm.

The track listing is still being finalised, and we will bring you all the details when we have them.

6 responses to A New England: The Very Best Of Kirsty MacColl

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  2. Eric says:

    That’s one of the loveliest Kirsty shots, but Virgin already used it recently for their own budget collection covering the Kite and Electric Landlady era. Still, always nice to see it. The final tracklisting will be interesting to see!

  3. DogFacedBoy says:

    Anyone know if Tropical Brainstorm will get a re-release? Possibly there isn’t enough bonus material but maybe a DVD of promos and TV appearances?

    Seems a shame as Salvo did a great job with the rest of her albums

  4. Stephen says:

    Errr… interesting decision, Salvo.

    Edsel should have put out a Thompson Twins’ chronological 7″ mixes compilation after putting out deluxe editions of their albums.

  5. Hedley says:

    I was watching the Detroit Thanksgiving Day parade and was genuinely surprised when they went to break and …Kirsty’s “in these shoes” was being used to advertise the Somerset Collection (a large high end Mall) in Troy Michigan.

  6. plasket says:

    I wonder if Salvo will release a package of her complete Stiff recordings.

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