Bananarama / In A Bunch: The Singles 1981-1993/ 33CD box set!


Cover art is TBC

Edsel continue their superb curation of Bananarama‘s back catalogue with what is probably the dream set for fans – a 33CD Singles box with a disc devoted to each 45 that includes “absolutely every B-side and remix originally issued around the world” along with many previously unavailable instrumentals and other rarities.

In A Bunch – The Singles 1981 – 1993 includes every single released by the girl group during their London Records tenure, from their 1981 debut Aie A Mwana to 1993’s More, More, More, and includes sought-after overseas releases He’s Got TactKing Of The Jungle and The Wild Life.

Each remastered CD single is presented in an individual card sleeve replicating the original vinyl artwork. Although overlap with the album reissues and Megarama is inevitable, remarkably this new box is set to contain over a hundred tracks not included in any of the previous Edsel releases.

The box set will also includes a 48-page booklet featuring full lyrics, discography and new sleeve notes (plus fold-out double-sided mini poster, sticker sheet and postcard set) and has been put together by Tom Parker who worked on the previous releases, with the co-operation of Sara and Keren.

You currently have two options to pre-order this set: the Demon Music Store, or Amazon UK. The former only ships within Europe, but is a bit cheaper. The latter will ship to most global destinations and although it’s the more expensive option at present (now down to £98), you have the possibility of the price dropping, perhaps significantly.

Update: If you order via the Demon Music Store before Sunday 14th June you have the option of getting your name in a ‘Fananarama’ page in the box set booklet.  Track listing coming soon, but the final tally will be in the ballpark of 300 tracks!

The Singles 1981-1993 box set will be released on 31 July 2015.

160 responses to Bananarama / In A Bunch: The Singles 1981-1993/ 33CD box set!

  1. Guill says:

    I am very disappointed on Demon.
    They have very short time of manufacturing their releases.
    If you do not buy in a year or two you end up having to pay £700 instead of £98 which was the price of the Bananarama In a bunch the singles.
    This is to me is like a cheap company that wants to cash in as fast as they lack of respect with music lovers.

  2. Jeffrey Wiesemann-Irizarry says:

    I am from USA and Bananarama was ALWAYS my FAVORITE Girl group. I had so many of their singles and loved them all. Fast forward to 2015, I purchased all of the expanded issue CDs and fell in love with them all over again. I am so over the top happy that there is so much demand for the Nanas!!! I ordered my CD box from Amazon UK just last week and was so thrilled that it didn’t cost me all that much. To have a box set this large is AMAZING!!! I thought I had struck GOLD with Donna Summer’s Album Box Set and S/A/W’s Box Set but WOW!!!!!!!!!

  3. Griffin says:

    I’ve been told by a friend that they re-did Nathan Jones CD! I wrote them about the corrected CD without the glitch. They sent me the replacement CD. I’ve got it in about 7 days (UK>NL).

    • Henry says:

      Hi Griffin,
      Would you mind pointing me toward the information about how to contact Edsel in order to get a corrected “Nathan Jones” disk?

    • Robert Lett says:

      I just realized mine skips too. Emailed them but I’m doubtful they will have any replacement discs at this point. Fingers crossed.

  4. Griffin says:

    There’s a jump on Nathan Jones CD-14 @ 1:15! They talked about this on the PWL forum. Some said this 12″ Mix (without the jump) is also on The Twelve Inches Of Bananarama! Other said it’s not the same mix. Nathan Jones CD-03 & 14 sound a like but they are slightly different as well. I hope Edsel will replace the disc!

  5. arnaud says:

    OMD, Culture Club, Human League singles box set would be interesting

  6. Robert Sowers says:

    This box set makes me feel like I’m 15 again! Better than Botox!

  7. Griffin says:

    From Edsel on FB 4 hours ago:
    Sorry guys! This is taking longer than we expected! We want to ensure we can get hold of all the masters before we reveal the track listing. Won’t be long now! We’ll update you all as soon as possible!

  8. Charlie says:

    I’ve heard that everything finalised by now, just configuring for a last few bit. It won’t take too long for now,..

  9. Mike says:

    Still think they should include the cover of a Bowie’s Changes as an exclusive extra…

  10. Drew Ackroyd says:

    It is absolutely ridiculous that we still haven’t been told the track listing, yet they were able to announce the Belinda Carlisle Singles Boxset with the track listing, which is released later in August. I don’t think it will be released on time, if the track listing still hasn’t been finalised.

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  12. Mark says:

    What with a month to release date I still can’t believe there has been no track listing yet.

  13. Rusty Buchanan says:

    I just crapped my pants! I can not wait to get my hands on this box set!
    It comes with stickers ya’ll!
    I could care less if PSB get the same treatment. Let PSB take care of that!
    BTW, Madonna did say she would consider releasing a “Demo” cd in the future. She said it would have to be more than one cd due to the large number of demos.
    On that note… How about some MORE Belinda Carlisle? Or, some Shakespear’s Sister?

  14. JSD 90210 says:

    I couldn’t be happier with all the recent Bananarama reissues, including this upcoming box set! I just wish the same thorough treatment would continue with Bananarama’s later post-London albums & singles, so all those unreleased tracks & mixes from the second half of their careers could find their way into my collection!

  15. Rob says:

    Keren and Sarah, if you are looking at this, NEW MUSIC, This Robert is waiting!!

  16. Robert says:

    Love the Bananarama. I have a question regarding the set. Are the 12″ mixes going to be included as well, or just whatever was on the 45s? Just curious. Either way, this set is going to be awesome.

  17. Greg says:

    When do we get the COMPLETE tracklisting for all the CD singles?

  18. spaceboy says:

    I heard this is just a rumour!

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  20. Karen says:

    AMAZON has DROPPED its price from £117.99 to £97.99

  21. Gord says:

    Wow! This is utterly amazing.

    Bananarama’s deluxe reissues really set the bar high, and this looks like a thoroughly stunning product in every respect! Ordered mine already. To have an ‘A Trick Of The Night’ CD single (remastered) is something I could never have conceived before – just awesome!

    I’m with the very many people who have named Dead Or Alive and Pet Shop Boys as the perfect acts for this kind of treatment. Pete Burns really needs to get over himself and get some product out. And I so hope we see a brand new Bananarama album soon as ‘Drama’ and ‘Viva’ as excellent as they were, are now 10 and 6 years ago respectively.

    • NeilKelly says:

      One has certainly been due for some time. Def now due this year, but who knows. As for Pete Burns, if you truly are bankrupt, get that bloody back cat out ASAP

      • Darren says:

        It’s not as simple as you think. In order to release music you have to own the rights. So, it’s a bit difficult for Pete Burns to do that when he no longer owns the rights and hasn’t done for years.

  22. Griffin says:

    Yes, yes, yes! I looks a lot of money. But like all others say it’s not much per CD. I believe many of us “been there/done that”! Only to get 1 or 2 Bananarama 12″ on some rare compilation we were willing to fortune to those. Now you’re getting 100 of them in this nice singles boxset! Why not? If people worry about their purchased expanded album reissues. You can always resell those if there were all duplicate with this set.

    It’s good to know that Edsel pays lots of attention to what we/the fans have to say or what we want. I’ve once mentioned the idea of Singles Box on the OMD post, also with PSB post. Many of the fans are sharing the same idea. Now Edsel comes up with the Bananarama Singles Box :D I just hope more of the record companies will follow them/Edsel listening to us giving us what we want :D

  23. David says:

    I would like to see such a boxset like this for the Pet Shop Boys. For now i have the listen to the “Further Listenings” and the “Aurally” sets. These are quite nice. 3 volumes.

  24. Anthony says:

    I believe the Megarama set will be the only place you can get those great unreleased mixes, yes. And as already stated, some of the bonus material found on the album re-issues is not going to be duplicated on the box set either. That means each product retains value and is worthwhile having in your collection. As for instrumentals, I’m pretty sure we’ll get those, too! Seriously, no one will be disappointed with this set… how could they? All the relevant material from each of the formats for 33 singles will be here in one place!

  25. DJ says:

    Really hope each disc has an instrumental version as they are so rare for Bananarama!

    Really want to see a full track list!!!!! Any news of when a track list will be revealed??

  26. Anthony says:

    My thoughts on a few points raised in the comments above;

    1.) The reason PSB, New Order, The Cure, Dead Or Alive, etc. are not getting this type of re-issue is because they have a firm grip on their own back catalogue and stand in the way when someone wants to license and re-issue it. Ask THEM why, rather than moan about them being ‘neglected’ or whatever…

    2.) Why Bananarama? They’re incredibly popular. Sorry if you don’t like them, but their re-issues are selling like hot cakes. They make Edsel money and get brilliant reviews, thanks in no small part to Tom Parker who ensures they are 100% quality, high-end product.

    3.) The 2CD/DVD album re-issues are now “outdated”? Nonsense. The original albums are not in this new 33CD set, and neither is any of the DVD content (promo videos, BBC performances, etc.) nor the expanded artwork/liner notes/illustrations and not all of the bonus tracks are “repeated” on the new set.

    4.) Vinyl-rips? Nope. 100% master tape sourced. The other Bananarama re-issues sound fantastic and speak for themselves… this box set is from the same team.

    • Jim says:

      Do you think any tracks from the album reissues and Megarama that were “previously unreleased” will be included in the singles box set?

      My gut is telling me “no” because the album reissues and Megarama would retain more value if their “previously unreleased” tracks don’t appear anywhere else (and that means the 6 album reissues, Megarama, and the upcoming singles box set would each have their own set of exclusive “previously unreleased” tracks).

  27. Rob says:

    I couldn’t be happier, well if Madonna, Dead or Alive and the Pet Shop Boys did this Id be thrilled.

    So happy they aren’t just concentrating on the PWL years.

  28. Than says:

    Big Surprise! Thank you to EDSEL for making this amazing Singles Box Set release. You just make my day…;- I just preordered from Amazon UK, the price is dropped to £98.33.

    • Jim says:

      The price is still 117.99 pounds on Amazon UK. If you are ordering from outside the UK, then VAT is removed, which drops the price to 98.33 pounds.

      • Patrick says:

        “If you are ordering from outside the UK, then VAT is removed, which drops the price to 98.33 pounds.”

        Not for me, first it says 98.33, but then they ad the VAT back. So ordering from Sweden, in my case, makes a total of £127.21

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Just to correct Jim, you have to be outside the EU not outside the UK. Hence Sweden doesn’t get any VAT deduction.

  29. Jeroen says:

    What a great idea! I pre-ordered the box immediately. Hopefully it is worth every euro. Thanks Paul for the link to the demon site. I also found a great deal there on the complete works of Everything but the girl.
    Now again save money for PSB super deluxe editions , Further listenings or other boxes. Wishing and hoping!

  30. frank vandevoorde says:

    I can only congratulate Demon Music on taking on this task and releasing this singles box set. Each artist deserves a treatment as Bananarama is getting.
    All too often reissues are fragmentary and you have to buy loads of discs just to have that one song or remix that does not feature on any other CD. The previous album reissues and this boxset are perfect companions and even though there will be overlaps, it will give fans a complete overview of Bananarama’s output.
    Oh and regarding the price…you can hardly expect a 33 disc set to sell for near to nothing. It’s well worth the cost for what you’re getting in return.

    • NeilKelly says:

      Near to nothing / £99.99 – £117.99 . Big different. Many singles box sets weigh in around £1.50 per CD. Like Madness in 2003. Good quality, 11 singles and £17.99 on release. Admitted the CD’s weren’t packed like The Nanas

    • Flex says:

      totally agree :)

      yet….. where’s the tracklist (hihihihi)

  31. Frank O says:

    Yesss!! Now only if they would do this for Madonna!

  32. PAC says:

    Roger That.

    3 cute west-country girls, having fun, and occasionally striking sweet pop gold. What is not to like..

  33. Paul says:

    I love the ambition of the Bananarama set, I bought quite a lot of their early singles up to about ’85 but by then I was off on planet Sylvian as Roland Orzabal once put it so didn’t pay much attention. But I loved those singles, and the group, so I got the remastered albums when SDE promoted the special offer a few months ago. I’m really tempted by this box, primarily to enjoy those releases from ’82 to ’85 that I played to death (including the b-sides). As for Pet Shop Boys, I think the super deluxe album approach would be best – the Further Listening sets were great but Neil and Chris decided not to include remixes (except ones they did themselves). The remixes are a big part of PSB history because they would often “try out” producers by offering them mixes first – and those from the Please era are particularly good.

    • trash says:

      ‘Off on planet Sylvian’ – what an excellent phrase.
      I think that’s where I spend most of my time ;-)

  34. Tedster says:

    Can I just point out, for the people that are criticising the choice of Bananarama for a project of this size, Bananarama have sales of over 40 million.

    Like many bands that started in the 80’s, they have a loyal fan base that are particularly fond of their musical output during the peak of their career.

    You might not see the joy in Bananarama sleeve designs, but others do.

    I really dislike criticism of this sort. It’s unnecessary.

  35. Daniel says:

    Great news !!!
    This is absolute fantastic!!!
    Hopefully the Box includes all instrumental versions
    ( maybe also backing tracks – like the Kylie Minogue
    single re-releases on I-Tunes some years ago )
    …and on top of my list: the previously ( officially )
    unreleased 1989 demo: “Love Generation”

  36. Louis says:

    I dreamed a true box singles of PET SHOP BOYS.
    We can dreamed. I will be ready to put 200 euros to have a box with all the extended, B-side, remixes and instrumentals and other rarities. Remastered perfect. Original master tapes. Why not edition limited… Me I buy 2 box. I DREAM ! ! !

  37. NeilKelly says:

    As i said up there ^ x 100 i want Madonna, PSB, Kraftwerk, Erasure (up to date), Dead or alive, Madness, Gary Numan. Also would add The B-52’s and Duran (up to date). Surprised people only really mention PSB. Those who state that £99.99 or whatever it’ll be is good value that still works out at £3.33 per CD. Don’t forget we’re buying in bulk here. I know some of these projects (maybe all) weren’t as good but stuff like Madness, Erasure, Depeche worked out around £1.50 – £2.50 per CD. Madness was £17.99 i think for 12 CD’s. If they’d done 24 at the same time (Box set 2 never materialized as promised) we’d have probably been looking at £32.99. I still say £99 is too much. I want the box to be good and i want the people involved to make money but it’s a shame if the only way that can happen is to charge so much. The real problem i guess is having 2/3rds repeated from the previous projects. As all that work already done they are only doing work on last 100 tracks plus artwork. Somewhere nearer the £60 mark would be so much more affordable and i’m sure would increase unit sales by a huge margin. The best thing about this though is that it’s pretty much unpresidented and we all hope will pave the way for other artists to consider doing this.

    • Darren says:

      As an adult, you should by now be aware that items are offered at a price and that you are free to buy them at that price or not buy them. The price is the price, so either buy it or don’t, or wait to see if you can find it cheaper later. But quit the whining. The price won’t drop because you whine.

      • NeilKelly says:

        It’s not whining. It’s an opinion. This is a page with opinoins. If you don’t like it, get lost

  38. bertielego says:

    Awesome news!

    I hope Edsel will do the same with Jimmy Somerville’s back catalogue!

  39. Simon F says:

    To quote Bananarama’s forth album, WOW! This is absolutely fantastic!
    Ordered from Demon (total cost w/postage £105). Roll on late July.
    It is going to look really great next to my similar Girls Aloud singles box set. That is also highly recommended.

  40. Orig80'saddict says:

    I love the fact that Dead or Alive and Pet Shop Boys are mentioned as having a comparable singles release. As a gigantic Bananarama fan I’m so happy we’re going to see this set.
    Even though, I’m still going to love on my 7 inches, 12 inches, and CD singles. Before the release of Drama, Bananarama was hardly heard from at all. There’s obviously a demand for this kind of release, or Edesel would not be doing it. I can see a
    Belinda Carlisle singles release forthcoming.

  41. Brian says:

    Bowie could do this with his 80’s singles like he did in in the mp3 format.

  42. Ray says:



  43. Pablo says:

    So all our recently buyed Bananarama’s deluxe album releases will be outdated and uncomplete now? Am I the oly one not happy with this… ? :/
    I would rather saved my money and buy directly a box set like this…

  44. Tim says:

    This is amazing news and out of the blue! A few years ago, there were no Bananarama CDs in print and now the whole catalogue has been brought back to life with care! Amazing! I’ve ordered my copy and I can’t wait….as for the PSB debate, I also love the PSB but I have to say, the Rams mixes are much better…in the pursuit of being achingly trendy, many of the latter day PSB mixes forgot about the song – Pop Art, anyone?!

  45. Straker says:

    Even at this price the Nanas box is in at #1 on “Hot New Releases in Traditional & Vocal Pop” on Amazon!

  46. karen says:

    Just checked the price via the link above for the price with Demon, looks like the RRP is £99.99. So maybe when Amazon get their pricing sorted it maybe! £89 or £79. Also will European Amazons stock this?

  47. Mark Mayhew says:

    I have a list (this is an official list of tracks) of all tracks recorded, released and unreleased tracks/mixes, so a couple of months ago i started to compile my own digital version of this box set. so it would be interesting to see what they will release for tripping on your love as its over 2hrs worth of remixes (21 tracks which I have all) which most of them were released on promo’s. As for the rest sadly for those of you hoping for instrumentals versions there are very little plus a few demo versions and loads of unreleased tracks. I think its a great set and its nice they included all the Japanese singles but I couldn’t see the point of including hes got tact as there is no remixes and the b-side is an album track too (“give us back our cheap fares” which has no lyrics anyway) plus it was released as the b-side to really saying something.

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  49. Mark says:

    PSB! For the love of Christ, do something like this for them!!! I would kill for that. Congrats to the Nana fans!

  50. Kiefer2 says:

    GEEZ! The only complaint I have is the now obsolescence of my lifetime (and small fortune’s) worth of B’s 45’s, 12″‘s, cd singles…

  51. Stephen K. says:


  52. Francis says:

    No way I am forking out over £117 for a box set that has 200 duplicate tracks that I already have on the Deluxe Editions and the Megarama Triple Set. Half rice, maybe.

  53. Eric says:

    Hopefully this opens the floodgates for similar products…we really need more things like this, instead of over-priced, limited edition coloured vinyl picture discs and the like.

    Either that, or Edsel simply know their audience and have worked out that if a fraction of the people who bought Megarama (and sent it into the UK Top 100 on release, for whatever that’s worth) buy this, there is enough demand.

  54. Shane says:

    Do you really think it will drop to half the price?

  55. Angelo says:

    This is such an amazing release! I would be so happy to get the instrumental versions for – Cruel Summer, I Heard A Rumor, I Want You Back & Love In The First Degree!

  56. John says:

    £117.99 if its signed by Sara, Keren, AND Siobhan.

  57. Rob says:

    I like the rama’s and got the megarama recently and love it.

    Although this is a great idea for the fans ald I know this is worth the money … to the fans, however I will wait for it to become cheaper (around half price)

    I believe there is a market for these though, as I would buy for the 1 or 2 artists I love @ this price

  58. Ricloads says:

    I hope every single will have its instrumental version.

  59. Shane says:

    Holy crap, is this a joke? I agree with what Dean said, except I absolutely do not understand so many people saying “why would anyone want to buy this”. Are you serious? Why would I want to buy an Elvis Costello album for example? How about because it’s a matter of taste? You could ask that question about the thousands of rereleases for the beatles, aka most overrated band of all time.
    I still can’t believe there is going to be a set like this until it’s on my doorstep. I truly hope that it’s going to be a bit glam and not just thin cardboard. If it’s on par with the album reissues, we should not worry. This is gargantuous set! Girls Aloud travel suitcase making school! Thank you Edsel!

    • Dean says:

      Hey Shane. Taste works both ways. I did acknowledge it in my original post. You want this, and I’m sincerely pleased for you and the rest of the people who are excited about this announcement.

  60. Michael says:

    I’m not patient by nature. But price will surely come down a bit. But sign me up! Eventually…. But agree $3 per cd average not bad. But I want to see the track list.

    Also agree w others. Great template for others to use!

  61. Paul Edwards says:

    Genuine question- how many would they expect to sell of these?

  62. Darren says:

    Francis, it was only a joke. You seem very serious and judgemental always. It must be miserable to be you.

  63. Glenn says:

    Cool to see the FB3 single here. The full 12″ version of ‘It Ain’t What You Do…./Just Do It ‘ has not been issued on CD. ‘Just Do It’ was on the latest FB3 album reissue (on Cherry Pop) but was just the extended bit and not the full track.

  64. Francis says:

    Darren, get a life and live it as a man and NOT a gay man! – I am a gay man and I have no idea what being gay has to do with liking Bananarama or Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Shirley Bassey apart from those gay men that are big camp queens with limp wrists, feminine mannerisms and “put on” poofy voices. I like music for what it is and not for what the “gay community” tells me I should like just because it is played in gay clubs or heard on the gay scene.

    • Darren says:

      What you hate about the “big camp queens with limp wrists, feminine mannerisms and “put on” poofy voices” is really just a projection of your own insecurities. You may not accept that, but it is true.

  65. Darren says:

    Speaking as a gay man, this box set is essential. I have no children, so 33 Bananarama CDs will be treated as my children.

  66. Morgan says:

    This is awesome news! I really wish deluxe editions of “Viva” & “Drama” were coming out as well.

  67. Glenn says:

    PSB Please

  68. Brian Ackley says:

    This looks amazing! I hope the Nana’s have relented and will allow this set to include demos for songs like “Wake up and love me”, “nothing last forever” as part of the singles. I know its highly unlikely since it doesn’t really fit the project but wishful thinking. This looks like a great project.

    The Pet Shop Boys have teased that a major reissue project is in the works so I wouldn’t be surprised to see something similar pop up from them sometime in fall.

  69. With 21 remixes for Tripping on Your Love. they are going to need at least 2 CDs.

    And can we get confirmation that there are no vinyl rips?

  70. Robert Allen says:

    Actually, I think Pet Shop Boys has licensed the majority of their issues to EMI over the years. Not sure how long the contract lasts. PSB knows the value of their back catalog and doesn’t really need a reissue label for releases. Rumour has it some kind of release is forthcoming of the older 12″ material.

  71. Straker says:

    There’ll surely be some needle-drop tracks on something this all-encompassing?

    This so mad a release that if it’d been announced on April 1st I wouldn’t have believed it.

    Are they still “Most Succesful girl group of all time”?

    • NeilKelly says:

      You heard of The Spice Girls? Unfortunately they took the crown away years ago. Also Girls Aloud (every single a top 10 apart from last which i think got to 11)!

      • Tim says:

        According to wikipedia, Bananarama are listed in The Guinness Book Of World Records as “the all-female group with the most chart entries in the world”, a record which they still hold, apparently. You’re right that the Spice Girls have sold more copies of records and CDs though although the Nanas, having been singing for 35 years now, as opposed to the six-ish years of the Spice Girls, have had a lot more singles out ;-)

  72. Dean says:

    Like some others here, I have no idea why anyone would be remotely interested in this.

    Having said that though – musical taste is a personal thing. When I look at something like this I see a true labor of love. Someone at the record label must truly love this group, and they’ve poured a lot of effort into it.

    I also applaud the opulence, the over-indulgence and madness of putting out a 33-disc set of an act like this. Who doesn’t love that? It’s so over-the-top, OMG it won’t ever happen, no-one would dream of doing it, crazy good, that once again I bow to the creators and investors. THIS is where things has led us, and it’s a glorious sight.

    For fans – just enjoy. If I complain it’s partly because I’m envious. Sure I have acts I’d prefer to get this treatment, but someone has to lead the way. For fans of the band it’s Christmas, New Year, and a birthday all rolled into one. APPLAUSE.

    ps: At the current price that’s around £3 a disc – that’s not too bad really.

  73. Mike says:

    Will we finally get Bananarama’s cover version of Bowie’s Changes in this set? Fingers crossed…

  74. PS says:

    At first of all I apologize for my English.
    Will it be free from Loudness War? (if you know, what i mean).

  75. Davy says:

    I love all the “Why not PSB?” posts. I think you’ll ave to ask Warners that. As far as the incomplete Farm set goes, I think Peter realized that nobody really wants all 200 Tommy Musto remixes of Groovy Train. Also that set was budget priced. The BBC disc alone was worth the price. By the way, II thought this post was about Bananarama.

  76. Davy says:

    Tripping On Your Love will not fit on one disc.

    • Jim says:

      My guess is that for any single with more than 80 minutes of edits/mixes/dubs/instrumentals, adjacent CDs will be used to make sure everything is included.

      For example, the Long Train Running CD should have plenty of extra space for “overflow” mixes of Tripping On Your Love (perhaps all the dubs and instrumentals).

      • NeilKelly says:

        Doubt that will happen. A second CD would be a better option. And if, for example this single had 100 minutes of tracks, split into approx 50 mins per CD

        • Jim says:

          A second CD might be a better option, but that doesn’t mean what I’ve suggested won’t happen. From 1981 to 1993, Bananarama released 33 singles worldwide (as seen in the preliminary artwork), and this upcoming box set is 33 CDs — one CD per single release.

          If “everything” is being included, then overflow mixes of Tripping On Your Love will have to be added to one of the other CDs (and as I said above, putting them on a “nearby” CD, like Long Train Running, seems logical).

          • NeilKelly says:

            Yes i did note there’s 33 singles, 33 CD’s. We’ll have to await tracklisting i guess. Is EVERYTHING included?

  77. Don says:

    No offense to Bananarama, but I, too, am confused as to why top-selling legacy acts can’t get this treatment: Pet Shop Boys, New Order, etc. Instead these lavish complete sets go to groups like Bananarama and The Farm (the Edsel set for The Farm was woefully incomplete, btw).

  78. Jim says:

    I didn’t think there would be another release after Megarama — guess I was wrong!

    Off the top of my head, there are several vocal tracks that haven’t appeared on the previous Edsel reissues (the 6 albums + Megarama):

    I Want You Back (Single Version)
    Nathan Jones (Single Version)
    Love, Truth & Honesty (Single Version)
    Help (Single Version with only Bananarama on vocals)
    Venus (Greatest Remix Edit)
    Several full-length versions and edits of Megamix ’89
    Long Train Running (Romany Dance Mix)

    I hope PWL is taking notice of this release — if Edsel has crunched the numbers and believes a Bananarama singles box set can turn a profit, surely a Kylie PWL singles box set would also be profitable (as would singles box sets from artists like Madonna and Pet Shop Boys, as others have already mentioned).

  79. Paul Sinclair says:

    @Henry I believe this is early artwork which is highly likely to see some changes. You will note, for example, that there is currently no reference to ‘In A Bunch’..

    • Henry says:

      Thanks for pointing that out Paul – of course even the title is missing from the front, so surely there will be some changes (Amazon UK has added the text Artwork TBC on their listing).

  80. Javier says:

    Hopefully, the Pet Shop Boys are reading this. One more vote for a PSB singles box set. I’d buy two copies!

  81. Henry says:

    One comment about the artwork: I wish they would move the line of singles starting with Venus to the middle (so Venus would be right above I Want You Back), and get rid of that ugly fish… But, a small complaint about what looks set to be a fantastic release!

  82. Darren says:

    Either buy it or don’t buy it. Nobody is interested in your whining and moaning.

    This is AWESOME.

  83. Michael says:

    Considering Banananarama were always viewed as a singles act over an albums act – this is exactly why it’s right for Bananarama. Can’t wait to get my hands on this. For what it looks like we are going to get I would say that £117 wasn’t that unfair.

  84. omar says:

    Edsel is going to drain my bank account with all these reissues!

  85. Francis says:

    JAKI GRAHAM – In the 30th anniversary year since the release of Jaki Graham’s debut album, ‘Heaven Knows’, Edsel is releasing a Special Edition box set containing the seven albums that were recorded for EMI Records and Japan’s Avex Records. From March 1985, Jaki Graham had six consecutive UK Top 20 hit singles (including three Top 10 hits) – ‘Could It Be I’m Falling In Love’, ‘Round And Round’, ‘Mated’, ‘Set Me Free’, ‘Breaking Away’ and ‘Step Right Up’, two of them being duets with fellow-British soul singer David Grant – leading her to become of the UK’s best R&B/soul artists, whose singles gained her international recognition, including a US Billboard Dance Chart #1 in 1995, with a cover of Rufus & Chaka Khan’s ‘Ain’t Nobody’. This 7CD, 86-track anthology includes the albums ‘Heaven Knows’, ‘Breaking Away’, ‘From Now On’, ‘Real Life’, ‘Hold On’, ‘Rhythm Of Life’ and ‘My Life’, with the latter four Avex albums now receiving their first official UK release. The booklet includes a 9,000+ word liner note by internationally acclaimed music writer, Justin Kantor, constructed from new interviews undertaken with Jaki Graham and producers Derek Bramble, Errol Henry and Marlon McClain.

    • Griffin says:

      Had a quick check on discogs. The already released tracks from those albums are about 86 tracks. So I don’t expect many unreleased or 12″/dub/etc:

      This 7CD, 86-track anthology includes the albums ‘Heaven Knows’, ‘Breaking Away’, ‘From Now On’, ‘Real Life’, ‘Hold On’, ‘Rhythm Of Life’ and ‘My Life’.

      Heaven Knows
      01 Round And Around 4:18
      02 Heaven Knows 5:02
      03 Could It Be I’m Falling In Love 5:24
      04 I Fell For You 4:30
      05 Hold On 3:45
      06 The Facts Of Love 4:05
      07 You’re Mine 3:30
      08 Loving You 3:49
      09 What’s The Name Of Your Game 4:09
      10 Stay The Way You Are 4:54

      Breaking Away
      01 Set Me Free 3:34
      02 Breaking Away 3:33
      03 Still In Love 5:36
      04 Love Under Moonlight 5:05
      05 Let’s Get Blue Featuring [Duet Derek Bramble 4:32
      06 Stop The World 4:41
      07 Luv 2 Much 4:04
      08 The Love Of Your Life 4:03
      09 The Closest One Featuring Derek Bramble 4:39
      10 Step Right Up 3:59
      11 Mated Featuring David Grant 3:51
      12 Love Me Tonight 3:41

      From Now On
      01 From Now On 3:40
      02 Provocative 5:28
      03 The Better Part Of Me 5:00
      04 Faking The Feeling 4:48
      05 I Still Run To You Featuring Phillip Ingram 5:02
      06 (Baby) Don’t You Want Me 4:34
      07 I Want To Thank You (Heavenly Father) 3:51
      08 First In Line 4:08
      09 Every Little Bit Hurts 3:13
      10 Nobody’s Fool 4:34

      Real Life
      1 You Can Count On Me For Love 4:14
      2 Ain’t Nobody 4:06
      3 The Facts Of Love 4:32
      4 Absolute E-Sensual 4:35
      5 Depend On Me 4:28
      6 Through Your Eyes 6:09
      7 Breaking Away 3:40
      8 Shivers 3:34
      9 Rescue Me 4:16
      10 Real Life 3:53
      11 Come Into My Life 4:55
      12 Do Me Baby 5:14 jpn bonus
      13 Spend The Night 5:26 jpn bonus

      14 Set Me Free 3:33
      15 Ain’t Nobody (Classic Paradise Radio Mix) Remix – Love To Infinity 3:30
      16 Ain’t Nobody (Dave Way Radio Remix) Remix – Dave Way 4:16
      17 Breaking Away (Unplugged Rhythm/Acoustic Version) 3:41

      Hold On
      1 Hold On 4:26
      2 Don’t Keep Me Waiting 4:21
      3 Heaven 4:04
      4 Style 5:18
      5 Saving It Up 4:29
      6 Seek & You Will Find 4:50
      7 Birthday 5:10
      8 Lay With Me 4:08
      9 Absolute E-Sensual (Remix) 6:34

      Hold On
      1 Hold On 4:26
      2 Seek & You Will Find 4:50
      3 Don’t Keep Me Waiting 4:21
      4 Heaven 4:04
      5 Save The Best For Last 3:36
      6 Saving It Up 4:29
      7 Birthday 5:10
      8 Lay With Me 4:08
      9 Style 5:18
      10 Breaking Away 3:40
      11 Spend The Night 5:26
      12 Shivers 3:35
      13 Christmas Song 3:40

      Don’t Keep Me Waiting
      01 Don’t Keep Me Waiting 4:18
      02 Hold On 4:24
      03 Heaven 4:03
      04 Walking On Water 4:43
      05 Saving It Up 4:28
      06 Seek & You Will Find 4:50
      07 Wishing On Every Star 4:30
      08 Rhythm Of Life 4:05
      09 Style 5:17
      10 I’ll Be Good To You 5:17
      11 Don’t Keep Me Waiting (RH Factor Remix) 6:43
      12 Don’t Keep Me Waiting (Drama Queens Remix) 8:43

      Rhythm Of Life
      1 You’re One Desire 3:56
      2 Walking On Water 4:46
      3 You And I 4:05
      4 How Can I Be Sure 4:35
      5 Show A Little Love 4:57
      6 Rhythm Of Life 4:07
      7 Rain Down On Me 4:02
      8 How Long Must I Wait 5:01
      9 All I Do 5:23
      10 As We Lay 4:54
      11 Wishing On Every Star 4:30
      12 I’ll Be Good To You 5:21
      Bonus Tracks For Japan Edition
      13 The Only Love 3:54
      14 Style

      My Life
      1 Intro 1:00
      2 Let Me Know 4:42
      3 Never Stop 4:24
      4 I Can Learn To Love You 4:10
      5 Interlude 0:59
      6 The Look Of Love 4:04
      7 My Life 3:40
      8 Lovin’ Livin’ Free! 4:07
      9 Thinking About You 4:39
      10 I Always 4:51
      11 Flowers You Bring 5:20
      12 Happy Ever After 3:43
      13 Outro 1:40

  86. Dean says:

    I want. Also hope the price comes down a little bit. £117.99 is more nickles than I can scrounge together in the near future.

  87. Francis says:

    Like someone has already mentioned – how about giving ‘Dead Or Alive’ the Deluxe Edition and Box Set treatment, rather than more Bananrama?

  88. Francis says:

    Edsel being greedy! What next, more Bananrama releases?

  89. Francis says:

    A nice collection but I do not want 200 duplicated songs just to get another 100 when I have forked out enough to purchase all the Deluxe Edition albums and the recent ‘Megarama’ box set which could have been a larger collection and included the 100 bonus tracks.

  90. G.Luca says:

    Thanks Edsel!!! This is a dream become true, can’t wait for July, I hope it will not be postponed.

  91. Rob says:

    This is Amazing!! I love to see these bands get the Re Issue treatment box sets and cd singles and such, Dead or Alive comes to mind so far the Sophisticated Boom Boom was re issued through Cherry pop, but to see each album get that treatment would be amazing, with b sides and dubs and special remixes Like the All elusive Brand New Lover Remix that was only on Japan Picture Sleeve promo, which incidently was sold on eBay for about $2k and yet have never heard this mix.

  92. Straker says:

    Will this include Razormaid remixes I wonder….?

  93. Straker says:

    Actually, it’s a big Yes, Please for a PSB’s box from me!!

    Not too fussed about this Nanas box. I’ll avoid stretching that sentence out into smut!

  94. Deano says:

    Definitely a big yes please to a PSB version.

  95. jymy says:

    @Craig: this is a 33disc set, with around 300 tracks, so 9-10 tracks per CD-single, including many extended versions.

  96. Chris Lancaster says:

    Is it a concern that the Product Details section on the Amazon page for the set reads: Number of discs: 10?

  97. Craig hedges says:

    This would have been better done the way that Duran Duran redid their 1981-1985 single box and put the tracks over a limited number of cds. I don’t recall Bananarama having the most amazing record sleeves that would warant them being produced this way. As with a lot of artists in the early 90’s, the later remixes weren’t upto much and just seemed to be done to fill up multiple cd singles.

    I’ll add another vote for the PSBs to do this and after seeing Macca live this week a box of his/wings singles would be very nice especailly to get some of the 12″ mixes from the 80’s

    • Steve F says:

      The Duran Duran set was issued as a CD singles box (with flip-top lid) before it was later reissued on 3 album-length CDs (at a much lower price). Guess which I shelled out for…

  98. Orig80'saddict says:

    Just pre-ordered. As for the snide comment about Bananarama, if there wasn’t a desire Edsel wouldn’t be doing it.

  99. Gordon says:

    Oh WOW! This is awesome, awesome, awesome news – and to hear it on my birthday makes it so much sweeter!

    But now that the giddy high is starting to wear off, the sting of reality…..I dread to think what the cost of shipping to Australia will be!

    ***Cheesy Pun Warning!***

    I imagine I’ll have to “Strike It Rich” to afford it.
    Sorry…..”I Can’t Help It”

    : )

  100. NeilKelly says:

    Saw this news elsewhere and came straight here to see if you mentioned it. You didn’t disappoint (as usual). What a set. Madonna, Kraftwerk, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Gary Numan, Dead or alive and Madness next please (i’d be so lucky)! Hope it comes down a fair bit from current price of £117.99. Would buy for sure at £49.99 or less

  101. Stephen says:

    Amazing , ordered.

  102. steve says:

    My first thought, especially seeing the price, is why Banarama? Of all bands! Who would want this?

  103. Anjoel says:

    I’m hoping this will be the next evolution in the new remasters stage. I know we have had single boxsets before but this is very large. I know it misses out the latter singles but it looks great. I hope it sells well and other artists might follow suit.

  104. Pim says:

    Exactly Henry, I would love a boxset like this for Pet Shop Boys. The amount of b-sides, remixes, edits etc is unbelievable.

  105. Henry says:

    AMAZING! Already pre-ordered. Imagine, still over 100 tracks that have not already been released on the re-issues/remix albums (I suspect an awful lot of those being instrumentals/dubs, but still)…

    I really wish more artists would release singles boxes like this (Madonna, Kylie Minogue and Pet Shop Boys instantly come to mind).

  106. Mark S says:

    I’d like to be the first to complain that this set doesn’t include ….

    Just kidding.

    Watch this space though….

    • mark says:

      why have the artwork been changed ( its horrible ) there’s nothing wrong with the original artwork and why stop at 81-93 it should be 81-2012 to be honest as it’s costing enough

    • Marc LeBlanc says:

      The only thing missing seems to be “Set On You” (Canada-only 12″ single with “More Than Physical”/Musclebound Mix and “Ghost”). Which is quite sad as it is one of my favorite releases. Not that it’s going to stop me from purchasing this box!!!

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