ABC / Skyscraping 2CD reissue


Skyscraping was originally issued in 1997

Cherry Pop will release an expanded 2CD edition of ABC‘s 1997 album Skyscraping on 23 September 2013.

The reissue comes with a bonus disc of non-album material, much of which was available on CD singles issued at the time.

Track listing:

Disc: 1

  • 1. Stranger Things
  • 2. Ask A Thousand Times
  • 3. Skyscraping
  • 4. Who Can I Turn To?
  • 5. Rolling Sevens
  • 6. Only The Best Will Do
  • 7. Love Is Its Own Reward
  • 8. Light Years
  • 9. Seven Day Weekend
  • 10. Heaven Knows
  • 11. Faraway

Disc: 2

  • 1. The World Spins On
  • 2. All We Need
  • 3. Stranger Things (Acoustic)
  • 4. Skydubbing
  • 5. Stranger Things (Live)
  • 6. Rolling Sevens (Radio Edit)
  • 7. The Look Of Love (Live)
  • 8. All Of My Heart (Live)
  • 9. Skyscraping (Alternate Version

11 responses to ABC / Skyscraping 2CD reissue

  1. Melvin says:

    Skyscraping has been out of print for ages so it’s nice to see it back in print. No big surprises on the bonus disc though. Zillionaire has been reissued a couple of times now…

  2. Eric says:

    Add to me to the Zillionaire queue. The 7″/UK Single mix of How To Be A Millionaire needs to be on an ABC CD!

  3. omar says:

    A pointless reissue. HTAZ would’ve been a better choice.

  4. Josep says:

    AFAIK, there’s a single version for “Stranger things” and two Singles Remixes for “Rolling sevens”, with a duration of 3’30” and 4’30”, and one of these and the former are sadly missing.
    All in all, fine if you don’t have the CD-Singles, but otherwise the main interest here is the Alternate Version, that was on the 10″ single of “Skyscraping”.

  5. Myke says:

    I quite like this album and never picked up all the singles, so this one’s for me alone, I guess. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Alan Alexander says:

    That’s… fine, but how about a How To Be A Zillionaire 2CD? There are at least six remixes/b-sides/edits still unreleased on CD, and half of the singles material that is on CD is spread across VA compilations, Japanese box sets, and other nooks and crannies. I mean, Alphabet City could use the same treatment.

  7. Dan says:

    I wasn’t overly impressed with this album when it was first released so I’m going to give this a swerve. No major discoveries from the vaults either, it would seem….

  8. mike says:

    another reissue i dont get. fine cd but not in need of reissue and nothing new either. Cherry Pop, there are at least ooh 2000 cd’s that spring to mind to spend time on a reissue!


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