Average White Band / Pick Of The Pieces / Limited SIGNED white vinyl box

SIGNED by the band • 5LPs pressed on white vinyl • 500 only

Demon Records are producing a limited run – 500 only – of Pick of the Pieces: The Vinyl Collection, a new Average White Band vinyl box set that not only delivers five classic albums pressed on icy white vinyl, but includes a print SIGNED by the classic line-up.

The albums featured in this set are AWB (which topped the US albums chart in 1974), the troubled follow-up Cut The Cake (1975), 1976’s Soul Searching, their seventh album from 1979 Feel No Fret (which features a cover of Hal/David’s Walk On By) and finally 1980’s Shine.

Each of these vinyl boxes are numbered and come with a print signed by Alan Gorrie, Hamish Stuart, Molly Duncan, Onnie McIntyre, Roger Ball and Steve Ferrone.

It should be pointed out that there is no black vinyl or unsigned variant. It’s these 500 special limited editions and that’s it! These are available via Amazon UK for what seems to be a great price of just £54. With VAT deducted that’s about US $60 plus shipping for American fans of the Average White Band!

This signed white vinyl Pick of the Pieces box will be released on 2 February 2018.

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Average White Band

Pick of the Pieces - signed white vinyl box

Shop Price gbp Stock
Amazon de 6LP coloured vinyl box 75.99
JPC de 6LP coloured vinyl box 75.99
HMV uk 6LP coloured vinyl box 67.99

Pick of the Pieces: The Vinyl Collection – 500-only signed/white vinyl


Side One

  • A1: You Got It
  • A2: Got The Love
  • A3: Pick Up The Pieces
  • A4: Person To Person
  • A5: Work To Do

Side Two

  • B1: Nothing You Can Do
  • B2: Just Wanna Love You Tonight
  • B3: Keepin’ It To Myself
  • B4: I Just Can’t Give You Up
  • B5: There’s Always Someone Waiting


Side One

  • A1: Cut The Cake
  • A2: School Boy Crush
  • A3: It’s A Mystery
  • A4: Groovin’ The Night Away
  • A5: If I Ever Lose This Heaven

Side Two

  • B1: Why
  • B2: High Flyin’ Woman
  • B3: Cloudy
  • B4: How Sweet Can You Get
  • B5: When They Bring Down The Curtain


Side One

  • A1: Overture
  • A2: Love Your Life
  • A3: I’m The One
  • A4: A Love Of Your Own
  • A5: Queen Of My Soul

Side Two

  • B1: Soul Searching
  • B2: Goin’ Home
  • B3: Everybody’s Darling
  • B4: Would You Stay
  • B5: Sunny Days (Make Me Think Of You)
  • B6: Digging Deeper (Finale)


Side One

  • A1: When Will You Be Mine
  • A2: Please Don’t Fall In Love
  • A3: Walk On By
  • A4: Feel No Fret

Side Two

  • B1: Stop The Rain
  • B2: Atlantic Avenue
  • B3: Ace Of Hearts
  • B4: Too Late To Cry
  • B5: Fire Burning


Side One

  • A1: Our Time Has Come
  • A2: For You, For Love
  • A3: Let´s Go ´Round Again
  • A4: Whatcha’ Gonna Do For Me
  • A5: Into The Night

Side Two

  • B1: Catch Me (Before I Have To Testify)
  • B2: Help Is On The Way
  • B3: If Love Only Lasts For One Night
  • B4: Shine
  • B5: Into The Night (Reprise)

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23 responses to Average White Band / Pick Of The Pieces / Limited SIGNED white vinyl box

  1. Stuart S says:


    Currently £52.85 ; get it while you can folks!!

  2. Steve Gilmour says:

    Whats the 20 percent off jp code??

    • Peter says:

      I am a long term customer, get regular discount codes!

      BUT just this morning have got a full refund, so looks like they are not getting any of these sets.

  3. Peter says:

    Tried Amazon yesterday @ 17:16, Currently unavailable !

    They offered a mail service when next available, which signed up for ! ✌

    Picked up mail this morning @ 09:00, which was sent @ 02:30 but again Currently Unavailable !

    got mail from JPC in Germany with 20% Xmas offer, so ordered AWB, bingo

    Thank you Paul !!!

    • Michel Kempes says:

      Can you tell me please what the code is. I already ordered but can still additionele the code… Many many thanks..

  4. Michel Kempes says:

    Still available at JPC… (a little more expensive though) can someone confirm that this is the same boxset… White vinyl and autographs?

  5. Anselm Lee says:

    Now it is available again and I was able to order one. Could be down to last remaining copies

  6. Barry says:

    Nabbed mine this morning. Thx Paul! Great deal

  7. Kai Karkkainen says:

    A belated thank you Paul! I reacted on your email earlier today and managed to order one before they were gone.

  8. Peter says:

    All gone !! Currently unavailable

  9. Paul Macca says:

    No longer available on Amazon!

  10. Mister Stick says:

    This would be a great deal even without the limited edition status or signatures. No-brainer.

  11. Keith Slatter says:

    Ordered! A veritable bargain compared with the recent McCartney coloured vinyl re-issues and it contains one of the best albums ever ..the simply titled AWB!

  12. Scott G says:

    Thanks for this Paul. Would you know if these remastered by any chance?

  13. mike says:

    looks fantastic for the price..thanks!

  14. Robbert van Deursen says:

    The AWB website mentions an earlier release date of jan.26, 2018.

  15. Andy Scoffin says:

    Incredible VFM – ordered.

  16. Geert De Wilde says:

    Lovely! Thanks for the tip

  17. Tim says:

    In comparison to the price tag associated with the signed print/boxset for the forthcoming Roxy Music this seems like a bargain!….ordered!

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